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Episode 3: Panic at the Disco 🕺🏼

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162 days 3 hours ago
Adoration: It’s been awhile so I Obey you to listen to what you missed last time on Super!

~Previously on Super, Kiana went investigating the Diamond heist and ran into villain Gizmo who caused a ruckus at the Miss America Parade, where the malicious Sand Trap attacked but Miss America showed him who was boss. Let’s not forget the D-List Celebrities Plastique and Alloy came to clean the beach where the polluter came to attack with Sand Trap. They failed and the heroes saved the day. The Spectre tried to recruit Nick Vincent into her squad to spy on Desmond Redfield. Desmond foiled that plan and beat her to the punch and captured her. Desmond that slippery villain also killed Sand Trap when he tried to make an escape, and Kiana found out Laura took the Diamond leading her investigation to Her. Desmond seeks the energy in the Diamond that Laurie has hidden and has her kept in a room in the club trying to find the whereabouts, Strobe was hired for disco night and now you should be all CAUGHT UP~

~Hours After Laurie went Missing and wasn’t at the Rendezvous spot~

Nick: *Looks at two people* I’m glad you could come...I’m Nick Vincent. I was suppose to meet a friend at a spot to do some “Hero” work

Natalia: *Turns and then looks at Otto* Hero work...again what does that have to do with us

Nick: Well I mean like on the beach I think it would be a start if we could work together. Maybe help me find my friend

Natalia: Help you find your friend then not help us in return

Otto: Nat, let’s here him out a team could be good for us. And you could probably use some back up to help
*He shrugs*
I’m just saying

Natalia: *Scoffs* Who is your friend that missing

Nick: Her name is Laurie...

Natalia: *Looks up and pulls up a picture* The Spectre...

Nick: That’s her..

Otto: Where were you guys actually suppose to be doing in your rendezvous spot

Nick: Meeting up to Investigate the one and only Desmond Redfield

Otto: *Nods* The guy who owns the club..

Natalia: *Looks at them* I’m in Laurie helped saved Fencington at one point and this asshole is fucking with the wrong girl..I’m sure us working together we can find her

Nick: *Nods at Natalia* Well he does own that club I would suspect it would be the place to search

Natalia: *Looks at him* that club is filled with hidden rooms

Otto: And how would you know that

Natalia: Long story *She thinks back to the moment with fortune*

Nick: The Elementals are on the case

~Otto smiles as he geeks out about the name, Natalia rolls her eyes but is happy to know this “team” could back her up~

*As the camera pans out it would show Kiana in the rafters shooting shots of the three whispering into the headpiece*

Kiana: Theo, im going to need specs of that whole club..we are going to go in
*She glances to the side*
I told you I work better alone

Nikki: *Winks at her* I told you I would help, the girl took something from me.

Kiana: Which I need to return to get paid

*They look at each other shaking their head*
162 days 3 hours ago
*Is seen setting up at the club*
The Diamond has to be in the vicinity...because I sense the Cosmic Footprint.

Harbinger/Desmond: *Looks at him* Are you sure you’re not sensing that runaways of your.

Strobe: She would follow me...but I don’t think she would come here just yet
*He scoffs*
She wouldn’t dare knowing who I’m working with she’s be foolish

Desmond: And remember she is another alternative that’s why I’m glad you answered my ad for “disco night” our common associates has told me about your abilities. Id like to keep my work with your kind on the low. I have a reputation to upkeep

Strobe: *Glances to the side scoffing as he lays the disc on the track and begins spinning it slowly*

Desmond: *Feels his world is beginning to spin as he is in illusion*

Strobe: Desmond...My boss in the matter doesn’t want me to leave with you getting the message
So listen to this track.... *Voices in Desmonds head would ring* “you go unnoticed to other Metas...but we see your vision but don’t disregard us or you will actually lose yourself and become the enemy”

Desmond: *Slowly fades out of the hypnotic illusion looking up at Strobe pointing at him and his glove disintegrates as he radiates energy from his hand*
Watch yourself!

Strobe: *Raises his hands* will do was just one track I got paid for..just doing my job
*He smirks*

Desmond: I’m going to need you to get the information out of that one if Thad fails me. I need that Diamond and I need that source or other matter will be taken

Strobe: Which is?

Desmond: The little cosmic runaway your always after dont forget I know your relation.
*He takes a step forward*
They may not care for whatever it is but there must be a part of you that does

Strobe: Theres a lot you think you know but you’d be suprised...

