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Bingo21's Survivor History

Topic » Bingo21's Survivor History

3875 days 1 hour ago
Here will be posted the results of previous seasons.
3786 days 2 hours ago
Survivor Djibouti Results
18th - Leacroft (Obock)
17th - irberger (Arta) Double Tribal
17th - GabCo (Obock) Double Tribal
15th - cooldude70 (Obock)
14th - LilAngelBaby (Obock switched to Arta)
13th - TylerKeith(Obock) Double Tribal
13th - trenne99 (Arta) Double Tribal
11th - sandman43 (Palawan) Last to post after merge
10th - GECO47 (Palawan)
9th - bearpatrol (Palawan) Jury member
8th - sirbeastly (Palawan) Jury member
7th - subfriend (Palawan) Jury member
6th - brian_whitehead (Palawan) Jury member
5th - FEFY91 (Palawan) Jury member
4th - snels66 (Palawan) Jury member
3rd - Yingyang (Palawan) Jury member
2nd - MMMMM
Sole Survivor!!!! - KathrineOliver
3786 days 2 hours ago
Survivor Global Results
18th: Logan44244 (Australia) Double Tribal
18th: Mittens (Scotland) Double Tribal
16th: Jfsreadhead (USA)
15th: lassidoggy (South Africa)
14th: Tayvi (South Korea) Double Tribal Replacement Jury member
14th: Tykeal (USA) Double Tribal Replacement Jury member
12th: padraig (Ireland)
11th: nikolakisgreece (Greece)
10th: imjy91 (Malaysia)
9th: Duke (Canada) 2nd member of the jury
8th: smiley20 (Romania) 3rd member of the jury
7th: JIMM (Malaysia)
6th: joel092292 (Philippines) 5th member of the jury
5th: aerothunder (Australia) 6th member of the jury
4th: Ireks (Bulgaria) 7th member of the jury
3rd: Jigger (Finland)
2nd:thedarkpassanger (England)
Sole Survivor!!!!: Mrlincoln2u (Jamaica) 4 votes to 3
3786 days 2 hours ago
Survivor Heroes vs Zeroes
22nd: Jake1313 (Zeroes)
21st: Duke (Zeroes)
20th: MMMMM (Heroes)
19th: KathrineOliver (Heroes)
18th: GabCo (Heroes) Double Tribal *Returned to game at Merge*
18th: sash1234 (Zeroes) Double Tribal
16th: TheStan (Zeroes)
15th: Yingyang (Heroes)
14th: coolieo69er (Zeroes)
13th: Kikorus (Heroes)
Merge with GabCo returning back into the game
13th: Octozone (Zeroes/Ares)
12th: irollmyeyeslol (Zeroes/Ares) Quit the game
11th: bearpatrol (Zeroes/Ares) 1st member of jury
10th: sandman43 (Heroes/Ares) 2nd member of jury
9th: Spinner554 (Heroes/Ares) 3rd member of jury
8th: GabCo (Heroes/Ares) 4th member of jury
7th: jogo248 (Zeroes/Ares) 5th member of jury
6th: Soiyer (Heroes/Ares) 6th member of jury
5th: Mrlincoln2u (Heroes/Ares) 7th member of jury
4th: Qwerty3000 (Zeroes/Ares) 8th member of jury
3rd: BENLINUS (Heroes/Ares) 2 Jury Votes
2nd: KingTut  (Zeroes/Ares) 3 Jury Votes
Sole Survivor!!!!: thedarkpassanger (Heroes/Ares) 4 Jury Votes
3718 days 16 hours ago
Survivor Japan Results
20th: sawfan1 (Akai) Quit
