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Cmack's Survivor History[3rd Generation]

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2167 days ago
2167 days ago
For 30 seasons, we have watched as those you loved and those you loved to hate competed in this series. It seems only right that we make a return to Cmack's Survivor!

We are currently flying high above the Cagayan valley region of the Philippines. Known for being the site of the end of the Spanish-American War, it is one of the largest locations in the Philippines. It is here that we will see the re-birth of Cmack's Survivor!

Starting this season, a whole new way of playing the game of Cmack's Survivor. Idols will be found differently than ever before, brand new challenges will be introduced, but the same be the last one remaining.

18 players will be divided into 3 tribes. They must learn to adapt, or they'll be voted out. In the end, only 1 will remain as the Sole Survivor.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 Survivor

Cmack311 Presents:


[18]: Heather D(Glinda){1st Voted Out, 3-3/4-0}(Solana)
[17]: Brandan F(Maladus1){2nd Voted Out, 3-2}(Solana)
[16]: Frossy Q(QueenFrossy){3rd Voted Out, 4-2}(Luzon)
[15]: Trae C(Stilts12){4th Voted Out, 4-1}(Luzon)
[14]: Nels S(doubledarefan01){5th Voted Out, 5-2}(Luzon/Aparri)
[13]: Liam F(flatl99){6th Voted Out, 6-1}(Aparri/Solana)
[12]: Tim R(terose){7th Voted Out, 4-2}(Solana/Aparri/Aparri)
[11]: Cory L(Lifer107){8th Voted Out, 6-5}(Aparri/Aparri/Solana/Solarrion)
[10]: Cameron X(DrPepsi){9th Voted Out, 7-4}(Luzon/Solana/Aparri/Solarrion)
[9]: Daniel D(DanielzSnooz){10th Voted Out, 6-2-0*}(Aparri/Solana/Aparri/Solarrion)
[8]: Stoner D(Copenhagen){11th Voted Out, 4-3-1}(Aparri/Aparri/Solana/Solarrion)
[7]: Steve S(steve4280){12th Voted Out, 3-2-2}(Luzon/Solana/Aparri/Solarrion)
[6]: Dana M(TotsTrashy){13th Voted Out, 1-1-1-0*/1-1-0/1-1/Purple Rock}(Solana/Solana/Aparri/Solarrion)
[5]: Ray G(GentlemanG){14th Voted Out, 3-0*}(Aparri/Aparri/Solana/Solarrion)
[4]: Jared D(NewNightMare7){15th Voted Out, 2-2/1-1/Lost Tie-Breaker}(Solana/Solana/Solana/Solarrion)
[3]: Julian W(TheSexiestDude990){16th Voted Out, 1-0}(Solana/Solana/Solana/Solarrion)
[2]: James S(jamessmith5){Runner-Up, 2 votes to win}(Luzon/Aparri/Aparri/Solarrion)
[1]: Andrew W(AndrewWeltner){Sole Survivor, 6 votes to win}(Aparri/Aparri/Solana/Solarrion)

1: Tim
2: Cory
3: Cameron
4: Daniel
5: Stoner
6: Ray
7: Jared
8: Julian

Player of the Season: Julian
Sole Survivor: Andrew(6-2)
2147 days 1 hour ago
With the success of Season 31, Cagayan, we have decided to continue into a 32nd season.

We're currently en route to the Port of Rio de Janeiro, where 18 new castaways are ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Known for being the second largest city in Brazil, temperatures reach a scorching 104 degrees. It is here that the 32nd game of Survivor will take place.

The 18 castaways have no idea, but they are not going to be playing this game alone. A couple surprises await these 18 new players, but the same goal in mind, being the last one standing. In the end, only 1 can remain to claim the title of Sole Survivor!

39 Days, 20 people, 1 Survivor!

Cmack311 Presents:

Survivor:Rio de Janeiro!

[20]: Zach H(jayhawk123){1st Voted Out, 9-1}(Leblon)
[19]: Martin H(Hudspith){2nd Voted Out, 5-3-1}(Leblon)
[18]: Eric C(Econ21){3rd Voted Out, 7-2-1}(Tijuca/Tijuca)
[17]: Nick B(Diirez){4th Voted Out, 5-4}(Tijuca/Tijuca)
[16]: Tyler M(Tyler33898){5th Voted Out, 8-0}(Tijuca/Tijuca/Leblon)
[15]: Brady S(bradyspaulding16){6th Voted Out, 5-2}(Leblon/Leblon/Leblon)
[14]: Andrea C(IceIceBaby){7th Voted Out, 4-1-1}(Tijuca/Leblon/Tijuca/Leblon)
[13]: Bob P(islandsurvivor){8th Voted Out, 7-1}(Tijuca/Tijuca/Leblon/Tijuca)
[12]: Zarak Q(Zkboizzz){9th Voted Out, 6-5-1}(Leblon/Tijuca/Leblon/Leblon/Maracana)
[11]: Tyler S(jungleman111){10th Voted Out, 8-2-1}(Tijuca/Leblon/Tijuca/Tijuca/Maracana)
[10]: Marcus L(TheAce){11th Voted Out, 7-3}(Leblon/Leblon/Tijuca/Tijuca/Maracana)
[9]: Emmy-Jay D(geovanycaldeorn){12th Voted Out, 6-2-1}(Tijuca/Leblon/Leblon/Leblon/Maracana)
[8]: Julian W(TheSexiestDude990){13th Voted Out, 4-0*}(Tijuca/Leblon/Leblon/Tijuca/Maracana)
[7]: Joe H(jharrin7887){14th Voted Out, 3-0*}(Tijuca/Leblon/Leblon/Leblon/Maracana)
[6]: Ty M(J0K3R){15th Voted Out, 4-2}(Leblon/Tijuca/Tijuca/Leblon/Maracana)
[5]: Bennett N(coolnarwhal88){16th Voted Out, 3-2}(Tijuca/Tijuca/Tijuca/Leblon/Maracana)
[4]: Marshal M(TheRealSlimShady){17th Voted Out, 3-1}(Leblon/Tijuca/Tijuca/Tijuca/Maracana)
[3]: Jesse M(JesseM){2nd Runner-Up, 1 vote to win}(Leblon/Tijuca/Tijuca/Tijuca/Maracana)
[2]: Jared D(NewNightMare7){Runner-Up, 2 votes to win}(Leblon/Tijuca/Leblon/Tijuca/Maracana)
[1]: Rhys R(AndThenThereWasOne){Sole Survivor, 6 votes to win}(Leblon/Leblon/Tijuca/Tijuca/Maracana)

1: Zarak
2: Tyler S
3: Marcus
4: Emmy-Jay
5: Julian
6: Joe
7: Ty
8: Bennett
9: Marshal

Player of the Season: Rhys
Sole Survivor: Rhys(6-2-1)
2124 days ago
10 seasons ago, we visited one of our favorite locations, Caramoan, Philippines. That featured a season that would go down in history as the only of it's kind in Cmack's Survivor. One tribe completely eliminated before the merge, and another merging as their original tribe. That was then, and this is now.

