London 2012 Summer Olympic Games

Welcome to the 30th Olympiad! In the group game tengagers will compete to make their mark in Tengaged Olympic history. You will be competing in the following events: Men's 10m, Women's 10m, Men's 200m, Women's 200m, Fencing, Shooting, Javelin Throw, Equestrian, and American Soccer. Each competitor will pick a country (first come first serve), and for team events nations will be randomly paired together. Depending on how many people we have we may do preliminary rounds, or just skip to the finals. A country or team of countries can either win a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Medal. At the end of the game I'll calculate the total medal amount, gold to total ratio, silver to total ratio, and bronze to total ration, and the averages of those to find the winner, who will BE ON MY GIFT LIST!

The Rules For Each Individual Event:

Men's 10m: 1st male player to make 10 posts in a forum. (random gibberish)

Women's 10m: 1st female player to make 10 posts in a forum. (random gibberish)

Men's 200m: 1st male player to post a blog to reach 200 points, and mail me saying so. (blog content can consist of anything)

Women's 200: 1st female player to post a blog to reach 200 points, and mail me saying so. (blog content can consist of anything)

The Rules For Each 1 v 1 Event:

Fencing: A player will face off against a random opponent. They will compete in a forum, they will compete to see who can make a forum post 1st, being 1st in that round gives you a point, the first to 10 points wins.

Shooting: I will make 10-20 active blogs, and on one of those blogs I will have made the comment "Ready!Set!Go!", and the 1st person to comment on that blog "Shoot" will advance, and their opponent will be eliminated.

Javelin Throw: You will face off against a random opponent. This will involve the two of you guessing a distance. I will make up a number (that only I know), that will be the largest distance you can throw/guess. Lets say its 100, if Person #1 throws/guesses 20m, and Person #2 throws/guesses 101m, Person #1 will win because they were the closest to the distance without going over it.

The Rules For Each Team Event:

American Soccer: The team sizes will vary and depend on the amount of people we have. A team will face off against another randomly selected team. They will compete in a forum, the 1st team to have all of its players post a comment in the forum wins the round. Being the 1st team to get every player to comment gives them a point for that round. There are 3 rounds in the 1st half, 3 rounds in the 2nd half, and 1 round in the extra time "half".

The Rules For Individual Timed Events:

Equestrian: In this event you will be competing against other players, but not at the same time. I will give everyone the same command, for example, comment on the top blog, comment on the top design, make a blog post, and finish by making a post in a forum. You will do the task, and I'll be waiting at the forum for your post, with the timer on my phone. Once you return I will stop the timer, check to make sure you did everything, and record your time. (Skipping a task will cause you to redo the task with an added 3.5 second penalty.)

The Rules For Medals:

Everyone will pick a country, and that country will be entered into the medal count, it will consist of every playing nation. You will receive 1 gold medal if you get 1st in an event, 1 silver medal if you get 2nd, 1 bronze medal if you get 3rd, and no medal if you do worse than 3rd. The same thing goes for teams, everyone on that team will receive a gold medal if the get 1st, and so on.

Other rules: I will have a sign-up forum, if you wish to compete in an event you must sign up for it. Also, if I tell something like "you must be online at 8pm EST to compete in the Men's 10m, you must be online in order to compete, unless under special circumstances.

NOTE: I may add other events later on.

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London 2012 Summer Olympic Games

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