19th: butiongr08 (Midori) 3-1-1
18th: game77 (Daidaiiro) 3-2
17th: Tottenham9 (Aoi) 3-1-1
16th: avatar3939 (Daidaiiro) 2-1-1
15th/14th: cheese98 (Aoi) 3-1
15th/14th: rt72 (Daidaiiro) 2-1
13th: Sloan (Midori) 3-1
12th/11th: gbold1 (Aoi) 2-1
12th/11th: Monica1623 (Daidaiiro) Lost fire making challenge
10th: Dolphinsoccer4 (Aoi/Kuroi) Quit
9th: johnoliver96 (Daidaiiro/Kuroi) 4-2-2 1st member of Jury
8th: harpersisland (Midori/Kuroi) 2-1-1-(3) 2nd member of Jury
7th: mloobs (Akai/Kuroi) 3-2-2 3rd member of Jury
6th: 49288 (Akai/Kuroi) 5-1-1 4th member of Jury
5th: Gaiaphage (Akai/Kuroi) 3-2 5th member of Jury
4th: Insanity17 (Midori/Kuroi) 2-1-1 6th member of Jury
3rd: SOMATS (Midori/Kuroi) 1 7th member of Jury
2nd: Leighbee101 (Akai/Kuroi) 0 Jury Votes
Sole Survivor!!!!: DarkTyphoon23 (Aoi/Kuroi) 5 Jury Votes
3718 days 16 hours ago
Survivor El Dorado All Stars Results
20th: LeighBee101 (Pizarro) 9-1-1-1 Double Tribal (1st Voted Out/1st FOY Loser)
19th: MMMMM (Orellana) 5-2 (5th Voted Out/2nd FOY Loser)
18th: Aerothunder (Orellana) 4-3-1-1 (3rd Voted Out/3rd FOY Loser)
17th: Mrlincoln2u (Orellana) 5-2-1 (4th Voted Out/4th FOY Loser) 8th jury member
16th: Sirbeastly (Pizarro) 4-0 (10th Voted Out/5th FOY Loser)
15th: Jigger (Orellana/Pizarro) 4-3 (7th Voted Out/6th FOY Loser)
14th: Mloobs (Orellana/Pizarro) 5-1 (8th Voted Out/4th in Return Challenge)
13th: BENLINUS (Orellana) 3-3-2-2 (Revote 5-3) (2nd Voted Out/3rd in Return Challenge)
12th: Spinner554 (Pizarro) 3-2 (9th Voted Out/2nd in Return Challenge)
11th: KathrineOliver (Pizarro/Conquistador) 5-5-1 (Revote 5-5 lost on countback)
10th: DarkTyphoon23 (Pizarro/Orellana/Conquistador) 5(0)-4-1 1st member of jury
9th: SOMATS (Pizarro/Orellana/Conquistador) 4-3-1-1 2nd member of jury
8th: Bearpatrol (Orellana/Conquistador) 4-4 (Revote 4-4 lost on countback) 3rd member of jury
7th: jogo248 (Pizarro/Orellana/Conquistador) 4-2(1)-1 4th member of jury
6th: Gaiaphage (Orellana/Conquistador) 4-2 5th member of jury
5th: Ireks (Orellana) 3-1-1(0) 6th member of jury
4th: Soiyer *FOY Returnee* (Orellana/FOY/Conquistador) 2-1-1 7th member of jury
3rd: Smiley20 (Pizarro/Orellana/Conquistador)
2nd: Insanity17 (Pizarro/Conquistador) 1 jury vote
Sole Survivor!!!!: Thedarkpassanger (Pizarro/Conquistador) 7 jury votes
3718 days 16 hours ago
Survivor Arctic - Winner Takes All Results
18th: Mhens (Yukaghir) 3-2-1-1-1
17th: TheGreat (Yukaghir) 3-1-1-1
16th: Cubsguy831 (Chukchi) 3-2-2-1-1
15th: Ofl1998 (Chukchi) 5-0
14th: Bigalex1995 (Yukaghir) 6-3-1
13th: Pandaluver333 (Chukchi) 3-1-1
12th: Bblover96 (Yukaghir/Chukchi) 5-2-1
11th: Spike15 (Yukaghir/Chukchi) 3-2-1
10th: Charliescene0214 (Chukchi/Yukaghir/Omayok) 5-1-1-1-1-1
