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TSC 459 Final

Topic » TSC 459 Final

3 days 13 hours ago
just like addison rae's tiktok account i am dead this is my last tsc contest (jurying) officially, not clickbait

01. LISA - i thought this was a classy party?? honest to god annoyingly terrible like the beat is awful and the forced blaccent... YG entertainment needs to shut down this has gone too far. as for the man in question you will never be somi fad. DUMB DUMB SOTY
02. rebecca levy - to the untrained eye rebecca levy might just look like another buzzfeed intern circa 2014 who decided to make a song and while she is probably all of those things she is also a SLAYER. the fog visuals at the bridge.... if rebecca levy could take my pussy right now it would feel just like a sledgehammer. anyways this sucks but like i laughed
03. crystal murray - she's a genius. not everyone is going to get this and that's where the line is drawn between pretty people and ugly fat hooligans. really qwuirky and forward thinking her delivery gives me nicki pre-being a weirdo peak roman polanski era. it's fashion
04. J2 - don't know who the eivor girl is but the pitchfork gays should be fearing her. ended kate bush bjork and she's coming for lisa blake's real estate empire next i fear. the power of this song cannot be held down. this is her jóga. she should collab with aespa
05. PIXY - you are not aespa. i suppose it's better than 'wings' but it still feels messy and contrived and BAD like literally everything they've put out. i am calling for their disbandment the house down. soon to be terrorists of the music industry and (N)EVERGLOW is to blame
06. dana salah - no the way i said 'please honest to god let this non event bit be the chorus' and SURE ENOUGH... I WON I WON this is great actually. the sedated chorus gave me the biggest amount of life. she is a visionary she is a mother she is a working force and i am the children
07. charli XCX - her whole 'ironic pop' philosophy for this new era is giving me serious m*rina vibes (DEROGATORY, obviously) but charli actually sounds self aware and isn't making the worst music to ever be released like m*rina so i guess the better froot prevailed in the end. this is great i love the natalia kills-ification of charli i love the stabbing synths as a gay man i
08. cacophony - i was ready to write this off as another piece so boring and sleep inducing that would be overhyped by a select group of players BUTTTT i got on board with the end when the song picked up and went somewhere. incredible
09. the pale white - i wanted to give this a fair shot and see what the tiny riot fuss was all about but this was just SO sedated and monotone for me not even the bait guitar solo did... anything. caucasian advert musical hell i believe in men's rights to SHUT THE FUCK. UP
10. priyanka - yeah i can see why lemon's verse is literally the only part people talked about LMFAO. the instrumental is dope but the verses just go into this very like... generic eurovision national final reject soundscape that i'm just not here for. it wasn't like actively awful so it could make points but also this was corny as fuck
11. onerepublic - again i wanted to give this a fair shot but it's really just honest to god boring as all hell. 3 minutes felt like 30 decades if i'm being honest this aged me for like 50 years. kings though i believe they should collaborate with aespa. rest in peace to his dead sister
12. jessie ware - i mean people are gna pretend this is bad just because (sweat) (angry) (pissingmyself) WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH waaawaammie jessie ware charted BOO BORING SEND HUFF HUFF HUFF but this is still one of the best songs released this year LMAO a bop for the ages this gives me THEE adrenaline rush. just a very well executed pop song which is not something im sure u guys are accostumed to shut the fuck up. bunch of weirdo gay men istg
13. culture wars - this reminds me a lot of majid jordan which are the best male duo sans aly & aj to be currently working on music. very retro gorgeous and slayful. there was a 4:3 ratio in the music video therefore it is the greatest song to ever exist so i mean yeah. bop!
14. red velvet - aespa's damn mothers. only bothering with this week for these beats if i'm being honest anyone who hates this should honest to god consider the prospect of downing a tub of gasoline. one of the best songs to ever be created PROFESSIONALLY this is a PROFESSIONAL entry. top tier incredible everything. a RELIC, mawma. the best song to ever be recorded. wendy f*t r*cist slag but this song is STILL *THE* moment.
15. mothica - outdated boring and really lame nothing about this clicked and mothica will never go to hollywood and she will NEVER COLLABORATE WITH AESPA
16. mariah's pop - aespa's children. objectively terrible but the production on this was kinda avant-garde and the vocals weirdly matched. kind of objectively amazing. i saw the vision.
17. colbie caillat - haw haw FUCKIN haw. like i'd be laughin if i didn't have a jessie j stan for a sister.... the nights i had to endure her shouting the words to this song with the sing king karaoke version on youtube for the background... yeah this isn't funny in fact the sender is PAYING for my monthly therapy visits. a demonic presence was conjured
18. la rappresentante di lista - this is one for the proboards. not the ELUSIVE tengaged stage. there are class acts in here. u're gna do this in front of seulgi??????? silly cow !!!!!!! the verses are really bad and non events, but i suppose everything else is fairly decent. it's just not an exciting piece of music at all it's just not GIVING the ooh ahh cunt eown. ://////// or u know anything for that matter. this is bad btw
19. bre kennedy - LMFAO hell no. i hope the verve got their royalties from this. sarah kinsley laughed at this tryhard loser
20. BATHSHEBA - i stan this queen so hard. the drop is funny but literally everything else about this song is pretty decent! a solid song from BATHSHEBA i hate her name but like queen. ended the starving class with this hymn YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. this is decent
21. herlander - FANTASTIC and the girls are mad. reminds me of 'catalogarmi' but obviously better because does 'catalogarmi' feature an ICONIC piece of portuguese reality television as the intro chorus and outro??? right right. this is a whoppa of biblical proportions caralhoooo fodase. this is going to age like milk so quick but u know it SLAYS shut up
22. RIMON - even the queens are letting me down. this isn't BAD and it's doing the bare minimum just enough to be in my taste range so i can stand it but like... it's just so bare bones? it went by like a flash (derogatory) and she wanted to be ravyn lenae so bad. disappointing
23. TRI.BE - you are not aespa. 'doom doom ta' is so much better and 'rub a dum' is like the funniest song i've ever heard... this is very meh. it feels very iz*one stop comment. i am not following that up i meant that in the most derogatory way possible. FUCK disbandzoone and FUCK these girls. exid deserved better children which is why it is my job to drive them to the adoption center. anyways stream the song below

