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TSC 486 Final

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76 days 14 hours ago
30) Sigala - 'Melody'
76 days 14 hours ago

Please send me your votes + post your comments by Sunday, 2:30PM EST/7:30PM BST.

Good luck!

76 days 12 hours ago
im like tired tonight so expect short comments://

01) Neville: the verses actually arent that bad but i feel like the chorus insulted me. actually no teh verses are horrible too

02) Panicland: bohemian rhapsody i see HUH!! this was rly bad

03) Alice Longyu Gao: omg but this is for the fat brained girls right?? so interesting.

04) Embaci: pls... i need something to happennnnn!! pennytrationstan's vault cant have this for nothing right? rightt?...... its not bad i guess. i mean. its cute. yea. idk.,

05) GWSN: ok but this was rlly bad!!! wheres the essence!! the flavor!

06) Tulisa: this was funny!! i think!

07) dexter: this was like cute! like nothing too good nothing too bad. just.. cute

08) Cariño: this is amazing and groundbreaking!!!! my god!! so good!

09) Hebe Tien: ok brave i GET IT u like these entries ilovetosing sends but i DONT!!! theyre BORING!!

10) Jacks and Atoms: remember when i said the last entry was boring? well its super fun compared to this.

11) Rêve: ok but when this wins ://// cara and chiara outsold i fear... (im joking !! haha !! this is good !!)

12) Fana Hues: this was rlly cute and vibey and good

13) Aubrey Haddard: wow!!! aubrey!! this was rlly pretty!! especially that kind of instrumental part u know which im talking about right==??? right ?? yea

14) ascendant vierge: i was gonna say i hate virgos but!!! maybe this is an exception!! yass!

15) Cariss Auburn: this was rlly gorgjus and beautiful and pretty

16) Hoang Thuy Linh: oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

17) Ashe: omgg thsi was rly goodddd im seeing the lighttttt im an angry woman

18) Sean Paul: im so happy some people lived for this!!! i wasnt one of them though!!!

19) HA-ASH: ok this was so bad but the CHORUS? the chorus was made in heaven i think

20) Ronie: bad!!! why are poeple stanning!! im so tired of ironic stanning!!

21) OOHYO: if imogens not a fan then im not a fan!! sorry!! its how it goes!!

22) Ilkan Gunuc & Osman Altun: this was rly disappointing and idk just not something i was looking forward rite?

23) Jenevieve: i mean YES this is cute but where is the MUSIC VIDEO?!?!

24) Rotana: this isnt good!!! it rlly isnt!!! lolz!!

25) Urban Cone: ure so vile tsc very very vile!! and we're tired !

26) Masumi: this past run of songs has been rlly bad and i thought this would change it but like :/// no ://

27) Ava Max: she doesnt deserve a comment rlly. dis so bad

28) Estère: thsi was rlly beautiful and stunnin

29) dani: i love dani!! i mean. not stars dani. i hate that one. but i love singer dani!! and this song is rly cutesy!!

30) Sigala: ive heard this kind of song a 23091490109490 times before im tired ye
76 days 8 hours ago
01. neville - BAD BITCH BUFFALO!!!!!! lmfaoo this is so funny. this brings me back to late 2019/early 2020 when i joined awww just a very nostalgic sound, back when the cxloes of the world were still thriving and such. this is a really funny song idk it just tickles me. i do like it though. i think neville might be our next pop supreme! she just needs some visuals and we're good to go.

02. panicland - if there's one thing men will do is make a bohemian rhapsody attempt.. a queen attempt.. and a wayne's world reference for a music video. this smash mouth x bohemian rhapsody HELLLL. that said i did not *hate* this as much as i just found it funny. like i didn't like what i was hearing but i was a bit in awe, you know? i did have a good giggle. good for anyone who likes this, i'm not the audience.

03. alice longyu gao - i do think this could have benefitted with some BUDGET visuals but alice longyu gao does look like a walking nft maybe they closed her bank account omfg who knows... this slaps at parts but is ultimately just okay. i've heard this sound executed better idkk... she should have donated this to aespa bc they really need the good music right now...

04. embaci - STOP STEALING FROM THE PENNYTRATIONSTAN VAULT!!! this is a really nice song that i thoroughly enjoy and a marvelous debut it is... it is... see, it's so abstract yet gorgeous, i feel like one of the little fairies from winx club just ascending and batting my gorgis wings to this... and embaci is doing it with a gorgeous y2k fit she is so pretty wtf!!! yes just overall a very gorgeous lullaby... transcendent experience.

05. GWSN - fuck yall i liked this!! it does honestly sound like a lower tier red velvet b-side as in u know the little r&b songs they do here and there and put it on their little minis... but w*ndy is not in the studio so OMG AMAZING a MAJOR improvement. that said both red velvet and billlie (yass plug) do this sound better. still it's a very qt r&b influenced k-pop track. but they have better!! did u know RICKTWORICK1 hates BAZOOKA?? that song is so cute!! play baZOOKAAAA!!!! yasss. did i mention i liked this? i liked this!

06. tulisa - see this is so nice and so talented… i do believe, no matter how old this is, that tulisa is the future of pop music she just is.. this sounds JUST like havana brown’s inaugural hit ‘we run the night’ and i mean….. who doesn’t love themselves a bit of HAVANA BROWN… yesss… an amazing forward thinking piece i moved so much. so cute!

07. dexter - one thing that gets me about garage music is that as soon as that little 2-step drum pattern kicks in i picture… that beast turkeylover, she’s in my mind right now yeah, and i picture her getting her life… and i just don’t like that. i don’t like seeing turkeylover happy. but then i remember i’m a little garage whore myself and i can’t help but YASSSSSSS this is so good!! i really like this it’s so cute and pretty. see how pinkpantheress might not always slay but she has done good for the community!! we may not like her always but we love her sons yessss.

08. cariño - i’m so so scared of this potentially being álv*ro bc oh my god this is kind of a smash… just so cute and does the whole nostalgic pop rock sound so much better than like… all of varlto’s 2021 entries wow… i am so gagged… i rly like this yes!!!

09. hebe tien - everyone in this music video was so attractive and speaking of ik that little gerbil is working overtime to find the erm.. lead male’s socials so fast. i hope he gets back to me on that. anyways the song is kind of the standard taiwan balladry we’ve come to expect in tsc buuuut when it picks up with that key change omfggg i got my life. again another cute entry omfgg so adorbs!! they were totes lesbians in the video btw…omfg

10. jacks and atoms - “[Tue Jul 19 2022 13:57:15] <queenm1chelle> bibbles entries are all shot in the same damn room” this was … very unremarkable. spoiler there is a lot of male rock that is … unremarkable this week. i don’t rly know what to say here, it was listenable but i’m not a fan of their voices. :(

11. rêve - whatever gerbil stole this from me needs to get a life asap but this is such a smash i’m sorry.. i do wish the drop was like… just a smidge dirtier and growlier but once u get past some of the annoying inflections and the f*ggotry of it all and accept reve as the next main pop girl… there is no turning back. this is love island music done RIGHT mama ofmggg just a total SMASH for the summer. keep ur minge WET for this heatwave baby

12. fana hues - her music is always on the cusp of me stanning but just a little unremarkable. i do like this though and omfggg the man in the video wow.. a tall glass of water if i do say so myself. this is really nice, the instrumentation is so scrumptious. this is not a full course meal, but not a bite sized snack either. somewhere in the middle.. and it was oh so delicious. i enjoyed!

