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MOVED: Vampire: The Rebelion (S4)

Season 1: The Awakening
Season 2: The Hunt
Season 3: Hope
Season 4: The Rebelion
Westhaven has been the home to many vampires over the centuries. Within a year everything has changed for this vampiric community. Royals were awakened, witches made themselves known, a hunt for the cure took many lives - mainly supernatural creatures, and even a key that has so many stories, the real one is not known - is at the hand, or better yet on the arm of a saddistic, inuhmane vampire.

Hedgemont is the twin town of Westhaven. It sits by the coast, across the large wild forest separating both towns. Doubled the population, seemingly non-supernatural this town has held it's fair share of secrets. Ran by hunters, and those supernatural creatures smart enough - hid in the town under the hunters' noses. One of the clans at the town - Moon Children, passed on generations came crashing down in a climatic fight between werewolves, vampires and hunters. Collateral damage happened, and half of those involved woke in some forest grounds - Purgatory. Whilst the others, woke back in another Hedgemont area.

One thing is known for sure: nobody is safe. Westhaven or Hedgemont, supernatural or human, alive.. or dead. What's next for this new twin town? What other secrets does it behold?

Keep up with the Vampires;


Episode 1 - Blood Oath
Episode 2 - Underneath the mask
Episode 3 - Deliciously Vicious
Episode 4 - Bloodlust Compulsion
Episode 5 - Kraljica & Lord [FINALE]
-Season 2
Episode 6 - Taking Control
Episode 7 - Croatoan Desire
Episode 8 - Key of Wonders
Episode 9 - Ties That Bind [FINALE]
-Season 3
Episode 10 - Birth, Life, Sex, Demise
Episode 11 - O Negative Lycanthrope
Episode 12 - Fire Cleanses
Episode 13 - Singe Clawing
Episode 14 - Blood VS Furry
Episode 15 - Few & Fangs Between [FINALE]
-Season 4
Episode 16 - Purgatory
Episode 17 - Voyage Rouge
Episode 18 - Vampire God
Episode 19 - Blood Plague

Character name - Username
Role descriptions;

*Amara Mill - Maya10 [DEAD]
*Ashlee Erinhood - Kaylee21 [DEAD]
Blake Johnson - Kkoster001 [Left Town]
Cory Jones - Alex_the_Man #Bajang [Missing/Unknown whereabouts]
Daniella Vinci - Lamontlamar1998 [Left Town]
Madison Montegonery - DanieleD
Sebastian Woolf - Bad18life #Hybrid
Thomas Kent - Piddu #Bajang // #Demon
*Vivianna Brownsen - Shorondabubbles [DEAD]
Willow Moon - iGoddess

Alasia DeFonte// Winter - iGoddess #NowHuman (?)
*Lacey Des Foir - iGoddess [DEAD]
Nicholas Des Foir - Hudspith

-HUMANS //Other creatures-
??? -iGoddess #Demon
Alasia DeFonte// Winter - iGoddess #NowHuman (?)
Alfie White - Archerskyfire #Fairy
Ash Vale - Ohmydays #Hunter [Left town]
Aveline Hawke - Mitsuki
*Cameron Mason - Griraffez [DEAD]
Henry Yates - Bands5656 #KhanWorm [Left town]
Imogen Brent - iGoddess #Psychic
Isaac Lahey - Bulldoggy559 #Werewolf
Jack Carter - Bad18Life
Julie Bennet - Rain848 #Witch
*Lasyie Kroft - Avatar20 #Hybrid [DEAD]
Liam Christiansen - Carraid73 #Hybrid
Mason Saxon - CoalB #Werewolf
Morrigan Enis - Mitsuki #Arachne
Niles Scott - Bulldoggy559 #Werewolf
*Rayne Andrews - Rain848 #Crocotta [DEAD]
Seraphine Shades - Maya10
Scarlett Moon - Avatar20
Tami - iGoddess #Witch

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MOVED: Vampire: The Rebelion (S4)

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