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472 days 10 hours ago
01) The Sam Willows - It's grown on me since I finished doing my lists. It's a nice toe tapper.
02) Judah & The Lion - I think the first time it was entered I said that I felt like it was in an advertisement because I had definitely heard it before. Going over my potential entry lists, I had actually had it in there, LOL. I originally put this on the shortlist for my best of list despite not giving it points the first time around, but ended up cutting it off after a few listens. THAT SAID, I actually quite like it for a standalone listen and it grabs my attention.
03) Marina & The Diamonds - It's fine. I gave it a point in its original contest, but I gave Jade Vella *insert pic here* 3 points, so what does THAT say about this?
04) Sarah Geronimo - I think my original comment pretty much stands for this one: "I feel like it got inches away from catching my attention multiple times, but never quite got there."
05) Jolin Tsai - I hate sounding like a broken record, but my original comment pretty much stands on this one as well. I like the verses, but was expecting a banger of a chorus and it didn't deliver for me.
06) Patrice Roberts - Still have to be in a certain mood to fully get the most out of Soca entries. I'm halfway there at the moment.
07) Dagny - I absolutely adore both "Backbeat" and "Fool's Gold" so I'm still a bit disappointed that I haven't really been able to get into this up until this point. It's a smooth easy listen, but lacks any sort of punch. Still like it more than a handful of entries thus far though.
08) Wiktoria - Too modern. ;) I don't think I've listened to this since it was entered, despite being a fan of it during Melfest last year. I think I'm more of a fan of the idea of Wiktoria than the actual finished product of this song.
10) Off Bloom - I definitely overplayed it for a while during my rankings, but holy shit, being reunited with it FEELS SO GOOD. No regrets on putting this at the top of my list.

11) SIAMES - First song thus far that I have absolutely no recollection of, which is actually quite refreshing. I guess I was in a mood when I listened to this the first time, as I gave it an "obligatory weekly not for me comment." I think it stands out here. Not flashy, but enjoyable.
12) Brequette Cassie - Was in my top 100 entries of the year. It's so solid and one of the best things to come out of the Eurovision preseason of last year.
13) Molly Kate Kestner - Absolute shite.
14) Rhys - This is one that has slipped through getting points from me in its original contest AND making my shortlist for end of the year, but the end result is that I actually MOSTLY really enjoy it as a whole. My mistake!
15) FOZZY - New thread title: Bibbs Staying True To Herself & Picking Probably Her Favorite Entry Instead Of "Horns" Which Would Have Done Much Better Most Likely Appreciation Thread <3. Respect.
16) Loreen - I overplayed the ever-loving fuck out of this during Melfest times to the point where it ranked pretty lowly on my year end list as to where it SHOULD have ended up.
17) Javiera Mena - OMG IT'S TEPR. It's interesting, but still not really my cup of tea. Can always count on Tepr to send something outside of the box though, which I appreciate.
18) Azealia Banks - Yeah, I like an Azealia Banks bottom tier album filler. I'm predictable.
19) Red Velvet - A little too chilled out for my tastes as far as this genre is concerned.
20) Brooke Candy - I'm still unconvinced by Brooke's contributions to the song. Their voices still work together better than one would expect (or at least how -I- would expect). I feel like I should enjoy this more than I ultimately do.
21) Carly Rae Jepsen - You already know how I feel about this, so let me just say how happy I am that you sent the lyric video instead of the shitty official MV. <3
22) Unlike Pluto - Two back to back entries that made my top 10. Love this.
23) Skip Marley - Another one that ranked quite high on my list. GOOD RUN. GOOD PEPSI.
24) RAYE - *dramatically acts like I didn't read the running order before starting the contest* I was so worried that this semi would fall flat after the first half, but a bunch of my favorites popped up in the second half. Great run on great songs for me.
25) Kodaline - Not my usual cup of tea, but it's still so incredibly pleasant.
26) BANKS - Goddess.
471 days 17 hours ago
01) The Sam Willows – From the straight go I am full in the rhythm and that voice is so majestic to hear and I just want to hear it all over again
02) Judah & The Lion – I don’t practically enjoy the music which is quite annoying and putting it together with the vocalist just makes it worst
03) Marina & The Diamonds – This is a dance anthem on how I can’t help to move along when this is played and it is so god damn catchy to hear
04) Sarah Geronimo – She got a different voice from what I would usually hear and I actually like it and the only bad thing is the chaotic music noise
05) Jolin Tsai – I’m just not that invested in this with it being quite boring and repetitive in the music and the singer doesn’t make this any special
06) Patrice Roberts – Uh I wanted to enjoy this so much but it just doesn’t gel at all with the singing and music sound like it belongs in 2 separate songs even though it had potential
07) Dagny – Well this does have a good vibe during the chorus and it is built up well in the verses that I can say that I give it a thumbs up
08) Wiktoria – This singer has a really good voice that is shone hear and it deserves better than this song which wrecks her abilities and is generic
09) Bo Burnham – I am thinking of killing myself now I had to listen to this song again end remembering the awful memories and that melody is a big no no
10) Off Bloom – Another interesting choice and I must say that this one is addictive to the ears on loving that melody and her unique voice
11) SIAMES – The beat is the only good thing from this while the rest sounds like a mess and is not understandable to hear
12) Brequette Cassie – This is what you call a jam right here and this girl sure can sing and it is the perfect song and I am loving this
13) Molly Kate Kestner – The music sounds lovely and I do admire the singer very much but there seems to be something missing here to put it up a notch
14) Rhys – I’m waving my hands to the beat and this is a killer song on how it is fun to listen to and her voice is great but the only thing that bothers me is the chorus music static
15) FOZZY – All I can say from this that it is forgettable and having it as rock music just doesn’t do this song any favour so it is a dud
16) Loreen – This is a robbed masterpiece and it is incredible to hear and I love it so much that it is performed better as a live performance
17) Javiera Mena – Nothing is coming through for me and I don’t like those vocals which are too quiet for my taste and the music just stays the same throughout
18) Azealia Banks – It took it’s time going but after the 1 minute mark it is not bad to be honest and sometimes it sound like a headache so I’m having mixed thoughts here
19) Red Velvet – The intro was powerful and when it got going to the main verses it just keeps getting better and I admire all their vocals
20) Brooke Candy – It was going so well with the vocals being great as always but the music sounds like it self combusts on itself which is a downgrade
21) Carly Rae Jepsen – The music is here giving me life and making me want to dance along to this groove with her voice sounding bloody amazing
22) Unlike Pluto – I’m just not feeling it here with the music not going anywhere and the lyrics being uninspiring so I would have to pass this
23) Skip Marley – This is a gentle song that makes me more relaxed and I do quite enjoy the rhythm but at times it can get boring
24) RAYE – Yes I am listening to an awesome track that keeps on pumping the levels up and the music is used so creatively that it makes it stand out
25) Kodaline – The vocal harmony is on point and the music was very interesting and it got me invested in it straight away and I can’t get away from it
26) BANKS – I thought the verses were a bit icky and the music was messy to begin with and the only positive was the chorus being a bop that is all
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is it your birthday rick? happy birthday!!

