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Topic » Oh hi

33 days 13 hours ago
It's been a minute, hasn't it?
33 days 13 hours ago
So fun fact, for the last year and a half I have been hosting an ORG along with Mearl and occasionally Chris (Gaiaphagee)...and I have been enjoying it a lot

Our upcoming 8th season is ALL STARS and is going to be incredible, but we are always trying to expand and we had quite a few TG people apply for season 7 this past winter (we cast some, cut others), if anyone around is interested in trying out an ORG if you haven't or if you have and want something super well ran, hit me up on Skype (it's still Cmack311)

Our next game is all stars set to start the end of May and then a newbie season will take place this fall

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Cmack's Survivor(2010-2017)

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