Tengaged Wives

It's not easy being the wife or girlfriend of a Tengaged Player In this reality tv series, the lifestyle of Tengaged players and their relationships are revealed. From large homes to designer wear Tengaged wives is about the girlfriends exgirlfriends mistresses of tengaged each girl has there own story and drama now they get to meet others just like them will they all get along?Its been a Year since the last time all the girls saw  each other now there back together again for another season with new girls and new drama what could be next for the Tengaged wives.

Cast Members History
Evanna(season 1-5)
Kort(season 1-3)
Ashley(season 2-3)
veronica(season 1)
jenna(season 1)
awesome (season 1)
natalie(season 1)
sarah(season 1)
katie(season 1)
Queen(season 4)
Alice(season 4)
Loria(season 4)
Heather(season 1-4)
Kaylee(season 1-2)
Alyssa(season 1-5)
Nicole(season 1)
Marie(season 1)
Kimberella(season 3)
Racheal(season 1-3)
Charly(season 1-3)
Jenmarie(season 2-5)
Wilma(season 1-5)
GagaLuv(season 1)
Lotta(season 1)

Need help looking for a gif? : https://giphy.com/
Twitter Topic: https://tengaged.com/group/2998-the-elites/forum/topic/8736543

New to Roleplay? Here is a crash course on how you can fall right in with this community.

Creating your Character: https://tengaged.com/group/2998-the-elites/forum/topic/23732665
Approaching a Host: https://tengaged.com/group/2998-the-elites/forum/topic/23732683
How to Roleplay: https://tengaged.com/group/2998-the-elites/forum/topic/23732678

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