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Cmack's Survivor History[2nd Generation]

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3026 days 20 hours ago
3026 days 20 hours ago
For 2 years, and 20 seasons, Cmack's Survivor went from being nothing, to ending with the biggest season of all, Mount Olympus. As big as that series was, it ended with what many say was 1 of the most shocking Final Tribal Councils of all time!

After much consideration, I am back, but not on a full time basis.....I will host Survivor seasons that I never have before. Everything is reset, this is a NEW GENERATION of Survivor!!!

18 castaways will battle to win the 1st season of this new generation Survivor!

39 days, 18 people, 1 Survivor!

Cmack311 Presents:

Survivor Nicaragua!

[18]Tommy(tombo01){1st Voted Out, 6-2-1, Day 3}(Espada)
[17]Patricia(patriciasigmond){2nd Voted Out, 5-1-1-1, Day 5}(Espada)
[16]Jayson(BBlover96){3rd Voted Out, 6-3, Day 8}(La Flor)
[15]Alex E(EmoPinata){4th Voted Out, 6-1, Day 11}(La Flor/Espada)
[14]Darcy(Boots22){5th Voted Out, 6-1, Day 14}(La Flor/La Flor)
[13]Gabe(GabCo){6th Voted Out, 4-3, Day 17}(Espada/Espada)
[12]Chris(Gaiaphage){7th Voted Out, 3-3/3-1, Day 17}(La Flor/La Flor)
[11]Jonah(DEADBEATJONAH14){8th Voted Out, 6-5, Day 20}(Espada/Espada/Libertad)
[10]Matt(mattkwon1){9th Voted Out, 5-4-0*, Day 23}(La Flor/La Flor/Libertad)
[9]Miles(irberger24){10th Voted Out, 6-3, Day 25}(La Flor/La Flor/Libertad)
[8]Ty(Flamelord){11th Voted Out, 4-1-0**, Day 28}(La Flor/La Flor/Libertad)
[7]Andrew(Manipulation){12th Voted Out, 6-1, Day 30}(La Flor/La Flor/Libertad)
[6]Rich(sarge455){13th Voted Out, 5-1, Day 33}(Espada/Espada/Libertad)
[5]Eddie(49288){14th Voted Out, 3-2, Day 36}(Espada/Espada/Libertad)
[4]Zach(Prozach){15th Voted Out, 2-2[Lost Tie-breaker], Day 37}(Espada/Espada/Libertad)
[3]Mearl(Mearl){16th Voted Out, 1-0, Day 38}(Espada/Espada/Libertad)
[2]James(splozojames50){Runner-Up, 4 votes to win, Day 39}(Espada/La Flor/Libertad)
[1]Alex J(jag0827){Sole Survivor, 5 votes to win, Day 39}(La Flor/Espada/Libertad)

1: Jonah
2: Matt
3: Miles
4: Ty
5: Andrew
6: Rich
7: Eddie
8: Zach
9: Mearl

Player of the Season: Zach
Sole Survivor: Alex J(5-4)
2991 days 22 hours ago
For 21 seasons, we've been to some of the most amazing locations. From the temples of China, to the waters of Samoa, to the kingdoms of Mount Olympus!

This season, we're going to some of the last untouched land in the world...

18 castaways will do battle in 1 of the most amazing places in Africa

They'll battle eachother in some of the most unimaginable elements....when a game changing twist turns the game upside down

39 days, 18 people, 1 Survivor

Cmack311 presents:

