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1493 days 2 hours ago
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what do you think
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haha its your lucky day Noah i have decided not to fight with you anymore um maybe
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For Reference:


[Advantage will be announced before Part 1]

Part 1: Twister
10 twists will be submitted to and those twist will be randomly selected for each round. Part 1 will last about 4-6 rounds.

The Twists: Everyone gets nominated, selects 2 nominees, 1 HOH, 2 HOHs, Eliminated player returns to the game, Surviving Nominee becomes HOH, Only playing members vote off a houseguest, Weetmaster decides the HOH, Power of Veto competition, HOHs become the next nominees.

Part 2: The Amazing Race
- Players will be teamed up and will have to work with their teammate to complete tasks.
- The last team to complete a task will be up for nomination.
- The surviving teammate will have immunity for the next round and will be partnered with the next surviving nominee
- Part 2 will also last 4-6 rounds

Tasks include: Find the Finish Line, Unscramble these words, Guess the RAGE Winner, Guess the song, Find The Hall of Famer, Solve The Riddle

[A Returners Competition will be planned based on the gameplay of Alanb1]

Part 3: The Power of 10
- Gameplay will revert to it's original format
- The only exception is that once the nominees are selected, 10 random strangers will decide who gets eliminated. After each round these strangers will be revealed.
- Part 3 will repeat until the Final 3.

ORIGINAL FORMAT selects two people to be the HOHs
Those two people each get to nominate 1 person for eviction
If the HOHs pick the same nominee, they both get nominated instead of that nominee
One of the nominees will get voted off of the game

Part 4: In order to win the game, our three finalists must achieve the most points!
1 point to the player with the highest percentage in the final poll
1 point to the player who was selected by all of the eliminated contestants
1 point to the player with the most HOHs (if a tie, both participants receive the point)
1 point to the player who was nominated the LEAST (if a tie, both participants receive the point)
1 point to the player who has the highest percentage in the advantage poll
1 point to the player who was selected by the winner of the advantage poll
1 point to the player who was selected by Weetmaster

The player with the most points will win a gift and the FINAL SEASON of RAGE!
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1465 days 7 hours ago
Waiting for my video to finish uploading and then the main chat room will open

open group

RAGE: The Final Season

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