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167 days 7 hours ago
wow who is this artist she sounds JUST like Ashley O!
167 days 7 hours ago
24) XYLØ - 'Tears & Tantrums'
167 days 7 hours ago
All 24 songs have been posted!

Make sure you listen to all of the songs, post your comments, and then send your votes to me.

Please give 12 10 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 points to your ten favorite songs. If you don't know how to vote, please PM me.

The deadline is 3 PM EST/8 PM BST on Sunday, which is when the results show will be hosted.

Good luck all!
167 days 3 hours ago
1. Emeli        i always forget emeli is still making music. this was a very standard british pop song that id expect to do decent enough in the charts - not something i'd go out of my way to listen to but it was a pleasant listen
2. Luca        i love luca and i loved his performance on ESC. whilst i find this song catchy and enjoyable enough, the problems i have with this song match the 2 main problems i had with She Got Me: (1) sleazy crude lyrics that make me cringe and (2) the instrumental is essentially a copy and paste of another song i've heard before. if i put those aside, this was an enjoyable enough track.
3. John        i haven't heard nina sing before but she sounds good, she has a bit of a halsey tone to her but more tame. this song as a whole does sound kind of soulless to me, but this melody is very catchy and cute.
4. HRVY        much like the three songs before it, this song is extremely radio friendly. this song seems to be heavily tailored towards young teenage girls but hey it was a fine song.
5. Oed        i don't want to discourage people from posting unique entries such as this one, but i'd be lying if i said this track wasnt tonally unpleasant on my ears.
6. Jax        i was so shocked to see this was released last week. this sounds like the exact sound that was popping in the early 2010s and i don't think this offers anything more than i heard during that era. i gotta give credit to ella henderson for serving strong vocals though.
7. Diana        diana vickers MUST return for x factor all stars or im suing. her vocals are great on this track and i love the cinderella concept. it's also refreshing to hear this indie pop gem on a week overcrowded with female EDM.
8. Stray Kids        yas male kpop. this song was all over the the place and i assume that was the intended effect. altho i'm living for the risk they took, i ended up loving some parts of the song and not caring for the others. the whole track is so disjointed, i've never had such mixed feelings over a song like.. ever.
9. RuPaul        i feel like this type of track only works when it is being performed, but thank you for reminding me this exists:

10. Petite        i've heard this track before. its a fine song but i find the visual element more interesting than the song is.
11. Raluka        although this song does follow the 2012 EDM formula down to an absolute tea (slow verse, building up in the chorus, crazy EDM drop) i definitely did enjoy listening to this track and the drop was fun.
12. CATALI        i don't usually like big stadium sounding songs, so i was pleasantly surprised that i enjoyed this one. it was a bit too overpowering sometimes for my ears but yeah i liked it.
13. Tyron        GET OUT! RIGHT NOW! anyone else hear this during the chorus? i guess i liked that part cus it sounded familiar and the whole song was relatively chill, but i didn't care for the instrumental in the chorus.
14. Sam        this week really is female EDM overload huh.. even moreso than usual. im getting v tired of that. maybe the running order will screw this one over bc this one and the last few tracks are essentially the same. like the tracks before this, this track is nice enough on the ears but SAFE.
15. Bianca        the visuals had me convinced that this song would go off way harder than it did. i didn't really have a strong opinion on this, except maybe disappointment.. especially that chorus.
16. 5SOS        i know 5sos aren't an alternative band, but this song has the same lasting impression on me as when 'alternative' bands decide to start becoming sell-outs and release BIG sounding rock pop songs (like imagine dragons/muse did in their later eras). in other words, i find the song quite calculated. i do think the track has a good chance at doing well this week cus  that instrumental does go off. personally, i don't like the screech at the end of each line in the chorus. mixed feelings but i get the hype so gl.
17. SJUR        another cheap female EDM song? really? i'm four five seconds away from giving all these entries 0 points regardless of their quality bc i'm that sick of hearing the same track 5 times per contest. this was the most boring of the bunch to me.
18. Sabrina        music to have sex to? it has a bit of an FKA Twigs vibe to it which i can appreciate. it's nothing outstanding but it's not really trying to be. i expect this track to be a grower.
19. Building Giants        i think I've just came to the conclusion that this style of generic rock doesn't do anything for me.
20. Angie        i know this kind of sound and attitude is popping in the mainstream right now but it doesn't impress me much
21. BRIANNA        a very safe entry. this is one of the better.. songs of this genre.. in the contest this week i gotta admit. i find that the chorus goes on for a bit too long and the song itself is very repetitive, but it was a nice listen!
22. Neoni        i liked the BOOM when the chorus started. it's a shame that melodically it was relatively lackluster, although i do like the 'oh' part in the chorus.
23. Miley        it's miley cyrus! in tengaged song contest! wut? i do quite like this song though. it's got a soothing vibe to it, especially in the chorus.
24. XYLO        i wouldn't say i'm CRAZY about the song, but i did quite like it and honestly it's so refreshing to finally see an indie-pop style music video this contest.
167 days 2 hours ago
01) Emeli Sandé - Uplifting. Kind of ran out of steam for me at times, but it's fine even for her high standards.
02) Luca Hänni - Listened to this hoping it would be an easy top 5-10 snatch for me this week to enter. Thought it was pretty ass on first listen, liked it slightly more this time around, but MEH.
03) John Newman - Not Newman-y enough for my John Newman tastes. Didn't do anything for me, I'm afraid.
04) HRVY - Felt like I was going to write this off pretty early on, but I like the chorus. Solid for what it is.
05) Öed - The vocal effects aren't doing it for me right now. Think it's something I could be into in the right mood, but I'm currently not into it.
06) Jax Jones - I considered it for a hot minute to enter this week, but I felt like I was more considering it because of the name value than the quality. Hoping it eventually grows on me because I've been waiting for something from Ella for a while and Jax Jones is one of the better producers out there for this kinda stuff. Just wanted to be blown away by it and ultimately I'm still not, but judging it in comparison to other songs thus far, it's one of the better ones.
07) Diana Vickers - Cute enough. Was hoping it could get out of just cute territory, but alas, that's where it stayed.
08) Stray Kids - Well, this was quite the fucking ride, huh? Quite odd, unnecessarily noisy in parts, not sure how I even felt about a lot of elements of it... and yet, it might be the most stand-out track to me thus far LOL.
09) RuPaul - *does backbends* *vogues* *remembers that I don't like most drag music outside of the context of seeing them perform it and even then it's hit or miss*
10) Petite Meller - Well, that vocal came out of nowhere and was pretty fucking jarring. Not sure I can handle this vocal for another 3 minutes. It's out there and I feel like I should be into it, but alas, I'm not.
11) Raluka - The verses feel pretty sleepy to me, but it picks up in a major way. Like it.
12) CATALI - I feel like this about a majority of the songs this week: it's fine/an easy listen/probably something I wouldn't come back to outside of the contest.
13) Tyron Hapi - Pleasant, but feel like I've heard this so many times before.
14) Sam DeRosa - Sounds like a majority of songs that I'd come across on New Music Friday playlists that are totally inoffensive but lack any sort of punch. There's a lot of really inoffensive pop this week and this falls right in with that.
15) Bianca - Finally something that sounds dark, an immediate upgrade to the past few songs. Stands out next  to all of the pleasant/EDM pop songs in this contest. Wish it went a little harder, but again, it was always going to score highly for me in this contest.
16) 5 Seconds of Summer - One of the better acts you'll hear on the radio these days, and they came out of nowhere for me as a group I never thought I'd be into. This chorus is bomb.
17) SJUR - More pop, but a bit more groovy than the rest of what I've heard thus far. A bit repetitive, but I like it.
18) Sabrina Claudio - Subtle and sexy. It stands out in that way.
19) Building Giants - Not my thing, and even if it was, I still feel like this wouldn't stand out for me.
20) Angie Rose - OKAY, ANGIE ROSE. This really woke me up despite the fact that the contest has kinda picked up for me.
21) BRIANNA - Yeah, I've heard this one before. Never went back to it, but it's fine.
22) Neoni - Thank goodness, another dark sounding one. Sounds like it would be on a soundtrack.
23) Miley Cyrus - Kinda pleasant, but mostly boring. ASHLEY IS BETTER.
24) XYLØ - Falls in line with my views on a lot of what I've heard in this contest. Inoffensive pop music (albeit a bit more indie) without much punchiness to it for me. It's FINE.
167 days 1 hour ago
01) Emeli Sandé - is this like 26 submissions for her in TSC? I'm sure we're almost up to that point now aren't we? This was just really unimpressive for her, she's got much better in her discography and this pales in comparison.
02) Luca Hänni - Figured he'd show up here, I agree with what Patrick said earlier in the TSC chat, it's good but it's not as good as Mikolas Josef's first debut single was and they're essentially filling the same mold. It's aight.
03) John Newman - ft. Nina Nesbitt is always a good sign in TSC. This literally sounded like a song Imagine Dragons refused to record so they just gave it to John Newman LMAO. Nina doesn't really add much to this song? She's super faint and it's a shame. That said, I don't hate this. It's pretty solid actually.
04) HRVY - This has been done many times before but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't into this lmfao. It was a mix of something Austin Mahone would do and Aloha by Mome, both things I'm very fond of so gj!
05) Öed - Figured we had gotten too much decent pop songs so we needed something like this to remind us that we are in fact listening to TSC.
