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167 days 21 hours ago
iYBF, Lalisa, GentlemanG

Congratulations.  You have fought hard all season and have now persevered to this point, the Final Evolution.

This Final Evolution will last over a few days with you having to play different portions of the Final, mainly NON-LIVE, and ultimately one of you will earn the title of RSF Champion.

aiwfwyattroh, Christian_, Ethan000

You started this season as Cadres meant to help guide your players and help them show they could achieve the title of Champion.  You have done well this season as at least 1 of your players have gotten to this point with a chance to win.  For this Final Evolution, as all season you are not allowed to participate but can continue to coach your player and advise them to give them the best chance to win because if they win, so will you.

This Final will consist of several different parts.  However, part of it is in your hands.

Each of the PLAYER FINALISTS will now rank all the Circus types from the season in order of most to least like to play:

Attention to Detail

When ranking them from least to most want to play think along the lines of the Circus game that was attached to it.  While the Final portion may not be exactly what the attached challenge was it could be something similar.  I need these lists by TOMORROW (Sunday) at 2 am est.  Once you send me your lists they are LOCKED.  Make sure I know which end is most want to play and which end is least want.

The Final will be posted LATE SUNDAY NIGHT/MONDAY NIGHT depending on my schedule.

You will have a few days to complete it.

Good luck.
167 days 21 hours ago
Typo in the list where Turn is Turn Based
166 days ago
Welcome to your Final Evolution, Earn Your Stripes.

In this Evolution you will be competing in 7 different tasks in order to earn dog tags.  For each task the winner will earn 2 dog tags while the 2nd place finisher will earn 1 dog tag and the last place finisher earns nothing.  After all 7 tasks, the individual with the most dog tags will be crowned the Winner of RSF Season 45: American Grit 2 and earn the title of RSF Champion. 

Now I had you all complete a list ranking all the Circus types this season in order of most to least want to play.  These lists I said would affect a small part of the Final as most was set in place while in actuality only a small part is set and a MAJORITY of the Final will be determined by all 3 lists.

This season is about proving you have grit and that you could fight past adversity to earn the title of RSF Champion.  Thus based on the average rankings of your lists, the 6 LEAST WANTED Circus Types, will be 6 of the 7 parts of the Final with the 7th part made by me with a different aspect.

The parts are as follows:

1. Math - You will compete in the same competition as the Math Circus, which is listed here:
You will compete in this with the same rules but with the following alterations:
--The mail must be titled "FINAL EVOLUTION - MATH"
--Each equation must be DIFFERENT meaning whatever you use as an equation for one cannot be used as another equation no matter if it fits the requirements.
--For Equation 2 (Equal number of + and - signs, you are only allowed to use plus and minus signs)
--You cannot use any of the users that were used by any of the people who competed in this Circus.

2. Luck - This will be mixed with Logic.  You can start this whenever and I will respond as I get it so if I am online it will obviously go by faster.  You will have to solve a 9 digit code which will be a random string of 9 digits (0 to 9).  For each guess you will give me a 9 digit code and I will tell you how many digits are correct (are in the equation) and how many are in the correct position.  In a twist, for a guess to be judged you are NOT ALLOWED to have more than three of the same digit in a guess.  You will be scored based on number of guesses it takes for you to find the 9 digit code.  In the event there is a tie, all those tied will earn the highest number of dog tags available).

3. Endurance - You will compete in the same competition as the Endurance Circus, which is listed here:
The only alteration to the rules will be in the start/finish phrase:
You may start whenever and go as long as you want.

4. Puzzle - For this puzzle you will compete in 1 of the Puzzle Types from the Puzzle Circus, listed here:
You will be competing in the Tap Tap Tap Puzzle (Puzzle 5) i.e. the Morse Code Puzzle but instead of 5 words, the phrase will have 7 words.
For this Puzzle I need to be online for you to compete meaning only during one of the LIVE time frames listed at the bottom of this post.

5. Turn Based - For this part you will compete in the same competition as the Turn Based Circus, listed here:
The rules will be the same but it will be LIVE meaning all 3 of you must agree on a day/time to compete in this when I am also online.  You must choose one of the LIVE time frames listed at the bottom of the post.

6. Creativity - For this part you will compete in the same competition as the Creativity Circus listed here:
You will compete in this with the same rules but with the following alterations:
--The mail must be titled "FINAL EVOLUTION - CREATIVITY"
--Each corner square will now be a point doubler meaning any word using a corner piece will have the amount of points it is worth doubled.
--None of the words may share a square meaning once a square is used for a letter it CANNOT be used for any other word.  That means at most 4 of the words can involve a doubler space (corner)

7. Mystery - This part will remain a mystery until the moment you choose to play it.  It will be LIVE meaning I need to be online when you do it.  You must choose one of the LIVE time frames listed at the bottom of the post.  When you are ready to compete in this, let me know and once I send you the rules of it, your time for this part will IMMEDIATELY begin meaning you won't know what it is until you play. 

IN ADDITION, each of you will also have a DOG TAG DOUBLER meaning you can choose any of the 7 tasks to be your doubler.  You must choose which task this is BEFORE YOU PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF THE 7 TASKS.  If you start a task before choosing your doubler event then you LOSE the right to have a Doubler Event.  The way it works is whichever you choose as your Doubler Event, will have twice as much power meaning however many dog tags you ultimately earn for that event will DOUBLE.  So if you win that event you will earn 4 Dog Tags instead of 2 and if you finish in 2nd you will earn 2 Dog Tags instead of 1. 

You will have until WEDNESDAY at 11 pm est to COMPLETE ALL TASKS.  Any tasks not completed by then will be forfeited and thus you will be penalized ONE DOG TAG meaning you will have 1 Dog Tag deducted from your final score.

For any LIVE Events my availability is as follows:

TODAY (Monday) - NOW until 5 am est.
TOMORROW (Tuesday) - Roughly 1:30 am est to 5 am est.
Wednesday - Roughly 1:30 am est to 5 am est.
Wednesday - Roughly 8 pm est to 11 pm est.

These are rough estimates for when I will be online.

Good luck.
166 days ago
NOTE: For Turn Based, the Round 1 order will be determined by the order you earned a spot in the Finals meaning the order for Round 1 will be from first to last:

166 days ago
IMPORTANT NOTE: Cadres are allowed to give advice but not directly participate in the competition for their player.  For the Mystery Task, only Players will be sent the task when they wish to play it and MUST keep it a secret INCLUDING from their Cadre.
165 days 19 hours ago
If I am delusional...than maybe I’m crazy
165 days 5 hours ago
Due to my Wednesday schedule changing the LIVE window Wednesday night Changes to

10 pm est to 2 am eat meaning the deadline is now 2 am est which will be 3 hours later than normal meaning results will be then as well
165 days 5 hours ago
For Creativity if a word hits multiple point doublers then each counts so 2 of them would be x4
164 days 21 hours ago
so seeing as there's only two options left and the Wednesday 8pm to 11pm was changed to 10pm to 2am, I don't mind doing either of the two options remaining
164 days 7 hours ago
Okay I literally have school during the week I can’t be up until 2am wtf
164 days 1 hour ago
TO BE CLEAR for Math, you cannot use parentheses, etc, just the main symbols (4 math symbols)
163 days 23 hours ago
yas at dibby's impact for the math challenge
163 days 18 hours ago
I can do the Turn Based tonight, I hope you’re all online as well as it’s our last opportunity. Someone make a chat with the 4 of us for tonight.
163 days 18 hours ago
I can do it tonight as well.
163 days 17 hours ago
yep lets do it tonight
163 days 16 hours ago
LOL 3 of my 4 Circus are on here

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