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Final Eviction Order=

15th: Andrea (IceIceBaby) [Evicted on Day 9; 9-3 vote]
14th: Sammy (sammy1172) [Evicted on Day 6; 7-3 vote]
13th: Malcom (Jerard) [Evicted on Day 10; 9-1 vote]
12th: Mike B. (Midknight3baby) [Evicted on Day 10; 5-4 vote]
11th: Avery (totaldramalover3032) [Ejected on Day 14; 0-0 vote]
--------------------------------------------------------JURY BEGINS--------------------------------------------------------
10th: Sam (BigBrotherFan132) [Evicted on Day 17; 5-0 vote] --- JACOB
9th: Anthony D. (anthonyds__) [Evicted on Day 20; 2-2 vote]  --- JACOB
8th: Brian (KOKidd) [Evicted on Day 23; 3-3 vote] --- MIKE S.
7th: Anthony C. (rawr121) [Evicted on Day 26; 4-0 vote] --- MIKE S.
6th: Ryan (wangifold) [Evicted on Day 26; 2-0 vote]  --- JACOB
5th: Zach (ziggyzaggy16) [Evicted on Day 33; 1-1 vote] --- MIKE S.
4th: Jake (MonkeyBoy94) [Evicted on Day 36; Jeremy's choice to evict]  --- JACOB
3rd: Jeremy (ladybug5) [Evicted on Day 39; Mike's choice to evict]  --- JACOB
2nd: Mike S. (ForceMike1) [Runner-Up on Day 43; 5-2 vote]
1st: Jacob (Kpnna) [Winner on Day 43; 5-2 vote]

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