The Foe (Season 1)

The Only Way to Win is To Lie.

1 Winner...

Round 1 -- Minority Voting

Description: In many reality TV shows, to win the game you have to be in the majority or have the majority to support you. But not in this Round.

All participants will vote to a YES/NO question. Every 12 hours, we will count the vote and tally them.

Those who voted :

In Minority : Earns 10 points
In Majority : Loses 10 points
Abstain from vote : Lose 30 points

After 3 days, (6 votings) the bottom contenders will be eliminated. The Top contenders will move to the second round. The key here is to be in the minority. Alliances will not work and you have to strategise not to fall into the abyss of majority.

Good Luck

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  3. Vote to Save: 7th Place2729 days 10 hours ago
  4. Vote To Evict: 7th Place2729 days 10 hours ago
  5. Twist #2 : Three point Stamp Poll2730 days 22 hours ago

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The Foe (Season 1)

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