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Episode 2: Beach Clean Up 🏖

Topic » Episode 2: Beach Clean Up 🏖..

221 days 7 hours ago
“Hey at least it helped.”
*he laughs*
“That would be so cool. Imagine us on that show people would be shook.”
221 days 6 hours ago
Haha who knows we still have alot of stardom left
*she smiles at him*

~The Camera would begin to zoom out~

Joan Moon: A Body was found later on the beach, the body was missing DNA and fibers that stopped from identifying the body. The body was so decomposed it was said to be turning to sad. In other news our Celebrity Heroes, and their hero pals came through for our city. And in further news I Joan Moon will be conducting the first Interview with you Guessed it MISS AMERICA!

*The screen shifts*

*Is seen walking Into the reptile section of the Lab dropping a file on Nikki’s Desk leaning in*
Viper, my old friend. I have some Questions. The Diamond where did it go. You stopped the goons then the diamond goes missing what. happened?

Nikki: *Stands up walking through the lab* I heard you were still at it with the gig but I didn’t expect you to come in questioning me so quick. Listen I got played. Laura Pierce aka Spectre snatched it afterward but that’s not all.
*She looks at her*
There were two others, one wrapped like a Mummy and a girl in a pink jumpsuit. The mummy was an illusion and the girl had Mental abilities from what I’m able to remember
*She crosses her arms*
I’ve tried to find Laura but she is a ghost.

Kiana:  Well ghost and others have a hard time keeping away from.
*She looks at her*
I need to find that diamond, officials are losing it. The sooner we find her then we can find it.
*She touches her concealed ear piece*
Thea I’ll need you to do some searches and checks on a old friend Laura Pierce.

Nikki: *Hears Theas name remembering the good ol days and she smiles*
Theodora Bray?

Kiana: Yea Sherlock who else would it be, I have to run it was nice seeing you tell speedy to get out of his ass

*Kiana begins walking out of the lab*

Nikki: Wait I’ll help you find her.
*She watches her walking out and she grabs her small mascara bottle which extends into the famous viper staff*

Kiana: Don’t worry about it I work on the field better alone.

*The Camera shifts*


*Is seen leaning over a Chained Laura, beneath the Night Club*

I sadly can’t kill you yet, until you tell me where the damn diamond is

Laura: *Looks up at him the chains sending charges through her wrist keeping her from phasing*
I won’t say a word...

Desmond; *Looks at a man and nods at him*
You’re making mistakes Miss Pierce....Do It

*The man smacks Laura back and forth right as he nods and orders him to do so*

Fine don’t speak. I’ll have someone else deal with you then. Thaddeus you owe me a favor...for bailing on the heist so conveniently

Thad: *Looks up at Harbinger gulping*
Yea...what is you need

Desmond: We need the big guns. Illusion her now
*He looks at her taking his glove off to intimidate Thad*

Thad: *Looks away and turn his glance back to Laura and flip a coin*

Laura: *Eyes fixate on the coin knocking her into a trance she would drop and would begin mumbling words under breath*

Desmond: *Turns nodding at him*
Now that’s more like it, keep an eye on her if she speaks of the diamond inform me.
*He walks upstairs and goes to a booth and sees someone waiting for him, the man turns in the booth looking back*

Desmond; *Approaches the booth* Hello Desmond Redfield
*He offers his hand*

Strobe: *Looks up at him*
The name is strobe and I’m here about the DJ Position for Disco Night
*He smirks then credits begin to roll*

~The Episode Ends~
221 days 6 hours ago
[Thank you for the activity I loved the introduction of the new characters this episode you guys all did amazing. The next episode is called Panic at The Disco. It could be up 2-3 weeks for the next episode just depends on scheduling and school.]
221 days 6 hours ago
(So much fun thank you for hosting! Cant wait for more :D)
221 days 6 hours ago
Cant wait!)
220 days 17 hours ago
(Lots of fun, thank you so much!)

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