-Earth's Last Eden

[18]Brittany(Dreamer342){2nd Voted Out, 4-2-1-1, Day 5}{Quit, Day 6}(Fang)
[17]Burke(bwburke94){1st Voted Out, 6-2-1, Day 3}{Ejected, Day 9}(Fang)
[16]Matthew(Qwertyioup){3rd Voted Out, 5-1, Day 8}{Ejected, Day 9}(Fang)
[15]Will(CK11){5th Voted Out, 4-2-1, Day 12}{Eliminated, Day 15}(Kota/Fang)
[14]Aly(Alyxandra){6th Voted Out, 4-2, Day 14}{Eliminated, Day 16}(Kota/Fang)
[13]Rose(Glinda){7th Voted Out, 4-3, Day 14}{Eliminated, Day 16}(Fang/Kota)
*Austin(hinata0014){4th Voted Out, 4-1-0*, Day 10}{Returned, Day 16}(Kota)
[12]Alex(01Gohan){8th Voted Out, 6-3-1-1-1, Day 18}{Eliminated, Day 21}(Kota/Kota/Nobag)
[11]Tyler(TylerKeith){10th Voted Out, 6-1-1-1-1, Day 22}{Eliminated, Day 23}(Kota/Kota/Nobag)
[10]Andy(amf7410){11th Voted Out, 6-2, Day 24}{Eliminated, Day 26}(Kota/Kota/Nobag)
[9]Dan(bigbrother101){9th Voted Out, 5-2-2-1-1, Day 20}{Eliminated, Day 28}(Kota/Fang/Nobag)
[8]Nick(manalord){13th Voted Out, 4-3, Day 29}{Eliminated, Day 30}(Fang/Fang/Nobag)
[7]Jake(jakehou97){14th Voted Out, 5-1, Day 31}{Eliminated, Day 32}(Fang/Kota/Nobag)
[6]Josh(joshg222){15th Voted Out, 2-2-1/3-0, Day 33}{Eliminated, Day 35}(Kota/Kota/Nobag)
*Austin(hinata0014){12th Voted Out, 4-3-1, Day 27}{Returned, Day 35}(Kota/None/Nobag)
[5]Corbin(flamergamer8){16th Voted Out, 4-1, Day 36}(Fang/Fang/Nobag)
[4]Austin(hinata0014){17th Voted Out, 2-2[Lost Tie-Breaker], Day 38}(Kota/None/Nobag)
[3]Chris(ChrisLikesTurtles){2nd Runner-Up, 1 vote to win, Day 39}(Fang/Kota/Nobag)
[2]Eddie(49288){Runner-Up, 2 votes to win, Day 39}(Fang/Fang/Nobag)
[1]Jonah(DEADBEATJONAH14){Sole Survivor, 6 votes to win, Day 39}(Kota/Fang/Nobag)

1: Alex
2: Tyler
3: Andy
4: Dan
5: Nick
6: Jake
7: Josh
8: Corbin
9: Austin

Player of the Season: Jonah
Sole Survivor: Jonah(6-2-1)

2964 days 8 hours ago
After 22 seasons, we have seen twists such as Redemption Island, the Outcast Twist, Immunity Idol Island, and more than 100 players have returned to the game to spice things up

We are now entering our 23rd season, and the games are just getting started!

20 seasons ago, a theme was used that pitted Fans of the game against Favorites from the previous 2 seasons. With that in mind, it is time for Round 2

10 Fans that apply to the game will be facing off against 10 players from the last 2 seasons, the “Favorites”

It is the same old game, but with different rules. There are no 2nd chances, no idols, and for the first time in 23 seasons of Cmack’s Survivor, absolutely no twists or turns....just 20 people trying to survive!

39 days, 20 people, 1 Survivor!

Cmack311 Presents:


[20]Katie(murphy2317){1st Voted Out, 9-1, Day 3}(Gota)
[19]Oakley(ofl1998){2nd Voted Out, 6-3, Day 5}(Gota)
[18]Riley(Rileycotter){3rd Voted Out, 7-1, Day 8}(Gota)
[17]Josh(sergeant){4th Voted Out, 4-3, Day 11}(Gota)
[16]Joe(jharrin7887){5th Voted Out, 4-3-1, Day 14}(Gota/Gota)
[15]Rumtin(Rumtin){Quit, Day 15}(Gota/Bikal)
[14]Austin G(Spinner554){6th Voted Out, 6-1, Day 17}(Gota/Gota)
[13]Villy(vhd96){7th Voted Out, 5-1, Day 20}(Gota/Gota)
[12]Jimmy(jimboslice){8th Voted Out, 7-0, Day 20}(Gota/Bikal)
[11]Dylan(Janelle_Pierzina){9th Voted Out, 4-2, Day 22}(Gota/Bikal)
[10]Corbin(flamergamer8){10th Voted Out, 5-4-1, Day 24}(Bikal/Gota/Favorites)
[9]Austin E(hinata0014){11th Voted Out, 5-4, Day 27}(Bikal/Gota/Favorites)
[8]Zach(Prozach){12th Voted Out, 4-4/3-3/PR, Day 30}(Bikal/Bikal/Favorites)
[7]Dan(bigbrother101){13th Voted Out, 4-3, Day 33}(Bikal/Gota/Favorites)
[6]Ty(Flamelord){14th Voted Out, 3-3/2-2/PR, Day 36}(Bikal/Gota/Favorites)
[5]Nick(manalord){15th Voted Out, 2-2-1/2-1, Day 37}(Bikal/Bikal/Favorites)
[4]Eddie(49288){16th Voted Out, 3-1, Day 38}(Bikal/Bikal/Favorites)
[3]Matt(mattkwon1){2nd Runner-Up, 1 vote to win, Day 39}(Bikal/Bikal/Favorites)
[2]Mearl(Mearl){Runner-Up, 2 votes to win, Day 39}(Bikal/Gota/Favorites)
[1]Chris(Gaiaphage){Sole Survivor, 4 votes to win, Day 39}(Bikal/Bikal/Favorites)

