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Congratulations to AshlynArehart, winner of Survivor El Salvador!

For the 14th season of Smiley’s Survivor Series we are heading to El Salvador, the smallest country in continental America. A place that still hides a piece of the Mayan culture, which was devastated by the Spanish conquistadors and where volcanoes and earthquakes very often disturb the life of the people. The jungles of this country is where 16 new people will be abandoned to live on their own. They will have to survive the elements, the weather and will have to battle with each other. They all fight for the same thing, to be called the Sole Survivor. This is Survivor Salvador, 39 days, 16 people, 1 survivor!

My Survivor wikia page:

If everything goes good, more seasons are to come.

Season 1: Romania Winner - soccerbchris
Season 2: Peru Winner - Benlinus
Season 3: New Zealand Winner - UndercoverMonk
Season 4: Cambodia Winner - MaxHZ39
Season 5: Ethiopia Winner - thedarkpassanger
Season 6: Greece - All Stars Winner - bingo21
Season 7: Philippines Winner - Prozach
Season 8: Madagascar - Second Chances Winner - juna1211
Season 9: Galapagos - cancelled
Season 10: Guiana Winner - losangelesgirl
Season 11: Tanzania Winner - Leli14
Season 12: Arabia Winner - manalord
Season 13: The Roman Empire - Heroes vs Villains Winner - thedarkpassanger
Season 14: El Salvador Winner - AshlynArehart
Season 15: Iceland
Season 16: Atlantis - Fans vs Favorites
and more...

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  1. El Salvador Tribal Immunity2417 days 21 hours ago
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  3. Arabia Immunity Challenge2499 days 23 hours ago
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Smiley's Survivor updated but CLOSED

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