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[Week 11] - "Finale Part 2!"

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115 days 14 hours ago
Previously on Tengaged's Next Top Model...

The Final 3 battled it out for a spot in Part 2 of the Finale!
They shot their Fierce Stomp ADs, RM Magazine Cover and also had to redo a Photoshoot they had done bad on during their Journey. They were all in it to win it!
Lucky stole the Top spot and Highest Score and took the first Spot in the Second Part of the Finale!
Bella and Emilia were the last Model's standing but it was ultimately Emilia's time to go and Bella took the Second Spot in the Second Part of the Finale!

Only Lucky and Bella remain..

Who will become Tengaged's Next Top Model?

:::::::::: FINALE PART 2 ::::::::::

Lucky and Bella, this is it.

You both have a 50% chance in winning this Competition and taking the title of Tengaged's Next Top Model!

Four Tasks are still in your way before we determine who wins it all!

Let's see what you all face for the Final time!

:::::::::: TASK 1 ::::::::::

"Ready Made Model"

Upon winning this competition you will win an AD for Ready Made Models! This will be the image seen once you get your contract with RM Model Management.
This image will also be PAGE 1 in your RM Magazine Spread.

Ready Made Model's represent those Models who are on TOP and are ready to work the world! This image needs to exude Confidence and Determination!

:::::::::: TASK 2 ::::::::::


For your RM Magazine Cover's you were each assigned one of the Primary colors.
For this Task you will each be assigned 2 of the most Important colors which are used to make all the other colors.

The Ying to the Yang! Black & White.

The color you are assigned must be PROMINENT in your Photo and not be distracted from anything else.

Assigned at Random:

Black - Lucky
White - Bella


:::::::::: TASK 3 ::::::::::

"Free Pass"

For this Task I am giving you a Free Pass! This means the choice is up to you.

This Photo will be the LAST Photo you show the Judges before they decide who is Tengaged's Next Top Model. This has to be a Finale Worthy Photo, this has to leave the Judges with the jaws on the floor!

This is your last chance to impress the Judges and get some points on your side!

:::::::::: TASK 4 ::::::::::

"Public Vote"

This Final Task it is your chance to convince the Public that you deserve to be Tengaged's Next Top Model!

A Poll will be open from here until Panel. Please add why you should become Tengaged's Next Top Model plus a Photo to convince the Public to vote for you.

The percentage you gain will be converted to points and added to your Grand Final Score.
(e.g. 64% = 6.4 points)

Tengaged's Next Top Model will be determined in the following way:

- Challenge scores will be added and an Average will be Determined
- Photoshoot scores (including this Week) will be added and an Average will be Determined.
- The Public vote will be converted to points.
- All these Points will be added together and the Highest Score WINS!

You have 30 - 40 hours to post your Final submissions!

Good Luck to you both!
115 days 9 hours ago
♧ Lucky Blue Smith ♧

Task 1 ♧:


Task 2 ♧: Yin and Yang


Task 3 ♧: Power and Control
114 days 20 hours ago
(Good luck Bella/Brandonh1 your photos are fantastic! It's been so fun competing against you! ❤)
113 days 22 hours ago
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