1: Corbin
2: Austin E
3: Zach
4: Dan
5: Ty
6: Nick
7: Eddie

Player of the Season: Mearl
Sole Survivor: Chris(4-2-1)
2929 days 23 hours ago
Over the course of 23 seasons, we've been all over the world. We've been to exotic locations, and some of the greatest places Survivor has ever been. This time, we're going where Survivor has never gone before

For the 4th season of this 2nd Generation, we're going to Asia...and we are going to the Land of the Rising Sun

It is here that 16 castaways will compete for the title of Sole Survivor

They'll have to learn to adapt, or they'll be voted out

And this season, the Immunity Idol is back, with an even bigger twist to it than ever before

Surprises around every corner, but only 1 will remain to win the game

39 Days, 16 People, 1 Survivor

Cmack311 Presents:


Voted Out/Returned from Temple
Danny(Chantra1){1st Voted Out, 3-1, Day 3}(Shikoku)
Avatar(avatar3939){4th Voted Out, 2-2/2-0, Day 5}(Hokkaido)
Game(GameTime){5th Voted Out, 2-1, Day 7}(Kyushu)

[16]Alicia(IceIceBaby){2nd Voted Out, 4-0, Day 3}{Eliminated Day 4}(Honshu)
[15]Cirie(Realchance){3rd Voted Out, 3-1, Day 5}{Eliminated Day 6}(Kyushu)
[14]Jake W(Warthhogs){6th Voted Out, 2-2/1-1/PR, Day 7}{Eliminated Day 8}(Hokkaido)
[13]Mariah(MariahAnn){7th Voted Out, 4-2-1, Day 11}(Hokkaido/Honshu)
[12]Ryan(yoster){Removed, Day 14}(Honshu/Honshu)
[11]Game(GameTime){8th Voted Out, 4-1, Day 17}(Hokkaido/Honshu)
[10]Eli(EliOrtiz1234){Quit, Day 20}(Shikoku/Kyushu/Shikaishu)
[9]Avatar(avatar3939){9th Voted Out, 6-2-2, Day 20}(Hokkaido/Honshu/Shikaishu)
[8]Danny(Chantra1){10th Voted Out, 4-4/5-1, Day 24}(Shikoku/Kyushu/Shikaishu)
[7]Davy(Guess_Who){11th Voted Out, 6-1, Day 27}(Hokkaido/Honshu/Shikaishu)
[6]Shaqweefa(coltsfan876){12th Voted Out, 3-0*, Day 30}(Kyushu/Kyushu/Shikaishu)
[5]Jake B(BestHeroD){13th Voted Out, 3-2, Day 33}(Honshu/Honshu/Shikaishu)
[4]Joe(Joeker){14th Voted Out, 2-2/Tie-Break, Day 36}(Honshu/Honshu/Shikaishu)
[3]Robin(Robinhood99){15th Voted Out, 1-0, Day 38}(Shikoku/Kyushu/Shikaishu)
[2]Jayshawna(Jayshawna){Runner-Up, 3 votes to win, Day 39}(Kyushu/Kyushu/Shikaishu)
[1]Johnny(GentlemanG){Sole Survivor, 4 votes to win, Day 39}(Shikoku/Kyushu/Shikaishu)

1: Avatar
2: Danny
3: Davy
4: Shaqweefa
5: Jake B
6: Joe
7: Robin

Player of the Season: Robin
Sole Survivor: Johnny(4-3)
2884 days 22 hours ago

It all started back in August 2010 with a little known white level hosting a game of Survivor!

Today, it reigns as 1 of the longest running groups on this site!

24 seasons have happened, and each resulted in 1 thing, 24 winners have emerged

Among the Survivors, RShowFreak, Gaiaphage, GabCo, DEADBEATJONAH14, and the only 3-time winner of them all, titan24maniac(4 if you count him using a disguise in ZeroToHero)

They all did something that only few have done, and that is win the game!

They also were not alone in making the Finals, as many others have come so close, but failed

Among those who didn't end up winning, Joeker, mattkwon1, Mearl, Jayshawna, 49288, and many more

Then we have some of the best players who never got their chance at winning, as they were voted out too soon

Among them, BestHeroD, manalord, dragotistic, Spinner554, and Robinhood99

While there are countless others who have played, they all share 1 thing in common, the desire to be the Sole Survivor!

For the 25th season, we're bringing back 24 of the best players for another shot at the game. Whether they are returning to win again, or get that Redemption they so desperately is sure to be an incredible fight to the end!

This season however marks the 25th time that players will enter Cmack's Survivor, so it is only fitting that they face the toughest challenges, the toughest players, and overall, the toughest game of their lives!

