-META is a "super-hero" themed show, and although it will contain face claims and characters similar to those found in both the Marvel and DC universes the characters in META can and will have different personalities, abilities and roles than their original characters-

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Set in Metropia, a futuristic city located in the heart of America, META is a show about special people that have begun the next step in human evolution. As these individuals try to make their way through a world that they might have outgrown they face many challenges. Being a meta-human may grant you exceptional strength, speed, mental abilities and even manifest itself into "super-powers." But a life apart from regular people has its own difficulties and problems.


EPISODES - Season 1

ACT 1 - Origin
Episode 1 - Meta
Episode 2 - Bolts and Bruisers
Episode 3 - Convergence
Episode 4 - Wolf
Episode 5 - God Among Men

Act 2 - Invasion
Episode 6 - Watchtower
Episode 7 - The Ancients
Episode 8 - Redemption

Act 3 - Patriot
Episode 9- Response
Episode 10 - Polarity
Episode 11 - Legislation
Episode 12 - Defiance
Episode 13 - Civil War

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EPISODE 8 - Redemption
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EPISODE 7 - The Ancients
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