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395 days 5 hours ago
395 days 5 hours ago
I have a lot of work to catch-up so it's time for a wall of videos :)
395 days 5 hours ago
Tonight's Running Order
01) CuckooLander
02) King Princess
03) Years and Years
04) Cupcakke
05) Mars Argo
06) Florence + The Machine
07) Zak Abel
08) Walk the Moon
09) Charlotte
10) Era Istrefi
11) Lady Leshurr
12) Sayuri
13) Serebro
14) Vera Blue
15) IGIT
16) Bleachers
17) SVE
18) Aurora
19) Grace Carter
20) Sam Tinnesz
21) Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
22) Shinedown
23) Darin
395 days 5 hours ago
01) CuckooLander - 'Mercury'

02) King Princess  - 'Talia'

03) Years and Years  - 'Sanctify'
395 days 5 hours ago
04) Cupcakke - 'Crayons'

05) Mars Argo - 'Using You'

06) Florence + The Machine - 'Hunger'
395 days 5 hours ago
07) Zak Abel - 'Love Song'

08) Walk the Moon - 'Kamikaze'

09) Charlotte - 'Fuis'
395 days 5 hours ago
10) Era Istrefi - 'Origami (feat. DJ Maphorisa)'

11) Lady Leshurr - 'Queen's Speech Ep. 5'

12) Sayuri - 'Anonymous'

Alt Link for US: http://www.jpopasia.com/sayuri/videos/61565/anonymous-%E3%82%A2%E3%83%8E%E3%83%8B%E3%83%9E%E3%82%B9/
395 days 5 hours ago
13) Serebro - 'Gun'

14) Vera Blue - 'Lady Powers (feat. Kodie Shane)'

15) IGIT - 'Joie'
395 days 5 hours ago
16) Bleachers - 'Wild Heart'

17) SVE  - 'Paint a Picture'

18) Aurora - 'Queendom'
395 days 5 hours ago
19) Grace Carter - 'Saving Grace'

20) Sam Tinnesz - 'Wolves (feat. Silverburg)'

21) Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - 'Speak to a Girl'
395 days 5 hours ago
22) Shinedown - 'The Human Radio'

23) Darin - 'Tvillingen'
395 days 5 hours ago
All 23 songs have been posted.

Make sure you listen to all of the songs, post your comments and then send your votes to me!

Please give 12 10 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 to your ten favourite songs. If you don't know how to vote, please PM me.

The live results show will be on Sunday at 2 PM EST/7 PM BST

Good luck all!
395 days 3 hours ago
I saw that Florence song in a screenshot in Husein’s Snapchat story the other day.

