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Bigg Boss 1 (Day 15)

This is Bigg Boss. 12-15 houseguests  will battlle against each other while also trying the support of Tengaged. To be crowned the Winner of Bigg Boss. It's the Indian version of Big Brother. The rules are a mix of BB US and UK rules. Each week everyone will vote on who will be the House Captain. The House Captain nominates one person to automatically go up for eviction. The housemates must nominate two people for eviction. Two people with the most nominations are nominated for eviction with the House captain's choice nominee. The tengaged public decides who goes and who stays.

.You will be allowed to discuss nominations.

.Eviction polls will be up for 24 hours.

.Be active inactive will cause you to be removed  from the game.

Do you have what it takes to be the last one standing in the Bigg Boss house!!!

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Day 15 Finale
3 postsCreated by survivorken23 on 4305 days 2 hours ago
Last post by Tepr
4300 days 4 hours ago
Day 14 Eviction
3 postsCreated by survivorken23 on 4308 days 12 hours ago
Last post by Tepr
4308 days 2 hours ago
Day 13 House Captain's Decision
4 postsCreated by survivorken23 on 4309 days 14 hours ago
Last post by Tepr
4308 days 23 hours ago
Day 12 Eviction and twist
8 postsCreated by survivorken23 on 4310 days 1 hour ago
Last post by Remajakl
4309 days 15 hours ago
21 postsCreated by survivorken23 on 4316 days 2 hours ago
Last post by chrisdooger
4310 days 9 hours ago

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Bigg Boss 1 (Day 15)

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