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109 days 8 hours ago
This challenge will see Societies battle in a test of PHYSICAL and SOCIAL ability.

It will test the endurance/speed of the team as well as your communication with each other.

It is called Society Cycle.

This challenge will be played WITHIN EACH SOCIETY thus you will NOT know your competition is doing.

The challenge will start at a random time TODAY.  It will start once I create the official threads in each Society.

In a Society's thread you will simply have to complete as many laps around your Society as possible.

In order to complete 1 lap, ALL MEMBERS of the Society must participate.  When completing a lap EVERY MEMBER of the Society must post the phrase:


So for example in the 1st Lap everyone must post:


When everyone posts the phrase then that Lap is completed and you may start the next Lap.  The order you all post can be any order from Lap to Lap as long as everyone posts once.

This challenge will last over 24 hours and the Society who completes the most laps wins.

If when the deadline hits a Society is in the middle of the Lap then that lap scores as a fraction of however many members participated in it (i.e if 7 of 10 do so then it is 7/10 of a lap).

If the number of laps ends in a tie then whichever Society completed that number of laps first wins.

The Society that completes the most laps the fastest wins this challenge and avoids the normal elimination.  The Leader of the winning Society will have the opportunity to enter a name into the Blacklist.  If there is a Leader change before the elimination deadline, whoever is the Leader by the deadline will be the one to have the opportunity to enter a name into the Blacklist.

The Society that loses will face elimination via their Society's elimination proceedings. 

Use the time between now and the challenge starting to strategize within your Society and form a game plan.

Good luck.
109 days 7 hours ago
I can publicly reveal the current Leaders are:

Madong - Gaiaphagee
Nopdong - RealJacksonWalsh
107 days 17 hours ago
107 days 17 hours ago
Time to see these results!
107 days 17 hours ago
107 days 17 hours ago

Im not beggin for thread but I am beggin for a miracle to happen and for us to have won
107 days 17 hours ago
Challenge 2 Results:

Laps Completed:

4.44 - Madong
3.70 - Nopdong

Congratulations Madong you have won this challenge and avoid the normal elimination.  Gaiaphagee, as the current Leader you currently have the opportunity to enter a name into the Blacklist.  You will have until TOMORROW (Thursday) at 9:30 pm est (28 hours from now) to mail me the name of the person who you want to enter into the Blacklist from your team.  If you choose to not enter a name then simply mail me you choose not to enter a name.  If you do not send a name or say you choose not to enter a name by the deadline then it will be as if you didn't enter a name AND you will be given an individual penalty in the next round.  Once you send your choice you CANNOT CHANGE IT so be sure when you mail me.  HOWEVER, if a rebellion occurs before the deadline then whoever is the current Leader by the deadline must mail their decision no matter how close to the deadline they are elected.  So if you are elected as Leader 5 minutes before the deadline then you must send your choice within those 5 minutes so keep that in mind if you choose to rebel.  IF a Rebellion is still ongoing by the time the deadline hits then the person who is currently Leader makes the choice and if the rebellion started before the deadline is successful then the Leadership will change hands AFTER the decision is made if the Rebellion concludes after the deadline.

Nopdong you have lost this challenge and thus 1 of you will be eliminated.  Each individual will now vote for 1 player on their team they want to be eliminated from the game.  You cannot vote for the current leader, RealJacksonWalsh or for yourself.  Majority rules.  In the event of a tie, the current Leader will cast a tiebreaker vote of those tied.  You will have until TOMORROW (Thursday) at 9:30 pm est (28 hours from now) to mail me the name of the person who you want to eliminate from your team and the season.  Once you send me your choice it CANNOT BE CHANGED so be sure when you mail it.  If you do not vote by the deadline then your vote will count as a self vote and you will receive 1 Strike similar to in the Leader Vote which will contribute to you being entered into the Blacklist.
107 days 17 hours ago
107 days 17 hours ago
Grats guys. Gl other team
107 days 16 hours ago
107 days 16 hours ago
me @ all of nopdong
107 days 16 hours ago
omg we did that
107 days 14 hours ago
Yay team!

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