RSF Season 48: Free Agents 2

Throughout the many previous RSF Seasons we have seen many players compete to achieve the title of RSF Champion and few have been able to earn this coveted title multiple times.

These players have shown they had one key trait to help them achieve victory multiple times: adaptability.

Whether they competed as part of a team, as a member of a pair or as an individual they have adapted to the situation in order to help themselves progress in the game and ultimately win.

Now, the RSF Franchise returns for its 48th season to see who can prove they have the adaptability to claim this season's title.

Tune in as we travel to Uruguay to see a fan favorite format return to the RSF Franchise with a key twist to shake up the game.

We will see players battle it out in intense battles and eliminations to claim the coveted title of RSF Champion.

It is time to begin the battle once again as we begin
RSF Season 48: Free Agents 2!!!

*This season will follow the same rules as the season of MTV's The Challenge: Free Agents and the previous season, RSF Season 26: Free Agents but with a VERY IMPORTANT TWIST.  For this season the Draw has been upgraded as now players will face The Double Cross (as seen on MTV'S The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30.

For scheduling the RSF Franchise takes and adjustment as I can now reveal we will follow a set schedule where all daily challenges (one per round) will be NON-LIVE, but all eliminations this season will be LIVE majorly occurring on Wednesdays and Sundays.


RSF CHAMPION OF FREE AGENTS 2 - Christian_ (Won When The Stars Align)

2nd - Lemjam6 (Lost When The Stars Align)
3rd - DBWs (Lost When The Stars Align)
4th - Patrick319 (Lost When The Stars Align)

5th - mysterygame2 (Lost to Lemjam6 in Blokus)
6th - IceBeast (Lost to Patrick319 in Blokus)
7th - MrPokeguy9 (Lost to Patrick319 in Dice of Doom)
8th - Novamax243 (Lost to IceBeast in Dice of Doom)
9th - AlexTheGreat (Lost to DBWs in Gate Guardian)
10th - FrenchMaid (Lost to MrPokeguy9 in Gate Guardian)
11th - rawr121 (Lost to MrPokeguy9 in Connect Four)
12th - EliOrtiz1234 (Lost to FrenchMaid in Connect Four) (DID NOT COMPETE)
13th - GentlemanG (Lost to DBWs in Oppenheimer)
14th - MoooHades (Lost to Lemjam6 in Oppenheimer)
15th - Absol (Lost to Novamax243 in Last Stand)
16th - Skyler_TW (QUIT during Last Stand against GentlemanG)
17th - Lalisa (Lost to rawr121 in The Scales of Justice)
18th - sarge455 (Lost to FrenchMaid in The Scales of Justice) (DID NOT COMPETE)
19th - Ethan000 (Lost to EliOrtiz1234 in Balance Brigade)
20th - jojo7784 (Lost to DBWs in Balance Brigade)
21st - nick9811 (Lost to GentlemanG in Bluffing Battleship)
22nd - AlanDuncan (Lost to Skyler_TW in Bluffing Battleship)
23rd - Vixens (Lost to jojo7784 in Balls In)
24th - Noxity (Lost to EliOrtiz1234 in Balls In)
25th - LaFierceBrittany2 (Lost to Skyler_TW in Chip and a Chair)
26th - jman96 (Lost to AlanDuncan in Chip and a Chair)
27th - immaxyman (Lost to jman96 in Black and White)
28th - BBlover96 (Lost to Novamax243 in Black and White)

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