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Biltmore Academy

"Here at Biltmore Academy, we cater to those students who don't find representation elsewhere, those who are trying to figure themselves out and discover more about their origins. Biltmore Academy was established by and for those who are nothing but myths for mortals: the supernatural. Due to the society-wide standard for people to be normal, the supernatural have become less and less common, and nowadays, they are almost unheard of. Those who do possess the supernatural gene are 9 times out of 10 unaware that they are different than most. Something strange occurs due to their abilities, but they shrug it off due to never actually being taught what they are and what they can do. That is where our academy comes in. Here at Biltmore, we scout those with the supernatural gene and bring them to our school in order for them to learn more about themselves and their kind, as well as how to harness and master their abilities. Not everyone is qualified; there are those with the gene that is too dormant to be brought up, and are unable to test into the school. But for those who are able to get into our school... They now have something special. They now have a doorway into another world they only dreamed about before. Here at Biltmore, we only have one goal in mind: to provide an opportunity to better those who are beyond mortal standards."

- Headmaster Burke


** C A S T  L I S T **

Osiris Blom - Awesome2210 [DEAD]
Rebecca Woodley - Beccajo16
Julie Bennett - Rain848
Theania Sugar - iGoddess [UNKNOWN]
Clarissa "Clairy" Moon - Avatar20
Martin Hudspith - Hudspith
Gabriel Stone - Bad18life
Lilith Blackthorn - Maya10
Jenna Putnam - Amylou8251
Liara Farron - Mitsuki
Gray Halifax - Piddu
Rufus “Galahad” Bell - KOKidd
Myranda Anne Stanbury - Pilatesgrl/IceQueen2
Naomi Marai - Ninjohn
Ray Fritts - Cjphoenix
Kendall Wu - Awesome2210
Jackson Grover - JTthePrince [UNKNOWN]
Cameron Mason - Giraffez
Alistair Walken - Awesome2210
Kaden Smith - Archerskyfire
Jacob Hannesy - Benner_2304
Jason Haynes - Jasoncutie7542

[To know who is what supernatural, refer to this list: ]

** E P I S O D E S **

| Season 1 |

EP01 - "Entrance Exam"
EP02 - "Welcome to Biltmore"
EP03 - "Revelation"
EP04 - "Phoenix"
EP05 - "Stone Age"
EP06 - "Roadblock"

** Intended to be a more mature type of group. **

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Biltmore Academy

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