ended every song in this contest my 12 not included
3 days 12 hours ago
01) LISA - I thought this was like passable? I’m not the biggest fan of this woman’s voice but the PRODUCTION in this music video was top notch quality.
02) Rebecca Levy - I love when an artist just sounds posh and British even in electronic music. The guitar was lovely and I loved this!
03) Crystal Murray - I cackled when she said “screaming my name oh crystal” this is so campy I like it for that reason but as a serious song it wasn’t my fave
04) J2 - I love this kind of electronic ballad with piano and strings and dramatic vocals usually and this was no different but also didn’t do much different with that genre musically.
05) PIXY - I thought this song was gonna be the exact same quality as the song before but then the rap brought in ENERGY and made this a really fun selection!
06) Dana Salah - Thought it was a good beat but overall I was bored tbh
07) Charli XCX - Charli is a classic and this was a good pick but I wanted more substance tbh
08) Cacophony - idk no offense but I was bored
09) The Pale White - I thought this was a really interesting pick, had some cool harmonies for a rock song and overall I liked it!
10) Priyanka - I mean this is the moment now come on now. I literally never not laugh when priyanka starts the song by simply saying “Toronto”. It’s iconic
11) OneRepublic - This sounded like the chain smokers decided to smoke a blunt instead of hit their usual acid before their show, I liked it but it didn’t stand out.
12) Jessie Ware - oooooooooh I’m so into this. This is like modern disco and I loveeeee it. Plus her voice is everything in that chorus!!!
13) Culture Wars - Ooh another bop, the singer lowkey sounds like nick jonas. I love the beat and this was a great pick :)
14) Red Velvet - This is the only K-group I keep up with and this song shows why, I absolutely loved this it was smooth and pretty :)
15) Mothica - Yet another bop, not as noteworthy but still a song I’d love to get more into.
16) Mariah's Pop - No. I had to skip it I’m sorry I started laughing like 0:45 in that was an experience but not one I want again.
17) Colbie Caillat - This is a classic but also doesn’t hold up as well overtime imo but still great and gives me that early 2010s nostalgic.
18) La Rappresentante di Lista - I thought this tune was really fun! Not very noteworthy but it was a bop.
19) Bre Kennedy - This also reminded me of late 2000s nostalgia for some reason, I liked it but it didn’t blow me away.
20) BATHSHEBA - The beat was cool, this was a simple song but effective, I really liked it :)
21) Herlander - This song confused me tbh. It had a lot of ideas but they seemed to impede on each other in all honesty.
22) RIMON - Whoever submitted this song has DEFINITELY fucked to this song but regardless I loved it!!! Smooth, loved the harmonies, very H. E. R.
23) TRI.BE - This was very hype Kpop which is the best kind of kpop imo. I liked this a lot and love a good girl group :)
3 days 5 hours ago
01) LISA
Dolla bills dolla bills, I love this song, been streaming it for the whole month now and she does not fail to provide bops I fear. BP in your area. We love the beats, the vocal, everything.
02) Rebecca Levy
Mama this is not Rebecca Black, she is sadly Rebecca Levy. She is giving me psycho ex vibes with the song and video. If that is your thing go for it I guess eh? It's meh. God it keeps going end this please.
03) Crystal Murray
She was doing great til the chorus, Okay the verses are saving her, I'm just not liking the voice change in the chorus, it's a good song though.
04) J2
Oh hello dramatic climb??? The video def helps out the song more giving it the energy matching the song! I'm loving it, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss mama give us that RANGEEE!
05) PIXY
HELLO???? She's giving us many songs in one, wait bye, the chorus was not it. Come on verses save her again, the lead up to the chorus love it, and once again the chorus ruins it......mam what happened the POTENTIAL IT HAD.... Girlies the chorus is not it, I'm sorry </3
06) Dana Salah
She is giving us Arabic, and we are jamming along with them I fear, dancing along with Dana Salah. Giving us the wedding to the contest love that.
07) Charli XCX
From wedding to funeral oh dear what a running order LMAO, I believe the person who died asked for this song for their funeral bless Charli for granting the wish for a fan. It's a good song though.
08) Cacophony
I mean the song is alright, it's just not for me I guess. Oh wait that change in the 2nd half?? It is windy indeed miss cacophony.
09) The Pale White
Not a fan of the song sorry, A fan of the guy on the right though.
10) Priyanka
Mama why is the intro giving Telephone vibes??? I was not vibing with it til Lemon sang, Lemon saving the song like that come through.
11) OneRepublic
Mama sink the boat right now, I do not want to hear this mess.
12) Jessie Ware
Nothing new, same old Jessie Ware, I'm bored, tired, etc. Give us something new girl.
13) Culture Wars
Girl 3 dreadful songs in a row, I'm tired. Losing my braincells I fear.
14) Red Velvet
Mam I want to like this since it's Red Velvet but this is not just it, I'm sorry.
15) Mothica
Finally a change of pace, I'm loving the look, gothic realness I fear, the song is alright def a good change from the songs before.
16) Mariah's Pop
In holy mary we are praying today for the miracles of Mariah's Pop preaching us and blessing us with such a beautiful song. Bless you for sending these warrior princesses to our planet.
17) Colbie Caillat
No leave, exit door right away. Just when the last two songs were good/bops we get this raccon. No bueno.
18) La Rappresentante di Lista
Bless the Italians for saving us from the last song, it's alright though.
19) Bre Kennedy
And we are back again, mam no I feel like this week is a rollercoaster.
We up again, she's giving us a fight anthem, this would usually flop in a normal week but this stands out atm.
21) Herlander
She blowing out the last songs I fear, she is giving us a bop and dance anthem. Ladies and gentleman.... HER(lander).
I mean it's alright but I think the song before just might've made it lower for me oop.
23) TRI.BE
