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2091 days 16 hours ago
^ Well This is rather annoying arguments above. I won immunities to get to F4 whether both Jarrod and Jeremy talk it over to give me the one at F5 it was a deal they both made to me on my sole reason of me flipping the script against Russ and the others. IF I had not won immunitity I told them it put unnecessairly blood on their hands..

So to KEEP constantly Blaming JEremy for this deal over Jarrod WHO Proposed it, it Ridiculous. For one Jeremy made an solid friendship and relationship out of this game with me and I knew where everything was leading too. I knew I couldnt surpass F4 if it was the 9 station challenge. (Wasnt there in my time as a RU)

However I think if I was Chris as a HOST I wouldnt even allow or accept Russ's vote because that's how low I think of him as a jury member he blantantly tried to influence this game once voted out with his crap that was treason in my eyes. Even if the conversation were longer he was still clearly he isn't taking your shit into any account.

Overall I think you guys made some good points, Alex being the worst from the bunch tho as honestly you had a non-existent social game as no repiotoire with the Runner ups. As you tried to with me at F4 but you didnt even live up to what you said as it was obvious that you were trying to have a 2-1-1 vote on me going over voting Jeremy out.

Which Jer makes a good point about is that he ACTUALLY made it visible that he is a jury threat that y'all did not listen to, which I also mention it several times and think it is a little to late for Jarrod to make the mistake of taking ALEX over Eddie and ruining a good set of moves that could of got him the win. Overall I would be suffice with an Jeremy or jarrod win but I still think Jermey deserves it more due to the tarnishment placed upon him and the bad unnecessary moves Jarrod has made. Yes Jeremy did moves to toy the Tribals but it is the last ones he could do for Chris's survivor series and he KNEW he wasn't going home so to keep saying shouldnt vote for someone who does that is Invalid and ANNOYING AF.
2091 days 13 hours ago

"Why would I want to talk to people who would put me down and say I wasn't going to win in the first place?"

- Because you need those peoples votes to win, and it is your job to change those opinions.

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