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[Cycle 10] - Top Model House!

Topic » [Cycle 10] - Top Model House!

193 days 21 hours ago
Welcome Model's to the Top Model House!

Here is where you can all bitch, comment, socialize and get to know one and other!

Being ACTIVE is key in the house as this might influence the Judges. There will be a Secret Advantage for the Model who has been most Active and get's to the Final 2!

Welcome to your House Models!

A reminder of the Rules:

::::: RULES :::::

- Do not pass the Deadline given.
- No repeating photos.
- No Bullying or Abuse
- Be creative and don't use obvious choices!

Most of you have been asking about the Secrets....this is how they will work!

:::::::::: SECRETS ::::::::::

After every Challenge, the Winner will receive a Secret Power or Advantage. This will be mailed to you in Private!
Secrets will ONLY be revealed to the BEST SCORE of the Week. It is then up to them if they want to reveal it to the rest of you or not.
If you happen to be the Challenge Winner AND Best Score then you will have all the Power of Secrets that week!

If any Secrets are revealed prior to the end of the Week or without any permission you will AUTOMATICALLY receive a Penalty (penalty can include Immediate Disqualification!)

There WILL be more Secrets along the Competition which you will find out as you go along the Weeks.

:::::::::: SECRET CONTESTANT ::::::::::

The Secret Contestant has already been chosen and has moved in to an Apartment VERY close by!

This Contestant will have the same Rules and will Compete Fairly like the rest of you.
However, the Photos this Contestant produces will only be seen by the Judges.
Critiques and Scores that this Contestant receives WILL be posted Publicly like the rest of you. They will compete in Challenges and Photoshoots with the same Rules as all of you.

Here is the will all have ONE Opportunity to guess who this Secret Contestant is. You can only mail me ONCE with ONE guess as to who the Model is. The person who guesses correctly will receive an Advantage and the Secret Contestants Identity will be revealed.
If no one guesses the Secret Contestant BEFORE they reach the Final 6, their Identity will remain Unknown till then.

If the Secret Contestant is Eliminated before they reach the Final 6, their Identity will be revealed to all of you.

If the Secret Contestant reveals their Identity to anyone BEFORE then, they will receive a HUGE Penalty.

This is going to be one interesting Cycle full of Secrets so Expect the Unexpected!

Welcome to Cycle 10 of Tengaged's Next Top Model!
193 days 21 hours ago
:::::::::: CAST PHOTO APPEARS ON SCREEN ::::::::::
193 days 20 hours ago
I don't get the secret contestant thing
193 days 18 hours ago
*Naty struts in*

Naty: hmmm what a lovely home!!

CF: I am here to win. Nothing less will do! I am going to do my very best to conquer this competition and become the next tntm!!
193 days 18 hours ago
*liu enters  the house"

Oh my this place is amazing I've never been in such a big place like this before.
193 days 18 hours ago
*Mackenzie enters the house*

Mackenzie: Wow this looks amazing

*Nick enters the house and smiles*

Nick: i can't believe that i am here
193 days 16 hours ago
*trixi enters*
oh honey i am so happy to be here
193 days 14 hours ago
*Mackenzie walks up to Trixi*

Mackenzie: Hey there, i am Mackenzie
193 days 14 hours ago
*Naty goes to the kitchen, opens the fridge, grabs a cold bottle of water*

CF: 馃樁
193 days 14 hours ago
Liu enters the kitchen. *

Hello everyone  nice to meet you
193 days 14 hours ago
Simon and allesandra walked in

Simon: wow this place is amazing. He goes to a bedroom and puts his bag down.

Allesendra: * runs to bed room and lays in bed*
193 days 12 hours ago
*Mackenzie put her bag in one of the rooms*

Mackenzie Confessional: i am so happy to be here. I am going to do my best this season

*Nick goes into one of the rooms and drops his bags on the floor and lays on the bed*
193 days 11 hours ago
*Lucky and Emilia explore the house happy to be here*
193 days 9 hours ago

Answer: Garrett Neff - INCORRECT!
192 days 20 hours ago
Liu's confessional : I want to say that I'm confident that my picture the best of this challenge but everyone has definitely shown their strengths In this challenge so i can only imagine how the judges are going to pick who did best
192 days 19 hours ago
::::::::::: WEEK 1 - CHALLENGE SCORES ::::::::::::

1: Naty - 10
2: Trixie - 9.8
3: Alek - 9.5
4: Nicky - 9.3
5: Emilia - 9.1
6: Nick - 9
7: Secret Contestant - 8.9
8: Alessandra - 8.7
9: Liu - 8.5
10: Simon - 8.3
11: Mackenzie - 8
12: Natasha - 7.2
13: Dinara - 7
14: Gigi - 6
15: Lucky - 6

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