13. aubrey haddard - you know i’m always hesitant to stan all the white (music) women that dragotistic probably sends to this song contest because you know they’re evil inside and have no soul and are demonic creatures from the deepest level of HELL but not aubrey haddard. i wouldn’t say she’s TALENTED but i do think that this is good! the switch up??? elevation?? near the end of the song did sell me on this. a good meal i think!

14. ascendant vierge - because i knewww we were going to get a serve with ascendant vierge. i have never said anything bad about mathilde fernandez. that woman is a VISIONARY and honestly? mother. i don’t know if this tops ‘influenceur’ for me.. but it is such a chaotic good serve veryyy i’m an albatrouz but make it serveeee.. omfg.. is this a lidl destination harmonie 4 sneak peek?? we love u patty pat!!

15. cariss auburn - i have been keeping my eye on cariss auburn for quite sometime now.. i like her!! and i like this!! tbh i do prefer ‘fantasy’.. her music for me overall is good but missing a certain POLISH. like she will make a collapse one day. but relistening this is a lot better than i remembered it being omfgg that chorus.. a smasher… yess she has aged well. bit of a SERVE yess YESSSS oOMFGG !! when will charli??

16. hoang thuy linh - this was so cute. in a lot of ways if u brought arca and sega bodega in the studio they could have retouched this to be bizcochito’s cuter sister but we got somethin for the dottie mcstuffin girls. and what the f*ck is wrong with that????? huh??

17. ashe - it’s not even that i don’t want to like this i just… do not like this in the slightest. i get what it’s going for on paper and i mean i guess it is better than ur usual run of the mill ashe bomb threat but is it really that good just because there’s a wall of noise near the end u can use as ur little recap bait idk idk i just.. find this to be…… not for me for a lack of better words. and i don’t find it to be particularly well executed either, it’s not the serve people will tell u it is i don’t think. but more power to those who do i guess…. i GET it (on paper), but it’s not for me. not my vibe. put it away, yknow? save it for someone ELSE.

18. sean paul - nooo bc OMFGG.. pia mia rly was THEE pop princess at a certain point in time. her crown has long slipped since then but she is still queenie and sometimes i like to google her. see what she’s been up to. what little bite sized snacks she has released since then and i listen to them and i have a good time. are they particularly good? no! but it’s pia mia. and if there’s one thing about me. is that i focken loooove me some focken pia mia. speak nicely to the songstress behind ‘touch’ BABY. best song of all time MAYBE SOOOO. and maybe actually halsey did have a point. cause what the f*ck was that gerbil carly rae jepsen doing at the top of all those year-end lists. BEST POP SONG OF 2015? i do not think so. like pia mia forever ago, carly rae jepsen needed to be touched. in fact, she needed to be knocked down to make way for the QUEEN the ALMIGHTY pia mia no i’m so serious i do have a deep admiration for this woman i do. and i will be going on a pia mia bender soon. and will i replay this when i go through her discography probably not. it’s a little empty. too much sean paul. and i like sean paul trust me i do i mean omfgg i’m portuguese allegedly u kno? i love sean paul but when pia mia is in the studio. u shut ur f*cking mouth and u let the EMPRESS of POP MUSIC !!!!!! OMFGGG… u keep ur lips sealed and u let her do the talking and the yapping and the singing and honestly she has a great voice and i wish i could go back and time and give pia mia the spot that was rightfully hers before that glorified minstrel ariana grande decided to take hers. GANADORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. anyways yes like i said this is a little empty shoulda been just pia on the track purr !!!

19. ha-ash - these girls peaked with ‘lo malo’ i fear.. this was ass omgggggggg …. :x

20. ronie - STOP STEALING FROM THE PENNYTRATIONSTAN VAULT!!! maybe this song WAS supposed to come to a national final towards you at a specific point in time i can’t confirm nor deny mind your BUSINESS. but i like this LOL it’s a little flat but it’s got all the kinds of 00s rnb throwbacks that i looove… charli taft’s understudy she isss. thank u ronie for this piece yes.

21. oohyo - this is so cute!! a little something for the ‘stardew valley’ girls innit?? i just found this so charming and cozy and loungy and pretty,... there’s something very good about it, there is. i’m not sure if i’m obsessed but omggg i just wanna snuggle this song . very pretty and what not.

22. ilkan gunuc & osmar altun - whatever vocalist decided to go by the name of ‘sophie’ needs to learn her place u cannot compare… to the queen.. BITCH!!!!! and ya apologies to the sender im sure ur very cool but this was so boring .. like hello where’s the energy .. :(

23. jenevieve - this song is so good i still haven’t listened to jenevieve’s album i’ll admit but i did listen to this bc it was recommended to me late last yr and i was like whoaaa !!!!! she’s so talented. maybe 2nluv is the more TSC-able send and while i do like this song i respect the choice of going for an album track. queenie !!!!!

24. rotana - apparently everyone was like … omgfggg it’s rotana !! and i was like.. who?? i, pennytrationstan, was born as an entity in 2019 so idk what this talk was of this ancient singer named rotana that did the rounds apparently… and um… okay??? it’s like.. fine. i could def see how it would have been the SERVE in 2017 but… where’s the budget. i think if she had a budget then i would be eating. there is a good song in here maybe. but it’s not fully realised. aw well!

25. urban core - idk what to say about this either this was the most unremarkable song i’ve ever heard.. passable teen drama soundtrack while they’re like on a mall i guess omg idk leave me alone urban core..

26. masumi - again i don’t know what to tell u this very much happened

27. ava max - omggg u see. let’s start with the bad. synthwave in 2022. u’re joking. come up with something else. the good? i like this idk i think it’s so cute maybe it’s the sxy visuals tricking me but that chorus is so goodddd like .. a little high school musical but i mean that in the classic sense. vanessa hudgens would have PERFORMED this. and we all love vanessa hudgens don’t we. idk for a tired synthwave song it feels.. nostalgic and bubbly and qt. i like it and idgaff

28. estere - i’m so glad this isn’t the latvian demon. i liked this though this was cute i kinda wanted it to do more but the instrumental was punchy and bassy. i think she will age like wine. i will give her one more chance.

29. dani - this was very VERY good and ofmgg if this was alvaro im going to k word myself…. surely he wouldn’t come up with this on his own… who gave this to him.. STOP… omg… no but i really did like this. DANI GANADORAAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 she’s always bigbrotherSUPER TO ME !!!!!!<333<33<3<3<3<