06) Jax Jones - Jax Jones really hasn't done a lot wrong for me in his career so far and yeah this was pretty good too! glad to see Ella is still trying to make music and it's somewhat succeeding!
07) Diana Vickers - I literally thought this came out in like 2007 because the sound is sooooooo dated like holy fuck. The whole thing wasn't bad but it's kinda hard to take this seriously so... :/
08) Stray Kids - what the fuck? this was all over the damn place but I was weirdly into it? It's gonna be hard for male kpop to get points for me (as always) but it's a solid effort, we'll see how I feel about this by the end of the contest.
09) RuPaul - gurl what. setting aside the fact that it is RuPaul and we've all been subjected to this song before, you probably picked the worst RuPaul song too? Like you could have went a whole lot more troll about it or you could have actually sent a decent one but this one just SUCKS.
10) Petite Meller - Ian warned me this would be some edgelord nonsense before it started but I didn't believe him for the first 30 seconds and then she started singing and I got ANGRY.
11) Raluka - I feel very secure in predicting this song to get anywhere between 8th-10th with about 75-80 points. Anything more it's overrated, anything less it's underrated.
12) CATALI - Damn this is a pretty solid week, this isn't the usual stuff I go for but I really liked both her voice and the instrumental although I'm not certain they go together? Idk I still liked it.
13) Tyron Hapi - This was pretty chill! I didn't hate it. Also kind of helped that I've been falling asleep and it was like really mellow lmao. I don't really care for how repetitive it is though, that sucked. Besides that though, decent entry
14) Sam DeRosa - I legitimately fell asleep in the middle of this song earlier so like that’s not a great sign. I don’t care for this whatsoever, it’s not offensive but it’s not great either.
15) Bianca - I want to hate this because edgelord and all but like I actually really enjoyed this? The chorus was kinda disappointing but I liked the rest of it.
16) 5 Seconds of Summer - figured it was a matter of time before this was entered too. This is easily my least favorite 5SoS song I’ve heard. It’s not HORRIBLE but it really doesn’t grab me as much as the others have.
17) SJUR - Yeah I mean, ok whatever. Her voice is kinda annoying, the music is kinda annoying but it’s not annoying enough for me to like HATE it. Just blah.
18) Sabrina Claudio - who listened to this and thought: “oh yeah TSC is gonna LOVE this”
19) Building Giants - oh dear, sorry bibbles its a no from me.
20) Angie Rose - why am i so into this?????? i was getting massive Spice Girls vibes from this and idk why? Solid bop.
21) BRIANNA - yeah this didn’t do nothin’ for me. the beat was weird and didn’t fit, her voice was rather weak, yeah no i dun like it.
22) Neoni - I was kinda interested to see where this was gonna go and then the chorus hit me and I was actually sold! Yeah this is solid.
23) Miley Cyrus - #IStandWithAshleyO. I didn’t like this, at all.
24) XYLØ - it’s a bit sickly sweet for my taste. Decent pop females have done better in this very contest so it’s gonna struggle for me honestly. Just kinda a disappointing finish all around.
167 days 1 hour ago
01) Emeli Sandé - every time I hear a newer song from her it sounds completely different than the rest and at this point she just confuses me as an artist This is fine.
02) Luca Hänni - brave and edgy pick just like the one above. I like this but it seems like it has the same formula as She Got Me but not as good
03) John Newman - the chorus is great but I can't tell if I like the odd screaming that comes after
04) HRVY - foreign language week was last week, what the fuck was he saying
05) Öed - read comment above, this was annoying
06) Jax Jones - we stan Ella Henderson, she's done much better of course especially considering the backing beat of this song is SO basic and we've heard it a million times but I enjoyed it
07) Diana Vickers - I took a look at the song title and said I better stan it. I have more thoughts about he video than the song itself so that's not a good sign
08) Stray Kids - no
09) RuPaul - why though? Lmao still a slight bop
10) Petite Meller - see #8 but make it all capitalized
11) Raluka - this sounds like every other song I hear that does well in TSC despite me thinking it's purely average
12) CATALI - well this is fun, it's prob winning but I won't be mad about that
13) Tyron Hapi - glad the song went somewhere because it besides that was real boring
14) Sam DeRosa - the chorus/beat drop was a let down and ended so quickly it kinda made the song more of a snooze
15) Bianca - wow this girl thinks she's a real tough chick! I actually really liked the song though but honestly the personality this girl exudes in this song (mostly from the lyrics) is pretty annoying and will bring it down for me probably
16) 5 Seconds of Summer - oh this is kind of a bop, helps that it doesn't sound like 5SOS at all LMAO
17) SJUR - boring chorus and it takes it to some weird dissonant place, I'm not a fan of it
18) Sabrina Claudio - this got old quickly
19) Building Giants - bibbles not this week sorry
20) Angie Rose - oh this is a BOP. The verses aren't for me but the chorus helps it a lot
21) BRIANNA - wow this song just got right into the chorus didn't it, it's ok I'll pass it's kinda lame
22) Neoni - very boring verses and the chorus just didn't make me care about it at all sadly
23) Miley Cyrus - idk why she released this I only liked 2 eras of her music and they are years and years away from this
24) XYLØ - glad this good contest ends with a proper slight bop. I'm just trying to figur out if I would still like it if I listened to it earlier in the contest
167 days ago
01) Emeli Sande - There's no denying she's talented but her songs are so hit or miss for me. This was a lil' too churchy for me.
02) Luca Hanni - Unsubscribe. This isn't even a good song by him. Let's really THINK before submitting anything from a Eurovision artist.
03) John Newman - I didn't mind this. Kind of seems like something I'd listen to on my own.
04) HRVY - This song is the mumble rap of the pop music universe I swear.
05) Oed - I don't know if girls with flower crowns appear more or girls in bathtubs. This was an utter atrocity.
06) Jax Jones - I feel like this is the weakest of the recent Jax Jones releases but I like it nonetheless.
07) Diana Vickers - This was very unimpactful either way.
08) Stray Kids - What in the unholy hell? Keep it.
09) RuPaul - LMAO I like this RuPaul song way more than I should, it's too funny to me.
10) Petite Meller - Yeah it's gonna be a no from me dog. Who listens to this nonsense?
11) Raluka - I thought this had winner potential at the beginning but now I feel like it's destined for 7th or 8th.
12) CATALI - I feel like this was a decent song that I'm going to forget about.
13) Tyron Hapi - I'm hearing a lot of complaining about electronic pop females lately but I still stan.
14) Sam DeRosa - Literally forgot that this was even playing.
15) Bianca - She's not like the other girls. Fucking edgelord. Bye.
16) 5 Seconds of Summer - I gotta say I've liked what they've been doing lately. This is good.
17) SJUR - I don't think this will fair much better for poor Caitlyn Scarlett.
18) Sabrina Claudio - WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS?!? This was definitely missing a girl in a bathtub.
19) Building Giants - I was guessing bibbles before this even started and I gotta say I still think it is.
20) Angie Rose - I wanted this to do something for me because it seemed like a fun song but its really just bleh.
22) Neoni - Annoyed that I had to go to another tab, PATRICK. I'm glad that the chorus went somewhere because I was worried for a second.
23) Miley Cyrus - Someone was recently yelling at me for putting Mother's Daughter on my countdown but not this, but this is inferior.
24) XYLO - I guess this was a fine way to end the contest but the video made me wanna vomit.
166 days 8 hours ago
1) Emeli Sande – With her voice, she should either be doing really uptempo stuff, or sombre ballads. This is neither and is just dull.

