Miss Robichaux's Academy

Spin-off of American Horror Story: Coven. Set a few years into the future after apocalypse. Miss Robichaux Academy now opens its doors to BOTH Young witches and warlocks.

Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Scholars is an academy and safe haven for young witches and warlocks. Located in New Orleans, where young witches and warlocks are automatically enrolled once their powers have been uncovered. It is here that they are taught the history of their kind and how to discover and control their abilities.

The Academy was built in 1790 as a private school for privileged girls but was turned into a military hospital during the Civil War. In 1868, Marianne Wharton, the reigning Supreme at that time, the most powerful witch of the generation and a prominent socialite back then, reclaimed the building and reinstated it as a school as a cover-up, but in reality turned it into a safe haven for young witches to learn and hone their powers.

Due to many women of the bloodline choosing not to reproduce, the population dwindled from at most 60 in the academy, to the present of just four girls. In 2014, Supreme witch Cordelia Goode went public about witches, and the number of students at the academy increased to a large number once more.

The Supreme Witch, known more colloquially as the Supreme, is a worldwide recognized status among the witches descending from the Salem witch trials. While most witches possess only a handful of gifts, the Supreme is said to embody multiple, if not all, gifts. Historically, there is said to be only one Supreme per generation (approximately 30–50 years). Part of being a Supreme means no ailments or diseases would harm them. The Supreme role comes with the responsibility of the entire Coven as a leader of the new generation. One of the most important tasks of the Supreme is to identify her successor.

As a new Supreme flowers, the life force of the current regnant gradually fades, which manifests as multiple organ failures, disease, and cancer due to the crippled immune system. In the cases where a new Supreme must rise before the natural death of the incumbent, a ritual known as "The Sacred Taking" is employed; it is a stylized suicide blessed by Coven members. It was developed when the ailing Prudence Mather was not able to make the journey to relocate the Coven to New Orleans during the Salem Witch Trials, and allowed a potential to ascend to Supremacy

Witches are humans gifted with the power to affect change by supernatural or paranormal means, a practice known as "witchcraft". Witches are generally female, though there are a few male witches. Because of their unnatural abilities and supposed connections with dark forces, witches have historically been feared, persecuted, and hunted. Many escaped the Salem witch trials and sought refuge in New Orleans.[40] Among the population of witches, there is always one witch per generation who possesses a class of seven powers considered to be advanced acts of magic. This witch is known as the "Supreme". As the witches settled in their new territory, a rivalry between them and the native Voodoo practitioners arose. The feud is still ongoing in present-day New Orleans.[41] A group of witches are the focus of Coven, in which magic is a genetic heredity that connects a person to the elements and forces of nature in order to practice witchcraft.

It has been attested that the witches of Salem received their power from the Voodoo slave girl Tituba, though evidently, their abilities stem from a genetic affliction that is passed down through bloodlines.[42] During the Salem witch trials in 1692, witches faced persecution and decided to flee south in the midst of the hysteria. However, their ailing Supreme, Prudence Mather, was unable to make the journey and decided to take her own life in a ritual known as the Sacred Taking.[43] This selfless act allowed a new Supreme to take power and lead the Coven to safety, where they eventually settled in New Orleans. The generations of witches to follow would become known as the "Salem descendants".

The governing body of the witches and warlocks, depicted as elders and known as the "Council of Wichcraft". They are responsible for policing witch crimes, the concealment of witchcraft to the uninitiated, and for the welcoming of potential students to Miss Robichaux's Academy.[42] The council only visits the Coven on very important cases, such as the death of another witch.[44]

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