30. sigala - honestly i kinda moved at the chorus when it was doing the most … a little epic minigames lobby serve and sometimes there’s nothing wrong with that. this is whatever though i wouldn’t listen to it in my free time. but i kinda get the girls who do idk.. maybe the copy pasting of this 2016 beat 300 million times is ageing like wine. again not something i’d seek out though and was quite mediocre. but idk… hmm.. it's kind of getting to me. LMFAO idk we’ll see
75 days 12 hours ago
01) Neville - kinda giving me boppy disney channel pop vibes but just like a step above, which is a great sign! Don't even care that this doesn't have a MV! It kinda slaps
02) Panicland - kinda like the fun spider man 2 angsty soundtrack vibes
03) Alice Longyu Gao - she's kind of returning to iconic territory here, mom. The beat really goes off my airpods are vibrating
04) Embaci - the glitter was cool but this song is terrible
05) GWSN - weird like jazzy vibes but I think it works for this. But what's the song title about tho? Maybe 2 too many big words in it
06) Tulisa - LMAO shut up
07) dexter - it's chill and better than song #4 for sure for its genre but not really hitting me in any sweet spots
08) Cariño - I am really vibing along to this, like it's quick and cute but has this weird rock element to it that I think is great, I'll remember how this sounds for sure
09) Hebe Tien - sighhhhhhh I think you know what I'm already going to say about this but 😴
10) Jacks and Atoms - I just feel that this song has no personal significance to anyone and they're not trying hard with this track
11) Rêve - MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I am so used to giving and now I get to receive! She really murdered us all with this song
12) Fana Hues - I do prefer Breakfast, but to neutrally give a take on this: the verses are pristine, the chorus is… idk bad bad might just be a bad bad way to go with it, it sounds so basic
13) Aubrey Haddard - an absolutely beautiful song, with a track that does her justice pretty well. She feels sweet like Sugar - Elisabet
15) Cariss Auburn - this middle stretch of songs is truly spectacular and one of the strongest runs in TSC I've ever seen. This will be hard to decipher points. It's a rare breed of a song where it's slow but also catchy? Fascinating
16) Hoang Thuy Linh - send more sped up versions to songs!!! It's not quite there for me yet but it's cute funny
17) Ashe - queen kinda has styling range… songs like this that build obviously go well with me and she's got some fun sass to her here
18) Sean Paul - I love this song that came from 2022 that sounds 2014. It's prob too basic for me this week (and this week is very strong) but I appreciate it
19) HA-ASH - this is unusual. I didn't expect it to develop into what it did but I kinda stan
20) Ronie - mom she's kinda giving the next big pop diva
21) OOHYO - hard for me to pinpoint this but there's more elements to like than dislike, it's like a chill bop and I'm more inclined to say yes to it
22) Ilkan Gunuc & Osman Altun - the violins are kinda beautiful especially next to that LIZOT style beat, this could grow on me like wine
23) Jenevieve - she's got some truly beautiful stuff out right now but this was more like a palette cleanser of a song tbh
24) Rotana - like the song above it's got some pleasant vibes but not standing out for me
25) Urban Cone - cute n catchy but a little too plain for me
26) Masumi - it's on the cusp for me, maybe a little too video game soundtrack for me but for some reason I just love the production
27) Ava Max - it's fine but no, do better
28) Estère - I think I'm a little burnt out from this tsc now there are so many good songs and this just failed to compare… a little repetitive
29) dani - chill latin vibes but wanted something more
30) Sigala - another lazy pick
74 days 21 hours ago
01) Neville - 'Buffalo' 🧉 - Well TSC, please it’s time to stop sending songs like these. Didn’t we already have like 1 million entries like this every single week. This is a wall of noise that I don’t want to return to.

02) Panicland - 'The Edge' 🧉 - Is this 2015????? I don’t hate this but like this was probably more popular back in 2013-2015. Also the sudden tempo change????? I’m so confused with this, it sounds like they’re trying to remake “Boheiman Raspody” but instead they had an inferior version of that song.

03) Alice Longyu Gao - '100 Boyfriends' 🥛 - Good for her I guess.

04) Embaci - 'Tiniest Whisper' 🧃 - I like whispering but not for the whole song tbh. I feel like I’m attending Physics class where the teacher is talking in front while I’m daydreaming at the back and this is the sound that I hear.

05) GWSN - 'Wonderboy, The Aerialist' ☕️ - This is actually quite decent, quite funky and a little jazzy. I like it.

06) Tulisa - 'Live Your Life' 🧉 - Wow, this is so dated. It’s so bad that it’s borderline funny ngl.

07) dexter - 'Pressure' ☕️ - The music is quite cute, but why does the vocal sound like it’s been lowered like 8 keys. Just use normal vocal and I think this song will probably be better.

08) Cariño - 'Si Quieres' 🧃  - Another song that is a little cute, but also a little chessy. It also reminds me of “Light Switch” by Charlie Puth in some parts.

09) Hebe Tien - 'Let It...' 🍷 - The key change in the end is the best part of the song probably. (Also the lead male actor is Greg Han, which was entered in TSC 470, you’re welcome little gerbil.)

10) Jacks and Atoms - 'I Get Lost' ☕️ - It’s not bad, I kind of like this. Sounds like 2000s pop rock which I don’t mind.

11) Rêve - 'Tongue' 🥛 - Biology teachers are now raging at this! Unsanitary!

12) Fana Hues - 'Bad BAD' 🧉 - I know some people will be crazy over this, but this is kind of unfortunately boring for me. The music sounds like Roblox music.

13) Aubrey Haddard - 'Portuguese Red' ☕️ - I’m kind of in the mood for these types of songs right now so yes I like this. Nice vocal and nice music.

14) ascendant vierge - 'Au Top' 🥛 - Oh this is quite nice, quite sooting. WAIT, WHAT THE ****???? Oh get this away from me ASAP! I HATE THIS. THIS IS PRACTICALLY A MUSICAL JUMPSCARE.

15) Cariss Auburn - 'Daydream' 🍷 - Oh quite nice, I like it.

16) Hoang Thuy Linh - 'See Tinh (Speed Up Version)' 🥛 - What is this? Vocaloid? Lmao. WAIT, IT’S THIS SONG, EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

17) Ashe - 'Angry Woman' 🧃 - It’s ok. I’m more annoyed at the fact that they keep wasting perfectly good clothes.

18) Sean Paul - 'How We Do It (feat. Pia Mia)' 🧉 - It’s already 2022, we’ve outgrown Sean Paul’s phase. It’s kind of funny how this song sounds like it’s from 2015 even though it’s released this year.

19) HA-ASH - 'Si Yo Fuera Tu' 🧃 - This is not bad, I can live with this.

20) Ronie - '2004' 🧃 - Hm, not the kind of throwback I would go to personally but it’s not bad.

21) OOHYO - 'Brave' 🍷 - This starts beautifully, the trumpet, the echo, it’s so nice and soothing. I like it a lot! Good choice!

22) Ilkan Gunuc & Osman Altun - 'I Don't Mind (feat. Sophie)' 🧉 - I don’t mind if this song loses TSC.

23) Jenevieve - 'Division' 🧃 - I feel like the whole song is very disjointed, the synth, the bass and the vocal, not sure why.

24) Rotana - 'Necessary Death' 🧉 - I’m not going to listen to it after TSC.My brain is having a hard time figuring out the tempo of the song and it’s giving me a headache.

25) Urban Cone - 'Ikea' 🧃 - It’s ok. But it’s definitely one of the most chessy song that I’ve heard in TSC.

26) Masumi - 'Run Baby, Run' ☕️ - Some parts of this song definitely worked for me, but there are some off parts too.

27) Ava Max - 'Maybe You're The Problem' 🧃 - Well, I don’t hate this at least.

28) Estère - 'Calculated Risk’ 🧃  - It’s ok, very middle of the road in most aspects.

29) dani - 'Ceras Rosas' 🧃 - There is a slight disco influence here, it’s ok.

30) Sigala - 'Melody' 🧃 - Doesn’t people ever feel tired of listening to the same beat in different songs? I mean I do at least.
74 days 15 hours ago
01) Neville - i mean i WANT to like it but wtf?!?!?!? i get this isn't music video contest but where are the bloody VISUALS... not that any visual would help this because i do find this just so cheaply done if im honest :/ shes just doing a bit TOO much to try and have an edge to her but it still somehow feels quite generic???????

02) Panicland - hmm they're definitely ok if ur into this sort of thing. the vocal is deffo not for me but all things considered its not THAT bad. one for the lidl angsty teens tnawwweee. im glad they still have artists like this to get them through i really am<3

03) Alice Longyu Gao - no offence im still obsessed with she abunai that was probably my fav from her. this ones actually ok but it does tread the line of being a lidl bit cringy. idk it just sounds so 2012 gangam style a bit you know... just a bait song to go viral? yh she def goes for that doesn't she and the more i think of it like that the more its offputting. the whispers at the end are STUNNING THOUGH OMFGGGG MORE OF THAT PLEASE.