2) Luca Hänni – What the hell is this shite? I knew I’d have to listen to plenty of stuff I would find abhorrent, however I was hoping to last more than 2 songs. Autotuned vocals, vacuous lyrics, music created by a scientist. Make it stop.

3)John Newman/Nina Nesbitt – I like both their voices. It’s toetapping-worthy, but I feel like vocal talent that strong would be better suited to something a little less generic musically. But it’s OK.

4)HRVY – I was really expecting to hate this, and I don’t. Very catchy. Still a little generic musically, but the vocal line is a little bit syncopated which is neat. I couldn’t listen to an album of it, but I think I’d give that track a 2nd listen.

5) Öed – Someone’s trolling surely. Tell me that nobody actually likes this unironically… I refuse to believe that anyone can seriously think this is anything other than a bad trip dressed in 90s clothing.

6) Jax Jones – It has taken me 45 seconds to decide that this might be even more offensive to my ears than Öed and Luca… It manages to use the least interesting tones of Ella’s voice and set it over a beat my producer ex was using in 2008. I might go and scratch my nails down a blackboard to take away the pain and make a better sound.

7) Diana Vickers – Diana Vickers, clearly being sponsored by DJ Sammy or something. It was just her usual bland vocal, accompanied with mid 2000s dancepop backing. Have you all just run out of songs to share, or just have terrible taste?

8) Stray Kids – Oddly, I don’t hate it. But I think it’s because I’m so confused by it that I don’t have time to. I don’t think I’d ever listen to it again outside this context, but it’s nowhere near the worst I’ve had to hear.