Since starting the 3rd Generation, we've met players that were destined to succeed, but ultimately came up just short of the title of Sole Survivor, they were definitely fun to watch too...the Favorites!

Coming to compete against them, are players who have yet to leave their mark on this Generation, new players, all who are here to compete, and love the game...the Fans!

Together, they will have to battle the elements, and each other. They must learn to adapt, or they'll be voted out.

Making it's return to Cmack's Survivor this season, Redemption Island. Where voted out players will all have a chance to compete to get back in the game. In the end, only one will remain to claim the title of Sole Survivor!

39 Days, 20 People, 1 Survivor!

Cmack311 Presents:

Survivor:Philippines, Fans vs Favorites III

[20]: James S(jamessmith5){2nd Voted Out, 8-1-1}{Lost Duel #1, 8-6}(Kalabaw)
[19]: Bob P(islandsurvivor){3rd Voted Out, 7-2}{Lost Duel #2, 10-4}(Kalabaw)
[18]: Tico F(ticofernandez){1st Voted Out, 8-1-1}{Lost Duel #3, 8-6}(Tandang)
[17]: Josh K(mman23){4th Voted Out, 8-1}{Lost Duel #4, 7-7/4-3}(Tandang)
[16]: Joe H(jharrin7887){6th Voted Out, 4-3}{Lost Duel #5, 7-7/5-4}(Kalabaw)
[15]: Tyler S(jungleman111){7th Voted Out, 6-1}{Lost Duel #6, 9-5}(Kalabaw/Tandang)
[14]: Dana M(TotsTrashy){8th Voted Out, 4-3}{Lost Duel #7, 10-4}(Kalabaw/Kalabaw)
[13]: Andy F(amf7410){9th Voted Out, 5-1}{Lost Duel #8, 8-6}(Tandang/Tandang)
*Tim R(terose){5th Voted Out, 4-3-1}{Won Duel #8, Returned}(Kalabaw)
[12]: Marcus L(TheAce){10th Voted Out, 10-1-1}{Lost Duel #9, 10-4}(Kalabaw/Kalabaw/Dangrayne)
[11]: Zach B(tuter32){12th Voted Out, 6-3-1}{Lost Duel #10, 8-6}(Tandang/Tandang/Dangrayne)
[10]: Matt S(flamergamer8){13th Voted Out, 7-2}{Lost Duel #11, 9-5}(Tandang/Tandang/Dangrayne)
[9]: Newz O(OldNewz){14th Voted Out, 4-2-1}{Lost Duel #12, 7-7/3-1}(Tandang/Kalabaw/Dangrayne)
[8]: Paul M(Survivorgame1){11th Voted Out, 6-4-1}{Lost Duel #13, 9-5}(Tandang/Kalabaw/Dangrayne)
[7]: Natalie S(OhNatalie){16th Voted Out, 5-1}{Lost Duel #14, 9-5}(Tandang/Kalabaw/Dangrayne)
[6]: Tim R(terose){17th Voted Out, 4-1}{Lost Duel #15, 11-3}(Kalabaw/Dangrayne)
*Cory L(Lifer107){15th Voted Out, 4-3}{Won Duel #15, Returned}(Kalabaw/Tandang/Dangrayne)
[5]: Cory L(Lifer107){18th Voted Out, 4-1}(Kalabaw/Tandang/Dangrayne)
[4]: Mickle P(MicklePickle20){19th Voted Out, 2-1-1}(Tandang/Tandang/Dangrayne)
[3]: Ty M(J0K3R){2nd Runner-Up, 2 votes to win}(Kalabaw/Kalabaw/Dangrayne)
[2]: Missy V(Missalice3){Runner-Up, 3 votes to win}(Tandang/Kalabaw/Dangrayne)
[1]: Cameron X(DrPepsi){Sole Survivor, 4 votes to win}(Kalabaw/Tandang/Dangrayne)

1: Marcus
2: Zach
3: Matt
4: Newz
5: Paul
6: Natalie
7: Tim
8: Cory
9: Mickle

Player of the Season: Tim
Sole Survivor: Cameron(4-3-2)
2088 days ago
For the past 3 seasons, we've seen a total of 46 players take part in the 3rd Generation of Cmack's Survivor. Of these players, 12 have been able to compete for a 2nd time. We've produced 3 winners, all who played well enough to earn the title of Sole Survivor!

This season, we are going to take players from each of those seasons, all of whom haven't won, and have only played one time.

They each have a story of their own. They were blindsided, the Jury awarded someone else the win, or they just didn't have what it took to win it the first time.

No matter what their previous experience was like, they all are coming back to try again, and this time, someone is going to win the game. Also, an old twist will rock the game like never before.

These players found out the hard way last time, so they are going to have to try harder than before to learn to adapt, or they'll be voted out. In the end, only one can remain to claim the title of Sole Survivor!

39 Days, 20 People, 1 Survivor!

Cmack311 Presents:

Survivor:Cambodia, Second Chance!

