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1762 days 19 hours ago
Rawrrrrrrrr kittens! Rawr I say! For this week's challenge, I want you all to channel your inner animal as this week's theme is "Animal Kingdom Couture!" Your runway looks this week NEED to deliver high-fashion BEAST! Make sure your look is based off of/inspired by an animal that the judges will automatically guess upon first glance and blow us away huns!

1. Create an avatar that best represents "Animal Kingdom Couture!" Unleash your inner lioness, your closeted she-wolf, or maybe even your little peacock.

2. As well as creating your runway look, you will be competing in "Primp My Pet!" where you will be pimping up your very own pet making sure your pet's new looks is fierce, high-fashion and glamorous! You will be primping your pet here - (once you have selected your animal and breed, you can access clothing and accessories by clicking the small arrow located in the middle of the right hand side of the game)!


(Note: The previous rule that allowed you to resubmit your avatars has now been revoked. You have 1 chance and 1 chance only, so make your looks count)!


Gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best WOMAN… WIN!!!!!!!
1762 days 15 hours ago
Here is Donataylor Versace, serving you some bat realness!!

And here is Donataylor's glamorous feline, Allegra. Allegra enjoys playing with her red yarn (Only the red yarn - she's a picky cat) and being a cold bitch like her owner.
1762 days 12 hours ago
Porcupine - Sharp Wit and a Sharp look - Point Point. Dangerous MAMA!
Face Down Ass Up This Time - Party Kitty in the House Tonight.
1762 days 10 hours ago
MEOW I'm serving cutie cat realness hunty! I am majestic. A lady never starts a fight, but they sure know how to finish them!
Joining me is my partner in crime Dee Rama. Sera and Dee take on the world together. While I have a legion of cats at my disposal, I find my comfort in this beautiful horse.
1761 days 23 hours ago

Rehab is pissed after last week, the sweet innocent girly girl is out for vengeance. Giving the judges mad panda realness! No more smiles now bitches! Panda Queen Rehab is on the prowl!

Meet Terracotta! Ms. Panda Queen's trusted mare! Left to die by the evil government of the land after an injury in the fifth drag world war, Rehab healed her back to full health and looks after all her daily needs!

Better go to Rehab girls!
1761 days 23 hours ago
^I wen't for some sexy platinum hair to draw emphasis on the eyes as of course they are famous for their eyes!
1761 days 22 hours ago
The look I went for this week was a different direction from what I originally planned, and I went with a Unicorn (or Pegasus I guess she has wings) and I'm very proud of the end result. Like last week I used a bunch of different elements that in the end came together perfectly in my opinion and I'm just really proud of the direction I took because this is 100% my style. I didn't want to look animal-like at all, more just runway, and I feel like I did that very well while still capturing the theme~


And with my pet, I decided to just go have fun with it and try to make it look like my model would really own this pet, and I feel like she would. Overall my two looks are cohesive and I think it's couture
1761 days 18 hours ago
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Cheetah print is back and it IT. IS. BACK. WITH. A. BANG. 2014 is the year of not only being PHIERCE, but it is the year of being FEARCE and striking fear in the hearts of your enemies. I, Vanessa Church, have once again taken my competitors to church and slain them with my sickening cheetah realness. Order up! The cat is out of the bag and puss is being served for dinner. Bon Apetit!

Introducing, Vanessa Church's faithful bitch...I mean steed, here is the ONE, the ONLY, Sunday Mass! Just like her mama, she was born to not only be different, but to be better than the rest. She got all glammed up for her photoshoot. She has on her fake, big, black eyelashes (Just like Mama Church), her pink saddle (that she will let any man ride), her jaw-dropping pink hooves and LAST BUT NOT LEAST, her gorgeous pink hair extensions that make her pop out from the others.
1761 days 14 hours ago
Today I Am serving Elegant Leopard Print Realness. Diane always has her fishy look to her but with my infamous leopard material i keep handy i think i have this challenge in the bag. Im feeling extra Fierce today. I am pouncing on this runway and i hope the judges see that.

Now my Gurl Bethany De Drame Here is sporting a very elegant midnight cheetah print kinda look if you feel me. Bethany loves leopard like print like her mother and is looking beautiful as ever.
1761 days 11 hours ago
Well this week I had a few different ideas but I decided I was going to go with a deer. It's very campy and fun, unlike that gothic-esque peacock I had. I feel like this was the challenge to have a lot of fun with, and that's definitely what drew me to the deer more than anything else. She's got her big brown innocent eyes, her antlers, and her white polka dot dress and she's really feeling the fantasy.

I went for a family resemblance with my horse. You see, she's a little confused. I raised this little beauty from the tender age of one and a half, and she had all of her horse mannerisms at first. But as soon as I'd taken care of her for some time... well. She grew white pots! Her hair grew twelve sizes! And her eyelashes even came back. She's also tried to hop around just like her mother! I tell her to be careful all the time, because hopping around is dangerous and it's how I lost both of my pupils! Also, I recognize that my animal isn't "high-fashion" but I did what I thought fit with my runway because it made me feel more comfortable, and I believe that she's fierce and glamorous.
1760 days 23 hours ago
Tasha Salad is back and bronzer than ever this week, serving you some Serengeti Gazelle Realness!

and introducing Tasha's long time and FIERCE sidekick, it's Honey LaCruex!
1760 days 20 hours ago
It must be nice to be able to afford photoshop and stray away from what TENGAGED drag race is about
1760 days 20 hours ago
Stering_butter free mama
1760 days 20 hours ago
Or GIMP 2 lmfao
1760 days 19 hours ago
First we have my horse which I think looks amazing. If the judges don't like it as I will be very upset as I worked so hard on it

Next is my queen which is amazing and if y'all don't like it then that is your problem. I did amazing and I know it. This is my peacock and I think it looks amazing :) good luck :)

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