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Bella Interview

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4879 days 9 hours ago

For the first user, I thought I wanted someone well known, someone who has been involved in controversy, but most importantly someone that will get a reaction from the tengaged public.
First person is Bella777. Bella is a recent sky level.
At the time of writing has played 122 times for 1308 karma. At the moment Bella currently ranks at 64th spot on the tengaged charts.
Today she was nice enough to answer a few questions about her tengaged experience so far.

Tengaged Player profile Basic questions

3 words to describe yourself? loyal, fun and a flirt
How did you find out about the site? My brother
What do you remember about your first game? Being alone with no clue what to do.  Thank God for Streeter.
Your first tengaged friend? Streeter
Who is your best friend on tengaged, girl and boy? MaryC and Thesneakfrommanc
Biggest rival on tengaged? I dont think I have one.  Im not out to get anyone.
Favourite game so far and why?  Any slow game - so I can spam and meet people
Worst tengaged moment? I have a few, but being in games with people I dont want to be with.
Biggest regret? Being nice to people who arent nice to me
Future tengaged goals? To join an alliance
Straight/bi/gay? Straight
Who would you turn straight/gay for? Well I'd have to turn gay for a girl and thats definitely not happening.
What comes first, premade or friends? Thats hard, I would do premade but I would make sure my friend got as far as they could.  This has happened and I usually just ask to be voted out.
Are you addicted to tengaged? I like to 'think' Im not. ;)
What would you do if tengaged was gone for good? Go on with life

The grill:

Stars was your 100th game, was that planned?
No, Sean and I were talking on skype and I was having such a hard time getting everyone online to join my 100th game at the same time.  So I said to Sean, Im gonna just join Stars and get 16th so the 100th game would be over.  Sean was like ok lets do it, and like 5 minutes later I joined.

Your stars win, what went on behind the scenes, how much hard work was involved?
Everything goes on behind the scenes and everyone lies to you.  I had a hard time because I didnt know who to trust.  I didnt know any of these ppl really prior to stars so therefore, it was super hard to build alliances. It was also hard because my name was being thrown around practically every nomination round. Basically when ur name is out there, there is nothing you can do but hope the public saves you. I was thankful to have ppl like Sean, Mark and Matt in the game.  Luckily 3 of us made final day.

You are a well known tengaged player, I remember early on in my tengaged days you were “b” or “c” list, but your t-fame grew quickly, was this deliberate? How did you do this?
I didnt do anything.. lol.  Just join alot of games and make alot of friends and enemies. ;)

Bella, you are definitely a girl the guys love, have there been any past showmances?
Always.. past and present.  But I dont kiss and tell. :x

The real question tengaged wants an answer to, what happened with ev32? Have you talked since all the drama we all witnessed?
Im not sure why everyone is so concerned with what I do and who I talk to... Im trying to figure out why ppl love talking about me, especially when they dont know me.  But I dont think I will ever get an answer.  The "ev drama" is over and no, we dont talk.

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