9) Ru Paul – Give me one shot… one shot… and I’d be torn between firing at whoever chose this, Ru Paul, or myself. I can’t believe there’s another 3 minutes of this crap to go…

10) Petite Meller – I think this would be what would happen if you challenged a hipster with a brain injury to come up with a brand new nursery rhyme. I’m not even going to be able to find 10 songs that don’t offend me at this rate…

11) Raluka – Whilst I’d still like a few tracks that don’t have the same dumpf-dumpf-dumpf drum beat, this is at least palatable. It isn’t great, but if the Diana Vickers track was for 15 year olds, this is at least for people of drinking age.

12) CATALI – OK, so I object to the sudden autotuning of her voice in the chorus when she’s clearly capable of reaching the notes herself. But otherwise this isn’t bad at all actually. I might listen to it again of my own free will. Might. WTF is with the video though?

13) Tyron Hapi – I would quite like this if the chorus didn’t happen… cos the chorus is repetitive and really boring and generic compared with the verses and the codas. Given how much I dislike several things though, it might get points? I dunno.

14) Sam DeRosa – So the song started… and then it carried on down a similar path… and then it stayed on that path… and then it was done. What a wasted 3 and a half minutes.

15) Bianca – I’m so torn on this… I think I really like it? But I’m also uncomfortable with really liking it given the subject matter… I’m hoping that’s the point… but I feel like it could go the other way… I’m going to try and judge it just as a song though…

16) 5 Seconds of Summer – This feels like a poor tribute to some Fall Out Boy tracks from about 6 or 7 years ago. Like, it’s OK. But I just think how much I’d rather listen to “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark”. Also, the bit before the chorus which suddenly gets higher reminds me of Gotye, and I’ve no idea why…

17) SJUR – This one actually made me smile to begin with, it’s quite well sung, there’s a bit of a North African/Middle-Eastern influence which is cool. My only issue with it is that it doesn’t really go anywhere. Like I like songs that actually have some journey.

18) Sabrina Claudio – It takes some skill to be so boring that I zone out in the space of a 3 minute music video. But that really was a load of bollocks. It’s just a dirge. I’d be more inclined to show some movement to a funeral procession.

19) Building Giants – Me: Oooh, some people with instruments! This might be more my thing

Also me: Of ALL the rock songs. Of all the unsigned or unrecognised artists out there… someone chose that.

20) Angie Rose – The music, by the end of the song, is actually pretty good. But there are some fucking horrible rhymes in there, and generally aimless lyrics. I’d like it considerably more as an instrumental…

21) BRIANNA – She doesn’t have a bad voice, which makes it all the more frustrating that the song doesn’t really showcase it. Also songwriters, please, repeating the same line with lots of “OOH NA NA”s in between does not constitute good work. And why does it sound like there are various babies speaking after the choruses. Bizarre.

22) Neoni – FINALLY! Something I will be definitely listening to after this process. It’s moody, it’s musically interesting, it’s relevant. It’s just really really cool. It sounds like a Bond theme tune.

23) Miley Cyrus – It’s not that I have anything against Miley, she’s done some good stuff. But if you’re a globally recognise artist, I hold you to a higher standard than lesser-known acts and this is deeply unimaginative and uninspiring. It sounds like you want to be on a chillout album circa 2003.

