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1955 days 19 hours ago
I would like to thank all 345 tengaged users who have participated in one of the longest running, and one of the most successful Survivor Group Game Series that was on Tengaged.

I would thank you all individually, but that would take far too long, haha.

I began hosting in May 2011, as a white level. I ended hosting in October 2014, as a TV Star.

I can say hosting has been the most fun experience on Tengaged. I have made many good friends due to hosting, and that is why I stuck with this madness for 3 and a half damn years!

26 Survivor Seasons, 5 Big Brother Seasons, and a Hunger Games Group took a lot of time over the years, but it was fun while it lasted.

I would love to continue hosting, yet at the same time I am so glad to finally be fucking done with it lol.

Thank you to everyone who supported this season, old players to the series, and new players.

Thank you to making Gen 1 and Gen 2 both fun, and I know if i did do a Gen 3, it would be a fucking blast because of you guys.

You all kept playing, kept watching, and kept loving the game of Survivor.

I am sure I have a lot more to say but I can't quite think of much more, besides thank you. I still cannot believe this is officially over.

There were so many big moments in this series. A 91 person season, two season with two winners, players who won multiple times, people who made finals multiple times, I could go on.

It's been a blast, thank you guys.
1955 days 19 hours ago
No, thank you!
1955 days 18 hours ago
1955 days 18 hours ago
I never got to play ;(
1955 days 18 hours ago
Back in October 2011 when I first joined Tengaged, I saw your group and was like hey why not I'll apply. I still remember the night I was the time I thought it was a big deal XD

That was Comoros. I didn't last long, and I never played again. In Gen 1 or 2. I sort of regret that, but at the same time, I wasn't really on Tengaged most of that time. I was doing other things.

But you were an awesome host/guy then, and you finish now as an awesome host/guy. Congratulation on everything!

(and if there's ever a Gen 3, you better let me know).
1955 days 18 hours ago
Was very fun
1955 days 17 hours ago
BYE UGLY < 333 :*
1955 days 17 hours ago
You are a great friend and an even better host :)
It sucks to see you go and thank you for all the group games you have hosted!
1955 days 16 hours ago
Glad I was able to be apart of the final 2 seasons
1955 days 15 hours ago
<3 bai

I had fun in this game especially considering I only joined because you pestered me to

I know there was drama with me or whatever but I had fun the entire time, including when I was voted out, so yay

I mean I had problems with Jeremy but those were with Jeremy

Game itself was fun and I'm happy I was a part of it ^_^
1955 days 15 hours ago
crying :(

Thanks for hosting. I had a lot of fun in the 2 seasons I've taken part in; Qatar, and FvF2

Still sad I had to drop out of Rio, but I wouldn't have been able to fully invest myself in it due to something that came up in my personal life.

Goodbye Gaiaphages series!!! May you RIP.
1954 days 22 hours ago
Thanks for hosting a given me a chance to compete even though I didn't apply

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