9th: Hippydude126 (Chukchi/Omayok) 4-3-1-1 1st member of jury
8th: Bclrockschamp (Chukchi/Omayok) 4-4 (Revote 5-3) 2nd member of jury
7th: Whizzy029 (Yukaghir/Omayok) 4-2-1 3rd member of jury
6th: Gustawind (Yukaghir/Chukchi/Omayok) 3-2-1 4th member of jury
5th: Endo360 (Chukchi/Yukaghir/Omayok) 2-2(0)-1 5th member of jury
4th: Sergeant (Yukaghir/Omayok) 3-1 6th member of jury
3rd: Bdreezy15 (Chukchi/Omayok) 1-0 7th member of jury
2nd: Epstar59 (Chukchi/Yukaghir/Omayok) Received 1 Jury vote to win
Sole Survivor!!!!: MMAjunkieX (Yukaghir/Omayok) Received 6 Jury votes to win
3676 days 2 hours ago
Survivor Guys vs Girls Results
20th: Zapperz1013 (Macholini) 7-1-1-1
19th: Lassidoggy (Lantana) 3-2-2-1-1-1
18th: Jennigurl300 (Lantana) 8-1
17th: Ameridol (Lantana) 6-1-1
16th: Bdreezy15 (Macholini) 6-3
15th: Qwerty3000 (Macholini) 6-2
Milkisgood (Macholini) 3-2-2 *7th voted out but won return to game challenge*
14th: MattyB (Macholini) 5-1
13th: Whizzy029 (Lantana/Mantana) 6-6(0)
12th: Subfriend (Macholini/Mantana) 6-5(0)-1
11th: 49288 (Macholini/Mantana) 7-2-1-1
10th: Johnoliver96 (Macholini/Mantana) 7-1-1-1 (1st Jury Member)
9th: Mittens (Lantana/Mantana) 5-1-1-1-1 (2nd Jury Member)
8th: Milkisgood (Macholini/Lantana) 6-1-1 (3rd Jury Member)
7th: Leacroft (Lantana/Mantana) 3-2-1-1 (4th Jury Member)
6th: Yingyang (Lantana/Mantana) 4-1-1 (5th Jury Member)
5th: Eshy (Lantana/Mantana) 3-1-1 (6th Jury Member)
4th: SweetRem (Lantana/Mantana) 2-1-1 (7th Jury Member)
3rd: Brittyxx (Lantana/Mantana) Received 1 Jury Vote to Win
2nd: Joshg222 (Macholini/Mantana) Received 2 Jury Votes to Win
Sole Survivor!!!!: Sarge455 (Macholini/Mantana) Received 4 Jury Votes to Win
3632 days 23 hours ago
Survivor Scotland Arch-Rivals Results
20th: Sandman43 (MacKay) - 1st Voted Out 6-1-1-1 - Forfeited Battle
19th: Joel092292 (MacKay) - 3rd Voted Out 5-2-1-1 - Forfeited Battle
18th: Gustawind (MacKay) - 5th Voted Out 7-1 - Lost RA Battle
17th: Bclrockschamp (Chattan) - 4th Voted Out 8-1 - Won RA Battle - Lost 1st RI Duel
16th: Soiyer (Chattan) - 6th Voted Out 6-1-1 - Lost 2nd RI Duel
15th: Bdreezy15 (Chattan) - 2nd Voted Out 5-3-1-1 - Won RA Battle - Won 1st/2nd RI Duel Lost 3rd RI Duel
14th: Sergeant (MacKay) - 7th Voted Out 4-3 - Won RA Battle - Won 3rd RI Duel Lost 4th RI Duel
13th: Jogo248 (MacKay) - 9th Voted Out 5-1 - Won RA Battle - Lost 5th RI Duel - 1st Jury Member
12th: GabCo (MacKay) - 11th Voted Out 5-3-2-1 - Lost RA Battle - 2nd Jury Member
11th: MMMMM (Chattan) Quit
10th: Aerothunder (Chattan) - 8th Voted Out 6-1 - Won 4/5th RI Duel  *Returned*
                                          - 13th Voted Out 5-3-1 - Lost 6th RI Duel - 3rd Jury Member