04) Embaci - i mean visually this is already stunning so even if this song is mid tier she can still catfish me like OMFGGG.. firefly-esque yassss. OH MY GAWWD MONOLOGUE I AM FUCKING MOOOOOOVINGGG ARE U KIDDINGGGGG...... im not even joking this is probably one of my fav entries to tsc in recent memory.... so beautiful.. so raw and ethereal like wheeew. EMBACI IS WHY I AM STILL IN TSC AMEN. MASTERPIECE YEP YEP YEP.

05) GWSN - its ok. a bit lobby music-esque... u know.... hmm yeh it is a bit. i mean parts literally sound like club penguin pizza parlour so.. -_-.. i mean bop ywwwaahhh buuut...

06) Tulisa - omfgg the female boss shiver my bloody timbers. she is very council chic i do lurve her and her f*g ash breath i do. this lyric video is just the icing on the cake completely iconic.

07) dexter - well i knew this would be completely gorgeous when i clapped my eyes on it. the deep vocals have me in a trance.... omfg nd then the girlie comes in just so angelic. dexter and embaci kind of saving the week this is actually stuuunnninggg. giving me awwlll the countryside indie horse girl tory version of pinkpanthress and i luuuurrhveee it!

08) Cariño - i meeaaannn they're ok.. but are they KLARA AND JAG. don't think so! anybody reading this will literally not have the foggiest on who klara and jag are and it hurts my heart a lidl bit. tsc legends i would go as far to say :( this is sweet but im too bitter atm !

09) Hebe Tien - ok at first i thought these entries were so wholesome and cutesy like omfggg my TWELVE.. but the novelty of them has WORE F*CKING OFF.. i am SO BORED. NOTHING NEW NOTHING CHANGED. have u ever heard of too much of a good thing. and the thing is this song does deserve somewhat decent comments but not when i feel like its rinse and repeat every bloody week oh im SICK. bored!!!!!!

10) Jacks and Atoms - bored as shite...

11) Rêve - her sticking that tongue to be let in omfggg i let out a lidl screech at that so is so quirky :p this is just tsc to a T i think. the f slurs will def be winding their hairy arses to this one and rightly so. it does what it needs to do. just a gawj lidl sugary summertime bop. the drop and chorus def isn't for me AT AWWLLL.. but i get it.

12) Fana Hues - ;''''(((((( oh my GAWWWD THIS IS SO BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLL..... IS SHE KIDDINGGGGGGGGGGGGG. beyond beautiful ... .... . . . . . . . this isn't even funny it does something to my entire soul.

13) Aubrey Haddard - i actually lurv this. its so toe tappy and head boppy like yassss. this minge muncher jessie ware  suuurveeee i luuurv it!

14) ascendant vierge - this is cutttessyyy. kind of kvvnttt in many ways actually... i mean the more i listen the more im reminded of im an albatraoz song and omfgg that has completely killed any momentum this song had for me GET IT AWWFFF!

15) Cariss Auburn - oh babes SOOO F*CKING GOOORJJJ LIKEE. the chrous so floaty and stun in many ways.. luurshh vocals as well very angelic and fantabulouusss all around.

16) Hoang Thuy Linh - omfg this is kind of kvnt like wheeew.. so cutesy and gorj. i want to be her... so bad... just a cutesy lidl uwu slut i liiiiiveeee!!!

17) Ashe - ashe oh she knocks me sick these days and it doesn't help that she looks like shes balancing a malteaser on her lip like EEEWWW get it lazered off! as if i put ashe in my 3 artists when i first joined tsc oh im sick to my stomach but at least I've matured from this and so should the sender<3

18) Sean Paul - pia mia will forever be my mother idgaf... im sorry she is the princess of pop my MOTHER... she is my untouchable. touch and Mr president pop pERFECTION. i would even chant her drake covers from the rooftops as if they were her own originals u cannot tell me shite.... i mean sean paul i can take him or leave him.. just bloody awful sorry. pia mia is my TWELVE. sean paul my zero so lets see how that cancels out!

19) HA-ASH - i mean gorjus house.... very gorjus scenes yeah. not for me seems a bit disney-esque. i mean it is nice and pleasant just not for me.

20) Ronie - aweee this is kind of gorj sorry.. she saw what flo was doing and had to act FAST. i mean i just cant get tired of this sound its just so timeless like wheeew... gorgeous!

21) OOHYO - its ok. quite floaty and cute. like im moving and levitating a bit im not sure if its just a bit too nonchalant to make any type of impact swwowwwyyyyy!

22) Ilkan Gunuc & Osman Altun - oh yer not for me at all. the violin is ok but that's where it ends !!!!!

23) Jenevieve - she is gorjus and i know she deffo has BETTER in her discography so i was interested to hear this and ermm. yeah its cutesy. its nice. wouldn't say its the most gorgeous thing I've ever heard buts its OK. i don't think she can do any wrong at this point. i mean the chorus kind of gorj the longer it goes on ageing like fine wine yarrsss.

24) Rotana - oh i remember hearing this and i was like oooouuuu quite interesting and added it to my playlist but then it kept coming on and i was like OH BUGGER OFF.. i literally shuddered whenever i heard it... don't know a song that aged like milk as fast as this i literally can't stand it im so sorry.

25) Urban Cone - this is actually not bad u know??? omfg... the chrous is so catchy and cute. objectively i get its bad and awful like yes.. but it is quite endearing in a way but u never saw me say that!!!

26) Masumi - oh yeah i remember hearing his in the lp JUST.. like it came and went so bored lmao. im more invested in ava next im so sorry queen in another lifetime maybe u would be ok ! just ok though.

27) Ava Max - oh this queen im glad someone finally pulled the plug on this one. now im not an ava max sympathiser at ALL but i cnt make the music not slay and yas and okurr and finger wag can i??? its TOO GOOD... like pop perfection to me soo gooorj.

28) Estère - omfgg i luuurv this... the synthetic orange wig COMPLETELY HAD ME IN A TRANCEEEEEEE. its genuinely so beautiful to me like omfggg so sweet and cutesy. the voice is so prwweettyyy too! that chrous is genuinely so fun aswell like omfgg yassssss.

29) dani - this is sooo cwwwuttteee GOOD WEEK . what a gorgeous way to end it omfggggg. just a lidl french laurel serrveee like yassss im moving sm!

30) Sigala - .. i wasn't going to leave a comment for this but i will.. so painfully generic and made for the charts and love island dance scenes EXCLUSIVELY... literally hate this sound with a passion its awful and so souless. im sorry.
73 days 14 hours ago

01) Neville - Well no video so you’re losing the battle with the song contest girlies but I bopppppp this chorus is a moment. This is perfectly basic but kinda dark done right. A bit short. Could’ve used more song but i liked this!!!

02) Panicland - Oh god. Umm. I see why this was sent I suppose? The post chorus vocals are kinda cool. The switch up feels so unnecessary. This isn’t for me you get it.

03) Alice Longyu Gao - LMAOOOOO ICON????? Give it to us!!!! Yassssss!!!! This is so so stupid lmaoooooo but honestly queen. Her fake drawn on tattoos are GIVINGGGG as is the no eyebrows. Icon.

04) Embaci - I do love a missimogen production. This is like SOOOO close to being THE serve. It’s quite ethereal and gorge from a production standpoint but it is a little cluttered. Her voice is great but it doesn’t seem like it bc of the production at points. I kinda was waiting the whole song for there to be a gargantuan DROP that just never came. Close!!!!!

