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40 days 11 hours ago
immaxyman as the Team Captain of the Winning team you are the Paymaster and have the power in this Voiding Ceremony.

GentlemanG, HighNoon, mysterygame2

you are at risk of elimination tonight.

The 3 at-risk players can now publicly post a plea below.

immaxyman it is up to you to decide which of the 3 will be eliminated for whatever reason you see fit.  You can hear what they have to say publicly and/or privately.

You must wait until at least 8 pm est TONIGHT to see and hear their pleas.  After that time you will be allowed to post your decision on which 2 players will get their checks back and remain in the game and which 1 player you have chosen to void their check and thus eliminate them.  You may address them in any order when the time comes.

immaxyman you must post a decision by at least 4 am est TOMORROW (23 hours from now) or you will be individually penalized but remember you must wait until at least 8 pm est before making the decision.

Good luck.

Good luck.
40 days 11 hours ago
Post here which one of the other two should be void. Give good reasons. If your reasons are weak or you fail to answer I'm voiding you.
40 days 7 hours ago
GentlemanG is an annoying gamebot. I think that was apparent when he begged to be a leader. I hate my team and would like them all to go home. A check for Tayvie is a check for the other team. Please and thank you for your consideration.
40 days 6 hours ago
You should void Highnoon. His reasons were retarded how am I am annoying gamebot when we lost the challenge and only 5 people voted me and all I did was ask in the game chat once. He has no ones back and is gonna be a horrible presence in this game. If that’s someone you really wanna play with that’s up to you.
40 days 4 hours ago
Issy I think you should save me because Ray can't be a paymaster anytime soon and there's no way Highnoon gets the vote to be captain. If You keep me here I'll save you in the future if you're in my position.
40 days 3 hours ago
Mystery game2 give me a name.
40 days 2 hours ago
At the end of the day you should void Highnoon because he's never going to be paymaster and look out for you in the long run and even if y'all do end up on the same team or at merge he's unreliable and he doesn't pm people
39 days 17 hours ago
Tonight I'll be giving the first check to HighNoon. You are clearly a team player with a heart of gold, you deserve to stay in the game.
39 days 17 hours ago
Ray, Mystery, you're now in the Bottom 2....

Ray... we're both team captains, and I'd feel bad voiding you... but I really don't know where your head's at...

Mystery... I was shocked to see you in this vault, AND you came in with a very weak reasoning which was flat out insulting and shocking to me... it seems like you have little to no drive to continue in this game

Ultimately, I need to make decisions for the long-run. With that being said, tonight... I am voiding....
39 days 17 hours ago
39 days 13 hours ago
It is official.

GentlemanG you have officially been eliminated from RSF Season 51: I Love Money 2.

You will have a chance to re-enter the game when it becomes individual but until then you are eliminated.

To the rest of you, more info on your next challenge posted shortly.

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