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TSC 457 Final

Topic » TSC 457 Final

15 days 13 hours ago
Me to Luke Hemmings
15 days 13 hours ago
Selena Gomez - 13 Reasons Why

this was my 13th
15 days 13 hours ago

Thanks for hosting Iannnnnnnnn
15 days 3 hours ago

01) Lim Kim - omg i love lil kim queen of rap <3

02) Madison Beer - gorgeous gowns.. beautiful

03) Frances Lion - she needs a coff drop!

04) Hanne Mjøen - yucky this is boring

05) waa wei - awful visuals.. scary infact. probably too boring i don't actually care for it im not levitating like she WANTS me to!

06) Husbands - bloody dog poo

07) Grace Davies - shes kind of embarrassing why send her when we have x factor ALL STARS like tamera foster whos music is actually good lol

08) Robin Schulz - penny said tones and i and its just really put me off. i do hear it. don't let the radio hear this please i cant be bothered.

09) LeeHi - another kpop song follows the exact same formula that the last 500 entries did lol. nothing new, nothing changed. i was so bored

10) La Goony Chonga - want to like it more but ill probs point for the visuals alone <3 queen. song is a bit crap tho but whatever.

11) Erika de Casier - her last song was gorgeous actually. i do think she is gorgeous in general i just hope shes not overly sent. we get it. shes so yasss and slayyy but lets not give her the tkay maidza/ bree runway treatment let us love her in our own time <3

12) Laura Mvula - i actually don't like this. i had it in my playlist for ages but for what reason i do not know. its not successful. it gives h&m playlist down.

13) Latto - this song had me in a chokehold last weekend. the way it shot up to my top 10 played songs on spotfiy those 2 days is SCARY.... it aged like absolute milk.. but wow what a serve those two days were <3

14) Amaarae - this is so camp like so yasss and slayyyy!

15) Amber Mark - obviously gorgeous but such an obvious entry to send. it makes me not want to point it because its such a BORING choice. but the music does bop. amber mark icon <3

16) Allison Ponthier - yeah babes this isn't the levitating lullaby it wants to be idgaf. she fell off after that first song forgot the name. its giving kacey Musgraves ewwwww. she literally has "faking my own death" and I've listened to that like one time and i feel like even that would've been a better choice than this. its so caucasian.

17) Zoe Wees - its fine. but im not gagging. but yeah whatever.....

18) N-Dubz - icons me thinkz

19) Luke Hemmings - smelly man

20) Z Berg - interesting i think. buti will never listen to this again mark my words!

21) binki - i like the mv so that's good. i think i will points for the visuals this week because it definitely wont be for the music.. stinky winky week. i do think its fine though.

22) Jharna Bhagwani - cunt. ur not melanie Martinez bitch... ur not a girl bitch .ur a boy

23) PIERI - if arca served this i would be living but its not her. so i don't know how to feel. she has black bars on her music video so i probably wont point it for this reason alone. we need to retire this narrative i just find it so unbearably ugly.
15 days 3 hours ago
FINAL STANDINGS AFTER PENALTIES (none)                             
01        ::        112        ::        Amber Mark
02        ::        107        ::        Luke Hemmings
03        ::        100        ::        LeeHi
04        ::        088        ::        PIERI
05        ::        082        ::        Lim Kim
06        ::        081        ::        Laura Mvula
07        ::        077        ::        binki
08        ::        075        ::        Erika de Casier
09        ::        072        ::        Latto
10        ::        068        ::        waa wei
11        ::        063        ::        Zoe Wees
12        ::        060        ::        Allison Ponthier
13        ::        055        ::        Jharna Bhagwani
14        ::        051        ::        N-Dubz
15        ::        049        ::        Amaarae
16        ::        046        ::        Frances Lion
17        ::        036        ::        Z Berg
18        ::        036        ::        Husbands
19        ::        033        ::        Robin Schulz
20        ::        032        ::        Hanne Mjøen
21        ::        030        ::        Grace Davies
22        ::        022        ::        Madison Beer
23        ::        017        ::        La Goony Chonga

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