* he Scoffs watching him go finishing setting up his set*

Desmond: If Thad fails, I’ll need you take care of him and my problem downstairs. The Harlows will paid rightfully so...

*The camera would pan towards the wall and there would be a white mouse biting on cheese as it would scurry away little droplets of fairy dust would be seen*


He said what now?
*He looks at them*

Fae: It’s not what he said it’s how he said “IF THAD FAILS” I’m telling you he is going to kill you

Thad: *He slumps into the chair* Fuck he said we would be good after the bank incident. He said we would be square

Kate: He is good fuck liar let me tell you, I tried to listen to his heartbeat and I had to amplify my hearing that my I went cross eyed. He thought I was special
*She looks away from them*

Fae: So you are either gonna have to ditch town Thad or take down the kingpin....

Thad: OR! I have another idea?!

Fae: Something mischievous like the bank incident

Thad: No how about we break out Laura ourselves..

Fae: And piss him off?

Thad: No shut up, we break her out and then we

*He flips his coin and vision of him, Fae, Kate are seen freeing Laura and they would later be seen holding the Diamond*

~All Three Fade out of the Illusion~

Fae: *Gasp* Olympia, is going to be so impressed when she gets back to town!
162 days 3 hours ago
*Judy is seen looking at the skyline of the city from atop of Lavendar Labs*
What is that thing in the lobby?

Chris: It’s known, as Breacher it came to this world when the reactor went haywire

Judy: *Turns her glance to Chris*
Well, if anything like that comes back you guys have Miss America.

Chris: *Nods* That would be something actually. There is this event “Disco Night” at this local club. I mean  not exactly music you grew up with but something you can listen to some hit you missed in sleep

Judy: Thanks I’ll think about it..
*She nods and she leaps off the lab and when she drops she lands infront of young girl*

Stella: Holy Shit Miss America
*She holds her hand out*
Stella Harlow it’s a pleasure I’m in the super gig to you know

Judy: Aren’t you a little young?

Stella: Young and ambitious it’s what the community is lacking and I’m also a representative
*She raises her glasses*
If anyone asks for me you didn’t see me. I got some people out for me but I heard a old pal is in town for disco night! So I knew I had to get the roller blades glide here

Judy: You’re a very peculiar person Stella
*She takes a step forward toward her*

Stella: *Smiles and shrugs* Good that’s what I’m going for I hope I run into you again lady
*Stella would then skate away*

Judy: *Watches Stella skate away realizing she isn’t wearing skates but cosmic glittery energy manipulated roller skates were formed leaving a trail of cosmo energy slowly fading after some time*

This Episode:

Disco Night Will Be Two Nights:

Day the Episode Opens: Free Day the club will be open for Disco Night vibe and hangout, more so an interaction day to check out the club etc

Day Two: Laurie rescue missions to infiltrate secret parts in the club, and Strobe will be playing a Set that will leave a few of the characters in a panic

~Don’t Post going to send out Mails to check availability~
159 days 11 hours ago
~37 Minutes Until Open~
159 days 10 hours ago
(R we allowed to post)
159 days 10 hours ago
(Yes Episode is now Open)
159 days 10 hours ago
(Everyone can head to Desmonds club it will be a roller disco the club will have an area for roller skating and there is ofcourse drinks, so watch your step)
159 days 10 hours ago
*Tati is with Chris*

Ready to Have fun
159 days 10 hours ago
*Thad is fixing his hair up outside the club. When he finishes he heads on inside*
159 days 10 hours ago
*Chris pulls up to the club and looks at Tati*
We could of just ran here

*Looks at the stage from the bar and turns his gaze around to the club
159 days 10 hours ago

Well not everyone can run fast like you.


Hope you are good at dancing and roller skating because I plan to do all of that tonight.
159 days 10 hours ago
*Thad smirks seeing people skating and enjoying themselves*
^As long as I don’t fall on my ass tonight I’ll consider that a success^
*he goes to get himself some skates and a drink*
159 days 10 hours ago
(Be on in a tiny bit just watching the packers finish the game)
159 days 10 hours ago
We will see about that ok..

*Walks over to Thad*
How’s the little project downstairs going?
159 days 10 hours ago
(Sounds good martin)
159 days 10 hours ago
*Looks back*

Oh don’t be all slow now...are you coming in.

*Goes in and takes her coat off to show off her cute outfit*

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