[20]: Andy F(amf7410){2nd Voted Out, 6-1-1-1}{1st Voted Out, VI}(Bayon)
[19]: Emmy-Jay D(geovanycaldeorn){4th Voted Out, 7-1}{2nd Voted Out, VI}(Bayon)
[18]: Heather D(Glinda){1st Voted Out, 8-1-1}{3rd Voted Out, VI}(Bayon)
[17]: Brady S(bradyspaulding16){6th Voted Out, 5-1}{4th Voted Out, VI}(Bayon)
*Josh K(mman23){3rd Voted Out, 7-3}{Returned}(Ta Keo)
*Zach B(tuter32){5th Voted Out, 5-2}{Returned}(Bayon)
[16]: Nick B(Diirez){8th Voted Out, 5-1-1-1}{5th Voted Out, VI}(Bayon/Bayon)
[15]: Nels S(doubledarefan01){9th Voted Out, 5-1-1}{6th Voted Out, VI}(Bayon/Bayon)
[14]: Tyler S(jungleman111){11th Voted Out, 4-2}{7th Voted Out, VI}(Ta Keo/Bayon)
[13]: Jesse M(JesseM){12th Voted Out, 4-2}{8th Voted Out, VI}(Ta Keo/Ta Keo)
[12]: Zach H(jayhawk123){13th Voted Out, 4-1}{9th Voted Out, VI}(Ta Keo/Bayon)
*Paul M(Survivorgame1){7th Voted Out, 3-3-2/5-1}{Returned}(Ta Keo/Ta Keo)
*Martin H(Hudspith){10th Voted Out, 5-2}{Returned}(Ta Keo/Ta Keo)
[11]: Josh K(mman23){14th Voted Out, 6-5}(Ta Keo/Ta Keo/Sihamoni)
[10]: Joe H(jharrin7887){15th Voted Out, 6-3-1}(Ta Keo/Bayon/Sihamoni)
[9]: Andrea C(IceIceBaby){16th Voted Out, 5-3-1}(Ta Keo/Bayon/Sihamoni)
[8]: Martin H(Hudspith){17th Voted Out, 4-4/3-3/Purple Rock}(Ta Keo/Ta Keo/Sihamoni)
[7]: Paul M(Survivorgame1){18th Voted Out, 4-3}(Ta Keo/Ta Keo/Sihamoni)
[6]: Frossy Q(QueenFrossy){19th Voted Out, 2-1-0*}(Ta Keo/Bayon/Sihamoni)
[5]: Zach B(tuter32){20th Voted Out, 3-0*}(Bayon/Bayon/Sihamoni)
[4]: James S(jamessmith5){21st Voted Out, 3-1}(Bayon/Ta Keo/Sihamoni)
[3]: Tico F(ticofernandez){22nd Voted Out, 1-0}(Bayon/Ta Keo/Sihamoni)
[2]: Steve S(steve4280){Runner-Up, 1 vote to win}(Bayon/Ta Keo/Sihamoni)
[1]: Dana M(TotsTrashy){Sole Survivor, 8 votes to win}(Ta Keo/Ta Keo/Sihamoni)

1: Josh
2: Joe
3: Andrea
4: Martin
5: Paul
6: Frossy
7: Zach B
8: James
9: Tico

Player of the Season: James
Sole Survivor: Dana(8-1)
2057 days 11 hours ago
The Kingdom of Morocco is the most westerly of the North African countries known as the Maghreb - the "Arab West". It has Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, a rugged mountain interior and a history of independence not shared by its neighbors.

It is here that we are bringing back the best of the best. For the last 4 seasons, we've watched as players have done everything they can to get the title of Sole Survivor. Along the way, most players suffered defeat, while just 4 managed to win the game.

This season, we are bringing back the players who stood out more than anyone in their seasons. Heroes, Villains, Winners, Losers, those who want Redemption and Vengeance, to those who want another shot to win again.

This season will prove to be one of the toughest, as all of the players participating know exactly what it is like to get far. For some, they will do well again, for others, they will not be able to last. In the end, only 1 will remain to claim the title of Sole Survivor.

39 Days, 24 People, 1 Survivor!


Survivor 35: Morocco, All-Stars

[24]: Jesse M(JesseM){1st Voted Out, 4-3-1}(Nekor)
[23]: Tim R(terose){2nd Voted Out, 6-2}(Songhay)
[22]: Ray G(GentlemanG){3rd Voted Out, 4-3}(Songhay)
[21]: Marcus L(TheAce){4th Voted Out, 4-2}(Songhay)
[20]: Martin H(Hudspith){5th Voted Out, 4-1}(Songhay)
[19]: Ty M(J0K3R){6th Voted Out, 2-2-1-1-1/2-1}(Nekor)
[18]: Steve S(steve4280){7th Voted Out, 5-4}(Berber/Berber)
[17]: Julian W(TheSexiestDude990){8th Voted Out, 5-2-1}(Berber/Berber)
[16]: Stoner D(Gaiaphagee){Medically Evacuated}(Nekor/Berber)
[15]: Cameron X(DrPepsi){10th Voted Out, 4-2-1}(Berber/Berber/Nekor)
[14]: Newz O(OldNewz){11th Voted Out, 4-2}(Songhay/Berber/Nekor)
*Zach B(tuter32){9th Voted Out, 3-1-1-0*}{Returned}(Nekor/Berber)
[13]: Andrea C(IceIceBaby){12th Voted Out, 3-3-0*/5-3}(Nekor/Nekor/Berber/Lan Astaslem Abadan)
[12]: Dana M(TotsTrashy){13th Voted Out, 5-1-0*}(Berber/Berber/Nekor/Lan Astaslem Abadan)
[11]: Zach B(tuter32){14th Voted Out, 7-3-1}(Nekor/Berber/None/Lan Astaslem Abadan)
[10]: Marshal M(TheRealSlimShady){15th Voted Out, 7-3}(Songhay/Nekor/Nekor/Lan Astaslem Abadan)
[9]: Jared D(NewNightmare7){16th Voted Out, 5-4-1}(Berber/Nekor/Berber/Lan Astaslem Abadan)
[8]: Josh K(mman23){17th Voted Out, 6-2}(Berber/Berber/Berber/Lan Astaslem Abadan)
[7]: Paul M(Survivorgame1){18th Voted Out, 3-2-1-1}(Nekor/Nekor/Berber/Lan Astaslem Abadan)
[6]: Brandan F(Maladus1){19th Voted Out, 3-3/3-1}(Berber/Nekor/Nekor/Lan Astaslem Abadan)
[5]: Tico F(ticofernandez){20th Voted Out, 4-1}(Nekor/Nekor/Berber/Lan Astaslem Abadan)
[4]: Bennett N(coolnarwhal88){21st Voted Out, 2-1-1}(Songhay/Nekor/Berber/Lan Astaslem Abadan)
[3]: Andrew W(AndrewWeltner){22nd Voted Out, 1-0}(Berber/Nekor/Nekor/Lan Astaslem Abadan)
[2]: James S(jamessmith5){Runner-Up, 4 votes to win}(Songhay/Berber/Nekor/Lan Astaslem Abadan)
[1]: Missy V(Missalice3){Sole Survivor, 7 votes to win}(Nekor/Berber/Berber/Lan Astaslem Abadan)

1: Andrea
2: Dana
3: Zach
4: Marshal
5: Jared
6: Josh
7: Paul
8: Brandan
9: Tico
10: Bennett
11: Andrew

Player of the Season: James
Sole Survivor: Missy(7-4)
2028 days 22 hours ago
Coming off of 5 great seasons to start this 3rd Generation, and a successful All-Star season, we are moving on to the 36th overall season.

In Southern Asia, the 7th largest country by area, and home to over 1.2 billion people, India is where we are going next.

For the first time in 4 seasons, we are going back to a completely new cast! 18 brand new players to this generation, all seeking the chance to win it all.

For these castaways, it is sure to be a tough battle as they will learn on Day 1 of what this game has in store for them.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 Survivor!