24) XYLØ – I mean it’s VERY bubblegum… but I quite like it… it’s just… catchy and inoffensive. I think it helps that it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek judging by the video. Whereas some of the other more hollow tracks have looked like they’re trying to be taken seriously.
164 days 7 hours ago
01) Emeli Sandé – its miss nasally! Very bland!
02) Luca Hänni – not my sort of thing, a bit annoying.
03) John Newman – I don’t mind john newman, he doesn’t need nina!
04) HRVY – 3 male singers on the trot! Whats going on!! Its okay.
05) Öed – this feels like a one trick pony! Its very samey!
06) Jax Jones its okay, a bit clubby!! Shes a bit nasally!
07) Diana Vickers – not a fan, it’s a bit wallpaper!
08) Stray Kids – Kpop. Boy kpop!! My inner Asian loves this!!
09) RuPaul – sooooooooo repetitive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10) Petite Meller – very monotonous!! Nice when it stopped!
11) Raluka – why are women so nasally these days!! They don’t sing from the bottom of their lungs they sing from the throat or through their noses!
12) CATALI – at least shes singing okay! Is she going to swear? She managed not to! It grew on me!
13) Tyron Hapi – a bit whispery, oh she swore!
14) Sam DeRosa – this sounds very very familiar, its okay, a bit drippy in places.
15) Bianca – ive been to Stockholm, as capitals go, I prefer oslo!! Its bit choppy and bitty, its okay.
16) 5 Seconds of Summer – mini bibs saw 5SOS when she was a teen!! Ive heard this before, not sure where!! Remember that high pitched teeth bit!
17) SJUR – bit of this I quite liked! It’s a bit odd but it was okay.
18) Sabrina Claudio – oh my god, just singing it!! Its so whispery and watery! Its grating!
19) Building Giants – finally, a song everyone can give their 12 to!!
20) Angie Rose – nope! Knew after the first 2 seconds!
21) BRIANNA – it was okay, held my interest, momentarily!
22) Neoni – bit of a dirge. Getting a bit better, its okay.
23) Miley Cyrus – not a fan!
24) XYLØ – its like bubblegum!
163 days 23 hours ago
1. I prefer this to "sparrow". Fun upbeat song from her
2. I liked his Eurovision song but this feels very monotone with no punch to it
3. Very radio friendly but doesn't leave much of a lasting impact
4. He sings a bit too fast, I can't really understand what he's saying
5. What an annoying experience!
6. I like his song with Years & Years. This is weaker in comparison but still a nice listen
7. Not her best but it's still a nice pop song and I like her voice
8. Cool dancing, shame the song is a bad mess
9. First heard this from Naomi Vs Gia and kind of became obsessed
10. I don't hate it but I think it will be a one time listen
11. I like the beat drop. Definitely a fun song
12. Nice voice it really carries the song along
13. Generic and doesn't bring anything new
14. Filler! Completely forgetable
15. She looks a bit like Silvia Night! I like the dark feel to this
16. Sounds a bit like Fall Out Boy. Definitely different from what I've heard from them
17. Quite catchy and a slight toe tapper but I feel like it needs longer to make a bigger impact
18. I can see what this was going for but it felt a bit flat and one note
19. I really like this. Very nice rock tune
20. It got very repetitive near the end. Not for me I think
21. I feel as though I've heard songs like this numerous times. Doesn't really do anything for me
22. Had to listen on Spotify because link didn't work. Sad times. This song was really cool though so don't mind the extra hassle
23. I love Miley and I love this song! So good!
24. Sounds like if Charli XCX tried to do a Melanie Martinez type song. I quite like it
163 days 16 hours ago
01) Emeli Sandé : Definitely a better song than her last. I don’t want to judge her as a mainstream artist since I feel she’s more of a one hit/album wonder (even tho Long Live The Angels is probably one of the best albums of the decade, “garden” is a fucking amazing song). In fact, this is a total let down from LLTA, while still being good. But expectation wasn’t met.

02) Luca Hänni : I liked this. Like, it wasn’t groundbreaking but very enjoyable until the very end which is always a good sign.

03) John Newman : He never lets down. I loved this even tho she ruins this like, for good.

04) HRVY : Even tho male voices tend to make me enjoy even the basicest of songs, this didn’t do it for me at all.

05) Öed : Even tho thsi wasn’t HEAVY on auto tune this is still trap. I am on a crusade to weed it out of this world. Come join us in the light.

06) Jax Jones : Oh Jax you’re so talented, now... can you make another song? Like literally this is his nth song that sounds the same. Like, he makes it good. But, can you make another one now please?

07) Diana Vickers : You’re a fool if you think she has other good songs other than “My wicked heart” and “Once”. This was a grows back I didn’t need. Or asked for.

08) Stray Kids : I hate when the crescendo leads to the drop without an actual chorus. This saved itself by being a little more badass than usual. But other than that, meh.

09) RuPaul : OMG is this the original version? Like this was so bad 🤣 I mean... I was in love with the Bitch Perfect version. This one was a mess.

10) Petite Meller : I wanted to like this. But the chorus really annoys me.

11) Raluka : The drop was bad. The key was wrong. This was a poor editing choice.

12) CATALI : Ok but seriously. The song needed to be at least one key higher. Maybe two. This was boring. Probably with a  higher/more scratchy pitch it could have been better.

13) Tyron Hapi : Is this a no copyright song? This was nice.

14) Sam DeRosa : I am sorry but nothing of this appealed me.

15) Bianca : Stunning. Absolutely beautiful. Loved it.

16) 5 Seconds of Summer : Fuck fuck fuck how didn’t I heard of this before? Fucking best song of the year. And I loved even Easier. But this one is just wow.

17) SJUR : And we are back to annoying songs.

18) Sabrina Claudio : Oh Please. Nononono. I am sorry I was bored form beginning  to end. Like seriously this whispering girls just put me to sleep.

19) Building Giants : This was amazingly good as well. This week is gonna be hard to score. I am in love as well.

20) Angie Rose : Stop with all this good songs in a row! What am I gonna do now? This slayed me as well!

21) BRIANNA : OMG this was nice as well, probably a little weaker than the last few ones, but overall nice. Wasn’t a big fan of the drop tho.

22) Neoni : I am fucked. Like this was good as well. Now please someone send me 10000$ on PayPal for my 12 since I can’t decide.

