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31 days 9 hours ago
31 days 9 hours ago
Okay so Evan, Newz, I do respect both of you a ton.

Evan, we may not have always stood by each other at all points of this game, but when we did join forces, it was some of if not the most fun I've had throughout this entire season.

Newz, you've been a loyal ally to me, and I definitely would not be sitting here without you keeping me sane throughout this season.

For me it comes down to a lot of things, but ultimately I can't even have a shot to win if I'm not in those final 2 chairs. I think regardless of who I evict right now, it's still gonna be 2 vs 1 in this finale (me being the 1), just as it was 3 vs 1 in this veto today. So I have to go based on who is better at competitions at this stage.

Evan, you're a heck of a competitor, probably better than me at most things, I recently posted in a confessional that you really should join MTVs The Challenge group games because I think you'd do exceptionally well there, and for all of those reasons I vote to evict you.
31 days 9 hours ago
It's been a wiiiiiiiiiiild ride this summer and I'm very happy to have made it this far. I hate that I have to go out like this but the only person I can blame is myself and also Connor and Omar for that puzzle.

I'm going to vote for a winner based on who I think took the most risks and played the strongest game, competitions aside. Good luck to all three of you, and maybe if I had a friend group going into this I could have made final 5 as easily as everyone else did?

Good game all, and with that............................

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