Survivor City 15- PLATINUM Day 19 Polls


  1. Elimination challenge14 days 17 hours ago
  2. Winner of Survivor City 1486 days 1 hour ago
  3. The winner of last season is...1863 days 5 hours ago
  4. Which Fav You wanna bring back?1887 days 5 hours ago
  5. The Sole Survivor of SC9-Venice??1942 days 14 hours ago
  6. Favorite Player SC9: Venice1946 days 7 hours ago
  7. The Sole Survivor of SC8 Tokyo?2022 days 14 hours ago
  8. The Sole Survivor of SC7-Rio De Janeiro??2109 days 7 hours ago
  9. Favorite Player SC 7: Rio De Janeiro2109 days 9 hours ago
  10. SC7: Elimination Chal. Who do you want to save?2115 days 13 hours ago
  11. Who is The Sole of SC6-All Stars?2137 days 12 hours ago
  12. Favorite Player SC6: All-Stars2140 days 23 hours ago
  13. who do you want to re-enter this game?2146 days 23 hours ago
  14. Elimination chal: Who do you want to save ?2152 days 11 hours ago
  15. Winner of Survivor City 5- London2156 days 4 hours ago
  16. Who do you want to save?2162 days 7 hours ago
  17. Winner of SC4 2171 days 14 hours ago
  18. Favorite Player SC4: The Lost City2181 days 23 hours ago
  19. Who is the Sole of Survivor City 3?2206 days 3 hours ago
  20. Favorite Player SC32210 days 2 hours ago

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Survivor City 15- PLATINUM Day 19

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