01) The Sam Willows – a bit twee, not unpleasant, county meets that funny club beat!!
02) Judah & The Lion – quite like this, a bit of euke/banjo, like his voice. Got some really good bits.
03) Marina & The Diamonds – think im over marina and the diamonds not that I was ever with them!!
04) Sarah Geronimo – ohh chipmunks! Not my kind of thing, it’s a bit wallpaper!!
05) Jolin Tsai – again, not my kind of thing, it just blurs into the background!!
06) Patrice Roberts – not my kind of thing, its got a happy beat, just not a fan of the way its sung!
07) Dagny – hope you have the heating on, its perishing cold at the moment!!
08) Wiktoria – its okay, she sounds like shes straining in places. A bit country, a bit squeaky!!
09) Bo Burnham – awful, not even funny!
10) Off Bloom – started off bad and just went down hill!!
11) SIAMES – quite like this, really grew on me!
12) Brequette Cassie – the tune is okay, her voice is a bit grating after a while!
13) Molly Kate Kestner – she sounds bored!! Its okay.
14) Rhys – it’s a bit samey, her voice is a bit warbly!! Its okay.
16) Loreen – it was very messy, it didn’t gel at all!!
17) Javiera Mena – it was okay, a few annoying little noises, her voice is a bit flat!
18) Azealia Banks – nope, never!!
19) Red Velvet -  it’s a bit off beat, a bit odd. A bit annoying!!
20) Brooke Candy – I don’t mind sia, but im not keen on the other one, its okay.
21) Carly Rae Jepsen – as tolis would say, meh!!!
22) Unlike Pluto – he sounds a bit like seal. the verses are okay, but not keen on that odd instrumental!
23) Skip Marley – don’t normally like this kind of music, but I quite like this, his voice is a bit like sting in places!!
24) RAYE not my kind of thing, but it grew on me!!
25) Kodaline – I like kodaline, this is quite good!
26) BANKS – she singing in a box? Its okay.
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Yes it is! 21 today!
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Firstly, happy 21st birthday, Rick! :)