9th: Spinner554 (MacKay) - 10th Voted Out 6-4(0)-1-1 - Won RA Battle - Lost 6th RI Duel - 4th Jury Member
8th: Kikorus (Chattan) - 15th Voted Out 4-2 - Forfeited Battle
7th: Johnoliver96 (MacKay) - 14th Voted Out 4-3 - Won RA Battle - Lost 7th RI Duel - 5th Jury Member
6th: BENLINUS (MacKay) - 16th Voted Out 5-1 - 6th Jury Member
5th: Sarge455 (Chattan) - 12th Voted Out 5-3-1 - Won RA Battle - Won 6/7th RI Duel *Returned*
                                    - 17th Voted Out 5-3-1 - Lost 6th RI Duel - 7th Jury Member
4th: Leacroft (Chattan) - 18th Voted Out 3-1 - 8th Jury Member
3rd: TylerKeith (Chattan) - 19th Voted Out 1-0 - 9th Jury Member
2nd: Gaiaphage (Chattan) - Received 4 Jury Votes to Win
Sole Survivor!!!!: Milkisgood (MacKay) - Received 5 Jury Votes to Win
3585 days 1 hour ago
Survivor Scandinavia Results
18th: ados707 (Keld) 3-1-1
17th: Hudspith (Ghyll) 2-2-1 Revote 2-1
16th/15th: nashville1998 (Ghyll) 4-0 Double Tribal
16th/15th: Zed55 (Keld) 3-1 Double Tribal
14th: juliusss26 (Syke) 5-0
13th: Danielvk (Keld) 2-1
12th: NicholasDavies (Ghyll/Fell) 4-1
11th: jflora18 (Ghyll/Scaur) 3-1-1
10th: sethpennington (Syke/Fell/Jannock) 5(0)-4-1 1st Jury Member
9th: HotFox1 (Keld/Scaur/Jannock) 5-4 2nd Jury Member
8th: hinata0014 (Syke/Scaur/Jannock) 4-3-1 3rd Jury Member
7th: Joeker (Keld/Fell/Jannock) 4-2-1 4th Jury Member
6th: Dragotistic (Keld/Fell/Jannock) 4-1-1 5th Jury Member
5th: Commando6661 (Ghyll/Scaur/Jannock) 4-1 6th Jury Member
4th: teamjacz (Syke/Scaur/Jannock) 2-2 Revote 2-0 7th Jury Member
2nd: Caliboy (Ghyll/Fell/Jannock) Received 2 votes to win
2nd: Leonine_Divine (Syke/Scaur/Jannock) Received 2 votes to win
1st: Pedlick44 (Syke/Fell/Jannock) Received 3 votes to win
3547 days 23 hours ago
Survivor Hosts vs The Toast Results
20th: talldude_1031 (Toast) 8-2
19th: douggmaciel (Toast) 7-1-1
18th: Kpnna (Hosts) 5-4-1
17th: flamingjoe (Hosts) 5-3-1
16th: Chantra1 (Hosts) 6-1-1?
15th: CaptainTangerine (Hosts) 7-0
14th: turney1805 (Hosts) 6-0?
13th: I_PullDaStrings (Hosts) 3-2?
12th: RShowFreak (Hosts/Tonkawa) 7-4-1
11th: SuitMan13 (Hosts/Tonkawa) 6-3-1-1
10th: Janelle_Pierzina (Hosts/Tonkawa) 7-2-1
9th: QueenDoe (Toast/Tonkawa) 9-0 1st Jury Member
8th: yankeeman311 (Hosts/Tonkawa) 4-2-2 2nd Jury Member
7th: snowflake3 (Toast/Tonkawa) 5-1-1 3rd Jury Member
6th: Ev32 (Toast/Tonkawa) 2-2-0(2) Revote 3-1 4th Jury Member
5th: splozojames50 (Toast/Tonkawa) 3-1-0(1) 5th Jury Member
4th: superman11 (Toast/Tonkawa) 3-1 6th Jury Member
3rd: amf7410 (Toast/Tonkawa) 1-0 7th Jury Member
2nd: Piddu (Toast/Tonkawa) Received 2 Jury Votes to Win
Sole Survivor!!!!: Pattieilikefun (Toast/Tonkawa) Received 5 Jury Votes to Win
3510 days 4 hours ago
