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Survivor: Sahara

For our second season, we turn to the harsh desert of the Sahara--the world's largest hot desert. About as large as the entirety of Europe, the Sahara Desert provides a unique challenge to contestants. Not only will they have to brave the dehydration and the immense heat, but they will have to face the test of surviving against a series of brutally competitive foes striving for the prize of a future gift. With twists involving the locale itself along with Hidden Immunity Idols and secret twists along the way, it's sure to be a fantastic competition...

...which brings me to one final question of Survivor: Sahara--who will be the sole survivor?

Sole Survivor: Woahcourtney

22nd: Grahamland (Deathstalker) 5-3-2-1
21st: Spinner554 (Deathstalker) 6-0
*2 Tribes Become 4*
20th: Lemonface (Hyrax/Hyrax) 4-1
19th: Tennisguy1414 (Hyrax/Hyrax) 3-1
18th: Jag0827 (Deathstalker/Silverbill) 4-1
17th: Leacroft (Deathstalker/Deathstalker) 3-1-1
16th: GHunt (Deathstalker/Silverbill) 2-1-1
15th: Srgeman (Deathstalker/Silverbill) 3-0
14th: Piddu (Hyrax/Deathstalker) 3-2-1-1
13th: xXandytraicyXx (Hyrax/Firefinch/Hyrax) 3-2 (tiebreaker vote)
12th: Bradyman (Hyrax/Oasis) 6-5-1--1st member of Jury
11th: Insanity17 (Deathstalker/Deathstalker/Hyrax/Oasis) 5-3-2-1--Second member of the Jury
10th: Snowflake3 (Deathstalker/Hyrax/Hyrax/Oasis) 7-1-1-1--Third member of the Jury
9th: Bobrocks333 (Hyrax/Deathstalker/Deathstalker/Oasis)5-2-1-1--Fourth member of the jury
8th: Dansterdan (Hyrax/Silverbill/Hyrax/Oasis) 4-3-1--Fifth member of the jury
7th: GabCo (Deathstalker/Silverbill/Hyrax/Oasis)--Sixth member of the jury
6th: MMMMM--Seventh member of the jury
5th: Broncman789--8th member of the jury
4th: Keitho44--3-1--9th member of the jury
3rd: MMAJunkieX--2-1--10th member of the jury
2nd: Kimmal8--2 jury votes
1st: WoahCourtney--6 jury votes

Season 1 Placements:
1-Owee13--6 jury votes
2-DarkTyphoon23--5 jury votes

Season 2:
1-WoahCourtney--6 jury votes
2-Kimmal8--2 jury votes

Featured Players 4 playing

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Survivor: Sahara

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