The Sam Willows ~ Bl00dy hell, starting with a high winner?! This will be so competitive!! I remeber Rodri waiting 5 million centuries for his first win! :P Yeah this is pretty good, inoffensive with a great drop. Their voices worked well together. Catchy, nice, and not too cutesie. How Asian pop should be.
Judah and the Lion ~ I don't recall this one. Love the chorus actually, pretty anthemic...a shame the verses flatten the song. Its ok overall.
Marina and the Diamonds ~ Very few of her songs raise enthusiasm from me, and this isn't an exception. I appreciate the beats, but ultimately for me, I found it too robotic to get higher points.
Sarah Geronimo ~ Kinda... twee mostly, but I like the unexpectedness of the chorus. Again though, I'm not sure how this would ultimately do for me based on what else we have coming. This is basically filler music for when you jump on your coach after you've claimed your baggage at the airport.
Jolin Tsai ~ How Gaga was the intro, haha! A bit jarring in places, but otherwise this was pretty catchy - great use of beats.
Patrice Roberts ~ Even without looking at the persons name, I'd know the sender a millleee off. Not even pretending I don't love a soca vibe. It goes offf.
Dagny ~ Had potential after the bridge to literally be a what happens? A lame-ass chorus, YAY -.- Its still a decent listen though, regardless, kinds of middle of the road in this, though.
Wiktoria ~ Oooh I forgot about this. Her vocal is a bit strained in places, otherwise this was pretty fab. Love the drop, good send.
Bo Burnham ~ Its bad enough that this was submitted in the first place, let alone sent to Best Of. Tripe.

ok lets put the good songs back on, we'll pretend we ended with Wiktoria last.