The intro just gave me Blackpink in your area, and this song is def giving BP vibes lmaoooo, OKAY NOW THIS IS HOW YOU DO A CHORUS MAMA SLAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, girl we waving those lightsticks in honor of this amazing closer TRI.BE IN YOUR AREA, girl I'm ready to purchase tickets! Whoppa whoopa whoppa whoppa whopperaza.
2 days 17 hours ago
1.        LISA “Money” – Didn’t really do anything for me
2.        Rebecca Levy “Tell Your Girlfriend” – Was going to describe this as twee and went to check to see if bibbles described it like that and she did lol
3.        Crystal Murray “Like it Nasty” – This has potential but it comes together as a complete mess!
4.        J2 “I am fire (ft. Eivør)” – Sounds like someone doing a Kate Bush impression. I liked it though
5.        PIXY “Addicted” – This was just noise
6.        Dana Salah “Weino” – It was fine. Nothing I’d return to
7.        Charli XCX “Good Ones” -
8.        Cacophony “Return” – Can’t tell if I like this or not. It’s very odd
9.        The Pale White “Glue” – Quite liked this
10.         Priyanka “Come Through (ft. Lemon)” – Lemons verse is clearly the best part of this but I actually quite like the whole song as well. Bop!
11.        OneRepublic “Someday” – Was this really necessary?
12.        Jessie Ware “Hot N Heavy” – It was fine. Nothing special
13.        Culture Wars “Lose Money” – Another song that was just fine
14.        Red Velvet “Automatic” – This didn’t go anywhere
15.        Mothica “Heavy Heart” – Really liked this. Quite a good song
16.        Mariah's Pop “Mariah's Pop” – Not really sure what is going on
17.        Colbie Caillat “Try” – oh god not this song! It’s so cringe!
18.        La Rappresentante di Lista “Vita” – I was vibing along to this
19.        Bre Kennedy “Control” – This was dull!!
20.        BATHSHEBA “Fighting for Your Love” – meh
21.        Herlander “Gisela” -
22.        RIMON “The Morning” – It was fine
23.        TRI.BE “Would You Run” – This week has been so bad! What is this?
2 days 11 hours ago
001. LISA - 'Money' : The ending is kinda a serve. As a whole I suppose this is good, yes blackpink… Lalisa is kinda better though.
002. Rebecca Levy - 'Tell Your Girlfriend' : She has a good voice, the song itself is decent too? It feels like something is missing, but the good aspects still come through, it’s just Level 4 and not quite hitting Level 5.
003. Crystal Murray - 'Like it Nasty' : It has solid parts throughout, yet simultaneously amongst them good parts there’s a whole lot that’s delivering nothing.
004. J2 - 'I am fire (ft. Eivør)' : Obviously my winner. Interesting one. The first couple minutes is pretty dull, but the last minute definitely picks up and there’s some enjoyment. But at the end of the day there will be my bias reigning supreme and that’s the way it goes.
005. PIXY - 'Addicted' : Some of this song is kinda a bop. Like the chorus basically and the parts surrounding that. Other parts are ok.
006. Dana Salah - 'Weino' : Yeah this really just had like no impact on me, the song isn’t exactly giving anything so it’s tough to get enjoyment out of.
007. Charli XCX - 'Good Ones’ : Charli XCX has a lot better that’s for sure ! Though she definitely has a lot worse too, so kinda mediocre for her, but it’s still pleasant enough overall.
008. Cacophony - 'Return' : A couple redeeming parts, but unfortunately didn’t really enjoy this, it didn’t feel like it really went anywhere.
009. The Pale White - 'Glue' : The music is a decent listen. The song as a whole there’s good parts to it, and parts that are lesser, it’s ok.
010. Priyanka - 'Come Through (ft. Lemon)' : This had me over it before it started. One that like is better than expectations, but personally will never get into this kinda thing really.
011. OneRepublic - 'Someday' : OneRepublic personally are the key band that I really should like but struggle to love, but they do have some very strong songs, and this is one.
012. Jessie Ware - 'Hot N Heavy' : The music to this song is a serve, a good foot-tapper. The verses aren’t really it like vocally for me, but the chorus is redeeming enough all round.
013. Culture Wars - 'Lose Money' : A decent song as a whole. Probably the best song thus far, but yeah a good listen.
014. Red Velvet - 'Automatic' : Yessss give us basically nothingggggg. Really just did nothing, didn’t get into it.
015. Mothica - 'Heavy Heart' : Not even sure what the correct labelling term for this music is but the like… heavier vibes to it really are a serve, made this a good song. Worked well all round.
016. Mariah's Pop - 'Mariah's Pop' : A mess. A weird one, half of this is bad bad, the other half like the music is decently vibe enough that makes it one of the better troll songs, so 50/50 there, but end of the day not exactly thriving over this regardless.
017. Colbie Caillat - 'Try' : She’s got a good voice, this is the kinda thing on a certain day may sit decently, but this listen just kinda felt pretty meh unfortunately, but yeah good voice.
018. La Rappresentante di Lista - 'Vita' : This is good. Similar stuff to this has been done better and definitely given more enjoyment, but I still find this a good song, and it’s not as though it’s had masses of competition for ‘good songs’ this week haha. Sorta my… w*nner.
019. Bre Kennedy - 'Control' : Actually this was a pleasant listen, decent relaxed vibes to it, good song, all worked together well.
020. BATHSHEBA - 'Fighting for Your Love' : This has a good chorus, kinda what carried the song. The rest is alright, but yeah the chorus was the best part.
021. Herlander - 'Gisela' : There is a lot going on here…. a lot of it made me check across other tabs a couple times to make sure there wasn’t a second thing playing… but it’s a good song, enjoyed this a lot. Bop.
022. RIMON - 'The Morning' : This is ok, I mean definitely quite the opposite of the previous song, but as a whole this isn’t doing a whole lot. Decent music though.
023. TRI.BE - 'Would You Run' : LMAO damn I added this to a list of possible submissions a couple days ago… well throws that one out the window. Yeah this is quite a serve, good closer.
2 days 5 hours ago
LISA: Idk this was kinda cringe and just not good.