05) GWSN - OH YESSS this is SOOO cute!!!!! This is SOOO classy!!!! Mmmmm kpop with a jazzy piano and drums and THOSE harmonies??????? YESSSSS so up my alley I don’t think this will do as well bc people are used to the pop genre breaking kpop but I liveeeee for shit like this. Bop!!!!

06) Tulisa - THIS TEXT VIDEO LMAO. I can’t tell if I like this or not it’s so so so so basic. Like 2009 came back with less money bc the recession hit. But like I’m not mad? It’s nostalgic for sure. I’m bopping!!! The lyrics are the most basic song writing I’ve ever heard and I probably won’t remember this in a few songs but like sure! Good for her!!!!

07) dexter - Ooooooooooooooh pretttyyyyyyy oh this production is so so so solid. This is just so so so soothing. I lovedddd this very nice and calming and the production was SO CLEAR ughhh loved!!!!!

08) Cariño - Okay I was unsure about this until the chorus but yeah this is a hit!!!! This is so cute!!! Kind of different song writing and this really does grow as it goes along!!! Yeah I’m a fan!!! I like how well the synth and the rock style guitars go together!!! This is just so cute and fun and summery and stuff!!!! Loved this in the end!!!!

09) Hebe Tien - We love you Jin, this is really pretty!!!! Keep giving me pretty strings and I will continue to eat this shit UP!!! This is so so calming to me!!! I love her voice duh!!! OOOH THIS KEY CHANGE YESSSSS!!!!!! PERIOD, JIN!!!!! Thank you again for this I loveeeeee this!!!!!

10) Jacks and Atoms - This is like. Very mid. I like it!!! But like. It’s mid. Ya know? I have literally nothing to say about this.

11) Rêve - YEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS THANK YOU FOR MAKING MUSIC FOR GAY PEOPLE THIS IS A HIT!!!!!!! This is so stupid and great Omgggggg but not in the way where I acknowledge it made me laugh and I don’t point it. This is so so so good the music is full and it’s short and sweet and a great summer bop!!!!

12) Fana Hues - This is so so gorgeous Tim is gonna have a field day with this LMAOOO. This is so so so good, unlike other fana hues this feels so full and fleshed out and a goooooood song I loveddddd this!!!!

13) Aubrey Haddard - This is incredible. This is so so soooo good. This bass is stellar, the production is sooooooo full sounding. This is so so so so so gorgeous and the ENDING??????? Literally stunning and incredible. I’m so calmed and I feel like I could play this forever and not get bored of it. I loveddddddddddddd this!!!!!!!

14) ascendant vierge - Ummmm okay. This is a lot but I like it!!!! Her voice is a…choice. But the music is so so stellar wowwwwww. This feels too big brained for me tbh LMAOOO but I appreciate it for what it is and I liked it!!!!

15) Cariss Auburn - Oh yeasssssssssss I loveeeeeeee this!!!!! Her voice is SOOO gorgeous and the production is stellar!!!!! The guitar is so satisfying and yeah I’m a huge fan of this!!!! This is so so pretty. Yeah. HUGE fan!!!!

16) Hoang Thuy Linh - Eve is telling me this went viral in Vietnam and I so get it. This is groovyyyyyyy we brought that GOOD bass!!!!! The voice is kinda fitting for the song too and it doesn’t at all annoy me in all seriousness. This is so so so cute I loved this a lot!!!!!

17) Ashe - She’s pretty.

18) Sean Paul - I mean bop I suppose. The music is cool. He’s…there. She’s great!!! I see the hype now she’s great!!!! Yes, say it Sean Paul, MORE WOMEN!!!!!

19) HA-ASH - Hmmmmmmmm I really can’t pick an opinion on this song. It’s like. Cute! The second verse is the highlight so far! The horns yay!!!! It’s getting a BIT better as it goes along!!!! But not by much. This is a strong week so I don’t see this getting points from me tbh sorry :hugs: :she lost:

20) Ronie - Now THIS is a throwback!!! Is this the same person who did that trashy bop from Slovakia’s trainwreck nf that was ALMOST there? Well this one is THERE!!!! This is so so 2000s rnb and that STRING MELODY????? Oh this is ITTTTTT!!!!! YASSSSSSSSS!!!!! Keep serving us 2004 and I’ll keep coming back!!!! BAWPPP!!!!!!

21) OOHYO - This is sooooo prettyyyyyyyyyy ugh yesssssss wow this is so atmospheric and pretty and gorgeous wowwww. I just feel so soft and womanly wowwww. Yeah I could stay floating like this forever tbh. So lovely :))))

22) Ilkan Gunuc & Osman Altun - Oh yesssssssss wait this string melody to house music??? I’m INTO it!!!! This isn’t hitting as hard as some of the other bops this week but we’re still eating tbh this is kind of ethereal and pretty and mystical a titch. I like this a lottt!!!!!! If this had like broken down into something HUGE (!!!!) this would’ve been my 12 but this was still lovely!!!!

23) Jenevieve - YESSSSSSS I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! This is my SHONG!!!!! Sorry Tom, THIS should’ve been the initial send even if you did win with it lmao. This or resume is by far my favorite on the album. This is just so so so solid and I loveee this bass. God I love this song, been listening for too long now and I haven’t gotten sick of this song for even a millisecond. This is just so so cute and ethereal and groovy and ughhh we don’t deserve this queen.

24) Rotana - Okay yet ANOTHER good song!!!! This is very gorgeous and stuff. It’s SO SO close to being SUCH a cunty song. This is like really cool and stuff. I liked it a lot!!! So close to being THE serve!!!! Maybe like $10 more and it would’ve been there. But I still really really enjoyed it!!!!

25) Urban Cone - The 2018 indie boy in me is LIVING for this!!! And I do like it tbh!!!! I’ve like…moved on. But this bass is still really good!!!! And I still do like it!!!! Like more than I’d like to admit! This is still like a good production tbh and bc of that I’m into it still despite moving on emotionally from my indie boy phase!!! Bop!!!

26) Masumi - This is there! There’s promise in the chorus! Yeah! It really could’ve used a better song writer. But like good for her!!! Sure!!!

27) Ava Max - THIS BAWPPPPPP!!!!!! Idc idc this is so so good I’m glad someone pulled the trigger to send this!!!!! This is 80s done SO RIGHT!!!! Look this song is so full sounding and boppy!!! I’d just stopped putting this in my regular rotation of listening like a couple weeks ago but I still bop, it hasn’t aged for me yet tbh, I still really really like this and it might make it back into my regular listening!!!! YASSSS!!!!

28) Estère - Sorry, no. I don’t like this something about this song writing just sounds so so wrong. I’m sure it’s fine. But like. I don’t like this at all sorry :/

29) dani - Omg she’s sooooo quirky!!!!!! But really I like the song! Cute, calming, kinda groovy, aesthetically produced if that makes ANY sense. It isn’t the MOST noteworthy song out there, it needs a MOMENT, but I still really enjoy this!! Who wants to put money on this getting Dan’s 12?

30) Sigala - I’m so so happy for James but I don’t like this that much sorry. It gets heightened a TAD for the music video but Sigala has never been my favorite so this like doesn’t hit me? Its just sooooooo generic, I like quite a few DJs according to these contests but like this isn’t one of them sorry :hugs:
73 days 14 hours ago
1. Neville- this was a bop! It was so short though…but I enjoyed the production.

2. Panicland- the vocals were okay…I wish it wasn’t so disjointed between the verses and choruses. The harmonies were giving Willie Wonka Oompa Loompas (the Johnny Depp version) Overall no but props to the Oompa Loompas carrying the song

3. Alice Longyu Gao- OKAY. I LIKE IT. Her voice was a little grating but honestly, the song kinda worked. LMAOOOO. Do I like the song or the comedy??

