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[Season 9]: Ultimate All-Stars

Topic » [Season 9]: Ultimate All-Stars

1315 days 15 hours ago
• Eviction Order •

16th: Steve (2Beastly) [Walked on Day 2, 0-0 vote]
15th: Alex (AlexaVonTrayne) [Evicted on Day 4, 6-5 vote]
14th: Mike (ForceMike1) [Evicted on Day 7, 7-4 vote]
13th: Blake (BurninKu5h) [Ejected on Day 16, 0-0 vote]
12th: Kelly (Kelly0412) [Evicted on Day 10, 10-0 vote; Returned on Day 10; Re-Evicted on Day 17, 5-4 vote]
--------------------------------------------------------JURY BEGINS--------------------------------------------------------
11th: Nick (NickDaBoss) [Evicted on Day 22, 7-1 vote] -- JACOB
10th: Vanessa (iGoddess) [Evicted on Day 22, 5-2 vote] -- JACOB
09th: Jake (MonkeyBoy94) [Evicted on Day 30, Lost in Duel vs Jacob] -- JACOB
08th: Skyler (Skyler_TW) [Evicted on Day 29, 4-2 vote; Returned on Day 30; Re-Evicted on Day 34, 5-0 vote] -- CHANDLER
07th: Sam (BigBrotherFan132) [Evicted on Day 34; 2-1-0 vote] -- JACOB
06th: Jeremy (ladybug5) [Evicted on Day 38; 2-1 vote] -- JACOB
05th: James (splozojames50) [Evicted on Day 39; 1-1 vote] -- CHANDLER
04th: Brandon (Bdreezy15) [Evicted on Day 44; Jacob's choice to evict] -- JACOB
03rd: Dylan (Halloween) [Evicted on Day 45; Jacob's choice to evict] -- CHANDLER
02nd: Chandler (Chandlerp1996) [Runner-Up on Day 45; 6-3 vote]
01st: Jacob (Kpnna) [Evicted on Day 15, 7-3 vote; Returned on Day 15; Winner on Day 45; 6-3 vote]

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