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In this competition, you’ll be given two different arcade flash games, in which your goal to get the best scores within a limited time. Your scores in these two games will be combined in a unique way to give you a larger final score. The question is, how long do you spend on each one?

Here’s how it works. Your result from GAME 1 will give you a BASE score, whilst GAME 2’s result will be converted into a percentage. Your final percentage score is then used to boost your final score. So for each 1 point, you’ll get a 1% boost on your BASE score. That boosted score will then be your final score for this competition.

I score 275 points in GAME 1, and then score 20 in GAME 2. The GAME 2 score means I get a 20% boost to my 275 GAME 1 points. 20% of 275 = 55. So 55 points get added to create my final score. 275 + 55 = 330. My final score is 330.

You will get until 5pm EST tomorrow to play BOTH flash games. That means you’ve gotta judge how long you need to spend getting the best score on each game before submitting it. I will detail what element of each game I’m specifically counting when I post the games.

I will ONLY accept your first submission of both AND both games MUST include your TENGAGED PROFILE open in your screenshot, or I just wont count the score. If that’s GAME 2, your score won’t get boosted, and if that’s GAME 1, you won’t have a score to boost so you get ZERO! So remember the PROFILE.

The player with the HIGHEST total score after score boosting will win IMMUNITY! A tie will be broken by best raw GAME 1 score.

Due at 5pm EST tomorrow.
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39 days 18 hours ago

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