4. Embaci- this production was gorgeous, but it was a bit messy which made it a little disjointed…and there was no payoff. Overall a meh.
5. GWSN- The song itself was so nice, and the vocals were good. I love the jazzy feel of the piano and am absolutely here for a classy lady moment…the BASS was giving. Song was cute!

6. Tulisa- I see you lady gaga rip off!! 

7. dexter- The production was cute! Overall a playlist maybe. 

8. Cariño- OH NO it kinda of bopped. It grew on me! It was cute! I support it.

9. Hebe Tien- a pretty acoustic song. The strings were gorgeous! I appreciate the full C-drama plot line the music video gave me.

10. Jacks and Atoms- a song.

11. Rêve- the queers have gathered and im obsessed.

12. Fana Hues- yea. This one. This one is absolutely beautiful. I am a little bit in love with this song. Her voice is so good, and the PRODUCTION, so clean, so beautiful, so beautiful, so GROOVY. The harmonies!!!

13. Aubrey Haddard- INDIE GIRL! A bit basic but, I liked it! It had enough to make it different and standout among the other indie girl music. Her voice was smooth, and I’m a sucker for a recognizable guitar line. THE BRIDGE!! That section really was what made the song stand out.

14. ascendent vierge- artsy chaos…it was a lot. I didn’t hate it!

15. Cariss Auburn- OKAYYYYY.  Gorgeous. This production was really pretty. Budget green screen videos are the moment.

16. Hoang Thuy Linh- THE BASS. Lol this song really said here’s a serotonin boost have fun! Super cute, the production was actually so pretty, I’m living for it.

17. Ashe- well.

18. Sean Paul- I don’t really want to support men but. Bop. I still hate his voice.

19. HA-ASH-  It was messy. It was disjointed. The video was. Something else. It’s a song! I liked the horns? I think?

20. RONIE- IM SCREAMNG. Yes miss girl give us those 2000s throwback vibes im in LOVE. This song is a MOMENT. Also, how can you not love a song with a dance battle. The energy is so Step Up and im LIVING.

21. OOHYO- OHHHHH this one is so pretty. Bossa Nova-ish vibes and I love how full it sounds. Her voice is so good! And the harmonies. This one. This one is STUNNING.

22. Ilkan Gunuc & Osman Altun- The song is good! The vocals rly gave, and the violin was pretty! I wish there was a little something more though.

23. Jenevieve- a BOP. I absolutely love this song. The 80s vibes of the guitar and the drums had me. It was giving like. David Bowie Modern Love but WOMEN and BEAUTIFUL and ETHEREAL.

24. Rotana- I like this one a lot too!! I do think the production could be a bit better, it was a tiny bit messy for me. But it worked.

25. Urban Cone- this sounds like a COIN song. But like. more mediocre.

26. MASUMI- a very…mid 2010s sound. Not awful!

27. Ava Max- I MEAN. Basic but a BOP. Maybe I am the problem. Oh no.

28. Estere- a song!! You play those drums girl!

29. dani- the song is cute. i guess it works.