23) Miley Cyrus : Ok but like she’s a MAJOR mainstream artist. If this didn’t chart there is a reason. And the reason is this sucks. And I don’t ever say this. But I say because not only it is probably her worst song to date (yes counting “and her dead petz” as well) but because she is profiting out of a divorce of a 3 months marriage. Like, I don’t feel bad for you bitch.

24) XYLØ : Basic.
163 days 6 hours ago
01) Emeli Sandé – Even her medicore stuff is better than most songs in TSC. This is good I would be surprised if this doesn’t stay in my top 10. That chorus is anthemic.

02) Luca Hänni – Isn’t it funny how songs shape a generation of other songs, like this is a mix of despacito and lean on. Yeah it’s not unpleasant, nothing extraordinary by any stretch of the imagination.

03) John Newmanwhatever happened to the punchy John Newman. Nina saves it, but not by much. Nina sounds really good here. Pity about John….

04) HRVY – Simple pop. Kind of passed me by tbh, it was pleasant I suppose!

05) Öed – Estonian queens. :p I’ve never really liked this song tbh, but this was massive in Estonia…not sure why tbh. ;p

06) Jax Jones – ‘breathe’ is stunning….this is good, it’s a lot more safe. Good vocals though. 😊

07) Diana Vickers – Early Taylor Swift vibes for sure…this is ok…I mean I can’t imagine anyone disliking this because it’s so safe.

08) Stray Kids – Do bands of these size (assuming there all in this band) actually make money as individuals? Like do they have enough to buy a mcflurry? They kept screaming ‘my head hurts’….mine too huns mine too

09) RuPaul – One of my favourite RUPAUL songs for sure! Pretty stunning actually…I can’t believe I may have to 12 RuPaul on a song that I have heard hundreds of times before haha :p

10) Petite Meller – she always produces interesting music…it reminds me of santigold’s stuff from a few years ago. Yeah this is really good for me. :D

11) Raluka – I like this as well actually. Good vocals, the beats were not too obnoxious….No complaints really

12) CATALI – This was another good one. I really liked her vocal. Very enjoyable tbh. :)

13) Tyron Hapi – Yawn at the basic swearing…unneeded in this song let’s be honest. What can I say, I have heard this song hundred of times over the years in TSC. That drop was puke worthy.

14) Sam DeRosa – Nothing super original here too, but I like her vocal and the song itself is pretty fine. Yeah solid and good, just wished there was slightly more punch. But mehhhh

15) Bianca – Stunning vocal. Oh wow…stunning vocal…really interesting concept…Stockholnm as is Stickholm syndrome? Very interesting…I feel like Brave will get his life to this. It’s probably his entry.

16) 5 Seconds of Summer – This is interesting….I actually really enjoyed this? It’s a mess, but oh wow…I really like a 5sos song…oh my god, Rick is going to disown me.

17) SJUR – Loveeee the vocal…oh my goddddd…..really interesting, love the orient beats….yassss wish this was longer than 2:35, cos it needs to be longer so I can fully get my life! Lost in  Istanbul is coming up soon (I know what song it is by just seeing the name BRIANNA :P) and this is going to blow it out of the park for me. Stunning.

18) Sabrina Claudio – not for me, just couldn’t get into the vocal or the beats…annoying beats actually. No…sorry.

19) Building Giants –Imagining Bibbles getting her her life to this is literally the only thing that gets me through this mess.

20) Angie Rose – I heard this and I wanted to enter it…but couldn’t support the message of ‘fighting like a man’….it’s 2019 and we don’t need these stereotypes anymore. Ok personal politics aside it’s a good song. :)

21) BRIANNA – Now don’t get me wrong by the SJUR comment, I still really like this and I have thought for months about entering this, but it’s just so basic, that chorus is catchy, but just so basic…it’s a guilty pleasure though.

22) Neoni – I swear to god if this wins and I entered their far superior song that got shat on :p It’s good, I like their stuff. It sounds like a Halloween song haha. I had to listen to supernova again to remind me what they are capable of. Disappoiting. The chorus does go off slightly though haha.

23) Miley Cyrus – Finally someone entering her brilliant modern stuff. I loved this when I heard it on the radio this week and I love it here. Stunning.

24) XYLØ – I hated the drop….the rest was ok :p A decent closer. :)
163 days 5 hours ago
01) Emeli Sandé - TOOT - Yeah, one of her more solids recent attempts, quite fun and a good voice. I like it for her.

02) Luca Hänni - BOOT - I wanted to like this but i just didn't.

03) John Newman - TOOT - Eh, both can do better but still a fairly solid attempt.

04) HRVY - TOOT - A honest to God bop, also fuck me, kthx.

05) Öed - BOOT - An ear infection but personified.

06) Jax Jones - TOOT - I truly again feel both can do better, its not as fun as Jax's stuff usually are and Ella also has a much stronger discography but as an overall product, it's great.

