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1767 days 18 hours ago
Here comes Vanessa Church, ready to take y'all to church. After the apocalypse, she prayed...and prayed...and prayed and then BAM, it hit her. She knew what her ultimate goal in life was. Her lord and savior Jesus Christ had sent her to be a Guardian Angel to protect the innocent human beings from the forces of evil AKA the fellow "Drag Queens" and lead them to the light. Her god transformed her into a beautiful angel goddess, whilst keeping her battle scars, and gave her the power to lead the human race out of darkness and in to the LIGHT. Can I get an amen up in here?

Now, I present to you, Vanessa's best friend and twin sister, Holly Church. She died while fighting the forces of evil alongside her sister Vanessa. Vanessa kept her remains and turned her into a beautiful, GORGEOUS zombie queen. Of course, she isn't quite as breathtaking as her living half, but she still went for a fierce look that resembled her sister's.

1766 days 22 hours ago

With this look I went for a different route than a majority of the other queens most likely. I wanted to avoid looking dead, or like I'd been through hell and back with missing limbs and stuff like that. I kinda see like an everyday woman who had survived the apocalypse and picked herself back up while the world was in disarray. With the back story out of the way, I see her NOW almost as like this bad-ass survivor who kills zombies and trades shit with other survivors and and is kind of like a big anti-hero/public figure after the apocalypse who lives day by day just like everybody else. I know the dress, cape, and skull may look a little pixel-y but I thought the whole ensemble from the hair, face, and clothing worked and created a really accurate representation of the post apocalyptic survivor I saw in my head.

LET'S GO TO THE MAIN STAGE AND POP OUR PUSSIES!!! I just wanted to go for a pretty comical approach with the gigantic lips, extremely over-painted yellow make-up, attitude eyes, and nasty looking hair. I see it as a mix of Detox, Bianca Del Rio, and Tatianna except she's from The Bronx and is looking for some thug daddies to fuck with.
1766 days 21 hours ago
1766 days 21 hours ago
Zimy braid/wonderland eyes/gemma lips = apocalyptic
1766 days 21 hours ago
some people shouldn't talk when they don't have a wig or a mouth

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