Off Bloom ~ I gave good old Patrick 6 12s last year. SIX! I don't think this was one of them, although I probably scored it highly all the same. Majorly digging the chorus, and the hauntingness of the verses...its a bit standout so far!
SIAMES ~ Another one I don't recall, quite enjoyed this one. Head is bopping anyways.
Brequette Cassie ~ This kinda slipped me by actually, but the beats are brilliant all the same.
Molly Kate Kestner ~ I wasn't that keen on this originally, its definitely grown on me upon listening now though. Very dark... I appreciate dark. Her range is amazing!
Rhys ~ Really great vocal, very sweet song. I remember this was the opener that week - what an opener, such a bouncy drop too. Really like this.
FOZZY ~ \m/ I actually enjoyed parts of this, quite memorable, unlike a lot of work from this genre. Angsty!
Loreen ~ She's a bit cray, isn't she haha. What I loved about this though is the way she builds and holds suspense. Mumbly in parts, but a pretty good, and pretty angsty song all round.
Javiera Mena ~ OHAIDER 80s synthy sounding bop! Oh singing...oh nvm. Oh, chorus! That goes off. Quite a unique song in this contest, but I wish the verse vocals weren't so whack!
Azealia Banks ~ Uhmm... no, you're ok.
Red Velvet ~ Everything else I've heard from them has not hit it at all for me...then this popped along. Like WHAT? One of the best KPOP entries I've ever heard. It has a backing track The Cure would be proud of, and the vocals are great too. 80s KPOP, come AT ME.
Brooke Candy ~ Oh loookie here I am! Still loving this, and love how well their voices work together.  Heard this in River Island once, resisted the urge to dance...just.
Carly Rae Jepsen ~ Most predictable winner like...ever? I kind of wince during her high notes, but whatevs, its catchy af.
Unlike Pluto ~ My absolute favourite song of last year, and it didn't even get my 12 originally.. The Seal-y vocal, the beats, the deliicious drop... This is honestly incredible.
Skip Marley ~ What other, big song was he in? Love his vocal, but this actually feels slightly lacklustre next to other entries now?  Ehh maybe its just me.
RAYE ~ Oh shes super cool! I enjoyed this more now than I did then, very different song, kept my attention.
Kodaline ~ Bloody love them. Also equally bloody love them - a really different sound for them, that just nails it for me. I'm going to have the worst time ranking this contest..
BANKS ~ No sooner did I mutter how hard it was going to be to rank this contest, we hit my second favourite song of last year. If I liked your song but ranked it low to none... I'm sorry! As far as this song goes, what is there to say? Incredible song. Wish I'd bloody sent it!
470 days 7 hours ago
Happy birthday Rick!
470 days 7 hours ago
1. The Sam Willows : I thought I was going to be indifferent about this now but all of those feelings when I replayed it so much have totally come back, such a moving song.
2. Judah & The Lion : Such energy, the chorus gets tiring after a while but overall I like it, great progression, the bridge is my favorite part.
3. Marina & The Diamonds : Never really cared about her, the verses are pretty weak but it picked up before the chorus and it gradually gets better.
4. Sarah Geronimo : The music is pretty good but I couldnt really enjoy this vocally, it's alright.
5. Jolin Tsai : Very nice sultry voice, the music matches it perfectly, pretty good! Not a fan of that poetry reading though! But I guess thats not really a part of the song..
6. Patrice Roberts : Though I couldnt really tell the difference between the other soca song this is enjoyable and danceable.
7. Dagny : This wasnt higher? I think this is her most 'mainstream' sound but I used to replay the hell out of this since it came on spotify, great song.
8. Wiktoria : Yesssssss yesssssss yesssssss, powerful, uplifting, and her vocal is just <33 amazing song.
9. Bo Burnham : Since this focuses more on the lyrics I think if I understand what he's trying to say I'd like this but it's so twisted though I might have interpreted it differently..
10. Off Bloom : Weird, quirky & experimental but it's all done so tastefully, the kind of thing that should appear more on tsc, great one.
11. SIAMES : Pretty dated but it has a really good flow, the video kinda helps capturing the dynamics of the song.
12. Brequette Cassie : This gives a pretty strong ESC vibes, her power is quite impressive.
13. Molly Kate Kestner : Didn't give this points but it grew on me after the contest, not totally crazy about it but that chorus really did stuck, guess thats a good thing!
14. Rhys : Aheee I just love this! Lovely lovely lovely song.
15. FOZZY : Usually like bibb's entries but this one's a bit too hardcore.
16. Loreen : Her voice really is superb, I like how the song is like hitting you non stop but its also kind of a reason its less likable, but I dont think it would be better other way so what Im trying to say is that its just good as it is!!
17. Javiera Mena : Great progression, was pleasantly surprised with the explosive chorus, good song.
18. Azealia Banks : This stands out for being different than the other stuff, wish there were more dynamics to it but overall not bad, her voice carries the song nicely.
19. Red Velvet : Been quite into kpop lately, though havent really understood red velvet's appeal this was a good listen, it just lacks something memorable about it.
20. Brooke Candy : Pretty laid-back although a bit too laid-back maybe? Sia's vocal is always impressive.
21. Carly Rae Jepsen : That verse just gets straight to the point and I love it, just was expecting a different kind of chorus as its a bit of a go down in my ears but overall its a good, fun, pop song.
22. Unlike Pluto : Honestly not a big fan of the vocal but the brilliant music & whole arrangement just makes
it forgotten & forgiven.
23. Skip Marley : I dont think Ive ever heard reggae done like this before (sorry if its not reggae), but yeah, brilliance.
24. RAYE : Totally unorthodox, currently loving it but I can see it gets tiring after some listens, but good song nonetheless.
25. Kodaline : Though not my favorite Kodaline song overall, the production is obviously their most impressive to date, that said, fantastic song.
26. BANKS : This has actually grown to be one of my favorite songs of all time, words just can't describe.
470 days 1 hour ago
1. The Sam Willows - In retrospect, it’s kinda shocking that this won, as opposed to back when this contest happened, when it seemed like a clear winner. It reminds me a lot of 2013 TSC which is… ahem… a reference, to say the least. Still, it’s cute for a first time listen after not going back to it since this contest ended.
2. Judah & the Lion - Actually heard this somewhere… Not too keen on it, unfortunately.
3. Marina & the Diamonds - Not her best, but definitely one of the better tracks of Froot. Wish it had more of a punch, that’s just an all around complaint with Froot. Still though, it’s cute.
4. Sarah Geronimo - A cute language for an otherwise meh song.
5. Jolin Tsai - Jolin doesn’t disappoint. This is sounding a tad bit dated now that I’m relistening, but I’m still content.
6. Patrice Roberts - Stop trying to make Destra Garcia happen [again]. It’s not happening [again].
7. Dagny - This song is basic, just like Husein himself, so I’m not surprised he’d submit this. Honestly though this is the first song in 7 entries that I’ve REALLY started to vibe to. The stark change between verse and chorus strangely works.
8. Wiktoria - This is what we call in the music industry… A sell out… And I’m not talking about Wiktoria.
9. Bo Burnham - Goodbye
10. Falcon Eye - I kinda like the entry I sent towards the end of TSC a tad better… But this is also really good too… I don’t wanna say too much good about a Patrick entry so I’ll end it here.
11. Siames - Actually was pleasantly surprised when I found out this was Henna. It’s got some promising elements but honestly it’s not for me.
12. Brequette Cassie - I REMEMBER THIS. I was in love with this song when I heard it in TSC but never revisited. Reunited and it feels so good!
13. Molly Kate Kestner - Somewhere Peter is scalped. I wasn’t that impressed with this song as everyone else was, but I have to admit it definitely gets stuck in your head.
14. Rhys - This song is so cute. And not even saying that in a “this was nice but ultimately unmemorable” kind of way.
15. FOZZY - I’m glad someone likes this… :)
16. Loreen - She was a lovely 1st alternate to the ultimate winner of this contest… :)
17. Javiera Mena - I hosted this contest. I found this entry ultimately too weird, and just not punchy enough
18. Azealia Banks - This is really tame for Azealia! I said that when I first heard it but I still can’t believe it’s her! My head is nodding
19. Red Velvet - Prepared to give this high points… but also prepared to see this get knocked out. YOU CAN DO IT GIRLS!
