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2299 days 23 hours ago
I've removed the players from the viewers lounge so let the talking begin!
2299 days 23 hours ago
Initial thoughts on the cast and the returnees?
2299 days 23 hours ago
We need Andrea's iconic cast assessments... I can give my thoughts but it won't be nearly as iconic as hers. :-(
2299 days 23 hours ago
all i can tell you is that i was on a tribe with dallasandrew once before the game got abandoned
2299 days 23 hours ago
LOL at me not ever being in this VL - but reading back on the game I played in for 5 min...

Love those comments...

2299 days 22 hours ago
Okayyy, my thoughts on these players:
(I haven't really heard of any of these players, of course I haven't been in many group games but I do skim around Survivors/Big Brother groups when I'm bored xD)

Andie3Palmer - Honestly, I haven't seen him much :-( I know I know... I need to learn more history of Bingo's Survivor, I have been I've just not got there yet :P. I do remember Andrea being saddened about Suriname, no one making it from there to Togo (I think?) Anyways, from his bio Bingo gave he seems like he's aware of who's actually running things and who's not. I'm excited to see him play, the only problem is that his tribe is either going to love him or vote him out... Sometimes people vote you out regardless if you're helpful or not (trust me, I know). Excited to see him play, I think he'll definitely make merge, idk if he'll win though!

boogie23 - I get confused between him and boogie888, but regardless of that... I don't know! I've seen him in a few big brother groups but I've never really seen him play. He seems active and I may just place my bet on him to win, I feel like he's going to be in a majority alliance, I feel like he's going to be a follower though, we'll see!!

CK11 - Up in the air for me, I really can't tell what he's going to do... He could either go out really soon or he may be a vital part to this season!

Coyle14 - Haven't seen him play in Malawi. But, he won a season of Ramanik's Big Brother, which was my first major group game I was in. He appeared to have a moderate social game and I think if people are threatened by the three returnees I think Coyle will not be targeted as likely as the other two, his story was more of a sad story as he was helplessly voted out along with his friends, and I don't see him going home anytime soon. I think he's got a good chance to get far!

DallasAndrew - Unsure, :/.... Like I really don't know what to say about him!

IRandomal123 - Got a pretty funny personality from the looks of things, he/she's pretty likable and I could see them merging.... Winning? If this person is going to be as likable as I think I think there's a good shot!

jharrin7887 - I'm not sure, he's a sky level who relies on his strategic game... I'm not sure why he would even try to let people know that... I don't really see him getting far, possibly pre-merge. But I could be wrong (for instance making a non-threatening application= not a threat, if someone says they're a deceiving backstabber and I was playing I would be worried!)

JoeDaManXD - *sigh*... I've seen him play before in Ramanik's Big Brother, as a matter of fact I'm pretty sure he was runner-up to Coyle. So it will be pretty cool if they recognize each other... The problem is, he's won a lot of competitions, his immunity skills might be like Patrick319. However, he did get expelled from that series because he went over the top and blew up on every little thing (I think, I knew he was expelled for his bully-like behavior)... So no, he won't last unless he learns to stay calm. :P but he will definitely be your source of drama this season

JuiceBxx - This one is my bet to win. I didn't pick him in the sweepstakes but whoever did should feel very solid with yourself. His bio was really good, it wasn't too threatening but it wasn't stupid either. Level-headed is the way to go when you first come in the season, people will flock to him for a pre-merge majority alliance and he'll definitely make merge, I'm not sure if he can pull out a win but if he stays calm and always thinks before he makes moves like I expect him too, I think he's got the best shot to win. The only drawback that he's going to have, is that he's a white level, so he can't message people as they have to friend him, that's going to suck and I think that would be the reason of his elimination if he is. But white levels have won games before so he might be one of the lucky ones

Qazwdxedc - This guy seems promising, from the sounds of it, it seems he had
2299 days 22 hours ago
(Don't you just love comments getting cut-off -_-)

Qazwdxedc - This guy seems promising, from the sounds of it, it seems he had a Macedonia/Venezuela/Any Season issue where his tribe got murdered at one point. He seems pretty cool and I think he'll get far before the newbies vote him out because of his returnee status.

Sebby - A wild card, I've not seen him play nor have I heard of him from anywhere, It could go any way for him, there do have to be pre-merge eliminations, and I think he'll be one of them :/

SkillzDatKillz - Unsure! He's applied before so hopefully it gives him the drive to play, just not too hard! xD his name is awesome.. I'm not sure about him but I would say he's got potential

Snake - This was another one where I thought about picking, her bio is pretty bad but that could be her strategy. She definitely didn't seem dumb by any means and she may have done that to make herself appear unthreatening... Or she may be a horrible player and be a pre-merge boot :p. I have hopes for her and I could see her winning the game if she's lucky

Stary - I'm not sure why I picked her, I just went with my gut. This is her first *major* group game, that may throw some people off but this is like her first in the blockbuster scene. But she's played smaller groups before, that's how I perceived it. I have so much hopes for her, I think she'll either go far or be victim to a pre-merge-boot.

superbman22 - Pre-Merge boot? idk...

SurvivorSeth - I think he can win the game, he's the ultimate nice guy and everyone will love him if he's in the Finals... The problem is that unless the players are stupid, he likely won't make it there because of that reason.

TheAce - I think I've heard of him? He'll go far.

TimeWarp - Idk....
2299 days 22 hours ago
Juice I have a feeling will be a huge underdog this season.

Idk why but I see Super being an inact and will be out quick

My early picks to win are Seth Ace Snake and Random
2299 days 22 hours ago
(Both Aidan and Coyle's tribes were murdered... Wow :()
2299 days 22 hours ago
Rooting for Coyle, Juice, CK and Skillz.

Juice is actually pretty smart in my opinion after I saw him play in my game and his confessionals are pretty insightful if he puts effort in. CK is a very strong player who will go far but I don't think he can win with a lesser named cast but he's fun to watch.  Skillz my sweeps I picked him for having the best username in the cast xD.  Coyle is going to do quite well he was with me during the pagong in Malawi and the guy can fight he's going to do the best out of the returnees.  But I'm intrigued with qaz, andie and Seth as well.
2299 days 22 hours ago
My pick to win is Snake.

People I'm rooting for are:

Snake and Andie won a season of my series. Would be fun with a seventh cross Leli/Bingo series winner following Dexter, Natalie, Ethan, Dave, Dono and Mearl :-)

CK is very sneaky. I hope he goes far.

Rando is a very nice guy. I would love to see him have some succes in Group Games.
2299 days 22 hours ago
This is such a strong cast, I see great potential
2299 days 22 hours ago
I love all these alumni checking in. Please don't be afraid to post more of your thoughts throughout the season. #BingosSurvivorFamily
2299 days 22 hours ago
Oh I'm for sure following this season! I have to know who'll win!

This is a really strong looking cast, hopefully they do not disappoint!

YASSSSSSSS #BingosSurvivorFamily
2299 days 22 hours ago
I would love for Seth to win this season
2299 days 21 hours ago
Rip at Leli getting kicked from the front page.

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