Survivor 36: India

[18]: Nikki P(Avatar20){1st Voted Out, 6-2-1}(Dahir)
[17]: JB B(_JB_){2nd Voted Out, 8-1}(Akbar)
[16]: Merritt D(SirHandsome){3rd Voted Out, 5-1-1}(Akbar)
[15]: Rose V(TheRoseHorse){4th Voted Out, 5-1}(Akbar)
[14]: Jake K(Jkjkjk15){5th Voted Out, 4-1-1-0*}(Akbar/Akbar)
[13]: Hunter C(HUNTERBC88){Quit}(Akbar/Dahir)
[12]: Dan B(TheDirtyBrock){6th Voted Out, 6-6/5-5/Tie-Breaker}(Dahir/Akbar/Bakavasa)
[11]: Connor "CJ" J(cjuddy){7th Voted Out, 4-1-1-1-1-0*}(Dahir/Akbar/Bakavasa)
[10]: Cameron H(habsfan){8th Voted Out, 6-4}(Dahir/Dahir/Bakavasa)
[9]: Steven L(smackdownisblue){9th Voted Out, 3-3-1-1-1/3-2}(Akbar/Akbar/Bakavasa)
[8]: Jacob K(kekgeek){10th Voted Out, 5-4}(Dahir/Dahir/Bakavasa)
[7]: Michael Z(FairyBoss){11th Voted Out, 4-3}(Akbar/Akbar/Bakavasa)
[6]: James E(WitZ){12th Voted Out, 3-3/4-0}(Akbar/Akbar/Bakavasa)
[5]: Courtney S(TallaRejaei){13th Voted Out, 2-2-0*/2-1}(Dahir/Dahir/Bakavasa)
[4]: Caleb F(flylfy456){14th Voted Out, 3-1}(Akbar/Akbar/Bakavasa)
[3]: Shaniqua P(TheEclipse){2nd Runner-Up, 1 vote to win}(Dahir/Dahir/Bakavasa)
[2]: Felix L(CharlieBibi){Runner-Up, 2 votes to win}(Dahir/Akbar/Bakavasa)
[1]: Darcy P(Boots22){Sole Survivor, 4 votes to win}(Dahir/Dahir/Bakavasa)

1: Dan
2: CJ
3: Cameron
4: Steven
5: Jacob
6: Michael
7: James
8: Courtney
9: Caleb

Player of the Season: Shaniqua
Sole Survivor: Darcy(4-2-1)
2001 days ago
In the history of this series, we've seen some of the biggest game changing twists. From the outcasts, to Redemption Island, to Vengeance Island, and even twist-less seasons. With our 37th overall season on the horizon, it's time for a fresh new twist to the Cmack's Survivor franchise.

We've had seasons with all new players, all returning players, and a mixture between them. But we have never started a season with pre-season relationships that are openly discussed. Thus, Blood vs Water has finally made it's way to this series.

From siblings, to parents and children, to best friends, to's the perfect test to the social game. Will you let your loved one beat you, or will you vote them out in an instant?

39 Days, 22 People, 1 Survivor


Survivor:Blood vs Water!

Alexa B(KingGeek) & Naomi B(C_Shizz96): Sisters
Mel T(me2013) & Sam O(superman11): Friends
Austin M(wildboy12) & Latisha J(Latisha0987): Dating
Eoin E(Eoin) & Macken A(macken): Father and Son
Jackson G(coolranch) & Jaron L(JarBearFTW): Twin Brothers
Al'Licia P(weirdohipsta) & Ian P(ThisIsMyGame): Brother and Sister
Jake B(Lemjam6) & Mike S(Survivor8): Brothers
Lisa C(CurleyLee92) & Timmy P(timtimeytim): Friends
La-Sha Q(Saftronbtr999) & Mamaticha Q(LordJza): Mother and Daughter
Torsa I(Gardenia) & Will S(SurvivorFan37): Friends
Kyle F(mudndawilderness) & Thomas F(RagingBananas): Brothers

[22]: Austin M(wildboy12){1st Voted Out, 10-1}(Tadhana)
[21]: Eoin E(Eoin){2nd Voted Out, 7-3}(Tadhana)
[20]: Thomas F(RagingBananas){3rd Voted Out, 6-4-1}(Galang)
[19]: Jackson G(coolranch){4th Voted Out, 5-2-1-1}(Tadhana)
[18]: Ian P(ThisIsMyGame){5th Voted Out, 7-1}(Tadhana)
[17]: Jaron L(JarBearFTW){6th Voted Out, 9-1}(Galang)
[16]: Mamaticha Q(LordJza){7th Voted Out, 7-1}(Tadhana/Tadhana)
[15]: Al'Licia P(weirdohipsta){8th Voted Out, 6-2}(Galang/Galang)
[14]: Lisa C(CurleyLee92){9th Voted Out, 5-2}(Tadhana/Galang)
[13]: Sam O(superman11){10th Voted Out, 5-2}(Tadhana/Tadhana)
[12]: Latisha J(Latisha0987){11th Voted Out, 6-6/6-4}(Galang/Tadhana/Kasama)
[11]: Kyle F(mudndawilderness){12th Voted Out, 7-4}(Tadhana/Galang/Kasama)
[10]: Will S(SurvivorFan37){13th Voted Out, 6-4}(Tadhana/Tadhana/Kasama)
[9]: Timmy P(timtimeytim){14th Voted Out, 7-2}(Galang/Tadhana/Kasama)
[8]: Alexa B(KingGeek){15th Voted Out, 4-2-2}(Galang/Tadhana/Kasama)
[7]: Naomi B(C_Shizz96){16th Voted Out, 5-3}(Tadhana/Galang/Kasama)
[6]: La-Sha Q(Saftronbtr999){17th Voted Out, 5-1}(Galang/Galang/Kasama)
[5]: Torsa I(Gardenia){18th Voted Out, 4-1}(Galang/Galang/Kasama)
[4]: Macken A(macken){19th Voted Out, 2-2/Tie Breaker}(Galang/Tadhana/Kasama)
[3]: Mel T(me2013){2nd Runner-Up, 1 vote to win}(Galang/Galang/Kasama)
[2]: Mike S(Survivor8){Runner-Up, 3 votes to win}(Tadhana/Tadhana/Kasama)
[1]: Jake B(Lemjam6){Sole Survivor, 5 votes to win}(Galang/Galang/Kasama)

1: Latisha
2: Kyle
3: Will
4: Timmy
5: Alexa
6: Naomi
7: La-Sha
8: Torsa
9: Macken

Player of the Season: Jake
Sole Survivor: Jake(5-3-1)
1935 days 4 hours ago
Over 5 years ago, in August 2010, a Battle of the Ages began, and the group game community would never be the same.

