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• Elimination Order •

14th: Sim (SomebodyAwesome) [Eliminated on Day 3; 3-3 vote]
13th: Dylan (Halloween) [Eliminated on Day 8; 5-1 vote]
12th: Sammy (sammy1172) [Eliminated on Day 12; 3-1 vote]
11th: Kylie (Kyliejay) [Eliminated on Day 17; 4-2 vote]
10th: Kaylee (kaylee21) [Ejected on Day 20; 0-0 vote]
9th: Eric (ericdiz2134) [Eliminated on Day 25; 3-1 vote]
8th: Chibi (chibideidara) [Eliminated on Day 28; 5-0 vote]
7th: Brian (cfff) [Eliminated on Day 31; 2-2 vote]
6th: Jeremy (ladybug5) [Eliminated on Day 33; 3-0 vote]
5th: Cirie (CirieFiellds) [Eliminated on Day 36; 2-1 vote]
4th: Skyler (Skyler_TW) [Eliminated on Day 37; 1-0 vote]
3rd: Raina (EEstrada17) [Ejected on Day 38; 0-0 vote]
2nd: Daniel (Dubdubs) [Runner-Up on Day 41]
1st: Mike (ForceMike1) [Winner on Day 41]

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