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41 days 4 hours ago
This challenge will be LIVE TONIGHT (Sunday).  You can now freely discuss/post what time you want it to be.  Sometime mid-afternoon I will reveal the official time based on suggestions and my schedule.

But before the challenge it is time to choose 2 new Team Captains.  Remember the winning Team Captain will be the Paymaster and the losing Team Captain will automatically be up for Elimination and will only vote in the Vault in the event of a tie.

As always, someone who has been Team Captain cannot be captain again until everyone has done so.

So Gold Team cannot vote for Kelly0412 and Green Team cannot vote for Absol or immaxyman.

Each person has 1 vote and can vote whoever they want on their team that is eligible, even themselves.  You can send me your votes ASAP via Tengaged or Skype.  You have until the challenge start time today or you will be penalized.  Once you send your vote it is LOCKED and CANNOT BE CHANGED, so be sure when you send it.

Remember, Majority Rules.

Good luck.
41 days 1 hour ago
How about 9 PM EST? I think that would be a good time.
40 days 23 hours ago
to me it would be ideal if it was a bit earlier like 8pm est but I can work around 9pm too
40 days 22 hours ago
either of those times r fine 4 me
40 days 21 hours ago
9 PM or earlier would be best for me
40 days 20 hours ago
7 to 9 est pm works for me.
40 days 20 hours ago
I could do 7-8pm est
40 days 19 hours ago
I'm throwing the challenge so I don't care
40 days 18 hours ago
I don't care
40 days 15 hours ago
Tonight's challenge will occur at 8 pm est
40 days 11 hours ago
40 days 11 hours ago
We will begin in a moment.
40 days 11 hours ago
40 days 11 hours ago
40 days 11 hours ago
lets goooo
40 days 11 hours ago
I can now reveal the results of the Team Captain Vote.

Everyone sent in a vote by the deadline.

Player - Vote

Kelly0412                        rodrigueseve
mysterygame2                        rodrigueseve
rodrigueseve                        jman96
HighNoon                        HighNoon
jman96                        jman96
doubledarefan01                        jman96
Absol                        LaFierceBrittany2
Gaiaphagee                        LaFierceBrittany2
LaFierceBrittany2                        LaFierceBrittany2
immaxyman                        LaFierceBrittany2
EmzThorne                        LaFierceBrittany2
SurvivorFan37                        LaFierceBrittany2
purplebb4                        LaFierceBrittany2

With the majority of the votes, jman96 will be the Team Captain for the Gold Team this round and LaFierceBrittany2 will be the Team Captain for the Green Team this round.

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