random.org stars season 8

seasons 1-5 we're done on blogs. i will post the link to the results after this season

1. xbac5 12th
2. bombshellben
3. rapboy
4. jvraw 16th
5. dav_o_79
6. rt72 13th
7. donutdude556
8. anas
9. kylabmd1
10. Jenii_Valenta
11. stacey321
12. bluestar 15th
13. xcelestex
14. teri32 14th
15. DoctorDelicious
16. ilovesleep 11th

nominations 1: xcelestex and jvraw
16th: jvraw
nominations 2: bluestar and kylabmd1
15th: bluestar
nominations 3: teri32 and kylabmd1
14th: teri32
nominations 4: anas and rt72
13th: rt72
nominations 5: ilovesleep and xbac5
12th: xbac5
nominations 6: ilovesleep and donutdude556
11th: ilovesleep
nominations 7: dav_o_79 and kylabmd1

1. mercedes415 13th
2. TaySwifCarrUnd33 11th
3. AllieBoBallie 15th
4. je7467 3rd
5. sihz 6th
6. nmh95 16th
7. LoganGage14 7th
8. kimmal8 10th
9. bclrockschamp 9th
10. TolisKalkas 8th
11. Piddu 2nd
12. Mikey04wp 1st
13. Dusty12910 12th
14. joe1110 14th
15. pugsrule13579 4th
16. Bryce12 5th

nominations 1: nmh95 and bclrockschamp
16th: nmh95
nominations 2: AllieBoBallie and Bryce12
15th: AllieBoBallie
nominations 3: sihz and joe1110
14th: joe1110
nominations 4: mercedes415 and pugsrule13579
13th: mercedes415
nominations 5: kimmal8 and dusty12910
12th: dusty12910
nominations 6: TaySwifCarrUnd33 and je7467
11th: TaySwifCarrUnd33
nominations 7: kimmal8 and je7467
10th: kimmal8
nominations 8: bclrockschamp and sihz
9th: bclrockschamp
nominations 9: mikey04wp and TolisKalkas
8th: TolisKalkas
nominations 10: LoganGage14 and Bryce12
7th: LoganGage14
nominations 11: Bryce12 and sihz
6th: sihz
nominations 12: piddu and Bryce12
5th: Bryce12
nominations 13: pugsrule13579 and piddu
4th: pugsrule13579
final 3: je7467, piddu, and mikey04wp
3rd: je7467
2nd: piddu
1st: mikey04wp

1. xbac5 5th
2. jamien8954 10th
3. sprtsgy1989 6th
4. wumblebee 4th
5. sterling1234 15th
6. the_domany 14th
7. nitsujnagisep28 11th
8. BrittanyTheChipette 13th
9. ryguy 2nd
10. woahcourtney 12th
11. marekk27 7th
12. dmann 1st
13. Filthybreathment 8th
14. dilze2patel 16th
15. casey_anthony 3rd
16. _MurielleAdrienne 9th

nominations 1: sprtsgy1989 and dilze2patel
16th: dilze2patel
nominations 2: casey_anthony and sterling1234
15th: sterling1234
nominations 3: BrittanyTheChipette and the_domany
14th: the_domany
nominations 4: BrittanyTheChipette and woahcourtney
13th: BrittanyTheChipette
nominations 5: woahcourtney and nitsujnagisep28
12th: woahcourtney
nominations 6: nitsujnagisep28 and casey_anthony
11th: nitsujnagisep28
nominations 7: Filthybreathment and jamien8954
10th: jamien8954
nominations 8: xbac5 and _MurielleAdrienne
9th: _MurielleAdrienne
nominations 9: Filthybreathment and dmann
8th: Filthybreathment
nominations 10: marekk27 and xbac5
7th: merekk27
nominations 11: dmann and sprtsgy1989
6th: sprtsgy1989
nominations 12: xbac5 and dmann
5th: xbac5
nominations 13: ryguy and wumblebee
4th: wumblebee
final 3: ryguy, dmann, and casey_anthony
3rd: casey_anthony
2nd: ryguy
1st: dmann

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