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113 days 18 hours ago
For this challenge each Society will have the members compete in 1 of 3 different competition styles.

This challenge will be known as Know Your Role.

Before the challenge is posted TOMORROW, each Society will have a chance to strategize and their Leader will have some decisions to make.

I can publicly reveal the current Leaders are:

Madong - Gaiaphagee
Nopdong - Novamax243

For this challenge, it will be based on the 3 main types of challenges you will face this season:

1. Physical - Competitions involving speed, endurance or any online physical game activity
2. Mental - Competitions involving puzzle/critical thinking using words, letters, numbers, shapes or any other puzzle.
3. Social - Competitions involving relationships with people both in and out of the game via spam or strategic games where the moves of others can affect the overall game.

Each society will discuss with each other to determine which players will participate in which tasks. 

4 players will participate in a physical task involving endurance
4 players will participate in a mental task involving a puzzle
3 players will participate in a social task involving spam

Players will discuss in their Societies who will do what but ultimately the Leader will have the Final Say.

So before the challenge is posted just under 24 hours from now the Leaders must send me who does what in each challenge with each member having to participate in 1 task only.  When Leaders send a list they can change it but whatever is most recently sent by the time the challenge is posted is set.

In addition now that Leaders are set this will be the ONLY REMINDER ALL SEASON where I will say you can now search for the Hidden Society Items.  You can search only in the period between the elimination and the challenge posted, and for this 1st round between now and the challenge being posted.  Each person gets 1 guess while Leaders get 3 guesses.  I will reveal results to each individual while the challenge is ongoing.

Good luck.
113 days 6 hours ago
hey just wanted to say my surgery went well and I don't care where im placed. im still doing some stuff so I cant be part of the conmvertsation but I can play :D

112 days 19 hours ago
As stated before this challenge is called, Know Your Role.

There are 3 tasks: a Physical, a Mental and a Social.

The Society that wins at least 2 of these tasks will win this challenge.

Here is how it works


The 4 elected players will compete in a battle of endurance individually done via Tengaged mail.  When an individual is ready to begin they will mail me the phrase:


When they mail me that phrase their time limit of 6 hours will begin.  After the initial mail you must wait AT LEAST 5 MINUTES before mailing me the phrase:


Each time that phrase is sent you will earn 1 point for your Society.  After mailing that phrase you must wait another 5 minutes before mailing it again.  You will do this for at most 6 hours after the timestamp according to the start mail you sent.  If you mail too early (i.e. before a 5 minute wait period) then you will DQ and all points you earned will NOT count towards your Society's total. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am going based off of the Tengaged time stamps and when I receive them.  Note that time stamps can be off by a second or two and even if it is good on your end, I am basing it solely on the timestamp I get it.

The Society who earns the most total points across the 4 players wins the Physical Task.  If there is a tie, we will not count the highest scorer on each Society and judge based on that and so on.


Each of the 4 selected players will have to solve a jigsaw puzzle of this season's logo located here:

This puzzle is a 100 piece puzzle AND the pieces CAN BE ROTATED increasing the difficulty.

Your goal is to solve this puzzle in the fastest time possible.  When you are satisfied with your time, you must take a SCREENSHOT of the finished puzzle with your time AND A WINDOW OPENED TO YOUR LOGGED IN TENGAGED PROFILE.  An example of this type of screenshot is in the group images section.

When you are satisfied with your time, mail me the link to your image.  You get ONLY ONE SUBMISSION via mail, so I suggest mailing it to yourself, making sure the link works and all that before sending it to me as an INVALID link will result in a score of a DQ.  FOR THE SUBMISSION TO COUNT IT MUST BE TITLED:


As always spelling and spacing counts, capitalization does not for the mail title.

The way this will be scored is it will be the average time for each Society so everyone chosen must participate.  I will average out the times for all participating members of a Society and that will be that team's score.  If a player is DQ'd for sending an invalid link their time will be the overall slowest time PLUS 20% of that time.  If a player does not attempt at all then their time will be the overall slowest time PLUS 40% of that time.

NOTE: If I deem that your screenshot was altered in any way (faked, edited, etc.) you will receive a VERY SIGNIFICANT PENALTY that can heavily lead to your elimination.

So play fair.

The Society who has the fastest average time wins the Mental Task.  If there is a tie, we will not count the best time on each Society and judge based on that and so on.


The 3 chosen will have to use their relationships with others outside of the game and even strangers to earn their support.

Each individual will be given a random code word and will need to get as many people who are NOT in the season to mail me the following:


As long as it has the phrase and the code word in the mail then it is good.  Each individual who mails me CAN ONLY SUPPORT 1 OF THE 6 PEOPLE participating in the Spam.