37 seasons of Survivor, 6 seasons of Big Brother, 2 seasons of the Amazing Race, 2 seasons of Whodunnit, and 2 seasons of the Apprentice….and it’s still going strong.

Now, in the winter of 2015-16, a new game is starting….the 50th group game in this franchise hosted by Cmack311.

We’re bringing back some of the players you love, and some of the players you love to hate, as well as new players to the series. Anyone who has made the last 5 years memorable are invited back to take part in the biggest group game of all time!

They will take part in a series of different games in order to be the only 1 left in the game, to claim the ultimate prize….Cmack’s 50th Winner!

Over the course of the game, they will race, compete for power, and eventually fight to survive the vote.

In the end, only 1 will remain and claim the title of Last Man Standing

50 Group Games, 50 People, 1 Winner



PHASE 1: Amazing Race
[50/49]: Kelly R(Kelly0412) and Tico F(ticofernandez)
[48/47]: Chris C(Chris1080) and Steve S(steve4280)
[46/45]: Courtney S(TallaRejaei) and Heather D(Glinda)
[44/43]: Dylan W(opslove) and Nate T(Nt888)
[42/41]: Mud F(mudndawilderness) and Trae C(Stilts12)
[40/39]: Andrea C(IceIceBaby) and Ismail A(Walkerbait27)
PHASE 2: Survivor Pre-Merge
[38]: Patricia S(patriciasigmond){1st Voted Out, 7-3-2}(Masaya)
[37]: Jonah S(1001games){2nd Voted Out, 7-4-1}(Escameca)
[36]: James S(jamessmith5){3rd Voted Out, 8-2-1-1}(Nagarote)
[35]: Jessi H(jessijuliet){4th Voted Out, 10-1}(Nagarote)
[34]: Justin T(BeastBoy){5th Voted Out, 9-1}(Nagarote)
[33]: Missy V(Missalice3){6th Voted Out, 7-4-1}(Escameca)
[32]: Eoin E(Eoin){7th Voted Out, 11-1}(Masaya)
[31]: Ray G(GentlemanG){8th Voted Out, 7-1-1}(Nagarote)
[30]: Mel T(me2013){9th Voted Out, 6-4-1}(Masaya)
[29]: Cameron X(DrPepsi){10th Voted Out, 5-1-1-1}(Nagarote)
[28]: Will S(SurvivorFan37){11th Voted Out, 4-2-1}(Nagarote)
[27]: Michael Z(FairyBoss){Quit, No Vote}(Escameca/Escameca)
[26]: Darcy P(Boots22){Quit, No Vote}(Escameca/Escameca)
[25]: Matt F(mrcool){12th Voted Out, 8-2-1-1-1}(Nagarote/Masaya)
[24]: Jesse M(JesseM){13th Voted Out, 6-3-1-1-1}(Escameca/Escameca)
[23]: Stoner D(Gaiaphagee){14th Voted Out, 9-2}(Nagarote/Escameca)
[22]: Brady S(bradyspaulding16){15th Voted Out, 8-1-1}(Escameca/Escameca)
[21]: Mearl E(Mearl){16th Voted Out, 5-5-2/6-3}(Masaya/Masaya)
PHASE 3: Big Brother
[20]: Natalie S(OhNatalie){Quit}
[19]: Dan B(TheDirtyBrock){Removed}
[18]: Rose E(Pegasus1234){Removed}
[17]: Jordan M(jbmbb11){Evicted, 10-4}
[16]: Ethan H(Ethan000){Quit}
[15]: Dakota M(dak236){Evicted, 9-3}
[14]: Brandan G(Maladus1){Evicted, 10-1}
[13]: Zach S(Prozach){Evicted, 7-3}
[12]: James E(Witz){Evicted, 5-4}
[11]: Andrew W(AndrewWeltner){Evicted, 8-0}
PHASE 4: Survivor Merge
[10]: Cory C(Lifer107){1st Voted Out, 9-1}
[9]: Konstantinos P(Bolet36){2nd Voted Out, 6-2-1}
[8]: Shaniqua P(TheEclipse){3rd Voted Out, 5-2-1}
[7]: Dana M(TotsTrashy){4th Voted Out, 4-2-1}
[6]: Robin H(Robinhood99){5th Voted Out, 4-1-1}
[5]: Qaz W(Qazwdxedc){6th Voted Out, 4-1}
[4]: Jared D(NewNightmare7){7th Voted Out, 3-1}
[3]: Julian W(Thnksfrthmmrs){8th Voted Out, 1-0}
[2]: Rob G(robulusjgreisonne){Runner-Up, 3 votes to win}
[1]: Nick M(manalord){Last Man Standing, 4 votes to win}

1: Konstantinos
2: Shaniqua
3: Dana
4: Robin
5: Qaz
6: Jared
7: Julian

Player of the Season: Nick
Last Man Standing: Nick(4-3)
1906 days 1 hour ago
It's a brand new year, and a brand new season to Cmack's Survivor is about to begin!

Having just completed the 50th overall group game in this entire series of group games, it's time to go back to where it all started, Survivor!

For this 38th season, a cast of new players to the 3rd generation of Cmack's Survivor are going to take part in a season with just a single twist to it.

Exile Island is making it's long awaited return to Cmack's Survivor, as well as the first appearance in this 3rd generation. Upon entering Exile Island, players will be tempted with power in the game, or an even bigger game changer that has never been seen in the previous 37 Survivors.

In the end, the players are still attempting to outlast everyone else and be the Sole Survivor!

39 Days, 16 People, 1 Survivor!


Survivor 38:Tocantins!

[16]: Eddie H(Dolphinz811){1st Voted Out, 1-0*}(Timbira)
[15]: Yogi M(yr_2007){2nd Voted Out, 6-1-1}(Jalapao)
[14]: Erik N(YoundandReckless){3rd Voted Out, 4-3}(Timbira)
[13]: David W(BossNarwhal){4th Voted Out, 3-2-1}(Timbira/Timbira)
[12]: Joel W(JoelW55){5th Voted Out, 5-1}(Jalapao/Jalapao)
[11]: Dylan W(opslove){6th Voted Out, 3-1-1}(Timbira/Jalapao)
[10]: Justin T(BeastBoy){7th Voted Out, 8-1-1}(Timbira/Timbira/Forza)
[9]: Rich M(Zed55){8th Voted Out, 6-2-1}(Jalapao/Timbira/Forza)
[8]: Glad W(Gohandd){9th Voted Out, 6-1-1}(Timbira/Timbira/Forza)
[7]: Luis L(_Adidas_){10th Voted Out, 5-2}(Jalapao/Timbira/Forza)
[6]: Nick J(NJKoda1998){11th Voted Out, 1-1-0-0*/3-0}(Jalapao/Timbira/Forza)
[5]: Adele L(adelelover){12th Voted Out, 3-2}(Jalapao/Jalapao/Forza)
[4]: Konstantinos P(Bolet36){13th Voted Out, 3-1}(Timbira/Timbira/Forza)
[3]: Hudson J(Number1SurvivorFan){14th Voted Out, 1-0}(Jalapao/Jalapao/Forza)
[2]: Zach D(zachboy967){Runner-Up, 0 votes to win}(Timbira/Timbira/Forza)
[1]: Shadi A(Chastain){Sole Survivor, 7 votes to win}(Jalapao/Jalapao/Forza)