Survivor Komodo Island
16th: Bluba164 (Nusa) 4-2-1-1
15th: Flamelord (Nusa) 5-2-1
14th: mrkkkkyle (Sunda) 5-1-1
13th: LegionOfDoom (Sunda 6-1
12th: Glinda (Sunda) 5-1
11th: bwburke94 (Sunda) 5-1
10th: LindsayP (Api) 7-2-1 1st Jury Member
9th: pratty437 (Api) 6-2-1 2nd Jury Member
8th: coolnarwhal88 (Api) 4-3-1 3rd Jury Member
7th: Dane_Williams (Api) 4-2-1 4th Jury Member
6th: Matthew929 (Api) 3-3(0) 5th Jury Member
5th: EliOrtiz1234 (Api) 3-1-1 6th Jury Member
4th: Prozach (Api) 2-2 RV 2-0 7th Jury Member
3rd: themissinglink (Api) Received 0 Jury Votes to Win
2nd: Mearl (Api) Received 2 Jury Votes to Win
Sole Survivor!!!!: Jonofthefunk (Api) Received 5 Jury Votes to Win
3470 days 16 hours ago
Survivor Mesopotamia - Loved Ones

18th: spencer1234 (Ammon) 7-1-1
17th: rachealgirl246 (Ammon) 4-3-1
16th: YogiBoy (Ammon) 6-1
15th: gbpackXLVchamps (Petra) 3-2-1-1-1-1
14th: zabbie (Ammon) 4-1-1
13th: RObbyROb (Petra/Petra) 3-2-1-1
12th: tennisguy1414  (Ammon/Ammon) 5-1
11th: evil_derrick  (Ammon/Ammon) 4-1 1st Member of Jury
10th: Soccer_man9 (Petra/Petra/Unidad) 7-2-1 2nd Member of Jury
9th: taylor112399  (Petra/Petra/Unidad) 5-3-1 3rd Member of Jury
8th: evann (Petra/Petra/Unidad) 5-2-1 4th Member of Jury
7th: xxJaym (Ammon/Ammon/Unidad) 3-2-1-1 5th Member of Jury
6th: BengalBoy (Petra/Ammon/Unidad) 3-2-1 6th Member of Jury
5th: riley070391 (Ammon/Ammon/Unidad) 3-2 7th Member of Jury
4th: 5651Omar (Petra/Petra/Unidad) 3-1 8th Member of Jury
3rd: bclrockschamp (Petra/Petra/Unidad) 1-0  9th Member of Jury
2nd: ShadowBaller000 (Ammon/Ammon/Unidad) Received 2 Jury Votes to Win
Sole Survivor!!!! - Piddu (Petra/Petra/Unidad) Received 5 Jury Votes to Win
3428 days 3 hours ago
Survivor Costa Rica
18th: Realchance (Boruca) 6-2-1
17th: nhulse19 (Boruca) 4-4 RV 4-2
16th: Sharon (Boruca) 3-2-1-1
15th: UndercoverMonk (Boruca) 5-1
14th: Tundra (Bribri) 6-1-1-1
13th: JakeBell (Boruca) 2-2-1 RV 2-1
12th: jag0827 (Bribri) Medically Evacuated (Left for France)
11th: JoshJosh123 (Boruca) 2-2 RV 2-0
10th: manalord (Boruca/Amistad) 6-3-1 1st Member of the Jury
9th: ThaMeowMeow (Boruca/Amistad) 9-0 2nd Member of the Jury
8th: JETTEJ (Bribri/Amistad) 5-1-1-1 3rd Member of the Jury
7th: BestHeroD (Bribri/Amistad) 5-2 4th Member of the Jury
6th: PeaceOut14 (Bribri/Amistad) 6-1 5th Member of the Jury
5th: TDATrentsgroup (Boruca/Amistad) 4-1(0) 6th Member of the Jury
4th: Bruno7272 (Bribri/Amistad) 2-1-1 7th Member of the Jury
3rd: Emily08 (Bribri/Amistad) Received 0 Jury Votes to Win
2nd: karolusmagnus (Bribri/Amistad) Received 3 Jury Votes to Win
Sole Survivor!!!!: 01Gohan (Bribri/Amistad) Received 4 Jury Votes to Win
3366 days 4 hours ago