Rebecca Levy: I thought this was a cute song overall. Quite catchy as well!

Crystal Murray: Eh not the best. Was not a fan of it.

J2: This wasn’t bad. Definitely different which is good. Solid song.

PIXY: Why? Big no from me.

Dana Salah: Another different song that hasn’t been heard much on here as far as I know. I liked this!

Charli XCX: Others will like this but this just is not for mua.

Cacophony: This was creepy which kinda suits halloween so props for that but yeah this creeped me out.

The Pale White: I thought this was gonna be a screamo metal song lol. But yeah right up my alley so I liked this!

Priyanka: Wasnt sure about this at first but like I kinda vibed with it in a way?

OneRepublic: This band definitely has its bops but this isn’t quite up to par with the rest of them.

Jessie Ware: The chorus really made this song! I liked the funk to it so that’s a plus as well!

Culture Wars: Usually I think I would like this but this just didn’t hit for me for some reason.

Red Velvet: Yawn. Next?

Mothica: This was okay. Probably would not listen to this again but a good try well done.

Mariah's Pop: Wtf? This was not even close to being good. Why is this a song?

Colbie Caillat: Colbie is such an underrated artist given all the bops she has. I really liked this!

La Rappresentante di Lista: Not my thang. Sorry!

Bre Kennedy: This is very mid tier for me and idk where to put this but yeah it was alright.

BATHSHEBA: I was expecting much better chorus. It was still good but I was expecting more with all the build up.

Herlander: Messy and just not good. Good try.

RIMON: This is a good song to have sex to but other than that its just kinda there?