20. Brooke Candy - It’s cute! I’m not sure how well it’ll do, because it’s not as punchy as I remember it being last time I heard it. But still… I dig it.
21. Carly Rae Jepsen - I mean… know your audience!
22. Unlike Pluto - I don’t remember if I voted for this song, as this was the colors contest I hosted, but still I was really happy to see something a little unusual win. That said… it’s not for me.
23. Skip Marley - I remember being surprised by this one. It’s cute, but is it really “best of” material? Idk.
24. RAYE - I am still totally in love with this song fuck u rick
25. Kodaline - I dont know if I’ve ever liked one Kodaline song ever.
26. BANKS - An icon. A legend. Queen.
469 days 20 hours ago
1) The Sam Willows - One of my favourite winners of the year! It's fun and uplifting, and hooks me from the moment they start singing.
2) Judah & The Lion - This is interesting. I liked the start but don't particularly care for the verses. The chorus is the shining star. The arrangement becomes more interesting after the first chorus, and I really dig the instruments. Not a bad one.
3) Marina & The Diamonds - Marina has tons of better songs but this is still enjoyable! I was surprised it placed as high as it did lol.
4) Sarah Geronimo - I remember her name, but the song is still lackluster.
5) Jolin Tsai - Didn't this get a 10 from bibbles? Jolin Tsai sure knows how to unite the base. I forgot about this as I obviously don't listen to this type of music on my free time, but I'm enjoying it all over again like I did the first time.
6) Patrice Roberts - I always felt this was trying to cash in on a very successful genre without bringing much of a good song. I was surprised this placed 2nd. It's been done better by others, as well as her.
7) Dagny - I feel like the general consensus about this song is that it's underwhelming which I SEE, but I love it. I love her voice, and the laid-back vibe of the song as a whole. This was one of my most played songs last summer for a reason.
8) Wiktoria - I'VE NEVER LIKED WIKTORIA AND I STILL DON'T. I gave her 3 points because I respected her as an artist despite not liking the song, and I ended up losing to it by 1 point :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
9) Bo Burnham - I feel like he's singing to me AND I WISH I WOULD, BO.
11) Siames - A Henna entry that I like ^_^ I remember rating it quite highly and though it's lost some of its initial spark, I still dig it.
12) Brequette Cassie - I still love the tropical sound to this. I don't think I included this in my Top 100 of the year because I tended to pass by most national final entries, but it's a great song. The fact it didn't represent Spain at Eurovision last year was CRIMINAL.
13) Molly Kate Kestner - My favourite TSC song of 2017. I surprised myself with how much I liked it, but it's just a killer song that sticks with me time and time again.
14) Rhys - Another highly rated entry that was a very deserving winner as well. I'm not as high on this as I was when I first heard it, but it's still a quality pop song with a killer beat that I can't ignore. KINDA WISH YOU SENT WHISKEY KISSES BUT IT'LL DO!
15) FOZZY - Not a bad one. I like it more than I thought I would.
16) Loreen - This wasn't in my Top 100 because I think it's actually quite pretentious and irritating after a couple of listens, but it's a great song to revisit after a long while of not hearing it.
17) Javiera Mena - I remember this well. This was a pleasant surprise upon first hearing it. I really liked the 80s throwback in the chorus, and I'm enjoying it again.
18) Azealia Banks - Not her finest. It has a bit of an ear worm quality, but I can't fully get behind it.
19) Red Velvet - This was a pleasant listen. It's not one of my favourite K-pop songs I've heard in the contest, but it'll do.
20) Brooke Candy - I think I like the idea of this song more than the actual song itself. It's not bad, but I've never been able to get fully behind it. It sounds quite good on a second listen but still feels like something is missing.
21) Carly Rae Jepsen - Pop perfection!
22) Unlike Pluto - Not crazy for this. I wasn't expecting it to win when it did, though I admit there are some cool elements to it.
23) Skip Marley - Another OK winner, but the song takes me on a journey. It's not bad.
24) RAYE - Time for a fantastic winner ^_^ Love everything about this!
25) Kodaline - Really sentimental, and it sticks with me. Fantastic entry.
26) BANKS - It's ok. A bit too monotone though.
469 days 18 hours ago
01) The Sam Willows – A little to sweet for my tastes, but fun nonetheless
02) Judah & The Lion – Don’t like his voice, this seems disjointed
03) Marina & The Diamonds – Hmmm, her voice here, is always hypnotic as always
04) Sarah Geronimo – Don’t like her voice
05) Jolin Tsai – Very noughties euro trance, started strong but deteriorated
06) Patrice Roberts – Too cheesy
07) Dagny – Yes, great beat, great vocals, enjoyed this very much
08) Wiktoria – shouting does not equal singing, this is awful
09) Bo Burnham – if you don’t take this too seriously you can see the humor in the chorus, and the lyrical content address’s appropriate methods for people to seek help
10) Off Bloom – MO and Tove Styrke vibes coming from this, got my head nodding
11) SIAMES – that voice is rather bland , its interesting in parts thou even if it dragged
12) Brequette Cassie – he voice is okay, rather pleasant if not boring, the song is lacking passion and emotion that connects, some pretty instrumentals thou.
13) Molly Kate Kestner – her vocals are too reminiscent of a moody teenager, lots of female vocalists like this, it’s not bad, it’s just rather bland and uninspiring, some of the lyrics are embarrassing.
14) Rhys – no, sounds like a million other songs, which can be tolerable at times, however, there’s nothing here to save this generic trash.
15) FOZZY – Instant generic bassline, instant cringy lyrics, not a good start. This is such a bad example of pop rock, pop metal, however, at least it stands out from the rest of the songs tonight
16) Loreen – she’s not really pushing any boundaries here with this, I do like the dark element to this, however her voice is rather unpleasant at times, it’s like she is screaming, shirking into my ears.
17) Javiera Mena – well I did not have much to choose from, and despite its average position I still really stand by this entry, her voice is a little harsh, but she blends her vocals styles rather progressively with nice harmonies and a catchy chorus, she stands out amongst the plague of bland generic female vocalists that infest TSC, and the production is so unique and creative for a pop song, I have never heard anything like this, so naturally I appreciate it more, I would be shocked if she qualified as I learned to have the low expectations for my entries in TSC.
18) Azealia Banks – this kind of passed me by to be honest
19) Red Velvet – I checked these out last year because I saw an album of theirs rated rather highly, apart from a few tracks I was generally enjoying them, this sounds like one of the ones that didn’t appeal to me, it’s kind of lazy, too plain, too soft etc., ya no its just boring me now.
20) Brooke Candy – there is nothing in this that makes it stand out, but that does not make it bad, apart from some rather sweet moments and little progression towards the end its just lazy pop music made by people looking for a quick buck.
21) Carly Rae Jepsen – In a world of trash and garbage like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran to name a few, Carly Rae Jepsen is being labelled as the savior of pop music. And with songs like this, I’m starting to believe it.
22) Unlike Pluto – Ya know, I thought I wouldn’t like this, and I was honestly wrong, a little generic, but at least it has some hooks that get going and hey it’s a decent male vocalist
23) Skip Marley – Not Bad, a little to preachy for my tastes, and honestly this song isn’t going to be inspiring any movements soon. Having said that, it was okay, I was able to over the distasteful amount of cheese associated with this.
24) RAYE – she sounds like rihianna (can’t be arsed spelling it correctly), this was real lazy production, like 130 points for this, what drugs have you all being taking since I left?
25) Kodaline – oh its coldplay, oh its sam smith, oh shit its ed Sheeran, wait maybe its Adele, silly me its Imagine Dragons!
26) BANKS – This is like the only Banks song I truly like, I remember when she came out first and I was like what’s the big deal with this moany excuse of a fart, but then I heard this, and I became obsessed, with literally just this song thou. It still pulls those emotions, but I have listened to it about 100 times so can it resonate enough to get top marks today?
469 days 17 hours ago
01) The Sam Willows – I didn’t get the hype for this when it was first entered. Listening to this now, it’s good…I prefer the build to the chorus than the cheesy dance beats though. :p

