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Society Game will function as two teams competing against each other with each team following different societal structures.  One society will be Nopdong, the society functioning on democracy and the team where the group will have a majority of the control within their own society.  The other society is Madong, the society functioning on dictatorship and the individual where one player will rule the society and have most of the power unless the group sees it fit to dethrone them.


When a round begins, each team will have a leader elected.  For Nopdong, the leader will be decided at the beginning of each round as described in the Nopdong section below.  For Madong, the leader can change at any point in a round and can change several times in a round as described in the Madong section below.  Of everyone in the game, only the leaders of each society are guaranteed to be safe from elimination.

The societies will then compete in a challenge.  The result of the challenge will determine how each team faces Elimination as winning the challenge will NOT secure your safety but can increase the chances you are not eliminated.  The losing team will have one player guaranteed to be eliminated at the end of the round.  The method this occurs is described under each team’s section as the elimination method is different based on what society lost.  The winning team will still be at risk.  The leader of the winning society will be given the opportunity to help eliminate a fellow teammate by way of the Blacklist.

The Blacklist is the 2nd way a player can be eliminated from the season besides being eliminated after losing the challenge.  The leader of the winning society at the end of each round will have the opportunity to enter the name of any other player in their society (not themselves) into the Blacklist.  Once a player’s name has been entered into the Blacklist TWICE they will be ELIMINATED from the season.  The leader will also have the option to NOT enter any name in the Blacklist and choose not to help lead to a player’s elimination.  In addition, Madong players will also have another way to have their name entered into the Blacklist as described in the Madong section.  The leader’s choice for the Blacklist and the number of times a name has been entered will remain PRIVATE until it leads to an elimination meaning when a leader enters a name it will NOT be revealed who or if they entered a name unless it results in an elimination due to that name being entered a second time.

This process will continue for several rounds, the number of which will remain a mystery.  The semi-final round will be different in that the leaders going into the challenge for the semi-final round will be LOCKED and they will be the first set of finalists.  At that point, the power will lie solely with the leaders.  The leaders will then choose ANY TWO people currently still in the game from their society to join them in the Finals.  That is because the Finals will consist of each society competing against each other in a 3 vs 3 multi part team Final Challenge with the winning Society earning the title of RSF Champion.  Anyone not chosen at that point will be eliminated.

If at ANY POINT in the competition a team is narrowed down to 3 players in their Society before the Semi-Final round then any future Resident Swaps will be CANCELLED.  Those players remaining in that Society will then GUARANTEE their spots in the Final Challenge and the remaining rounds will play out as normal with that society still playing challenges but not having to participate in eliminations.  They will compete to potentially affect how the other Society has to lose players, either via normal elimination (if that society loses) or the Blacklist (if that society wins).

The Final Challenge will be a multi part challenge where the Society that wins will earn the title of RSF Champion and end the season as winners.  Thus, we are guaranteed to have 6 finalists and 3 champions.
123 days 21 hours ago

Each society will be placed in their own Tengaged group which only members of the Society will be allowed to view.  As players join or are eliminated from their Society they will be removed from the group.  Finalists of each Society will be made admins of the group when the season is over to do with the group whatever they wish.  In these groups is where you will post decisions related to your society except for eliminations and challenges which will occur in the main group.


Nopdong is a team-based society and as a whole will function as such.  Nopdong has the following rules:

--LEADER: Nopdong’s Leader will be determined by a popular vote.  The way it works is when a round begins (immediately after the elimination from the previous round until the challenge), players will vote privately to me via mail who they want to be the leader.  To start, if a player wants to be eligible to be leader and receive votes then in the Society they must post the phrase:


Only players who post this phrase are eligible to receive a vote and once posted they cannot take it back.  The current leader will NOT need to post the phrase as they will automatically be up for re-election and be eligible to receive votes.  Players will vote for any players who posted the phrase or the outgoing Leader and ARE ALLOWED to vote for themselves.  As always with a popular vote, majority rules.  In the event of a tie, whoever the current Leader voted for will be the tiebreaker with that person being the new Leader regardless of how many votes they got.  When I reveal the results, I will NOT reveal who voted for who and will only reveal how many votes each candidate received.  The elected Leader will remain as Leader until the next election at the beginning of the next round where they could remain the Leader or be replaced.  The Leader will be guaranteed safety from that round’s eliminations.

--ELIMINATION: Eliminations on Nopdong will also be held with a popular vote.  If Nopdong loses the challenge then a vote will be held to eliminate a player.  Players will vote for who they want to be eliminated and can vote for anyone EXCEPT themselves or the current Leader.  As always with a popular vote, majority rules.  In the event of a tie, the Leader will cast a tie breaker vote as soon as results are revealed and eliminate one of the tied players.  When I reveal the results, I will NOT reveal who voted for who or even the vote tally, only the eliminated player’s identity will be revealed.  All votes will be revealed at the end of the season (for Leader and for eliminations).


