TTRS 48: Whodunnit?

Welcome to the 48th Season of the TTRS Franchise!

After another small hiatus, TTRS is back at it! 16 unsuspecting players will enter the Turney Manor in game like none other. In a manor filled with mystery and intrigue all around, players will have to keep a watchful eye. Miss a beat, step, or blink too long and you could end up dead. The goal is simple, to follow the trail of the killer and figure out who is committing these heinous actions. Do you have what it takes to figure out Whodunnit?

Welcome to TTRS 48: Whodunnit?

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Winner: AlexTheGreat (Alex) [Episode 11; Captured Killer- Christian_]
Runner-Up: TheEclipse (Joey) [Episode 11; Murder by Explosion in Movie Theater]
Third Place: bambinoswag (Chase) [Episode 11; Murdered by Strangulation with Video Game Controller]
Fourth Place: EM002 (Eric) [Episode 11; Murdered by Baseball Bat to Head]


5th Place: OATTY3 (Matty) [Episode 10; Murdered by Burning with Flamethrower]
6th Place: WitZ (James) [Episode 10; Murdered by Strangled with a Noose]
7th Place: Insanity17 (Husein) [Episode 9; Murdered by Head Trauma via Metal Baseball Bat] (Did Not Do Quiz)
8th Place: aiwfwyattroh (Wyatt) [Episode 8; Murdered by Snapped Neck from Falling off Ladder]
9th Place: RealJacksonWalsh (Jack) [Episode 7; Murdered by Head Bashed in by Electric Guitar]
10th Place: rawr121 (Anthony) [Episode 7; Murdered by Strangulation with String Bass String]
11th Place: OldNewz (Newz) [Episode 6; Murdered by Severe Head Trauma]
12th Place: Jxhn (John) [Episode 5; Murdered by Hydrogen Sulfide Poisoning]
13th Place: Zinger (Danny) [Episode 4; Murdered by Burning in the Pool] (Did Not Do Quiz)
14th Place: GentlemanG (Ray) [Episode 3; Murdered by Smothering With A Couch Cushion]
15th Place: Lalisa (Chili) [Episode 2; Murdered by Sniper Rifle Triggered via Camera]
15th Place: Rocketokid13 (Billy) [Episode 2; Murdered by Sniper Rifle Triggered via Camera]

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TTRS 48: Whodunnit?

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