TRI.BE: You already know how I feel about this genre so you know where this ranks for me.
2 days 2 hours ago
01) LISA - bop but noisy at the same time. I might need to relisten to see if there's an actually interesting melody but I did enjoy bopping to this while playing pokemon
02) Rebecca Levy - not the strongest voice but the catchiness and cuteness of this song makes up for it
03) Crystal Murray - you call this nasty? Nah it was just like lifeless to me
04) J2 - weird video game music but I didn't find it half bad
05) PIXY - This wanted to slap like much harder than it did
06) Dana Salah - will this win probably? Just guessing off of comments, I enjoyed it but won't ride for it
07) Charli XCX - bop but this was such a random obvious entry I like can't support
08) Cacophony - I am not trying to fall asleep while playing pokemon but that is what this song almost did to me
09) The Pale White - for a men song this sounded like the black keys, and I do not hate them! It can stay for now
10) Priyanka - if it's gonna be a drag song at least make it funnier
11) OneRepublic - why are people still listening to onerepublic lol this is like any song they do now
12) Jessie Ware - see #7 like I can't support this
13) Culture Wars - legit couldn't remember how this sounded seconds after listening to it so I had to give it a whole nother listen… it's pleasant LMAO
14) Red Velvet - kinda giving me boring cheetah girls song teas, kinda confused why this was sent
15) Mothica - did she not have like better stuff? This sounds like any average song I can find on discover
16) Mariah's Pop - this contest was in dire need of something to make me laugh… and this did <3
17) Colbie Caillat - lmao stop… this is such a stupid contest I can't anymore sure I might point this
18) La Rappresentante di Lista - at least it's… not in english? I don't got much but this is a bad contest so at least it didn't annoy me
19) Bre Kennedy - me at the sample LOL, can't say it kept me awake but I did want to hear where it was going
20) BATHSHEBA - finally a fuckin decent melody
21) Herlander - what……… was this?
22) RIMON - gonna sound like a broken record here but had to listen to this twice as during the first I literally dozed off LOL
23) TRI.BE- at least we are ending the night on a catchy, fun note
1 day 23 hours ago
01) LISA – LISA CAME FROM your scalp and she left with your blood soaked wig. YES NO YESSSSS
02) Rebecca Levy – No…I really disliked the vocal sorry.
03) Crystal Murray – well at least she was having fun.
04) J2 – Drama. I love this. THIS IS WHAT IS IGNED UP FOR HUNNy
06) Dana Salah – yes fucking slay you fucking icon of FUCKING POP AhuaoAPHHPAAp’SCHAPHAAIPB. Ahem this is great!
07) Charli XCX – I actually didn’t hate this. I’m drunk
08) Cacophony- you may dye your eyebrows white, but you can’t make a boring pretty song less boring and less pretty
09) The Pale White – Just take Bibbles’ 12 and get outta here!
10) Priyanka
11) OneRepublic – Take Bibbles’ 10 and get outta here!
12) Jessie Ware – World Song Contest vibes. Well it deserved to win WSC 4, so hopefully it can do well here
13) Culture Wars – This is fne….but I wouldn’t put this in front of dining…no…
14) Red Velvet – sultry and classy, get towards the front of the line you stunnettessss
15) Mothica - I knew this was going to be very DallasAndrew and it was very DallasAndrew so what are you to do?
16) Mariah's Pop – serving looks, very fashionable. God this was noise though.
17) Colbie Caillat – This is 00s pop nonsense. I like the video though, you don’t need to cake your face
18) La Rappresentante di Lista – I quite enjoyed the chaotic energy here, like I appreciate the mess that this is.
19) Bre Kennedy – thanks god for the oooooohohohoohohohohohooooooooh bits and the cameo from the violinas cos they made it better
20) BATHSHEBA – Yes, you sing it and bring it, you are the sublime time
21) Herlander – This sounded like putting a fork in the blender. Not for me.
22) RIMON – sultry, sexy and hisihlAlshlsvsvlsl this is just a great listen. Win the whole thing pls
1 day 22 hours ago
01 : Lisa - Money : Her solo releases haven't been it.
02 : Rebecca Levy - Tell Your Girlfriend : This is horrible.
03 : Crystal Murray - Like It Nasty : Now... This is camp. This is how it's DONE. Come on now.
04 : J2 ft. Eivør - I am fire : This is really funny bless Eivør's heart for trying but she's not serving with the Netflixpop beats. Very depressing to see this in TSC. Yawn.
05 : PIXY - Addicted : This starts off well but the chorus just falls flat. Could have been much better.
06 : Dana Salah - Weino : This girl has come so far! Castaway is better than this though and Castaway wasn't that good. Nice to hear her sing in Arabic though, it was a first. This song is fine.
07 : Charli XCX - Good Ones : Right this is good I guess like I'm not VERY impressed but it's fine like I'll move because I have to at the club not out of interest you know... I like the build up to the chorus but with the chorus I'm like... that's all?
08 : Cacophony - Return : Oh STOP this is stunning! I love Cacophony and this one in particular is a vocal slayage... This is what we like!!
09 : The Pale White - Glue : Generic white male indie pop, needs more of a grunge to it. It's better than other songs that were sent in this genre recently though.
10 : Priyanka ft. Lemon - Come Through : I thought I'd hate this but that chorus actually did get me moving even though these verses couldn't deal. The timelapses of Georgetown are coming to the YouTube contests as we speak. I need to hear more music from Lemon!!
11 : OneRepublic - Someday : I'm crying this is so bad. I can hear this on the radio soon it's so scary... Fuck you OneRepublic. Actually wait never mind it's not THAT bad but I'm still not fussed.
12 : Jessie Ware - Hot N Heavy : I do like quite a few of Jessie's songs but like I'm also a bit bored of her in general idk? I just want something more exciting than this, I feel like I'm very flatline with this one.
13 : Culture Wars - Lose Money : I truly was invested in the storyline of this audiovisual experience. This is actually kinda good shoot me pls... Like not THAT good because the chorus is a snooze but everything else works? I think this group can make a rly good song in the future TSC girls keep tabs!!
14 : Red Velvet - Automatic : This is really slow but it's sexy and a vibe so yes this is exactly what I need in the morning with a nice detoxifying water. Very smooth.
15 : Mothica - Heavy Heart : What in the blandness this was utterly atrocious like I'm so bored yawn ridiculous this girl can never please me and it's disgusting and devastating to be quite honest with you.
16 : Mariah's Pop - Mariah's Pop : Yaaaas I'm getting my life to this!! The swords... Serve.
17 : Colbie Caillat - Try : This is like rly funny but objectively bad. Do better.
18 : La Rappresentante di Lista - Vita : This is fine like it's their voice in the chorus which annoys me the most here? I wish this did something to excite me more than whatever this chorus was... I like other songs from them much more.
19 : Bre Kennedy - Control : This sample in this song is like rly funny, you're not telling me it's not a sample. Like I like the original sample but I don't like her singing with her adlibs over it like ugh give me a break but other than that this would have been good. Bre!! I'm annoyed.
20 : BATHSHEBA - Fighting for Your Love : This is like the worst song off of this EP that you could choose to be honest. I'm lost in disappointment once again. That chorus is just so flat and boring. I@m really annoyed because you could have sent one of her mini, cute slays!! (Not the lala song though that's real bad)
21 : Herlander - Gisela : At the start I wasn't really into this that much honestly but like I knew I was dumb after ten seconds and I realised how addictive this is and how 3008 it is. Playlisted.
22 : RIMON - The Morning : I wish I could like this more than I do but I respect it for her sultry atmosphere...
23 : TRI.BE - Would You Run : This feels kinda criminal but I can't make the music not bop. I think this is the obvious winner of the week unless there's some shady business going on in this bitch. That chorus is good, not great, but the last chorus is what sells me on it. It has remnants of that mid 10s K-Pop era which I guess makes me reminiscent of those times.
1 day 21 hours ago
01) LISA - This is a good song for Tiktok but for this it's a bit basic and kinda monotone. Also feels that you just decided to put a song on that was popular at the moment and at this point you just swung and missed!

02) Rebecca Levy - I am not mad at this and it's kinda catchy but I do hate the music video that goes with the song. I do mainly like that the song is really upbeat for such a kinda darker theming!

03) Crystal Murray - Ngl I don't mind this but then the over production of the song and the obvious auto tune throughout makes it kinda messy in my opinion.