30. Sigala- no thanks.
73 days 9 hours ago
001. Neville : Kinda bop actually? This is sorta solid. There is SOMETHING that it kinda lacks to go to the next level, but it’s cute, and fun enough.
002. Panicland : Borderline toooo OTT, probably crosses that line, BUT I am very into this still I’m afraid… I moved I did. Good listen. There’s only like two people this could be, but I respect.
003. Alice Longyu Gao : Kinda interesting… but not for me.
004. Embaci : If this suddenly just broke out into bop this would be an absolute serve. But it just felt like a buildup with no real climax. So that was unfortunate.
005. GWSN : Chorus was ok, but not really getting much from it.
006. Tulisa : TULISA? This was a tame bop, but alas it was a bop so there is that.
007. dexter : Decent vibes to this, quite like the music. One of the better songs so far.
008. Cariño : Honestly I can see this is sorta mid, but I’m.. really enjoying it. I moved.
009. Hebe Tien : Wasn’t really into this. Some decent moments mid-second half, but overall not really feeling it.
010. Jacks and Atoms : Quite into this, this was a good listen.
011. Rêve : Parts of the music were a serve, I enjoyed. Bop.
012. Fana Hues : Some of the music is decent, but kinda drags a bit.
013. Aubrey Haddard : Thoughts kinda 50/50 on this. Midway it definitely improved.
014. ascendant vierge : What in the serve… this … was so good? Damn they wilding, but I’m moving. Banger.
015. Cariss Auburn : This is decent, fine listen. Like the chorus.
016. Hoang Thuy Linh : Wasn’t too sure, then that whistle hit… iconic! The whistle really elevated and carried.
017. Ashe : The like pre-chorus this has is SO good… but the rest then is kinda… ehhhh. It’s GOOD but like not living entirely to the same potential. Actually I typed that then the 2 min 10 sec mark hit. Yesss that’s what I wanted. I like this. Good song. V good.
018. Sean Paul : SEAN PAUL? As much as I support Sean Paul, the female, PIA MIA?! did deffo carry. Quite decent.
019. HA-ASH : Please this is giving…. But like quite a banger…. another serve I won.
020. Ronie : Parts of the music are bopping. This is decent. Want a bit more from it, but it’s decent.
021. OOHYO : Quite into this. Everything blends together well. Good listen.
022. Ilkan Gunuc & Osman Altun : TFB RECORDS? I’ve never heard of that but if it’s anything like Spinning or Panik Records I am leant FORWARD. Oh this music is very good. I am living. Amazing.
023. Jenevieve : Her voice is good, and the music IS pleasant, but the music is kinda bringing the song down.
024. Rotana : I can’t really tell if I enjoy that music effect or not. I do think this would grow on me. But right now it’s not doing as much as I want it to.
025. Urban Cone : The music and his voice are really good. The concept of the song and the lyrics is like … right… ok. THAT brings it down, but I enjoy the music and his voice enough that it’s not detrimental. Bop.
026. Masumi : Certain parts of this sound really good and it all works very well. Other parts are less so. Quite good as a whole.
027. Ava Max : Oh wow… Maybe I’M the problem. Sees Eve already made that pun… :anyway:. It stands! Like Ava Max is someone who I typically really enjoy, except a couple songs I randomly dislike, but this… did bop… she did win this one. Good listen.
028. Estère : Got a couple cute moments to it. It’s alright.
029. dani : Wow! It’s giving Álvaro Varlto. This is so good though, I really like this. Spanish SUPREMACY.
030. Sigala : I mean bop DUH. NOT the Signal song I would have sent though… but this is the Sigala song I have listened to the most recently. This is one in particular that the chorus really gives it ALL. Yesssss.
73 days 6 hours ago
01) Neville: Bad bitch buffalo? LMAO. The chorus is not very good, but I’m not offended by this or anything
02) Panicland: The irony of them saying the chorus better be good is not lost on me. The dissonance between the verses and the chorus was…something.
03) Alice Longyu Gao: YESSSS the official no budget at all music video! But also…this wasn’t funny or cute. At least it was short
04) Embaci: This is so close yet so far from being the serve it’s desperate to be. Like, it desperately needed a climax. This could’ve been gorgeous if different choices were made during production
05) GWSN: I literally don’t give a damn about the women and their singing - do you hear the instrumentation? I got my life. The jazzy piano? Yes! The drums? Yes! The little bass pops? YES! I literally can’t tell you the last time I played a song again before moving on to the next song. This was absolutely stunning
06) Tulisa: Nightmare
07) dexter: This is giving spotify POLLEN playlist material. Great background music with its mellow vibe and nice beats. I dig it
08) Cariño: This is cute! It has that beachy indie vibe that I really enjoy.
09) Hebe Tien: Very pretty. The ilovetosing collapse we all know and love
10) Jacks and Atoms: This sound doesn’t do much for me. It feels very dated unfortunately
11) Rêve: Nightmare
12) Fana Hues: This was exactly what I needed after that last song. Some good food! I like to think this album was made for me since it came out a few days before my birthday. While I prefer the more off the wall, experimental sound she had on her first album, I obviously like this. It’s just so sultry and extremely well produced. The more subdued and mellow vibe she went with for this album works super well. This isn’t the best song from the album, but I get it. TSC doesn’t have the range to appreciate her better work, like imagine the disrespect “fall in line” or “wild horses” would get. Tragic. But yes, this is absolutely stunning
13) Aubrey Haddard: She sounds like someone, but I can’t quite think of who. Not sure how I feel about her voice, but I really liked the instrumentation and think it’s pretty well produced. Ok it’s really getting better and better with each second. Ok, yeah this is really really good
14) ascendant vierge: This tried to be an experience, but it really wasn’t. I feel nothing
15) Cariss Auburn: Ooooh she spend her $20 production budget wisely. I enjoyed the beat and the instrumentation. Like yeah it sounds cheap, but she did the best she could with what she was given. Mad respect Cariss. You did that
16) Hoang Thuy Linh: LMAO I’m grooving! I unironically love this
17) Ashe: Started out a light toe tapper, but then went off the rails very quickly. But not the worst of the week so good for her
18) Sean Paul: LOL didn’t realize Sean Paul was still making music. This really takes me back. Sean Paul never really made good music, but he was always a hit at dances and parties for good reason. Glad to see that some things never change
19) HA-ASH: This was cute. You can never go wrong with horns. I liked this
20) Ronie: The way this actually sounds like it’s straight out of the 2000s and in the best way. This isn’t anything spectacular, but I’m kind of the target audience here so I get it
21) OOHYO: Like GWSN, I’m so obsessed with this instrumentation that I truly don’t care about the vocals. Like I’m obsessed with this! Wow
22) Ilkan Gunuc & Osman Altun: Honestly, I’m feeling the beat. It’s very mellow and actually pretty soothing. This could’ve easily been another nightmare, but I enjoyed this. Like I could chill and have this on loop, especially if there’s a version without Sophie
23) Jenevieve: There’s a reason the album is named after this track. This is THE bop of the album. The instrumentation is phenomenal and meshes so well with her voice. I can, and have, listen to this all day
24) Rotana: The producers really said “Let’s figure out a way to make this song unbearably annoying.” Those static noises were not it
25) Urban Cone: Terrible lyrics but the instrumentation is quite good. I can always make time for a cute indie bop
26) Masumi: This is fine. It’s not really my style. Just kind of mid overall
27) Ava Max: This is catchy. I liked this more than I care to admit
28) Estère: LOL why is she playing the drums in the middle of a basketball court? I have no idea what her vision is or what she’s singing about. The instrumentation was nice. This just needed a moment or something to make it stand out a bit more
29) dani: This is cute?
30) Sigala: Different song, same old tired beat
73 days 4 hours ago
1) Neville - This was actually a really cute opener! As openers go, it's not slaying me life, but this was just really cute and I enjoyed it for what it was <3
2) Panicland - I like the verses more than the choruses here. It's not a bad song, it's just a bit forgettable in the long run
3) Alice Longyu Gao - Oh yeah this was atrocious. The song and the music video clearly both have no budget
4) Embaci - This honestly just sort of sent me to sleep...I don't see the purpose of this existing tbh
5) GWSN - It was cute, but not massively original. This happened, and I'm left feeling very neutral about it
6) Tulisa - LMFAO? I mean...this wasn't awful but I'm just sort of bored
7) Dexter - Yeah, this is literally the sort of song people simp for but it just sends me to sleep instead
8) Carino - The beat sounds like it should belong to a completely different song felt like two songs were squashed together, and this was the result
9) Hebe Tien - This was a really cute slow song, but I failed to feel the beauty/emotion this sort of song usually provides
10) Jacks And Atoms - Wait I did actually like this! It's not massively original, but I did quite like the sound here and overall, it feels like something I wouldn't choose to listen to, but also wouldn't hate
11) Reve - Sorry bestie but this was literally just NOISE
12) Fana Hues - Oh yeah, like Dexter and Embaci this really just sent me to sleep and did nothing else
13) Aubrey Haddard - This was cute...I liked the bits where there wasn't any singing, they were better than the singing parts, but overall, I don't hate it
14) Ascendant Vierge - Come on people, we're in the middle of the show, STOP TRYING TO SEND ME TO SLEEP UGHHH
15) Cariss Auburn - The beat was nice, but her singing again just made me want to go to sleep sadly
16) Hoang Thuy Linh - WTF WAS THIS??? THAT VOICE, NO!!!!
17) Ashe - I usually stan this queen but this song is sort of a miss for me...not her best
18) Sean Paul - At first, I thought this was featuring Pia Maria and I was sourly disappointed by this rip-off Pia Mia person. Btw I hated this but if it was Pia Maria I would have stanned it anyway
19) HA-ASH - It sounds like a few other songs in it's genre, but overall I didn't hate it, and found it quite an entertaining listen!
20) Ronie - I've heard a million songs like this sadly, and this is not a standout in any way...
21) OOHYO - Again, this has a cute beat, but the singing lulls me to sleep somewhat, sorry :(
22) Ikan Gunuc & Osman Altun - The ethnic sounds are really nice here, and this was a fun little break from the nap that this week it
23) Jenevieve - This was a cute little bop! It didn't go anywhere, but I did quite enjoy this as a one-off listen
24) Rotana - The title has me hooked, but the song was just sort of...there. I didn't hate it but I'm a little bored
25) Urban Cone - Lmfao? This is giving me extremely low budget teen band unsure what to write their first song about so they turned on the TV, saw an ad for Ikea, and decided to write their song about it. It's not bad though
26) Masumi - This didn't hit me in the perfect spot, but I again actually did enjoy this! It's got a vast, open feel which I always enjoy with music!
27) Ava Max - I really wanted to hate this but it was, unfortunately, kind of a bop...I still hate it though
28) Estere - Ew I hate that voice. The rest of the song isn't bad but the voice is just VERY offputting
29) Dani - This was sort of cute! Not very memorable, but going near the end helps. I actually did sort of like this is a weird way
30) Sigala - LMFAO THE WAY I THOUGHT ABOUT SENDING THIS BUT I SENT MY ACTUAL ENTRY INSTEAD. This came up as a YouTube ad and I kind of bopped along but then thought: "No, PennyTrationStan would hate this, and as Penny makes up 75% of TSC accounts, I should send something more appealing to Penny" so yeah
72 days 18 hours ago
01) Neville – What are these sound effects as they seem very random and not music effective and yeah it is a dumpster fire
02) Panicland – This has got a good catchy beat in the verses which got me engaged but the slow-motion chorus just puts me off the song sadly
03) Alice Longyu Gao – It’s hard to believe that she has 1 boyfriend let alone 100 and this is the peak of obnoxious with that pitchy vocal causing so much trauma and pain
04) Embaci – The song seems to be very peaceful but it is just very drawn out with the music and vocals not going anywhere starting to become cringy
05) GWSN – I am loving this blend of old music and modern k-pop as it is a treat to listen to their lovely vocals and I’m glad they are able to put a smile on my face today
06) Tulisa – This sounds like something I hear in the early 2010’s and I’m all in for it as the music sucks me in with it’s funky sound and is just a blast of nostalgia fun
07) dexter – I’m trying to see this one through but no it became unbearable with those deep unnatural vocals not working becoming a bland and tired mess
08) Cariño – Oh yeah, I am bopping my head up and down to this hidden gem of a banger which has amazing electronic music and I am very glad I discovered this masterpiece
09) Hebe Tien – I won’t deny that she has great vocals to show but the song here is a bore and just goes on for way too long losing its magic
10) Jacks and Atoms – The beat is steady and very dull as there is nothing of value here that excites me in any way and yeah, I think it is time to move on
11) Rêve – This song pushes the boundaries with the music and the out their screechy vocals and I’m not a fab if it as it is doing my heading and is just noise
12) Fana Hues – This sounds like something I hear in a mystery drama soundtrack and yeah it sucks me in for sure the strange music and her vocals and it is a grower
13) Aubrey Haddard – The beat is very poppy and I do like that and her vocals have some shining moments in there and this is quite good
14) ascendant vierge – I was not expecting that drop going from quiet to whatever this is as my brain is trying to comprehend it all and it is so unexpected but the singer is too shouty
15) Cariss Auburn – Jesus Christ this song is just making me feel too sleepy with this samey music and her low energy vocals and it is just a very bland track
16) Hoang Thuy Linh – Did we really need a speed up version of this song and I feel like they made it worse as it sounds like The Chipettes covered it
17) Ashe – The music is so powerful with those infectious beats and it has become addicting to listen to it constantly and is bloody amazing
18) Sean Paul – They are going for a summer vibe but I am not feeling the heat on this one with their 2 voices not gelling and is just forgettable
19) HA-ASH – Wow this is so unique and just an unbelievable experience as the music keeps changing up and keeps getting better and better throughout and makes me want to join along
20) Ronie – I’m not enjoying this dated music which sounds tired and the singer doesn’t pull me in as it becomes a generic track
21) OOHYO – It did take a bit to get going but when it did boy did it deliver as this smooth funky retro sound just lights up my mood and I can’t stop beaming
22) Ilkan Gunuc & Osman Altun – Eh the music is not it as I found it to be repetitive on the dull side and her vocals have no energy and my god it is plain awful
23) Jenevieve – I did not expect to hear this upbeat music to this song and I’m not complaining as I feel like I’ve been transported to a disco party and I love this fun energy
24) Rotana – No I hate this auto tune vocals as they put way too much production onto it and the music sounds like it took crack with how much its statics and breaks
25) Urban Cone – I’m sorry Ikea but this song does not make me want to visit your store anytime soon and yeah, the music has some poppy moments but the vocals are too whiny for me
26) Masumi – The song has that mature sound and yeah it is nice to hear with the music building up to that chorus but I wish the vocalist added more range to it
27) Ava Max – Oh yeah, I am waving my hands in the air as this is a solid track that has so much production and effort put in and I love the synth and Ava Max is back to her greatness
28) Estère – Um the track feels very lumpy and unbalanced with the guitar music not sending me anything being too dull for my liking
29) dani – Ooooo I am moving my body slightly to this unique and clever music and I can’t help to enjoy some funk and this brings that in a different style that got me sucked in for more
30) Sigala – How did this song not chart as it is a fantastic modern pop song that builds up to a killer drop that has me banging my head and is super catchy and I will not forget it ever
72 days 17 hours ago
1.        Catchy chorus
2.        This was quite cringey
3.        This was bad!
4.        Quite nice, feels more like a song you’d have in the background to help you sleep
5.        Quite like the slight 1920s sound it has incorporated into this
6.        Bop! I love this Queen!
7.        Sounds bored while singing!
8.        I like the energy of this, it was fun
9.        Another song that is quite nice but would also fit quite well in a sleep playlist
10.        I really liked this, really dig the sound to it
11.        Kind of obsessed with this. Not the that’s so raven reference! Bop!
12.        Nice chill vibes from this
13.        It’s fine. It was a bit one note
14.        This caught me off guard. Kind of loved it!
15.        The video effects were more interesting than the song
16.        Not a sped up version. Not a fan of chipmunk sounding songs!
17.        Oh the music video is referencing cut piece by Yoko Ono! Really dig the sound of this song, very good
18.        I don’t really care for Sean Paul or his music
19.        This was a fun sounding song
20.        This had potential to pop off but it just felt a bit flat
21.        It’s fine, very coffee lounge
22.        I saw Sophie and thought this was going to have a crazy sound to it, it’s fine but just a bit tame
23.        Nice enough listen
24.        Kind of a mess
25.        Feels very radio friendly, it’s fine
26.        Grew on me as it went along, this was quite good
27.        This didn’t chart? Such a bop!
28.        Didn’t really like her voice
29.        Kind of a vibe, I really digged the sound of this
30.        Didn’t like this at all!
72 days 4 hours ago
1. Neville - This certainly happened, I guess. Not bad in any way, but nothing special either.

