RSF Season 51: I Love Money 2

The RSF made a mini return with the introduction of the RSFSSS Series and with the first series wrapped up, it is now time for an official reintroduction.

The RSF Series as you all know it RETURNS!  As RSFSSS1 ends it is time to say hello to RSF Season 51.

The return of the series you all know and love with challenges proper return.

This upcoming season will test you not only in challenges but also politically as you must navigate through the game building relationships.

You will face the game as teams and as individuals but ultimately only one can win.

It is time for the long awaited return of a series format that has not seen the RSF Franchise in some time.

I welcome you all to
RSF Season 51: I Love Money 2!


RSF CHAMPION OF I LOVE MONEY 2 - jman96 (Gold Team/Gold Team/Individual) (Won Race to the Money against SurvivorFan37)

2nd - SurvivorFan37 (Green Team/Green Team/Individual) (Lost Race to the Money to jman96)

3rd - EmzThorne (Green Team->Gold Team/Gold Team/Individual) (Eliminated via Jury Vote)
4th - rodrigueseve (Gold Team/Gold Team/Individual) (Voided by SurvivorFan37)
5th - Gaiaphagee (Green Team/Green Team/Individual) (Voided by jman96)
6th - mysterygame2 (Gold Team/Green Team/Individual) (Voided by Gaiaphagee)
7th - Absol (Green Team/Green Team/Individual) (Voided by rodrigueseve)
8th - Kelly0412 (Gold Team/Green Team/Individual) (Voided by rodrigueseve)
9th - immaxyman (Green Team/Gold Team/Individual) (Voided by jman96)
*mysterygame2 earns spot back in the game*
OUT - mysterygame2  (Gold Team/Green Team) (Voided by jman96)
10th - LaFierceBrittany2 (Green Team/Gold Team) (Voided by mysterygame2)
11th - HighNoon (Gold Team->Green Team) (QUIT)
12th - doubledarefan01 (Gold Team) (Voided by SurvivorFan37)
13th - purplebb4 (Green Team) (QUIT)
14th - GentlemanG (Gold Team) (Voided by immaxyman)

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RSF Season 51: I Love Money 2

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