04) J2 - I thought of Celine straight away and I am really digging the song. People know I like darker music and this is perfect for my style. Despite me not liking her voice in parts, I think it's really interesting!

05) PIXY - I hate KPOP end of!

06) Dana Salah - With submission 4, these are the best two out of this part of the contest. I really loved the vibe of the song and find music like this interesting and fun to listen to as they are so easy listens.

07) Charli XCX - People may hate me for this but I do really like the song and it's a fun song. When people hate this song, they are just jealous of the song as it's a really nice song.

08) Cacophony - Ehh kinda bored with this

09) The Pale White - It's not a bad song tbf but it really needed something to make it more cohesive as a song. I feel that it has a secure basic but layers need to be made.

10) Priyanka - Honestly I only listen to Lemon's verse usually but after more listening Priyanka's verses are very catchy. People don't seem to like the song but like it ain't bad.

11) OneRepublic - Another song I really like and I think OneRepublic is such a good band. Definitely one of the best submissions.

12) Jessie Ware - Ehh kinda bored with this.

13) Culture Wars - It's kinda hard to get into and I just don't think it will do well.

14) Red Velvet - FUCK KPOP!

15) Mothica - Another song thats kinda boring unfortunately! It ain't as bad as the other songs but it's still kinda bad.

16) Mariah's Pop - Get lost!

17) Colbie Caillat - I really like this as it's so beautiful and so well put together. It may be a little basic but I really like it.

18) La Rappresentante di Lista - Kinda bleh for me.

19) Bre Kennedy - Sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

20) BATHSHEBA - Not a fan at all!

21) Herlander - This was really uncohesive for me tbf.

22) RIMON - Boring Bye!

23) TRI.BE - NO!
1 day 21 hours ago
1 LISA -- this production was a bad investement!
2 rebecca levy - this is so scary every second gives me the spooky chills i no stop
3 crystal murray -- oh my fucking  GOD this is lowkey snatching me bald sis 😳 i mean ok it gets kind of boring but like when im getting bored it like gives again??? very rollercoaster for 2 minutes
4 J2 -- eivör is like such a goddess she really carries this song because if not for her this would've just been another weird like netflix ost vibe thats a little overdone.... but eivör is just chefs kiss i fearr i must point
5 PIXY -- what the fuck is this girl i keep getting whiplash, im like ok this is getting good, then it gets RUINED,  and then it was like on the way to become like a bop and then it just gives very much MARUV skrillex frankensteins monster i hate it
6 dana salah -- ok so like this is giving good beats............. but she is no mimoza..... she is trying to be a young queen but all im getting is young marchionessa.... a ctually this is not giving good beats. its giving underwhelm
7 charli xcx -- im a stan........................................................... but this was too late im sorry im getting bored the mold is coming i feel it
8 cacophony - who is this woman, with her pointy finger and camel teeth
9 the pale white -- god this is just pretentious, this is giving me mansplain manipulate manspread
10 priyanka -- this is by far the second best drag race song (second to The Chop by Latrice Royale & Manila Luzon), luv the chorus but priyanka's verses are really not that good compared to lemon's lol girl was really overshadowed anyways this is also. extremly hyped it makes me hate gay people honestly but at thhe same time the little dance they do it just serves it makes me transcend it gives me dopamine. it gives me serotonin i must POINT
11 onerepublic -- onerepublic..... onerepublic..... onerepublic................. onerepublic.................... this is no republic i support, it's giving republic of belarus.
12 jessie ware -- slurpslurp slurp gulp burp bitch im ddrinking this up give me more of this jessie ware juice please
13 culture wars -- See "The Pale White"
14 red velvet -- i want to transcend so hard......................... but this song is the sleep paralysis demon that traps me in limbo whilst i try to transcend through these different dimensions of matter.....
15 mothica -- this girl makes music for girls that dont shower but overcompensate with that victoria's secret perfume iykyk iydyd
16 mariah's pop -- omg....... like ....... omg.... no im not sure if this is some obscure avant garde art piece criticizm of organized religion or if it's actually just some nuns that have been in the covenant for too long and just have never listened to music before but this is sending my wig to heaven absolute masterpiece
17 colbie caillat -- ugh god i have to point this i remember being 14 and listening to this and just being like.... god she's so right.... and colbie caillat is just so right i fear
18 la rappresentante di lista -- this is so goofy this is so quirky my gay ass has to gobble this up i fear.... but i'll gobble against my. will no actually ugggh whilst i write this its getting bad im abstaining from the gobble
19 bre kennedy - she's trying so hard to be colbie caillat but she is no colbie caillat she is no that jar of hearts girl she is no bobie or dodie or whatever she is she is no birdie she is just a bre from some suburb in the midwest
20 BATHSHEBA -- mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmno i dont think so
21 herlander -- oh bitch im going to brazil 😳😳😳
22 RIMON --- insert gif of imvu girl dancing sexilty
23 -- tnhiorsddlphethwiohrkmlwehstnokgrmleaw im dancing sittingly but trust believe i am moving
1 day 20 hours ago
01) LISA - 'Money' - This is just bad in every part, the beat is repetitive, the lyrics are shallow, the song is just meh, it's not a mess but it's definitely not a good song.

02) Rebecca Levy - 'Tell Your Girlfriend' - It's not bad, it's just kind of ...... there.

03) Crystal Murray - 'Like it Nasty' - I know the whispering is supposed to be sexy but it's just creepy.

04) J2 - 'I am fire (ft. Eivør)' - It's kind of nothing tbh, I thought I was in for an emotional ride but I didn't really feel anything ......, ok it kind of picked up, it's not bad I guess.

