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hey guys. idk how to do this on wikipedia so since i have an extra group im just doing it here. my series began back near easter of 2011. inspired by top group hosts like BENLINUS, bingo, gabco and MMMM, i was determined to make a popular survivor series. i think i did a pretty damn good job cuz it still continues and i am on my 12th season. each season usually takes about 4-6 weeks. each season is usually named after the theme.

SURVIVOR: YANKEEMANS GAME was the start of it all with 16 contestants with not a lot of twists. Survivor: The Colors was a great idea but it turned out to b a bust cuz a lot of the higher levels werent active. in that season there were 15 players that represented each color level on tengaged. then there was Survivor: USA vs. The World which was pretty successful but witnessed the 1st ulong tribe in the world with players from usa taking on players from the rest of the world. Survivor: Hidden Enemies had a lot of quitters in the beginning but came back to b a decent season. that season had 8 pairs of players with the goal of getting each other out. they were called hidden enemies cuz no 1 else knew the pairs. if u get ur enemy out, u got a hidden immunity idol. Survivor: All Stars brought back the 18 best players to ever play the game. this season had BY FAR the most drama and controversey but was very active and drew great publicity. Survivor: Idol Island had all 18 players start the game off with a hidden immunity idol. i would consider this my favorite season cuz it was extremely active with drama not directed towards me. i wouldnt call Back to the Basics a success because well it wasnt too active until the final 4. Second Chances was 1 of the better seasons becuase there was a lot of drama once the merge happened and everyone wanted to win. plus it was nice seeing players come back that wanted to prove that they were betting than their previous placings. redemption island was very similar to second chances except with new players. started out slow but it got really exciting and drama filled once the merge began. plus it had the biggest rivalry of all time in it. dynamic duos added a new aspect to the game. it tested players ability to perform as a pair. it wasnt 1 of my better seasons but i did have drama in this and a very interesting ending. brains vs. brawn was a classic. 20 of the best to ever play returned to c if they can do better than the last time they played. it put 2 different playing styles up against each other. in the end, the brawn proved superior and dbws became the 1st 2-time winner ever and the 1st unanimous winner.

this series will continue at least to season 15 with possibly more seasons

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