1: Rich
2: Glad
3: Luis
4: Nick
5: Adele
6: Konstantinos
7: Hudson

Player of the Season: Shadi
Sole Survivor: Shadi(7-0)
1876 days 3 hours ago
Coming off a season where one alliance dominated the game, it is time for brand new alliances to be formed and a whole new group of players are about to begin a journey like they've never seen before.

Set in Kenya's Shaba National Reserve, 16 players will be divided into 2 tribes, where they will have to battle the elements and each other. It's a back to basics season that is sure to test everyone.

In the end, only one will remain to claim the title of Sole Survivor.

39 Days, 16 People, 1 Survivor!



[16]: David W(Osiris){1st Voted Out, 7-1}(Boran)
[15]: Blake E(LongedShorted){2nd Voted Out, 6-2}(Samburu)
[14]: Matt F(mrcool){3rd Voted Out, 4-3}(Samburu)
[13]: Harry W(harrywasnak){4th Voted Out, 5-1-1}(Boran)
[12]: Luke D(Brashful){5th Voted Out, 3-3/2-2/Tie}(Boran/Boran)
[11]: Cal C(Swagger55){6th Voted Out, 4-1-1}(Samburu/Samburu)
[10]: Joe I(JoeDaManXD){7th Voted Out, 4-3-2-1}(Boran/Samburu/Moto Maji)
[9]: Jake S(tundrahenry101){8th Voted Out, 7-2}(Samburu/Boran/Moto Maji)
[8]: Brandon R(brandonrichie){9th Voted Out, 7-1}(Samburu/Boran/Moto Maji)
[7]: Gregory L(DryIceBros){10th Voted Out, 6-1}(Boran/Samburu/Moto Maji)
[6]: Sagar D(obscurity){11th Voted Out, 4-2}(Boran/Boran/Moto Maji)
[5]: Splozo J(splozojames50){12th Voted Out, 3-0*}(Samburu/Samburu/Moto Maji)
[4]: Edgar P(chibideidara){13th Voted Out, 2-1-1}(Boran/Samburu/Moto Maji)
[3]: Christian H(HipposUnite){14th Voted Out, 1-0}(Boran/Boran/Moto Maji)
[2]: Qaz W(Qazwdxedc){Runner-Up, 2 votes to win}(Samburu/Samburu/Moto Maji)
[1]: Alan B(alanb1){Sole Survivor, 5 votes to win}(Samburu/Boran/Moto Maji)

1: Jake
2: Brandon
3: Gregory
4: Sagar
5: Splozo
6: Edgar
7: Christian

Player of the Season: Alan
Sole Survivor: Alan(5-2)
1846 days 23 hours ago
Nearly one year ago, Cmack's Survivor returned with a brand new generation. Since then, 118 players have ended up participating in one of the longest running groups in the history of this site.

Through the course of the last year, we've crowned 9 different winners (Andrew, Rhys, Cameron, Dana, Missy, Darcy, Jake, Shadi, and Alan)

Historical firsts have taken place in this generation:
CAGAYAN: "We have a tie at our very first vote"
PHILIPPINES: "For the first time, two siblings have played together and made it to the end"
BLOOD VS WATER: "A pair that openly started the game together, has made it to the finale together"
TOCANTINS: "First Tribal Council, an Idol wiped out all the votes except one"
TOCANTINS: "We have our first unanimous winner"
AFRICA: “For the first time, someone didn’t know they had an Idol”

This season, we are bringing back 20 players from this generation, based on their qualities of Hero or Villain. Some have played together before, while others are meeting in this group for the first time. They must learn to adapt, or they'll be voted out.

Also, with the game of Survivor constantly evolving, it is about to change once again. This season introduces a brand new twist never seen in the previous 39 seasons of Cmack's Survivor. With this new twist, players may find themselves possessed and unable to control their fate in the game.

It's a season that has been 5 1/2 years in the making, and it's going to be a huge showdown.

39 Days, 24 People, 1 Survivor!


*Heroes vs Villains II*
**Island of the Possessed**

[24]: Luis L(_Adidas_){1st Voted Out, 11-1}(Heroes)
[23]: Natalie S(OhNatalie){2nd Voted Out, 12-0}(Villains)
[22]: Shadi A(Chastain){3rd Voted Out, 7-4}(Villains)[P]
[21]: Jake S(tundrahenry101){4th Voted Out, 6-5}(Heroes)
[20]: Brandon R(brandonrichie){5th Voted Out, 6-3}(Villains)
[19]: Alan B(alanb1){6th Voted Out, 6-1-0*}(Heroes)
[18]: Tim R(terose){7th Voted Out, 4-2}(Villains/Bajau)
[17]: Julian W(TheSexiestDude990){8th Voted Out, 3-2}(Villains/Bajau)
[16]: Splozo J(splozojames50){9th Voted Out, 3-1}(Villains/Bajau)
[15]: Jared D(NewNightmare7){10th Voted Out, 4-3}(Heroes/Harimau/Iban)
[14]: Ray G(GentlemanG){11th Voted Out, 3-3-1/3-2}(Heroes/Bajau/Iban)
[13]: Joey P(TheEclipse){12th Voted Out, 2-0*}(Villains/Harimau/Iban)
[12]: Tico F(ticofernandez){13th Voted Out, 6-5-1}(Villains/Iban/Iban/Dab Jalang)
[11]: Cameron X(DrPepsi){14th Voted Out, 5-5-1/5-4}(Heroes/Bajau/Iban/Dab Jalang)
[10]: Andrew W(AndrewWeltner){15th Voted Out, 5-4-1}(Villains/Bajau/Iban/Dab Jalang)
[9]: Nick J(NJKoda1998){16th Voted Out, 5-4}(Heroes/Harimau/Bajau/Dab Jalang)
[8]: Rich M(Zed55){17th Voted Out, 5-3}(Heroes/Iban/Bajau/Dab Jalang)
[7]: Qaz W(Qazwdxedc){18th Voted Out, 1-1-0*/3-2}(Villains/Iban/Iban/Dab Jalang)
[6]: Missy V(Missalice3){19th Voted Out, 3-1-1-0*}(Heroes/Iban/Bajau/Dab Jalang)
[5]: Dana M(TotsTrashy){20th Voted Out, 3-2}(Villains/Harimau/Iban/Dab Jalang)
[4]: Christian H(HipposUnite){21st Voted Out, 3-1}(Heroes/Harimau/Bajau/Dab Jalang)
[3]: Sagar D(obscurity){2nd Runner-Up, 0 votes to win}(Heroes/Harimau/Bajau/Dab Jalang)
[2]: Jake B(Lemjam6){Runner-Up, 4 votes to win}(Villains/Iban/Bajau/Dab Jalang)
[1]: Mike S(Survivor8){Sole Survivor, 5 votes to win}(Heroes/Iban/Bajau/Dab Jalang)