07) Diana Vickers - BOOT - I love her but no honey, no way.

08) Stray Kids - BOOT - This doesn't appeal to me in anyway whatsoever.

09) RuPaul - TOOT - I mean, it's fine for a RuPaul song, like its solid, but there's so many better ones and also worse if you were going for terrible. Choices.

10) Petite Meller - TOOT - A hot mess, but something endearing, like I feel like this is a grower, not a shower.

11) Raluka - BOOT - Holy generic mess.

12) CATALI - TOOT - Well I mean, i enabled this put it that way. A very solid song, you're welcome.

13) Tyron Hapi - BOOT - Like this is the sort of the song where I just think...who is going to love this?

14) Sam DeRosa - BOOT - God, this was so fucking boring.

15) Bianca - TOOT - Reeked of edgelord which prevented me loving it, but i at the same time liked some of the edginess while still being a little fun.

16) 5 Seconds of Summer - TOOT - They have no business making music this fucking good and cool, i really am shook.

17) SJUR - BOOT - I'll be surprised if i'm thinking about this boring mess after the contest.

18) Sabrina Claudio - BOOT - Okay, I'm getting tired.

19) Building Giants - BOOT - My least favourite song of the contest so far.

20) Angie Rose - TOOT - Honestly an icon, i didn't love the song but it kinda was slaying my pussy a little.

21) BRIANNA - BOOT - Oh your taste is definitely lost.

22) Neoni - BOOT - All the songs are beginning to sound the same. I also want to take this moment to say I want Patrick319 to die.

23) Miley Cyrus - TOOT - A solid song but so far from her best it's funny.

24) XYLØ - BOOT - Again, this was boring and I have no desire to revisit anything about it.
162 days 18 hours ago
1. Emeli Sande - Was considering using this. Definitely one of her best recent songs, great anthemic chorus really lifts this up.
2. Luca Hanni - This is basically what "She Got Me" would have sounded like without the songwriting. Quite bad.
3. John Newman - Another one from my waiting list. It's definitely not the best thing either John or Nina were involved, but nevertheless this was quite solid overall.
4. HRVY - Badly executed tropical house along with some Melovin-esque enunciation on his part. Definitely could have been much better.
5. Oed - What in the goddamn fuck? Absolutely not for me.
6. Jax Jones - Been awhile since we last heard from Ella H. It is a pretty standard Jax Jones production, but I do feel like the vocal input really elevates the song. Good pick.
7. Diana Vickers - Well, some TSCers are trying to make her happen, but they are definitely not gonna succeed with a song like this.
8. Stray Kids - This song goes absolutely berserk. Usually not a fan of messy productions, especially in k-pop boy grounds, but this REALLY works here. The extreme production parts remind me of "Pong" by Eisenfunk.
9. RuPaul - I don't really enjoy most of RuPaul's discography, and this one is definitely at the bottom of the barrel.
10. Petite Meller - This is an extremely frustrating listen to say the least. She has much better than this, I feel like this sort of production really doesn't work for her.
11. Raluka - A rather generic dance song, though it does what it's supposed to do quite well. Nothing truly outstanding about this, but it's good enough.
12. CATALI - Nothing particularly great about this, it's alright which may be sufficient to get into my top 10 this week.
13. Tyron Hapi - The moment she started singing I pretty much knew how the whole song would go. Not terribly by any means, but this sort of a thing has been done much better in the past.
14. Sam DeRosa - I came across this when I was looking for entries. Pretty dull if I am honest with you.
15. Bianca - It's been awhile since we had a good song. She sounds borderline annoying, but the tune really makes up for that.
16. 5 Seconds of Summer - Never really enjoyed their music, but this song is an absolute banger. Nothing to be ashamed of, Peter.
17. SJUR - Yeah, a major letdown compared to the previous two songs. The chorus sounds really weird in the context of the verses.
18. Sabrina Claudio - I am really not a fan of this electropop production that appears in almost every mainstream release these days. I can tell what sort of a sound she was going for, but it ultimately does not achieve its own goal.
19. Building Giants - A bit too rough of a sound for me to enjoy, though I can actually see more people than usual go for this sort of a thing.
20. Angie Rose - It's a mess, but it's a very-well executed trainwreck. The chorus could have had more edge to it, but this is definitely one of the better entries this week.
21. BRIANNA - How many times do I have to listen to this? It's not bad by any means, I actually think it's pretty good, but I have become WAY TOO OVEREXPOSED to this.
22. Neoni - Verses felt rather lacklustre, fortunately the chorus delivered. Solid pick, like the dark feel to it.
23. Miley Cyrus - Yeah, this was quite boring. "Mother's Daughter" is much better than this.
24. XYLO - Pretty unremarkable finish to this rather up-and-down contest.

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