24th: James/Dolphinsoccer4 (Lost 1st EI Duel) (Gaia's Greats) (Day 7)
23rd: Sean/Ghoul (Lost 2nd EI Duel) (Gaia's Greats) (Day 10)
22nd: Taylor/Taylor112399 (Lost 1st OI Duel) (Bingo's Best) (Day 13)
21st: Ty/Flamelord (Lost 3rd EI Duel) (Gaia's Greats) (Day 16)
20th: Matt/TDATrentsGroup (Lost 2nd OI Duel) (Bingo's Best) (Day 19)
19th: Brandon/Brandonpinzu (Lost 4th EI Duel) (Gaia's Greats) (Day 22)
18th: Jet/Leonine_Divine (Lost 3rd OI Duel) (Bingo's Best) (Day 25)
17th: Lincoln/Mrlincoln2u (Lost 4th OI Duel) (Bingo's Best) (Day 28)
16th: Lea/Leacroft (Lost 5th OI Duel) (Bingo's Best) (Day 31)
15th: RachelReilly1 (Lost 5th EI Duel) (Gaia's Greats) (Day 31)
14th: 49288 (Lost 5th OI Duel) (Bingo's Best) (Day 31)
13th: Splozojames50 (Lost 5th EI Duel) (Gaia's Greats) (Day 31)
**Josh And Zach Re-Enter The Game**
12th: Jacob/Epstar59 (6-5-1) (Bingo's Best/Bee Gee) (Day 33)
11th: Carl/Cmack311 (6-2(3) (Gaia's Greats/Bee Gee) (Day 35)
10th: Tyler/TylerKeith (5-4-1) (Gaia's Greats/Bee Gee) (Day 37)
9th: Joe/Joeker (5-3-1) (Gaia's Greats/Bee Gee) (Day 39)
8th: Josh/UndercoverMonk (1-0(1) (Gaia's Greats/Bee Gee) (Day 41)
7th: Zach/Prozach (2-2-1(2)/4-1) (Bingo's Best/Bee Gee) (Day 43)
6th: Keith/Keitho44 (4-1-1) (Gaia's Greats/Bee Gee) (Day 45)
5th: Alex/01Gohan (2-0(3) (Bingo's Best/Bee Gee) (Day 47)
4th: Jayson/BBlover96 (2-1-1) (Gaia's Greats/Bee Gee) (Day 49)
3rd: Dexter/Thedarkpassanger (Bingo's Best/Bee Gee) Received 0 Jury Votes to Win (Day 50)
2nd: Omar/5651Omar (Bingo's Best/Bee Gee) Received 2 Jury Votes to Win (Day 50)
Sole Survivor!!!!: Mearl/Mearl (Bingo's Best/Bee Gee) Received 6 Jury Votes to Win (Day 50)
3327 days 6 hours ago
Survivor Mozambique
18th: Sajanas300 (Gaza) 4-2
17th: Alyxandra (Niassa) 2-2-1-1 RV 4-0
16th: jacco (Gaza) 4-1
15th: DEADBEATJONAH14 (Gaza) 2-2 RV 1-1 Lost Fire-making Challenge
14th: bowling4fun (Gaza) 2-1
13th: Zbase4 (Niassa) 3-2
12th: Boots22 (Zambezia/Paraíso) 5-5-1-1 RV 6-4
11th: Fern111 (Zambezia/Paraíso) 7-2-1-1
10th: TheGreatJake (Niassa/Paraíso) Medically Evacuated
9th: Hinata0014 (Zambezia/Paraíso) 4-2-2-1 1st Member of Jury
8th: JETTEJ (Niassa/Paraíso) 6-2 2nd Member of Jury
7th: Manipulation (Gaza/Paraíso) 4-3 3rd Member of Jury
6th: Mattkwon1 (Zambezia/Paraíso) 1-1-0(4) RV 2-2 Purple Rock 4th Member of Jury
5th: LoganWorm (Zambezia/Paraíso) 3-2 5th Member of Jury
4th: PeaceOut14 (Gaza/Paraíso) 3-1 6th Member of Jury
3rd: Coach13 (Zambezia/Paraíso) 1-0 7th Member of Jury
2nd: Booyahhayoob (Niassa/Paraíso) Received 2 Jury Votes to Win
Sole Survivor!!!!: Leli14 (Niassa/Paraíso) Received 5 Jury Votes to Win

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Survivor Tuvalu

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