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Topic » Rankings(Updated)

1440 days 20 hours ago
(Just adding on to my original post)

Hey everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying your post-Cmack lives, I know I am!

Anyways, a few things to look forward to over the next few weeks/months

-Ranking all 50 seasons
-Ranking all 50 winners(for each game)
-Ranking Top 20 non-winners
-Ranking all 50 FTCs
-Ranking the Top Moments(not sure if I do 10, 20, 30, 50, etc)

Expect those soon in this group

1440 days 19 hours ago
i suggest a ranking of the top 50 players in general, not regarding just winners or just non-winners
1440 days 19 hours ago
You were talking about something of a Top 20 players that you have in your series back in May. So I think you can make it happen xD
1440 days 19 hours ago
Probably a Top 50 overall, regardless of wins/losses
1098 days 16 hours ago

Likely going to take a month or so to go through everything, but I hope to have a Top 50 list by the time i'm through with it.

Stay tuned for that. If anyone has any other suggestions for other rankings, let me know. I'm open to just about anything
1080 days 9 hours ago
best blindsides or something like that
1080 days 9 hours ago
or top 50 heros and villains
1075 days 19 hours ago
Funny thing is doing a Heroes/Villains ranking is so tough because so many people think they are the opposite of what they were perceived as

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