2. Panicland - About as far from my genre of choice as you can get tbh

3. Alice Longyu Gao - This is just. Such a big-brained send. I’ve been obsessed with this for months but I’m too much of a coward so I’m glad someone else had the balls to do it.

4. Embaci - Cute! Not super groundbreaking and I did spend a lot of it waiting for something to happen, but not an unpleasant experience overall.

5. GWSN - Oh this is STUNNING. Gorgeous gorgeous girls love GWSN it’s true. Love the jazziness of the instrumental and the girls sound great. One of the best b-sides in the history of kpop methinks.

6. Tulisa - Painfully dated

7. dexter - What a lovely listen! Very chill throughout, but not in a way that left me bored/wanting more. Very well-produced as well

8. Carino - Also very cute :) Feels very familiar/formulaic but still an enjoyable listen

9. Hebe Tien - You know, ilovetosing very rarely hits the spot for me but when they do? It’s a STUNNER this is absolutely gorgeous thank you for gracing my ears

10. Jacks and Atoms - I’m kinda just bored, unfortunately

11. Reve - Very basic, feels like a BARELY elevated RuPaul track in spots

12. Fana Hues - Not bad, but I’m once again bored

13. Aubrey Haddard - Very pleasant listen, love the guitar and her voice.

14. ascendant vierge - Oh I was NOT expecting that. Maybe still not my favorite but an incredible subversion of expectations

15. Cariss Auburn - Very smooth listen, perhaps a bit too smooth. There’s not much to latch onto and make it memorable

16. Hoang Thuy Linh - The nightcore mix is taking me OUT but I can’t justify pointing this I’m sorry

17. Ashe - I’ve never enjoyed an Ashe song and I’m not about to start now

18. Sean Paul - No.

19. HA-ASH - Kind of disjointed, maybe it’s just not for me though

20. Ronie - Oh this hit, I think. Incredibly sleek production, really solid hook, overall a banger

21. OOHYO - The vibes are absolutely appreciated but as a whole this is kind of a “meh” execution of this style

22. Ilkan Gunuc & Osman Altun - This is just nothing

23. Jenevieve - Maybe it’s not as incredible as her last couple entries, but this is still a fun little song!! Very cute instrumentation and a nice chorus.

24. Rotana - Oh this is ART baybee! I do not care what anyone else has to say this is absolutely gorgeous truly a galaxy brain send

25. Urban Cone - Not my thing

26. Masumi - Oh another gorgeous entry. Love that hook.

27. Ava Max - I hate to say it but this bops. One of the better executions of this synthy sound that I’ve heard recently, I’m into it.

28. Estere - Yawn

29. dani - Not bad, but not really good either, especially in such a strong week

30. Sigala - This was grown in a test tube to get radio play I fear

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