Madong is an individual-based society and as a whole will function as such.  Madong has the following rules:

--LEADER: Madong’s Leader will be determined by the majority of the team and can change at any moment as opposed to a set time on Nopdong.  The first Leader will be determined by a mini-challenge with the winner being the first Leader.  The Leader will then have to choose 2 people to be given possession of a “Key of Rebellion”, with the goal to give them to people they trust.  The holders of the Key of Rebellion are the only players who can initiate a Rebellion against the current Leader to dethrone them.  If a holder of the Key of Rebellion wishes to rebel they will post in their society:


Once the gong is hit, a 1 hour time limit will begin.  Within that 1 hour A MAJORITY OF THE TEAM will need to support the rebellion by posting the phrase:


If a majority of the team hit the gong then the player who initially hit the gong and held the Key of Rebellion has successfully rebelled, will dethrone the current Leader and take over the mantle of Leader.  They will then have to assign the 2 Keys of Rebellion to any other 2 players.  To be clear, if there are an even number of players (such as 8) then a MAJORITY of players must hit the gong (aka 5 of 8) for it to be a successful rebellion.  The time limit is 1 hour meaning once the initial phrase hits 1 hour, 1 minute any other posts hitting the gong will not count.  If a majority of the team does NOT hit the gong, the rebellion is a failure and the person who initiated will suffer the consequences.  Their penalty is that their name will be entered into the Blacklist meaning it will help lead to their potential elimination.  If as a result of the failed rebellion, a player’s name is entered into the Blacklist a 2nd time, it will result in their immediate elimination.  If they are not eliminated due to the failed rebellion, they also lose the Key of Rebellion with the current Leader assigning it to a new player.

In addition, no 2 players can hold the Key of Rebellion for consecutive rounds meaning whenever a round ends (the main elimination occurs), the current Leader must assign the Keys of Rebellion to 2 different players.

Rebellions can be initiated at ANY POINT in a round and Leadership will either remain or change hands as it occurs.  If a rebellion is started less than an hour before an elimination and the time of the elimination deadline hits and the rebellion is still ongoing the current leader will still make the decision but the decision will not be put into action until the Rebellion time frame ends.  The Leader will be guaranteed safety from that round’s eliminations.

--ELIMINATION: Eliminations on Madong will be entirely up to the current Leader.  If Madong loses the challenge, then the decision of who will be eliminated will be left ENTIRELY up to the Leader who will single-handedly eliminate one member from their Society.  They will simply either mail me their decision and anything they want to say and then once the deadline hits either have me post it or they can post it themselves.
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--Blacklist – As described in the Format and Madong Society threads, if a player has their name entered into the Blacklist TWICE they are ELIMINATED from the season.  They can have their name entered either by the Society’s Leader after winning the challenge or by starting an unsuccessful rebellion in the Madong Society.  The number of times a person’s name is entered or who the leader puts in the Blacklist will remain a secret.

--Resident Swaps – At different points in the game there will be resident swaps where players will swap from one society to another.  The Swap will occur on a volunteer basis in that I will reveal a swap at the beginning of a round.  At that point, players will be able to announce within their society group they volunteer to swap.  If only 1 player volunteers, then there is no decision as that player will be the one swapped.  If multiple players volunteer, then the leader of the OPPOSING society will choose which of the volunteers will be brought to their team.  If no one volunteers, the leader of the society will choose ANY PLAYER on their team to be the player to swap.  Anyone in a round can be swapped EXCEPT the Leader who is immune from swapping.  In addition, once a player swaps Societies they are INELIGIBLE to swap back at a future Resident Swap so if you swap it is Final and you are on that Society for the remainder of the game.  Another twist is that when the Resident Swap players are determined, in order to help them integrate in their new Society they will be allowed to choose ANY PLAYER from their own society to join them in swapping societies with the same restrictions in not choosing the Leader or someone who had previously swapped.

--Society Secret Items – Each Society will also have a hidden item within their Society which could be used at any point in the game.  Nopdong’s Secret Item is the Golden Nameplate, which is to be used at the beginning of the round when it is time to determine Nopdong’s Leader.  If a player plays the Golden Nameplate there will be no vote and that player will automatically become the new Leader of the Society for that round and will hold that position for as long as they stay there via the election at the start of each round.  Madong’s Secret Item is the Golden Mallot, which can be used at any point in a round.  If a player uses the Golden Mallot to hit the gong used to initiate rebellions, then that player will overthrow the current Leader and become Leader themselves without requiring a majority of the society to support them.  When the Golden Mallot is used, a rebellion cannot be initiated until the following round begins, thus ensuring the user of the Golden Mallot cannot be immediately overthrown until the next round.  These Secret Items can be used in any round up until Final Leaders are LOCKED in the Semi-Final Round.  If a player is eliminated with the item unused and in their possession, it will be eliminated with them.

        The way to earn the Secret Item will be up to chance.  Each Society will have 100 numbers on a board that will be updated as numbers are taken out.  At the beginning of each round (time before the challenge), players will be allowed to select ONE NUMBER on the board to search.  As an advantage, the current Leader will be given the power to choose THREE NUMBERS in a round.  If multiple players select the same number in a round, then it is allowed, and a random draw will determine the order you search the spot with actual time sent in not playing a factor.  Anytime there needs to be a random draw, all those involved will witness it live via a chatzy randomizer to ensure fairness.  Hidden under 1 of the 100 numbers is the Secret Item and when found I will inform the player they earned the item.  Each round I will NOT BE REMINDING YOU to send in your number guesses meaning it will be ENTIRELY UP TO YOU to mail me your number guesses and remember to send it in.
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NOPDONG Voting Rule:

YOU MUST VOTE.  If you do not send in a vote at all or send in one that is invalid (voting for someone who did not hang their nameplate) you will receive 1 strike.  If you receive TWO STRIKES then you will be penalized by having your name entered into the Blacklist.  After the 1st time, if you get TWO MORE STRIKES you will have your name entered into the Blacklist again and thus be eliminated so make sure to vote.

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