1: Tico
2: Cameron
3: Andrew
4: Nick
5: Rich
6: Qaz
7: Missy
8: Dana
9: Christian

Player of the Season: Dana
Sole Survivor: Mike(5-4-0)
1806 days 1 hour ago
We are cruising through an absolutely breathtaking section of the Pacific. Crystal clear waters that is home to one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world, the Island paradise of Palau. It is a unique landscape, featuring hundreds of lush islands, magnificent coral reefs, and an underwater sanctuary of sea life like no other.

But this paradise has an infamous history, these waters are home to some of the most fierce battles of World War 2. This season, it'll be home to another war of a different kind.

16 new players to the 3rd generation are being left stranded here, and they're about to take on the game of Survivor. In what is sure to be an all-out war, only one will remain to claim the title of Sole Survivor.

39 Days, 16 People, 1 Survivor!



[16]: Jack L(bumpycloud){1st Voted Out, 6-1-1}(Koror)
[15]: Sydney D(Guigi){2nd Voted Out, 4-2-1}(Koror)
[14]: Tyler S(Tylerseeg){3rd Voted Out, 6-1-1}(Ulong)
[13]: JT W(JTthePrince){4th Voted Out, 3-3/3-1}(Koror)
[12]: Brandon E(Coolbrandonman){5th Voted Out, 4-3}(Ulong)
[11]: Hali F(s73100){6th Voted Out, 3-2-1}(Ulong)
[10]: Scott Y(Fobbyiyg){7th Voted Out, 7-3}(Ulong/Eil Malk)
[9]: Michael W(moondancer63){8th Voted Out, 5-3-1}(Ulong/Eil Malk)
[8]: Dino S(Dinosauro27){9th Voted Out, 4-3-1}(Koror/Eil Malk)
[7]: Grace R(pinkiepie512){10th Voted Out, 4-3}(Ulong/Eil Malk)
[6]: Tim M(lionsden121){11th Voted Out, 3-3/4-0}(Koror/Eil Malk)
[5]: Clair F(haycsclair){12th Voted Out, 1-0-0*}(Koror/Eil Malk)
[4]: Noah K(noah_kondon){13th Voted Out, 2-2/Tie-Breaker}(Ulong/Eil Malk)
[3]: Jennifer A(pilatesgrl){14th Voted Out, 1-0}(Koror/Eil Malk)
[2]: Jonas M(mistiksaint){Runner-Up, 1 vote to win}(Koror/Eil Malk)
[1]: Cedric D(teamjacz){Sole Survivor, 6 votes to win}(Ulong/Eil Malk)

1: Michael
2: Dino
3: Grace
4: Tim
5: Clair
6: Noah
7: Jennifer

Player of the Season: Cedric
Sole Survivor: Cedric(6-1)
1769 days 1 hour ago
We are currently sailing through Lake Poopo, the largest lake in Bolivia. Named after a military leader who lead it to it's independence, Bolivia is the home to our 42nd season.

It is here for our 42nd season that 14 brand new players to Cmack's Survivor will embark on a journey they won't soon forget. Along the way, some surprises may be in store for them, but the goal remains the same...outwit, outplay, and outlast all the rest to claim the title of Sole Survivor!

39 Days, 16 People, 1 Survivor!



[16]: Brendan B(bwburke94){1st Voted Out, 8-0}(Salvaje)
[15]: Joe H(jharrin7887){2nd Voted Out, 4-1-1-1-1}(Luchador)
[14]: Jenn B(JennBrown){3rd Voted Out, 5-1-1}(Salvaje)
[13]: Jack W(Libanz00){4th Voted Out, 7-0}(Luchador)
[12]: Crypt A(Cryptspartan){5th Voted Out, 5-1}(Salvaje)
[11]: Julia S(JuliaSokolowski){6th Voted Out, 8-1-1-1}(Salvaje/Luchador/Parinacota)
[10]: Mike D(Pieguy555){7th Voted Out, 7-3}(Salvaje/Luchador/Salvaje/Parinacota)
[9]: Ben B(aceman509){8th Voted Out, 6-2-1}(Salvaje/Luchador/Parinacota)
[8]: Jim B(sahmosean){9th Voted Out, 4-0*}(Luchador/Salvaje/Parinacota)
[7]: Chris D(IRandomal123){10th Voted Out, 4-3}(Luchador/Parinacota)
[6]: Red W(RedWing91){11th Voted Out, 3-2-1}(Luchador/Parinacota)
[5]: Brett T(BrettTheJet21){12th Voted Out, 5-1}(Luchador/Parinacota)
[4]: Rodney W(RodneyRules1219){13th Voted Out, 3-1}(Luchador/Salvaje/Parinacota)
[3]: Seymone J(Seymone){14th Voted Out, 1-0}(Luchador/Salvaje/Parinacota)
[2]: Kevin P(MooseAntler86){Runner-Up, 4 votes to win}(Salvaje/Parinacota)
[1]: Alan B(alanb1){Sole Survivor, 5 votes to win}(Salvaje/Luchador/Parinacota)

1: Julia
2: Mike
3: Ben
4: Jim
5: Chris
6: Red
7: Brett
8: Rodney
9: Seymone

Player of the Season: Seymone
Sole Survivor: Alan(5-4)
1735 days 3 hours ago
We are currently flying over Southern Asia. With an estimated population of over 258 million people and over 13,000 islands, it is home to the largest island country in the world, Indonesia.

It is also home to our 43rd season, which is all about Missed Opportunities. Players from all across the 3rd generation of this series are returning for another shot to claim the title of sole Survivor.

In order to win, they’ll have to outwit, outplay, and outlast more people than anyone in the history of this generation. There will be twists along the way, but the goal is still the same, to be the last one remaining.

