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79 days 13 hours ago
Felix is hosting next week but I'll be sending out mailers. They will be sent out at the top of the hour.

If you didn't know already, next week is a theme week (LGBT) and there is a thread with everything you need to know. Otherwise, the eligibility criteria will be in the mailer.
79 days 13 hours ago

Honestly have been contemplating sending that song for a while!
79 days 13 hours ago
Correction: My highest was 6th

Was still sweet to be in 4th this round!
79 days 12 hours ago
thanks for hosting alexeh, brilliant as always
79 days 12 hours ago
I agree thanks for hosting alexxxxx
79 days 11 hours ago
13th, is an ok place but I expected some more.

Thank u so much for your points ^^

Congrats Félix, amazing winner!!! Glad to be the last one to give my 12 to the winner <3

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