02) Judah & The Lion – the first song of the night I can’t remember being entered. It’s not bad, I wouldn’t choose to listen to it outside the contest.

03) Marina & The Diamonds – Ryan got 3rd last year? As if. :p It’s good, I’ve heard stronger from her, but this isn’t bad in the slightest. She always has a magical quality to her voice. :)

04) Sarah Geronimo – Queen from the Philippines – Cute…it isn’t going to set the world alight, but it’s good enough. I love the chorus in particular.

05) Jolin Tsai – I love the ‘Great Artist’ by her…wtf is the start. :p Ok cool… a really solid song tbh. One of my favourites so far. :) So cute and a really nice change of pace already. :)

06) Patrice Roberts – I’ve missed Scott :( She’s still sassy…but the song hasn’t particularly grown on me, but it’s solid enough and I really just want it to be summer now lol :p

07) Dagny – I entered her once and it was pooped on. Like really pooped on. :p This is so much better than I remembered it to be. I like this. :)

08) Wiktoria – I enjoyed this more than I remember. Her voice isn’t perfect, but it’s solid enough to carry the rest of the song. Yeah very solid. :)

09) Bo Burnham – The drama this song brought all those months ago. I don’t particular like the message behind it. He should add a final verse where he tells people not to kill themselves…I know there is that small snippet…but yah, not a massive fan of shock humour. This got 5 points? ;p

10) Off Bloom – Robbed….robbed…robbed….robbed…Loved every second of this. I’m pretty sure I adored this before, but this is stellar. Patrick making a play for the title like he always does. :p I’d forgotten how truly stellar this is.

11) SIAMES – This is one of the two songs Henna has entered that I absolutely adore. This is probably my favourite rock entry of the year. I thought this higher than 6th. I think I hosted this contest and for the longest time this was in contention to win. The last minute voters sunk the song’s chances. I think this is a dark horse of this contest…or should I say wolf?

12) Brequette Cassie – ohhhh yasssssss Alan. OH YASSSS. I’m not sure if I liked this before…I’m pretty sure I would have, as this is great. I wanted to sing ‘Ayo’ straight away in the chorus. OOOOOOOOOOH. :)

13) Molly Kate Kestner – Easily one of my favourite ever TSC entries. I always go by how much I wanted to enter a song myself…and I so wish I found this first. :p Everything is perfect…I remember at the time saying I wanted to listen to this again another 50 times and that’s true again here. Last time it was 2nd in the list though, so at least this time I haven’t got as long to go through the running order.