You ain’t slick
395 days 2 hours ago
That's not my entry. Someone is framing me.
394 days 23 hours ago
01) CuckooLander : This is such a nice opener! Her voice isn't perfect but it fits the song well, I wished it progressed more after the first chorus but overall I quite like it.
02) King Princess :  I love the mood this song and her voice successfully bring, not the most original sound but it's good for what it is.
03) Years and Years : Didn't they have an official mv for this? This is a pretty different direction from their old stuff and to be quite honest I hate it, not the song, because it's good, it just doesn't have the brilliance they somehow always had in their previous releases.
04) Cupcakke : Solid production, still that annoying vocal, it's not bad overall but won't listen again.
05) Mars Argo : This is weird but it's not that weird like the music is kind of trying their best for the song to sound as normal as possible, it's a pretty confusing but cute song.
06) Florence + The Machine : It sounds like an unfinished product for me, good beat though and her voice still shines as always, still waiting for her to come back to her glory.
07) Zak Abel : Have overplayed this tbh but still it's my favorite so far, his voice is uniquely wonderful, loves his awkward moves in the mv.
08) Walk the Moon : Oh this is a little more rock-ish from their usual stuff, I love it, it's a cool song with great energy.
09) Charlotte : Great haunting beat, I'm loving how she isn't screaming or showing off her vocal unnecessarily, it's already so pretty.
10) Era Istrefi : Nothing really new here but it's still enjoyable, production is on point.
11) Lady Leshurr : Loves her <3 she's like my guilty pleasure for this style, this is good, not sure how others would rank it but I stan!
12) Sayuri : Sounds like an anime soundtrack, which I'm almost always living for, love it!
13) Serebro : Sounds a little dated but not bad.
14) Vera Blue : Cool beat, good progression, her voice is pretty basic but it works so well with the production, very good song tbh! O wait the other girl ruins the song a bit, overall still good.
15) IGIT : French songs never fail to deliver tbh, beside the meh drop this is pretty lit.
16) Bleachers : FUN. is still better but this is a pleasant surprise, sweet song with epic music, pretty good!
17) SVE : Again another basic vocal that works so well with the production, the song's a bit all over the place but nonetheless it's a nice pop track with good amount of energy.
18) Aurora : I've never been a big fan of her tbh but I'm loving this. It's a little quirky but cool and pretty at the same time.
19) Grace Carter : The song is a little meh at parts and gets repetitive, but her voice is really good.
20) Sam Tinnesz : Basic rock song but the production in this is really good, I think the vocal needs a bit more soul for me to really feel the song though, not bad.
21) Tim McGraw & Faith Hill : I really had high hopes for this, esp because of the big names, as much as I love country this is a little dull tbh, still not bad, just expected a lot more.
22) Shinedown : Verses are quite good, the chorus is a bit too shouty but it's still tolerable, not bad overall.
23) Darin : I think the language helps disguising the cheesiness of the song, despite that it's a really enjoyable song.
394 days 22 hours ago
01) CuckooLander - Not in love with the verses on first listen, but definitely into the chorus and the overall feel of it. It's a solid opener.
02) King Princess - Think it's trying to come off as sexy, but it's really not doing THAT for me. It's not a bad listen, though.
03) Years and Years - Love me some Years & Years. <3 Wish the video was here, but get why it's not. Not their best, but still quite good.
04) Cupcakke - CupcakKe writing two gay anthems that have now been posted in TSC. It's not for everyone, but it certainly fucking is for me.
05) Mars Argo - Make it stop.
06) Florence + The Machine - I think I've eventually started to feel like I'm more on the side of appreciating Florence more than I actually like the majority of the work. I stomp it out during the chorus, but not too keen on the verses.
07) Zak Abel - Oop, didn't know he was eligible yet. I would have likely submitted it because I'm rather predictable when it comes to my Zak Abel.
08) Walk the Moon - Was hoping the chorus would really get me invested in this, but alas, it didn't.
09) Charlotte - Pleasant. Really nothing else to say other than that.
10) Era Istrefi - Era serving it up as per usual.
11) Lady Leshurr - Some of her bars are kinda cringey lyrically, but she's so invested in it that I can't help but be invested as well. I REMEMBER HER FROM THAT UNDERRATED VINCE KIDD BOP, BTW.
12) Sayuri - This 15 second ad on the alternate site link better be worth this. Oh dear lawd, it was not.
13) Serebro - I just want to know what version of Serebro this is. Hard to keep up. Put in work, girls.
14) Vera Blue - I had this on my list, as it really caught my attention on first listen. Each time that I've re-listened to it while going through my list, it's had slightly less charm.
15) IGIT - The instrumental is fine, but didn't completely grab me. The rest is a bit whelming. It could grow over time, but for a single listen, it's pretty meh.
16) Bleachers - Not for me. Obligatory. Weekly. My buzz words.
17) SVE - While I did end up liking it, I feel like it had a lot more promise than what it delivered.
18) Aurora - Very surprisingly not feeling this right now.
19) Grace Carter - Beaut voice. Really pretty overall. I enjoyed it.
20) Sam Tinnesz - I lowkey kinda fuck with this. Nice toe tapper.
21) Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - I'm good, but congrats on Tolis's 12 points if this isn't him. Or CupcakKe? Screw it, just know that if this isn't Tolis, it's getting points from him.
22) Shinedown - It's definitely not my typical thing, but it wasn't bad for what it was.
23) Darin - V GOOD CLOSER.

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