05) PIXY - 'Addicted' - I still don't like K-Pop.

06) Dana Salah - 'Weino' - This song kinds of just stay the same for the whole song.

07) Charli XCX - 'Good Ones' - Her songs are always a hit or a miss for me, this one is just too loud for me.

08) Cacophony - 'Return' - This is quite beautiful actually.

09) The Pale White - 'Glue' - Yeah, this has been done better before.

10) Priyanka - 'Come Through (ft. Lemon)' - Ok......., I think I can explain my opinion with a gif.
But honestly, it's not that bad actually.

11) OneRepublic - 'Someday' - It's very radio-friendly type of song.

12) Jessie Ware - 'Hot N Heavy' - I like this, the retro feel is very strong here.

13) Culture Wars - 'Lose Money' - It kind of dragged on.

14) Red Velvet - 'Automatic' - Never have I thought I will actually say that a K-Pop is good, but here we are. This is so good and it's pleasant to listen to it.

15) Mothica - 'Heavy Heart' - Well, nothing much happened here to be honest.

16) Mariah's Pop - 'Mariah's Pop' - If this is how pop songs are supposed to be, I'm glad to listen to indie artists for my whole life. I am scarred.

17) Colbie Caillat - 'Try' - I like this, this song is beautiful.

18) La Rappresentante di Lista - 'Vita' - It's ok.

19) Bre Kennedy - 'Control' - I like this very much, the vocal, the instrumentals.

20) BATHSHEBA - 'Fighting for Your Love' - This song isn't really for me.

21) Herlander - 'Gisela' - The longer I listen to this "song", the angrier I get. This is not a song, this is a bunch of noise being put together.

22) RIMON - 'The Morning' - Oh yes, this is the song that gives me goosebumps, also swearing.

23) TRI.BE - 'Would You Run' - The beginning made me want to run away, but it kind of picked up after that.
1 day 18 hours ago
01) LISA - never a fan of trap beats and this kinda is just bad in every aspect. she can do better.

02) Rebecca Levy - we all know bri'ish accents go away when singing so ur putting it on babes. this took 10 years off my life.

03) Crystal Murray - oh yes finally sumn 2 chew on.. mind u it didnt completely slay me but she is serving. will grow on me 4 shoreee the chorus already was growing by the time the song ended.

04) J2 - alina is my profile pic on netflix mommm. i stanned Eivør in tsc a while back and why is she kinda serving again.. i'm a tad bald by this to be honest. like the background vocals were so gorgeous and then it built to give epic music vibes omg.. stoppp this shouldnt be gagging me. but it is, i stan.

05) PIXY - i loved how it started then that rap verse was hawrid. ok im liking the build up.. THE HELL? what kind of low budget kpop boy band electronic chorus was that. srry babes that fully ruined the song for me..

06) Dana Salah - the ticking in the prechorus.. i was shivering in fear. hm, the chorus is okay. but as a whole im not moved. thanking god as we speak tht it didnt turn into zedd though

07) Charli XCX - okay yeah she served cunt here. u cant deny that. i don't listen to this regularly but i'm always bopping my life away when it comes on. wouldnt even be mad if she won

08) Cacophony - most people in tsc are gonna hate this gorgeous ballad- OMG the beat? oh this is actually serving so hard i'm bald... an original PIECE. this literally wouldve been stanned even if it stayed lowkey like the start but the build up im gagging so hard. talent.

09) The Pale White - i'm really never gonna like a song of this genre unless its executed beautifully. and this was just a generic attempt at it i fear. nothing i havent heard b4.

10) Priyanka - the opening acc had me cringing so hard oh my gawd.. especially her n lemon in the car. like just STAWP. get your storyboards out n TRY AGAIN. as for the song itself.. priyanka's parts were all quite bad, but lemons verse was actually rlly good. theres one (1) positive atleast.

11) OneRepublic - the song was over b4 it even started rlly @ the artist name. this was very straight. yeah its a boot.

12) Jessie Ware - sure this is obvious but like.. this is probably a prime example of "i can't make the music not bop" bc i really cant. this hasnt rlly gotten old at all really. people will be edgy and hate her but like can u really deny the talent. shes not even a chart topper or anythin u all just hate her because shes a threat.

13) Culture Wars - i'm struggling to find the words to describe this. like i'm sitting here listening, kinda enjoying it. but idk how to describe it LOL lets just say i enjoyed it.

14) Red Velvet - u didnt send really bad boy, SONG OF THE MILLENIUM? i'm sick. u wouldve gotten last place, but u wouldve had my 12 i think thats more important. why havent i heard this tho i never knew they served THIS.. i loved this very much. it was so easy to listen to.

15) Mothica - dont make me sick... GOD i hate the chorus with a burning passion. its very much so giving tsc 4 or 5 years ago and i wouldve hated it then too. i'm sorry but this may be the worst thing i've heard so far.

16) Mariah's Pop - they lived. they served cunt. t̶h̶e̶y̶ ̶d̶i̶e̶d̶  they won tsc with a record breaking 193842747385823774 points. i was giggling.

17) Colbie Caillat - are u fucking serious. this being eligible even though like a million ppl sing it on every singing show.. im bald i really am. motivational singer songwriter shite is not something that pleases me, and the fact ive heard it so much makes it worse.

18) La Rappresentante di Lista - this song was on my list a few months ago BALD.. then i became obsessed w amare and was like hmm people would drag bc sanremo, so i never ended up sending them. but this is bopping hard now tht i return to it. probably wouldve been in my next esct sanremo if alex didnt go MIA.

19) Bre Kennedy - i wanted to like this cause of the violins but even THAT didnt save her. i appreciate her attempt I really do. but i wouldnt ever listen to it again, i cant lie.