In addition you also need to navigate the social relationship between your teammates BECAUSE while you are spamming to get a high individual number, you must have an EQUAL number across your Society members participating or you incur a penalty. 

The way it will work is for each number of people all members get will equal 1 point to your Society.  This means if each of you get 3 people then that is 3 total points.  Any individual who has more than a fellow teammate will incur a penalty to their Society's score by a penalty of 0.5 points per person they go over.

So for example if the 3 participating members have a total of 3, 4, 4 then the Society earns 3 points because each member got at least 3 people then any number of people over (2 total, 1 from players B and C in the example) will deduct points and in this case it would be 1 point (0.5 points x 2 people over total) meaning the Society would have a score of 2.

The Society who earns the highest score wins the Social Task.  In the event of a tie, we do not count penalty points and the highest score wins.  If that is still tied then whichever individual of the 6 competing had the lowest overall score will LOSE for their Society.


All tasks will need to be FINISHED by 3 am est TOMORROW (Sunday) (just over 24 hours from now). 

The Society that wins at least 2 tasks wins this challenge and avoids the normal elimination.  The Leader of the winning Society will have the opportunity to enter a name into the Blacklist.  If there is a Leader change before the elimination deadline, whoever is the Leader by the deadline will be the one to have the opportunity to enter a name into the Blacklist.

The Society that loses will face elimination via their Society's elimination proceedings. 

Good luck.
112 days 19 hours ago








111 days 19 hours ago



62 - rodrigueseve
59 - Absol
29 - Noxity
28 - EliOrtiz1234


28 - MrPokeguy9
0 (DQ on the 4th mail) - coolexchangestudent
67 - wuau
0 (NO ATTEMPT) - Novamax243

Madong Total - 178
Nopdong Total - 95

MADONG wins the Physical Task and is up 1-0.
111 days 19 hours ago


BritishRomeo17 - NO ATTEMPT
tundrahenry101 - NO ATTEMPT
Jkjkjk15 - NO ATTEMPT


RealJacksonWalsh - 28 minutes, 36 seconds
nick9811 - 22 minutes, 22 seconds
LaFierceBrittany2 - 38 minutes, 20 seconds
splozojames50 - 11 minutes, 59 seconds

As you can see only 1 Society attempted the Mental Task.

Thus the result for this task is clear.

NOPDONG wins the Mental Task and we are tied 1-1.
111 days 18 hours ago


6 - harrywasnak
10 - Patrick319
10 - Gaiaphagee               


2 - TheSexiestDude990
7 - cereal222
2 - Kgamer2218

MADONG - 6 - 0.5*8 = 2
NOPDONG - 2 - 0.5*5 = -0.5

MADONG wins the Social Task and wins 2-1.

Congratulations Madong you have won this challenge and avoid the normal elimination.  Gaiaphagee, as the current Leader you currently have the opportunity to enter a name into the Blacklist.  You will have until TONIGHT (Sunday) at 11:59 pm est (20 hours, 30 minutes from now) to mail me the name of the person who you want to enter into the Blacklist from your team.  If you choose to not enter a name then simply mail me you choose not to enter a name.  If you do not send a name or say you choose not to enter a name by the deadline then it will be as if you didn't enter a name AND you will be given an individual penalty in the next round.  Once you send your choice you CANNOT CHANGE IT so be sure when you mail me.  HOWEVER, if a rebellion occurs before the deadline then whoever is the current Leader by the deadline must mail their decision no matter how close to the deadline they are elected.  So if you are elected as Leader 5 minutes before the deadline then you must send your choice within those 5 minutes so keep that in mind if you choose to rebel.  IF a Rebellion is still ongoing by the time the deadline hits then the person who is currently Leader makes the choice and if the rebellion started before the deadline is successful then the Leadership will change hands AFTER the decision is made if the Rebellion concludes after the deadline.

Nopdong you have lost this challenge and thus 1 of you will be eliminated.  Each individual will now vote for 1 player on their team they want to be eliminated from the game.  You cannot vote for the current leader, Novamax243 or for yourself.  Majority rules.  In the event of a tie, the current Leader will cast a tiebreaker vote of those tied.  You will have until TONIGHT (Sunday) at 11:59 pm est (20 hours, 30 minutes from now) to mail me the name of the person who you want to eliminate from your team and the season.  Once you send me your choice it CANNOT BE CHANGED so be sure when you mail it.  If you do not vote by the deadline then your vote will count as a self vote and you will receive 1 Strike similar to in the Leader Vote which will contribute to you being entered into the Blacklist.


Dukeyy has chosen to quit the game due to personal issues.  The game will continue with Dukeyy eliminated and there will be no replacement.

Good luck.

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