14) Rhys – Another solid song by Krisna. It doesn’t stand out as much as song of the other entries here, but it’s a very pleasant listen regardless. :) Another strong one. :)

15) FOZZY – I wrote this off and then I quite enjoyed the chorus…so yah…well done Bibbs! < 3 LOVE YA. :)

16) Loreen – Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BITCH! I knew this was coming and I’m still blown away. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I don’t know how I’m going to pick between my top 3…I have no idea how I will….crazy….PERFECTION! SHOULD HAVE WON EUROVISION 2017! This is the perfect song for our generation and Sweden should be ashamed of robbing Eurovision of this. #SHAMEONSWEDEN #JUSTICEFORQUEENLOREEN #SHAMEONEVERYONE

17) Javiera Mena – I remember liking this at the time. There is a darkness to this that I just adore. This deserves so much more than 14th. Very enjoyable. :) Really catchyyyyyyy :)

18) Azealia Banks – This is so much better than I remember, I can see why this was top 10. Yeah very solid, I’m not sure how well it will do against some of the others here though.

19) Red Velvet – Cute, I prefer the verses which are slightly mysterious. It’s really good for a live version though. A  little repetitive in places, but not bad overall.

20) Brooke Candy – Sia is still stealing the show, but the whole package is great. SIA has a beautiful voice…I know right? DUH…but every time I listen to her, I’m blown away completely.

21) Carly Rae Jepsen – This is so much better than I remember. Wow that chorus really grabs your attention. I can see why this won now. Really good. A lovely surprise tonight. :)

22) Unlike Pluto – This won the LGBTQA+ contest and I just love th fact that both the winning and second entry were both about the colour black as opposed to colours on the pride flag lol. :p A worthy winner over my song tbh, even though it stung to lose out by one point. :p This is getting really hard now. :p :)

23) Skip Marley – This is one of my favourite songs that I have entered. It’s just so different to most of the entries that is entered in TSC and even tonight it stands out for me. Yeah I’m mad at Pepsi for trying to ruin this song, but the whole song is just incredible for me.

24) RAYE – The first minute is incredible. It doesn’t quite hold onto the intensity, but it was a shocking at the time and I’m glad so many people gave it a chance. :)

25) Kodaline – I wasn’t looking forward to this in the running order and I actually enjoyed it. It’s really cute…it won’t challenge my favourites but it’s a lovely listen.

26) BANKS – I’m glad she won last year, as she had been robbed before this. A good way to end this contest, very enjoyable. :)