These All-Stars are coming from all walks of life, but their goal is to be champion

39 Days, 24 People, 1 Survivor!


[24]Jake(BestHeroD){1st Voted Out, 7-1, Day 2}(Balboa)
[23]Danny S(Chantra1){2nd Voted Out, 6-1, Day 5}(Balboa)
[22]Austin G(Spinner554){3rd Voted Out, 3-1-1-1, Day 7}(Balboa)
[21]Corbin(flamergamer8){4th Voted Out, 8-0, Day 8}(Morgan)
[20]Alex J(jag0827){5th Voted Out, 5-2, Day 10}(Morgan)
[19]Alex G(01Gohan){6th Voted Out, 4-1, Day 10}(Balboa)
[18]Andrew(Manipulation){7th Voted Out, 8-1, Day 12}(Morgan/Morgan)
[17]Nick(manalord){8th Voted Out, 5-2-1, Day 15}(Balboa/Morgan)
[16]Robin(Robinhood99){9th Voted Out, 5-3-1, Day 17}(Drake/Drake)
[15]Gabe(GabCo){10th Voted Out, 6-1, Day 19}(Drake/Morgan)
[14]Joe W(Joeker){11th Voted Out, 5-2-1, Day 20}(Drake/Drake)
[13]Ty(Flamelord){12th Voted Out, 4-2, Day 20}(Drake/Morgan)
[12]Jonah(DEADBEATJONAH14){13th Voted Out, 5-4-2-1, Day 22}(Morgan/Drake/Marijuana)
[11]Danny L(Samoa){14th Voted Out, 6-3-1-1, Day 24}(Morgan/Morgan/Marijuana)
[10]Austin E(hinata0014){15th Voted Out, 8-1-0*, Day 26}(Drake/Drake/Marijuana)
[9]James(splozojames50){16th Voted Out, 6-3, Day 28}(Balboa/Drake/Marijuana)
[8]Johnny(GentlemanG){17th Voted Out, 4-3-1, Day 30}(Balboa/Morgan/Marijuana)
[7]Chris(Gaiaphage){18th Voted Out, 4-3, Day 33}(Balboa/Drake/Marijuana)
[6]Dan(bigbrother101){19th Voted Out, 3-2-1, Day 36}(Drake/Drake/Marijuana)
[5]Joe H(jharrin7887){20th Voted Out, 4-1, Day 37}(Morgan/Drake/Marijuana)
[4]Eddie(49288){21st Voted Out, 4-0, Day 38}(Morgan/Morgan/Marijuana)
[3]Matt(mattkwon1){2nd Runner-Up, 2 votes to win, Day 39}(Drake/Morgan/Marijuana)
[2]Bear(bearpatrol){Runner-Up, 2 votes to win, Day 39}(Morgan/Drake/Marijuana)
[1]Mearl(Mearl){Sole Survivor, 4 votes to win, Day 39}(Drake/Morgan/Marijuana)

1: Jonah
2: Danny L
3: Austin E
4: James
5: Johnny
6: Chris
7: Dan
8: Joe H
9: Eddie

Player of the Season: Mearl
Sole Survivor: Mearl(4-2-2)
2833 days 2 hours ago
After 3 years, and 25 seasons, some may ask, what else can we do?

We are going to one of the most exotic locations that we have ever gone to, the Caribbean Islands!

18 new castaways to the 2nd Generation will journey here, where they will battle the elements and each other.

They will also learn of a twist so cruel, and so shocking, that they can go from being in control, to being the next one to go.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 Survivor!

Cmack311 Presents:


[18]Jackson(jacksonjoseph99){1st Voted Out, 7-1-1, Day 3}(Kalinago)
[17]Jacob(BOBROCKS333){2nd Voted Out, 6-1-1, Day 5}(Kalinago)
[16]Brayden(Nightcore){3rd Voted Out, 7-1, Day 8}(Arawak/Arawak)
[15]Tristin(18goingst){4th Voted Out, 4-3-1, Day 10}(Kalinago/Kalinago)
[14]Katie(horrorite){5th Voted Out, 6-1, Day 13}(Arawak/Kalinago/Arawak)
[13]Rob(bryjow123){6th Voted Out, 4-3, Day 15}(Kalinago/Arawak/Kalinago)
[12]Stephen(SimvivoRWay){7th Voted Out, 4-2, Day 18}(Kalinago/Arawak/Kalinago/Arawak)
[11]Michael(totallymicheal){8th Voted Out, 6-0, Day 20}(Arawak/Kalinago/Arawak/Kalinago)
[10]David(SurvivorRulz96){9th Voted Out, 5-3-2, Day 23}(Arawak/Kalinago/Arawak/Kalinago/Lakota)
[9]Amy(CutieAmy){10th Voted Out, 5-4, Day 26}(Kalinago/Arawak/Arawak/Kalinago/Lakota)
[8]Grant(crazyguy711){11th Voted Out, 4-4/3-3/PR, Day 30}(Arawak/Arawak/Arawak/Arawak/Lakota)
[7]Conor(pepster101){12th Voted Out, 4-3, Day 33}(Kalinago/Arawak/Arawak/Kalinago/Lakota)
[6]Sek(staymellow){13th Voted Out, 4-2, Day 36}(Kalinago/Kalinago/Kalinago/Arawak/Lakota)
[5]Snow(Snowgirl57){14th Voted Out, 4-1, Day 37}(Arawak/Arawak/Arawak/Arawak/Lakota)
[4]Wiley(wileycoyote){15th Voted Out, 3-1, Day 38}(Arawak/Arawak/Kalinago/Kalinago/Lakota)
[3]Joshie(JoshJosh123){2nd Runner-Up, 1 vote to win, Day 39}(Arawak/Kalinago/Kalinago/Arawak/Lakota)
[2]Rich(Zed55){Runner-Up, 3 votes to win, Day 39}(Kalinago/Kalinago/Kalinago/Kalinago/Lakota)
[1]Jordan(jbmbb11){Sole Survivor, 4 votes to win, Day 39}(Arawak/Kalinago/Kalinago/Arawak/Lakota)

1: Stephen
2: Michael
3: David
4: Amy
5: Grant
6: Conor
7: Sek
8: Snow
9: Wiley

Player of the Season: Jordan
Sole Survivor: Jordan(4-3-1)
2805 days 4 hours ago
For the 27th season, we have decided to go to a place where there is barely any chance of survival. A place where locals mainly speak Arabic. The 15th most populous country in the world.

Located on the Nile River, the only source of water, this season, we are going to EGYPT!

With the hot climate, and limited shade, this is deemed to be one of the hardest locations of them all.

But not just any regular group of castaways are taking this adventure

16 former castaways who have played before are looking for that 2nd chance to win the game

They come from all sorts of seasons before. They are former finalists, former Jurors, even former pre-jurors, and they are looking for the chance to make it to the end, and win the game once and for all!

They must learn to adapt, or they'll be voted out...again

But it isn't a regular game of Survivor, this one has a twist

For the first time since Season 22, Redemption Island is back, and more complex than ever before!

In the end, only 1 will remain to claim the title of Sole Survivor

39 Days, 16 2nd Chances, 1 Survivor!

Cmack311 Presents:


[16]Eli(EliOrtiz1234){1st Voted Out, 5-2-1, Day 3}{Eliminated, Day 6}(Narmer)
[15]Ali(CutieAmy){3rd Voted Out, 6-0, Day 7}{Eliminated, Day 8}(Narmer)
[14]Joshie(JoshJosh123){4th Voted Out, 4-2, Day 9}{Eliminated, Day 10}(Ahmose/Ahmose)
[13]Britney(millerb7){5th Voted Out, 5-1, Day 12}{Eliminated, Day 14}(Ahmose/Narmer)
[12]Rose(Glinda){6th Voted Out, 4-1-1, Day 12}{Eliminated, Day 14}(Ahmose/Ahmose)
[11]Rich(Zed55){2nd Voted Out, 5-1-1, Day 5}{Eliminated, Day 16}(Narmer)
[10]Rob(bryjow123){8th Voted Out, 4-3-1-1, Day 17}{Eliminated, Day 19}(Ahmose/Ahmose/Hatshepsut)
[9]Eddie(49288){9th Voted Out, 3-3-2/3-2, Day 20}{Eliminated, Day 23}(Ahmose/Ahmose/Hatshepsut)
[8]Danny(Samoa){10th Voted Out, 4-1-1-1, Day 24}{Eliminated, Day 27}(Narmer/Ahmose/Hatshepsut)
[7]Wiley(wileycoyote){7th Voted Out, 8-1-1, Day 15}{Eliminated, Day 30}(Ahmose/Ahmose/Hatshepsut)
[6]Matthew(flamergamer8){11th Voted Out, 5-1, Day 28}{Eliminated, Day 35}(Narmer/Ahmose/Hatshepsut)
*Joe(jharrin7887){12th Voted Out, 3-2, Day 32}{Returned, Day 35}(Narmer/Narmer/Hatshepsut)
[5]Cirie(Realchance){13th Voted Out, 2-2-1/1-1/PR, Day 37}(Narmer/Narmer/Hatshepsut)
[4]Alex(01Gohan){14th Voted Out, 2-2/Tie Breaker, Day 38}(Ahmose/Narmer/Hatshepsut)
[3]Stephen(SimvivoRWay){2nd Runner-Up, 0 votes to win, Day 39}(Narmer/Narmer/Hatshepsut)
[2]Joe(jharrin7887){Runner-Up, 3 votes to win, Day 39}(Narmer/Narmer/Hatshepsut)
[1]Matt(mattkwon1){Sole Survivor, 4* votes to win, Day 39}(Narmer/Narmer/Hatshepsut)