20) BATHSHEBA - i liked how it flowed during the verses. that chorus.. oh no baby noooo. i was so prepared to like this too i'm sobbing. i feel like that chorus probably made this song for some ppl, but it rlly turned me off im sawry. maybe next time babes u have potential.

21) Herlander - now i havent read comments but ill be VERY surprised if this doesnt win. its so hard hitting like i'm very bald. i was moving so hard like its probably gonna age like milk but im LIVING as of rn.

22) RIMON - oh YAS... i was missing the r&b girlies this contest. i LURVE her energy like she is that bitch and shes serving sex. queen. everything abt this was gorgeous like i LOVED the chorus. that talking bit she did.. yeah she ate that.

23) TRI.BE - sending but not sending their DISASTER BOPS? i'm disappointed. mind u this was decent. dare i say it was a bit of a bop. still wished we got another song from them though =[
1 day 18 hours ago
01) LISA
Lalisa is better this one sound so noisy and there's part she sounds like too pitchy
02) Rebecca Levy
No this is bad like i dont even likethe mv
03) Crystal Murray
Wtf is this like no
04) J2
Im bored
05) PIXY
Why they clothes look like everglow in first? And this is so and too messy for me
06) Dana Salah
Wish the last part is not the same like the chorus but not bad
07) Charli XCX
Uuuuhuuuuu long part is so annoying and ruined the song
08) Cacophony
This is weird and boring
09) The Pale White
Not into this song
10) Priyanka
This is bop The one is raping is Lemon right? She spit fireeeeeee
11) OneRepublic
Not bad idk they still make a song
12) Jessie Ware
This boring not reaally into thin kinda ish song
13) Culture Wars
Not bad but little bit boring
14) Red Velvet
This is bad omg
15) Mothica
This bad the song kinda didnt match together
16) Mariah's Pop
This one is really bad
17) Colbie Caillat
18) La Rappresentante di Lista
Not bad since this is bad week
19) Bre Kennedy
Borimf at first then kinda catchy tho
This not baad she habe a nice vocal
21) Herlander
Would have much better if they change the verses
This is yawnn boring
23) TRI.BE
This song have 2 bop song that didnt fit together and sound messy really bad.
1 day 18 hours ago
1. LISA - While BLACKPINK tends to have some of the highest quality production in k-pop thanks to the sheer amount of budget they get, they don't seem to always hit it right with the beats. This is unfortunately an example of that, not a very good way to begin this contest.
2. Rebecca Levy - Twee, in this sort of a manner that you feel nauseous listening to it. Not for me.
3. Crystal Murray - Doesn't go all the way there, actually needs to push the boundaries further to really get it over the line. Admittedly, this is the best song so far, though.
4. J2 - This sort of epic style, movie soundtrack tune has been done so frequently in TSC. This is definitely not a bad take on this, and admittedly it's been awhile since we have last had a somewhat decent execution of this particular genre.
5. PIXY - More budget EVERGLOW - First style music that nobody asked for.
6. Dana Salah - Nice beat, some ethnic vibes here and there as well. Wish it was a bit stronger as a whole, but I definitely don't mind it. Decent pick!
7. Charli XCX - Kind of a boring gamebot pick, but I can't deny that this is a really solid pop song. Definitely one of the better pop tunes released this year.
8. Cacophony - Quite a few twists and turns in this one. Definitely picks up in the latter half. Not something I would listen to repeatedly, but it's quite interesting as a whole.
9. The Pale White - It's definitely pale and white, I'll give them that.
10. Priyanka - Another day, another RPDR-affiliated act with no song.
11. OneRepublic - This is probably even more pale and white than The Pale White.
12. Jessie Ware - Not her best by any stretch, but she continues to consistently have releases that are clear quality. Good pick.
13. Culture Wars - Was really surprised by this during the LP. I am still kind of shocked by how much I like this, really interesting beat and arrangement. Not much to complain about.
14. Red Velvet - I actually used to really dislike this song back in the days, during the phase where it was extremely difficult to impress me with anything R&B related. Retrospectively, I do think this is probably among the best Red Velvet songs, although I am somewhat surprised to see this submitted rather than 'Queendom'. Smooth.
15. Mothica - This type of tryhard edgy pop music that just sounds bland is everywhere, it's like an oversaturated market that nobody goes to anyway for its poor quality. Not a fan.
16. Mariah's Pop - LMAO WHAT IS THIS. Objectively terrible, but this is hilarious and that's likely enough to get points from me.
17. Colbie Caillat - NO WAY LOOOOOOOOOOOL. How this is eligible is beyond me, this song was EVERYWHERE and almost every talent show had someone perform this. I cannot believe I may have to give this 12 points.
18. La Rappresentante di Lista - Oh, I remember them from San Remo and I recall quite enjoying their entry there. This is also quite solid if not a bit unspectacular.
19. Bre Kennedy - Not much substance behind this. Sounds like a very typical girl with a guitar kind of a thing, and the only interesting part was the use of the Bittersweet Symphony as a sample for the chorus.
20. BATHSHEBA - Nice vocals, but the song did next to nothing for me.
21. Herlander - A bit too much going at the same time, noisy in a different way manner than Lisa, but it's still not very pleasant.
22. RIMON - Probably one of the strongest songs so far. Very sultry and sexy, reminiscent of H.E.R. Potential contender?
23. TRI.BE - Not this Blackpink x ITZY clone...This is taking a lot from 'Boombayah' and does it significantly worse. However, the chorus is taking a lot from 'Wannabe' by ITZY and actually does it right, so I am a bit conflicted on that. Will probably require another listen?

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