Clearly the first half of the year was exceptionally good. I have so many songs I want to vote for. Good luck all and thanks for hosting Ricko. :) Sorry if you get a positive comment and not that many (or no) points. :p
469 days 17 hours ago
01) The Sam Willows - Has grown on me since first listen. I don't think it will make it in my Top 5 though
02) Judah & The Lion - This is good but it's very low budget imagine dragons.
03) Marina & The Diamonds - Gay icon. Legend. Never seen before. Queen.
04) Sarah Geronimo - I find this underpar. It might slip into my Top 10 in a regualr contest.
05) Jolin Tsai - I really this like. Hate the genre. Hope it makes finals.
06) Patrice Roberts - Her voice annoyed me first time round. Nothing changed. Like the song hate the voice.
07) Dagny - I remember liking this but it flopped and ill be surprised if this makes finals.
08) Wiktoria - Overrated Melfest song. In this contest its still strong.
09) Bo Burnham - me.
10) Off Bloom - SHOULDA FUCKING WON. I'm here for this getting the full rudemption arc
11) SIAMES - Kinda dragged on a bit.
12) Brequette Cassie - I mean I guess i *like* it
13) Molly Kate Kestner - Overrated. Thought this was midtier when it won. Nothing changed.
14) Rhys - I over listend to this after it won and I killed it for myself sorry.
15) FOZZY - I think was underrated but if it qualifies its overrated.
16) Loreen - Real Mello winner. Robin who? Work that message bitch. See you in finals xo
17) Javiera Mena - This is quite generic. Nothing speicial.
18) Azealia Banks - I don't really like this.
19) Red Velvet - All the KPoP shit you send and u picked this alexavon wat?
20) Brooke Candy - I cant beleive Sia gave her vocals to this vanilla peice of music. Meh
21) Carly Rae Jepsen - Biggest troll bop ive ever witness from carly slay jepsen
22) Unlike Pluto - Better than first time around thats 5sure
23) Skip Marley - If theres any winner that I have qualifying doubts over its this.
24) RAYE - I mean cmon stellar
25) Kodaline - Meh I dont get it.
26) BANKS - I cant remember this maybe i wasn't competiting but its like art.
469 days 15 hours ago
01) The Sam Willows - 'Take Heart' Yeah, I remember this and it's not bad at all. The rythm change is strange, but is quite genious, the country vibe is attractig me instantly. Wait a minute, Rodriguese won the contest?
02) Judah & The Lion - 'Take It All Back' I wasn't a fan of it when it was entered, I didn't dislike it either. His voice is great, but that banjo or what it is... it's a little exagerrated. Also that rap is not for him. It has annoying parts in it, but overall is not bad. It reminds me of The Lumineers a lot, which is a good thing.
03) Marina & The Diamonds - 'Blue' About this I have nothing special to say, it's a simple dated sugary disco track.
04) Sarah Geronimo - 'Misteryo' I appreciate the effort but that bridge is very strange, the chorus is not fitting in the song in my opinion. It should have stayed at the level of a simple ballad, it wouldn't have impressed, but I wouldn't have had nothing to criticise about it.
05) Jolin Tsai - 'Fantasy' Well, who knows me also knows that I'm not a fan of this genre. So I can't appreciate a generic song that I feel I hear 100 times one night if I visit 3 clubs.
06) Patrice Roberts - 'Big Girl Now' The exotic rythms and African voice is adding a bit of extra to a generic song. It gives a lot of energy, which is a good thing, however what I find strange is the fact that it goes directly in the middle of it, it practically doesn't have any intro. Too all of a sudden.
07) Dagny - 'Wearing Nothing' The chorus lacks lyrics. And it's not good for the song.
08) Wiktoria - 'As I Lay Me Down' Best song from TSC in 2017, of course :)) It attracted me instantly when I've heard it for the first time, very energic and going to a country-ish style, it was a masterpiece from Melodifestivalen in my opinion.
09) Bo Burnham - 'Kill Yourself' Oh, the most controversial from last year, right... I think that the message should be understood very wrong if somebody is feeling offended about this song, or if not it means I get it totally wrong. Anyway, it is a parody, nothing more, but musically I simply enjoy it. It's not great, of course, it is what it is, but there are a lot of well-produced entries that I don't enjoy as much as this simple parody.
10) Off Bloom - 'Falcon Eye' The start is very promising, the chorus is a total mess which ruins it all. Nice effort, I guess it wanted to be too commercial.
11) SIAMES - 'The Wolf' This one is more closer to my tastes. Pretty commercial, but it goes where it should, a decent pop-rock track.
12) Brequette Cassie - 'No Enemy' A good voice eclipsed here by a modern track that wants something else. On a different instrumental I would enjoy this much more. Anyway, the rythm is catchy, so I didn't dislike it.
13) Molly Kate Kestner - 'Prom Queen' This is a great entry, one of the best for real from 2017. Mysterious dark vibes and a strong chorus that is giving the song a powerful impact.
14) Rhys - 'Last Dance' The rythm is very attractive, it is very well built. Nothing spectacular in it, but the song plays with the notes exactly as it should to attract the humas ear I guess.
15) FOZZY - 'Judas' The instrumental could be more in the line with what he's singing, otherwise I've enjoyed everything at it. It was a pleasant surprise first time, it is a pleasant surprise again, he sings it very well. It's a thing about tastes as well, I enjoy this type of music, others will robb this for not enjoying the genre at all.
16) Loreen - 'Statements' I think I hated it if I remember correctly when it was entered. It's not that bad, interesting creation, but it doesn't create on me the impact it wants to give.
17) Javiera Mena - 'Luz de Piedra de Luna' It's so dated... but the chorus is catchy. I usually like old music, so I will certainly give this a chance.
18) Azealia Banks - 'Soda' This is a huge mess and I don't find it sounding good at all.
19) Red Velvet - 'Body Talk' A lot of instruments, the music is strange, the bridge is maybe a little to all of a sudden. I didn't dislike it at all, however it didn't have something impressive for me.
20) Brooke Candy - 'Living Out Loud (feat. Sia)' Maybe the most famous name in this semi-final, but the most common music. No wonder it didn't reach a higher place in the original contest, it has nothing to stand out.
21) Carly Rae Jepsen - 'Cut To The Feeling' Her voice is so cute. The song has absolutely nothing to make me explain why it won a contest. It has some energy, but beside that, it's pretty usual.
22) Unlike Pluto - 'Everything Black (feat. Mike Taylor)' Well, with this one is different, I can understand why it won, it has a quite unique style. For me the chorus is a total let down, just after it builds really good. His voice is also awesome. I don't know if I can get past that weak chorus though.
23) Skip Marley - 'Lions' I'm so happy this was chosen for the contest. I like his style, I like his voice, the music and the lyrics are motivational, not a cliche message... certainly one of the best last year.
24) RAYE - 'Shhh' This is very different, I'm surprised it won, considering the strange style. It is certainly captivating, I'm not necessarily a fan though.
25) Kodaline - 'Brother' Does they have anything but sad music?! I don't know if there is something to not like from them, I didn't listen too much, it's true. Emotional, of course, the rythm doesn't fit entirely, but the music is pleasant, the build-up is good also.
26) BANKS - 'Gemini Feed' It's decent, I don't find anything too interesting at it though.
469 days 15 hours ago

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