1: Rich
2: Rob
3: Eddie
4: Danny
5: Wiley
6: Matthew
7: Cirie
8: Alex

Player of the Season: Joe
Sole Survivor: Matt(4-3-0)
2670 days 20 hours ago
South of the United States, and north of South America, there is a country that is known for it's food, many different cultures and languages, and it's will to fight for survival.

It is the perfect location for the 28th season of Cmack's Survivor

It is here that 18 castaways will embark on a journey of a lifetime. They will be divided into tribes, and battle for their survival!

They must learn to adapt, or they'll be voted out. In the end, only 1 will remain to claim the title of Sole Survivor!

39 Days, 18 People, 1 Survivor!

Cmack311 Presents:


[18]Samuel(nothingbutrouble){1st Voted Out, 9-0, Day 1}[Puebla]
[17]Matt(mattkwon1){2nd Voted Out, 7-1-1, Day 1}[Toluca]
[16]Julian(Sp33chless){3rd Voted Out, 6-1-1, Day 4}[Toluca]
[15]Ricky(rickyr777){4th Voted Out, 6-2, Day 7}[Puebla]
[14]Eli(EliOrtiz1234){5th Voted Out, 7-0, Day 10}[Puebla]
[13]Cameron(baseball03){6th Voted Out, 5-1-1, Day 13}[Toluca]
[12]Nick(NJKoda1998){7th Voted Out, 4-1-1-0*, Day 16}[Puebla/Estrellas]
[11]Josh(sergeant){8th Voted Out, 6-5, Day 20}[Puebla/Estrellas]
[10]Jette(JETTEJ){9th Voted Out, 8-2, Day 23}[Puebla/Estrellas]
[9]Lincoln(Mrlincoln2u){10th Voted Out, 8-1, Day 26}[Toluca/Estrellas]
[8]JT(Absol){11th Voted Out, 5-1-1, Day 30}[Toluca/Estrellas]
[7]Danny(Chantra1){12th Voted Out, 3-2-1, Day 33}[Toluca/Estrellas]
[6]Tim(terose){13th Voted Out, 2-2-1/2-1, Day 36}[Puebla/Estrellas]
[5]Ray(GentlemanG){14th Voted Out, 2-1-1, Day 37}[Puebla/Estrellas]
[4]Dan(bigbrother101){15th Voted Out, 1-0, Day 38}[Puebla/Estrellas]
[3]Ami(LockerAmi){Medically Evacuated, Day 38}[Toluca/Estrellas]
[2]John(ALLIANCEGUY){Runner-Up, 2 votes to win, Day 39}[Toluca/Estrellas]
[1]Wyatt(aiwfwyattroh){Sole Survivor, 7 votes to win, Day 39}[Toluca/Estrellas]

1: Nick
2: Josh
3: Jette
4: Lincoln
5: JT
6: Danny
7: Tim
8: Ray
9: Dan

Player of the Season: Ray
Sole Survivor: Wyatt(7-2)
2636 days 23 hours ago
Just south of the Arctic Circle, the setting for the 29th season of this series. With a name like Iceland, you would believe it is as cold as ice. But with the high temperatures of maybe 60 degrees, and the lows of 20 degrees, it wasn't cold enough to keep us away!

It is here that the game of Survivor will be played by those seeking a last chance at proving they have what it takes to win it all.

The new castaways will not be alone, as 3 familiar faces are coming back to compete as well. These former players are not here to play the same game as everybody else, they are here to help guide 1 member from the tribe they are assigned, to get to the top and win the entire game.

These 3 players will have a major impact on the way this game is played, as on Day 1, they will handpick the tribes from scratch. But, that doesn't mean they aren't involved with the dynamics of the game.

A 2nd twist is going to turn the game upside down, but if you play your cards right, it won't affect you at all.