39 Days, 24 People, 1 Survivor!


-Missed Opportunities

Coaches W/Players
{1st/2nd}: Shadi A(Chastain)/Missy V(Missalice3)
{3rd}: Alan B(alanb1)
{4th}: Cameron X(DrPepsi)
{5th}: Rhys R(AndThenThereWasOne)
{6th}: Dana M(TotsTrashy)

[24]: Red W(RedWing91){Quit}(Riau)[Coach: Alan]
[23]: Rodney W(RodneyRules1219){1st Voted Out, 6-1}(Riau)[Coach: Alan]
[22]: Gamo B(ThisIsMyGame){2nd Voted Out, 6-2}(Boalemo)[Coach: Dana]
[21]: Paul M(Survivorgame1){3rd Voted Out, 4-3}(Boalemo)[Coach: Rhys]
[20]: Nikki P(Avatar20){4th Voted Out, 6-4}(Boalemo/Riau)[Coach: Rhys]
[19]: Jonas M(mistiksaint){5th Voted Out, 5-4}(Riau/Riau)[Coach: Cameron]
[18]: Qaz W(Qazwdxedc){6th Voted Out, 2-2-2/2-1}(Limboto/Riau/Riau)[Coach: Shadi]
[17]: Clair F(haycsclair){7th Voted Out, 5-1}(Boalemo/Riau/Boalemo)[Coach: Dana]
[16]: Jesse M(JesseM){8th Voted Out, 4-1}(Limboto/Riau/Riau)[Coach: Missy]
[15]: Joe H(jharrin7887){9th Voted Out, 5-3-1}(Limboto/Limboto/Riau)[Coach: Dana]
[14]: Ben B(aceman509){10th Voted Out, 3-3-2/4-2}(Limboto/Riau/Boalemo)[Coach: Shadi]
[13]: Michael W(moondancer63){11th Voted Out, 7-6}(Boalemo/Limboto/Limboto/Menggabungkan)[Coach: Dana]
[12]: Adele L(adelelover){12th Voted Out, 6-2-2-1-0*}(Boalemo/Limboto/Limboto/Menggabungkan)[Coach: Rhys]
[11]: Glad L(Gohandd){13th Voted Out, 5-5-1/4-4/Purple Rock}(Riau/Limboto/Riau/Menggabungkan)[Coach: Alan]
[10]: Jake S(tundrahenry101){14th Voted Out, 5-3-0*}(Riau/Riau/Riau/Menggabungkan)[Coach: Cameron]
[9]: Justin L(BeastBoy){15th Voted Out, 5-4}(Limboto/Limboto/Boalemo/Menggabungkan)[Coach: Shadi]
[8]: Dino S(Dinosauro27){16th Voted Out, 5-3}(Boalemo/Limboto/Limboto/Menggabungkan)[Coach: Rhys]
[7]: Mud N(mudndawilderness){17th Voted Out, 1-1-0*/3-2}(Riau/Limboto/Boalemo/Menggabungkan)[Coach: Cameron]
[6]: Luke D(Brashful){18th Voted Out, 4-2}(Riau/Limboto/Riau/Menggabungkan)[Coach: Cameron]
[5]: Jared D(NewNightmare7){19th Voted Out, 4-1}(Limboto/Riau/Limboto/Menggabungkan)[Coach: Alan]
[4]: Kevin P(MooseAntler86){20th Voted Out, 2-2/Tie-Breaker}(Riau/Limboto/Riau/Boalemo/Menggabungkan)[Coach: Missy]
[3]: Jennifer A(pilatesgrl){Disqualified, 8 votes to win*}(Boalemo/Riau/Limboto/Menggabungkan)[Coach: Shadi]
[2]: Brandon E(Coolbrandonman){Runner-Up, 1 vote to win}(Limboto/Riau/Limboto/Menggabungkan)[Coach: Missy]
[1]: James S(jamessmith5){Sole Survivor, 10 votes to win}(Limboto/Limboto/Boalemo/Menggabungkan)[Coach: Missy]

1: Michael
2: Dana (C)
3: Adele
4: Glad
5: Jake
6: Justin
7: Dino
8: Rhys (C)
9: Mud
10: Luke
11: Cameron (C)
12: Jared
13: Alan (C)
14: Kevin

Player of the Season: James
Sole Survivor: James(10-1-0*)
1707 days ago
We are sailing down the Congo River, the 9th longest river in the world. It is bordered by the Republic of the Congo to the Northwest, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the Southeast. It is along this river that we will witness the 44th season of this series.

Coming off a season with plenty of twists, we have decided to go back to where we started, basics. No special twists with returning players, no special idols, nobody returning from a previous season. Just 16 people, with one goal in be the Sole Survivor.

They must learn to adapt, or they will be voted out. In what may be one of the most basic seasons ever, the players will have to put that much more effort into surviving than they ever have before.

39 Days, 16 People, 1 Survivor!



[16]: Lydia B(SnowLynx360){1st Voted Out, 7-1}(Luba)
[15]: Colin F(cococolin122){2nd Voted Out, 5-1-1-1}(Bantu)
[14]: Chris C(BostonRob524){3rd Voted Out, 6-1}(Bantu)
[13]: Jenna C(JennaCornCob){4th Voted Out, 5-1-1}(Luba)
[12]: Ellie C(EllieC13){5th Voted Out, 3-2-1}(Bantu)
[11]: Latisha J(BoogieWoman){6th Voted Out, 2-2-1/3-0}(Bantu)
[10]: Nick P(nickp){Medically Evacuated}(Luba/Mongo)
[9]: Colin P(Flickgamecolin){7th Voted Out, 3-3-2-1/4-3}(Bantu/Mongo)
[8]: Dane W(Dane_Williams){8th Voted Out, 5-1-1-1}(Bantu/Mongo)
[7]: Garrett A(Garrett_Auckland){Medically Evacuated}(Luba/Mongo)
[6]: Victoria W(VictoriaW){Medically Evacuated}(Bantu/Mongo)
[5]: Will S(Rocketokid13){9th Voted Out, 4-2}(Luba/Mongo)
[4]: Michael C(Maryland){10th Voted Out, 2-2/Lost Tie-Breaker}(Luba/Mongo)
[3]: Nick M(manalord){11th Voted Out, 1-0}(Luba/Mongo)
[2]: Chazz D(GingerPowder){Runner-Up, 2 votes to win}(Bantu/Mongo)
[1]: Nick R(Brandt69){Sole Survivor, 5 votes to win}(Luba/Mongo)

1: Colin P
2: Dane
3: Latisha
4: Ellie
5: Will
6: Michael
7: Nick M

Player of the Season: Nick M
Sole Survivor: Nick R(5-2)

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Cmack's Survivor(2010-2017)

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