39 Days, 24 People, 1 Survivor!

Cmack311 Presents:



#1: Nick J and Alicia Def. Joe
#2: Keith and Alicia Def. Nick J
#3: Alicia and Keith Def. JT and James
#4: Dan F, Alicia, and Tim Def. Keith
#5: Tim Def. Alicia, Dan F, and Ricky
#6: Rich and Fowler Def. Nick M and Brady
#7: John Def. Rich and Fowler
#8: Dan B Def. John and Jette

[24]Joe(Joe1120){1st Voted Out, 5-3, Day 3}(Akranes){Eliminated, Day 3}
[23]Nick J(NJKoda1998){2nd Voted Out, 6-1-1, Day 3}(Selfoss){Eliminated, Day 5}
[22]James(jamesthepezboy){5th Voted Out, 4-1-1-0*, Day 7}(Vogar){Eliminated, Day 11}
[21]JT(Absol){6th Voted Out, 5-1-1, Day 9}(Selfoss){Eliminated, Day 11}
[20]Keith(Keitho44){4th Voted Out, 4-3, Day 5}(Akranes){Eliminated, Day 13}
[19]Brooklyn(Brookie0126){9th Voted Out, 3-2, Day 14}(Vogar/Selfoss){Eliminated, Day 14}
[18]Ricky(rickyr777){10th Voted Out, 4-0, Day 15}(Akranes/Selfoss){Eliminated, Day 16}
[17]Dan F(dragotistic){7th Voted Out, 3-1-0*, Day 12}(Selfoss/Vogar){Eliminated, Day 16}
[16]Alicia(IceIceBaby){3rd Voted Out, 7-1, Day 3}(Vogar){Eliminated, Day 16}
*Tim(terose){8th Voted Out, 4-2, Day 12}(Akranes/Selfoss){Returned, Day 16}
[15]Brady(bradyspaulding16){13th Voted Out,5-0*, Day 20}(Akranes/Vogar/Vogar/Vokranoss){Eliminated, Day 22}
[14]Nick M(manalord){12th Voted Out, 3-3-1/3-2, Day 18}(Selfoss/Selfoss/Vogar){Eliminated, Day 22}
[13]Fowler(Nathan132){11th Voted Out, 6-0*, Day 18}(Selfoss/Selfoss/Akranes){Eliminated, Day 24}
[12]Rich(Zed55){14th Voted Out, 7-1-1-0*, Day 21}(Akranes/Akranes/Akranes/Vokranoss){Eliminated, Day 24}
[11]Jette(JETTEJ){16th Voted Out, 7-3, Day 25}(Vogar/Akranes/Akranes/Vokranoss){Eliminated, Day 27}
[10]John(ALLIANCEGUY){15th Voted Out, 6-1-1-0*, Day 23}(Akranes/Vogar/Vogar/Vokranoss){Eliminated, Day 27}
*Dan B(bigbrother101){17th Voted Out, 4-4-0*/5-2, Day 26}(Vogar/Vogar/Vogar/Vokranoss){Returned, Day 27}
[9]Josh G(joshg222){18th Voted Out, 5-4, Day 28}(Vogar/Vogar/Vogar/Vokranoss)
[8]Dan B(bigbrother101){19th Voted Out, 5-3, Day 30}(Vogar/Vogar/Vogar/Vokranoss)
[7]Wiley(wileycoyote){20th Voted Out, 0-0*/3-2, Day 33}(Selfoss/Selfoss/Akranes/Vokranoss)
[6]Jacob S(Survivor233){21st Voted Out, 4-2, Day 36}(Selfoss/Selfoss/Akranes/Vokranoss)
[5]Jacob B(BOBROCKS333){22nd Voted Out, 4-1, Day 37}(Akranes/Akranes/Akranes/Vokranoss)
[4]Tim(terose){23rd Voted Out, 3-1, Day 38}(Akranes/Selfoss/Vokranoss)
[3]Josh R(sergeant){2nd Runner-Up, 2 votes to win, Day 39}(Vogar/Selfoss/Vogar/Vokranoss)
[2]Ryan(wangifold){Runner-Up, 4 votes to win, Day 39}(Selfoss/Vogar/Vogar/Vokranoss)
[1]Danny(Chantra1){Sole Survivor, 4* votes to win, Day 39}(Vogar/Akranes/Akranes/Vokranoss)

1: Fowler
2: Rich
3: Jette
4: John
5: Josh G
6: Dan B
7: Wiley
8: Jacob S
9: Jacob B
10: Tim

Player of the Season: Tim
Sole Survivor: Danny(4-4-2)
2325 days 20 hours ago
Since August of 2010, over 200 different people have competed in Cmack's Survivor. 23 different players have claimed the ultimate prize, the title of Sole Survivor!

"The winner of Survivor:All-Stars.....Alex(RShowFreak)"
"The winner of Survivor:Redemption Island.....Jayson(BBlover96)"
"The winner of Survivor:Good vs Evil.....Austin(titan24maniac)"
"The winner of Survivor:Tengaged Rules.....Gabe(GabCo)"
"The winner of Survivor:Mystery Island.....Jonah(DEADBEATJONAH14)"
"The winner of Survivor:South Pacific.....Chris(Gaiaphage)"
"The winner of Survivor:Pearl Islands.....Mearl(Mearl)"

With the 30th season on the horizon, 29 games have been won. But, every season comes with those who didn't win, also known as the Losers.

These players fought hard to get deep in the game, but they came up short of the ultimate goal.

So, what would happen if we took those players who won the game, and the players who came so close they could taste it, and put them together?

Will the winners prove just why they won the game in the first place? Or will the losers get the redemption they have been seeking for 29 seasons?

It is the biggest showdown in Cmack's Survivor history, and it will truly be a battle to the end.

30 seasons, and it all comes down to this!

39 Days, 26 People, 1 Survivor!

Cmack311 Presents:


[26]Chris(Gaiaphage){3rd Voted Out, 8-4, Day 6}(Winners)[Eliminated, Day 7]
[25]Gabe(GabCo){4th Voted Out, 8-2-1, Day 8}(Winners)[Eliminated, Day 11]
[24]Rich S(sarge455){6th Voted Out, 4-4-2/5-2, Day 10}(Winners)[Eliminated, Day 11]
[23]Rich Z(Zed55){7th Voted Out, 10-1, Day 12}(Losers)[Eliminated, Day 13]
[22]Michael(MMMMM){2nd Voted Out, 7-5-1, Day 4}(Losers)[Eliminated, Day 15]
[21]Austin H(hinata0014){8th Voted Out, 7-1-1, Day 14}(Winners)[Eliminated, Day 17]
[20]Matthew(flamergamer8){9th Voted Out, 9-1, Day 16}(Losers)[Eliminated, Day 19]
[19]Jonah(DEADBEATJONAH14){12th Voted Out, 4-2-1-1, Day 20}(Winners/Tagi)[Eliminated, Day 21]
[18]Tim(terose){5th Voted Out, 9-3, Day 10}(Losers)[Eliminated, Day 21]
[17]Wyatt(aiwfwyattroh){11th Voted Out, 4-3-1, Day 20}(Winners/Pagong)[Eliminated, Day 23]
[16]Dan B(bigbrother101){13th Voted Out, 4-3, Day 22}(Losers/Pagong)[Eliminated, Day 25]
[15]Jayson(BBlover96){10th Voted Out, 6-1-1, Day 18}(Winners)[Eliminated, Day 25]
*Mearl(Mearl){1st Voted Out, 8-4-1, Day 2}(Winners)[Returned, Day 25]
*Danny(Chantra1){14th Voted Out, 4-3, Day 24}(Winners/Tagi)[Returned, Day 25]
[14]Joe(jharrin7887){15th Voted Out, 11-2-1, Day 27}(Losers/Tagi/Last Tribe)
[13]Nick(manalord){16th Voted Out, 6-5-2, Day 28}(Losers/Pagong/Last Tribe)
[12]Austin T(titan24maniac){17th Voted Out, 6-5-1, Day 30}(Winners/Pagong/Last Tribe)
[11]Ray(GentlemanG){18th Voted Out, 7-4, Day 31}(Winners/Pagong/Last Tribe)
[10]Jacob(BOBROCKS333){19th Voted Out, 8-1, Day 32}(Losers/Pagong/Last Tribe)
[9]Alex(EmoPinata){20th Voted Out, 6-3, Day 33}(Winners/Tagi/Last Tribe)
[8]Danny(Chantra1){21st Voted Out, 4-3-1, Day 34}(Winners/Tagi/Last Tribe)
[7]Ryan(wangifold){22nd Voted Out, 5-2, Day 35}(Losers/Pagong/Last Tribe)
[6]Dan F(dragotistic){23rd Voted Out, 3-2-0*, Day 36}(Losers/Tagi/Last Tribe)
[5]Robin(Robinhood99){24th Voted Out, 3-2, Day 37}(Losers/Tagi/Last Tribe)
[4]Jordan(jbmbb11){25th Voted Out, 2-1-1, Day 38}(Winners/Tagi/Last Tribe)
[3]Stephen(SimvivoRWay){2nd Runner-Up, 0 votes to win, Day 39}(Losers/Pagong/Last Tribe)
[2]John(ALLIANCEGUY){Runner-Up, 3 votes to win, Day 39}(Losers/Tagi/Last Tribe)
[1]Mearl(Mearl){Sole Survivor, 8 votes to win, Day 39}(Winners/Last Tribe)

1: Joe
2: Nick
3: Austin T
4: Ray
5: Jacob
6: Alex
7: Danny
8: Ryan
9: Dan F
10: Robin
11: Jordan

Player of the Season: Mearl
Sole Survivor: Mearl(8-3-0)
1473 days 4 hours ago

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